The Bet Chapter 3

Shaking and crying Ryan looked up at the voice that had emerged from the stall and saw an incredibly pretty girl with dark hair and kind eyes wearing a stunning green dress.

"Are you ok?" she repeated, her eyes filled with concern as she surveyed Ryan, sniffling and crying, his makeup running and smeared, sitting on the floor of the bathroom.

"Oh, um, uh, I'm sorry. I... I didn't realize anyone else was in here." Ryan sniffled.

"Well, I am" she replied with a friendly smile. "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing." Ryan said looking down.

"Its not nothing" the girl replied crouching down to look at Ryan on the floor. "Clearly you're very upset about something." She looked at Ryan's dress. "You look very pretty. No one should be this sad while looking this pretty." She gave another sweet smile. "Tell me, whats wrong?"

"Nothing!" Ryan sniffed again desperately trying to stop crying.

The girl was very pretty and he noticed how incredible her legs looked as she bent down to talk to him.

"Is it a boy?" the girl asked. When Ryan didn't answer she continued, "You clearly put a lot of work into getting ready and you look very pretty. Who did you come with?"

"Jimmy Montford" Ryan sighed.

"Oh did Jimmy do something!" the girl said with a slightly sad look on her face. "Or... wait, are you the girl he just carried out?"

Ryan looked down. "Yeah"

"Ohhh what happened?" the girl asked her voice full of sympathy.

"I...I don't want to talk about it" Ryan managed.

"That's ok." the girl said sweetly giving him a pat on his bare shoulder. "What's your name?"

"Rachel" Ryan responded.

"That's a pretty name." she said. "I'm Jessica." When Ryan once again didn't respond she offered Ryan a hand "why don't we get you off the ground and try to get you cleaned up."

Still feeling silly Ryan, put his pink manicured hand in her green one.

"I like your nails" she said with a smile. "That's a great color for you."

While the comment would have bugged him coming from Josh or Jimmy or one of Jimmy's friends coming from Jessica, it made Ryan smile.

"Thanks" He replied, not knowing what else to say.

"Did you bring any extra make up. Do you have a purse?" Jessica asked.

"I did but..." Ryan started when, as if on cue Shelby rushed into the bathroom, Ryan's purse in her hand.

"Rachel! I'm so sorry! I didn't know where you went! I have your purse!"

"Perfect! Do you have your make up in your purse?" Jessica asked.

Ryan nodded.

"Here, you seem pretty upset still, you want some help fixing up yourself up. I'm really good at this stuff." she assured him. "I'll have you looking amazing. I'll have you really making Jimmy happy, or jealous, depending on what your going for."

She opened his purse and took out his wallet (an old hello kitty wallet of Jennifer's), his keys, his phone, a pack of gum, and a tampon that he certainly didn't put there before reaching his extra make up.

"Could I text my friends, they're really sweet and could help me out. We'll make you look great!"

Ryan shrugged. "Sure, whatever."

She fired off a quick text and looked at the makeup which she had lined up on the sink next to the other contents of the purse when her eyes lingered on the tampon and she suddenly looked at Ryan.

"Oh my god, is is... is the reason..." she jerked her head toward the tampon "your time?"

Ryan blushed hard but seeing a way out swallowed his pride and gave a little nod.

Jessica gave a little gasped and Shelby, who Ryan had forgotten about in the presence of Jessica gave a little "ohh."

Jessica recomposed herself quickly and handed Ryan the tampon.

"I'm so sorry. It sucks for it to... Is it on your dress?" She stammerd.

Ryan shook his head.

"Oh I'm so sorry.. Its such a... I didn't mean to make it seem... I'm just sorry." she mustered as she handed Ryan the tampon.

"It's fine" Ryan mumbled, still pink with embarrassment with his make up smeared all over his face and he took it and headed into the stall, tampon in hand, shutting the door behind him. How was he going to do this now?

"Um Rachel?" Jessica said through the door, slightly nervously. "Do you need um, an extra pair of panties. Because my friends can get you one."

"Uhh yeah that'd be great." He said equally nervously

He opened it and realized he had never actually seen or held a tampon before. He knew he couldn't take too long otherwise they'd know something was up but he also couldn't be too quick. How long did it even take a girl to put in a tampon? What were these strings? He took off his shoes, for some reason thinking this was a good start and couldn't help but smile at how free his feet felt hitting the cold floor of the girls bathroom though his smile vanished when he saw his nails, which were painted the same shade of pink as his fingers, immediately reminding him of the situation. He unwrapped it. Ok... now what, he thought.

I could flush it down the toilet, he thought, but then Shelby and Jessica would wonder why the toilet had flushed. He could hear Shelby and Jessica talking outside. It sounded like Jessica was with a boy who Shelby thought was cute. Shame, Ryan thought, Jessica is really fucking hot. Don't be an idiot he angrily thought back at himself. She literally thinks your a girl and a girl on her period! She wouldn't be into you! Ryan tried to refocus. I could put it up my butt, he thought, but the thought seemed to sap whatever dignity he still had. I could leave it in the stall, but what if a girl used the stall while Jessica was fixing his make up and found the tampon? It would look suspicious.

The door opened and he heard a few girls come in greeted warmly by Jessica. Shit! Her friends are here! How long have I been in here, he thought in a panic. Trying to think quickly, he stuck the tampon up the slinky bottom on his dress and tucked it into his panties.

He heard footsteps and then Jessica's voice.

"Uh Rachel? I'm gonna throw the panties over the door ok?"

"Yeah" he replied and a second later a pair of pail pink panties dotted panties flew at him and he grabbed them easily. He looked at them for a second. He really didn't want to change panties especially now that he had stuck the tampon in them and he knew it would take him longer to switch then it would take an average girl which might give him away. Again trying to think quick he stuffed the panties into the strapless bra his mother had insisted on buying him with the strapless dress and tried to calm himself down. He put his shoes back on, took a deep breath, smoothed out his dress, internally scoffed at himself for smoothing out his dress and walked out of the stall.

Jessica turned and smiled at him. He knew she had filled them in on the situation, even though he hadn't heard what she had said, by the look on her face.

"Rachel, these are my friends, Lisa" she gestured towards a tall shapely black girl in a tight purple dress "and Erica" she gestured toward a very skinny white girl with beautiful wavy brown hair in short long sleeve a crimson dress. "This is Rachel." she said to them. "She's that girl Jimmy kept talking about."

"Oh my god, look at you in that dress!" Erica said excitedly. "You're showing more leg than I am!"

Ryan looked down at Erica's perfect, sexy, incredible legs and silently hoped she was exaggerating only to look down at his own now hairless legs and realize she wasn't.

"Don't make her feel uncomfortable. The girl's had a rough enough night already!" Lisa said with a smile. "I've been there, done that." she said knowingly looking at Ryan and the tampon wrapper still in his left hand. "In math too. But this might be worse! It's alright though, you'll live. We'll get you looking good as new."

Jessica smiled. "It's kind of our thing." she said.

"Ok then!" Ryan put the tampon wrapper in the trash and moved toward the girls and tried to sound excited. He splashed some water on his face trying to get what make up he still had on his face off.

"Your good now." Jessica said sweetly. "Here" she said as she handed Ryan a pair of high heels. "We took these from the theater department. They're a little higher then yours bet they should fit."

The shoes were slightly big for Ryan but fit well enough. Jessica seemed pleased as she grabbed Ryans eye shadow, Lisa grabbed his blush and Erica his foundation. In a flash they went to work. Ryan couldn't help but be impressed at how quickly and efficiently they worked. It was clear they all knew what they were doing and Ryan couldn't help but feel like a princess, as these 3 pretty girls pampered him and fixed his make up. He got several good looks of their boobs, Jessica and Lisa both had great boobs and Erica had incredible legs, but couldn't enjoy himself too much because they continually asked him what they must have thought were pleasant questions as they worked.

"So how did you meet Jimmy?" Jessica asked almost immediately after they started.

"Um middle school" Ryan said, remembering what Jimmy had told him. "We went to middle school together."

"Rachel please try not to move your jaw so much when you talk!" Erica pleaded.

"Sorry" Ryan said feeling slightly annoyed.

"What was he like in middle school" Erica asked, her tone changing.

Confused, and with no clue what to say, Ryan tried to answer without moving his jaw.

"You know, he was just always playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Typical middle school boy." Feeling that might not have been sufficient he added "he was really funny though. He'd say the funniest stuff in class."

"Awwwww" Jessica said with a smile. "Have you always liked him? Like are you finally going out with your middle school crush?"

He blushed. "Yeah kinda!"

"Jeez. If I got myself all dressed up to go out with the boy who I'd been crushing on since middle school and got my period, I'd be a mess too!" Lisa said and all the girls, including Ryan, laughed.

Trying to sound normal he continued.

"Yeah, this was the first time I'd really gone all out like this. I bought this dress just for tonight. We haven't been official for that long and I was really hyped he asked me to go with him."

Ryan generally proud of this answer but immdediately hoped the girls would focus on his ditzy use of "been official" more than they would his broey use of "hyped."

The girls all gushed over each other.

"That's so sweet!" "Oh my god that amazing" "That's adorbs!"

"That will be such a great story for your kids" Shelby said reminding Ryan, and apparently the girls, that she was there. "I mean, if you have kids... if you get married."

The girls stopped making up Ryan and all turned to look at Shelby. There was a brief silence, during which Ryan couldn't help but briefly imagine being the mother of Jimmy's kids, even though that maybe the last thought he he ever imagined he would think, until Jessica said kindly "yeah it would be."

Turning back to Ryan Erica resumed. "So when was your first kiss? What was it like?" and Ryan concocted a story Jimmy surprising "her" on "her" birthday to walk "her" home from school.

"Just when we reached my house he stopped and leaned in and..." his voice trailed off and he forced a smile.

The girls all giggled.

"That's so cute" Erica said. "So how long have you been together?"

Ryan tried to create a feasible back story for his relationship with Jimmy and the girls seemed to love every detail (especially when when asked about his favorite thing about their relationship Ryan blurted out "he's just so sweet" and thinking that might not be enough added "and he loves to cuddle!") but was very relieved when he heard Jessica say "and ta da!"

Ryan turned to the mirror and was shocked to see himself, fully girled up and even prettier than before.

"Alright! Ready to go stun Jimmy?" Jessica asked. She grabbed Ryan's phone and keys knocking his wallet off the counter onto the floor. Ryan looked down and to his horror his school ID had popped out. Maybe they wouldn't see? If they did would they care? Lisa, Erica and Shelby weren't looking but Jessica had already bent down to pick it up.

She squinted at the ID with confusion, looking at the short haired blonde boy in the picture, and back up at the long haired blonde girl standing in the bathroom.

"Um Rachel? Why does this ID say Ryan Jones, North Town High?"

Ryan was stunned. He couldn't think of anything to say. This was worse than anything he could have imagined.

"Um... I..."

"Are you actually... OH MY GOD... I don't know what to say! Are you... a boy?" she spat.

"Uh... here's the thing..." he tried again but no words came to him.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Erica said with a gasp. She looked up at Ryan. "How?!? You really don't look like a boy at all!"

"Um do you guys remember when your basketball team played North Town High a few..." he tried again but was interrupted by Erica.

"That bet?!? That was real? No way!!! I thought that was just a joke because they found those pictures of you!"

"Well" Ryan sad sadly "It wasn't. Here I am." He tried to smile but couldn't so he settled for smoothing his dress, taking off his wig, and opening his arms in a half shrug.

The girls laughed.

"Oh my god, I cannot believe that's you!" Jessica said in shock.

"Well, Ryan, I think you can find your way out of the girls bathroom" Erica said with a less kind smile.

"Wait a second!"

It was Shelby.

She took a step towards Ryan.

"Look at this 'boy'" she said putting air quotes around the word boy. "Is there anything, and I mean anything, boyish about him?"

"No" said Lisa.

"No" Jessica agreed.

"Not at all!" Erica laughed.

"Exactly!" Shelby said seeming to gain a little confidence. "He's wearing a pink prom dress with matching shoes! He has a purse full of makeup! He spent the last hour crying in the girls bathroom, letting us fix his make up, and talking about the boy he CLEARLY has a crush on! That's not a boy! I mean, come on! Picture a real boy, a boy from our school! A boy would have tried to grab your boobs, or your butt or tried to lean in and make out with you or something. Could you picture Mike or Kevin or Ryan's boyfriend Jimmy doing this? Of course not."

Lisa laughed. "Mike would never put up with this shit."

Jessica laughed too. "Or Jimmy? He's just too... manly."

Erica joined in "And Kevin, he's just too... hairy and... dumb and... gross and..."

"Boyish!" Shelby finished for her. "He's too boyish! It's not his fault. He's a boy! Boys are like that. But Ryan's not like that. Ryan is sweet and kind and tender and sensitive and dramatic and can walk in heels and looks great in a dress." She smiled at Ryan. "He's a girl. He's not just a girl actually. SHE's a girly girl!"

There was a second of silence and then Lisa spoke.

"She's right. She is right! I mean think about it." she said taking a step towards Ryan and Ryan became painfully aware that even in heels he only reached her chin. "Lil Ryan here has spent all night either as Jimmy Montfords arm candy, crying in the girls bathroom, or letting himself get made all pretty! Look at him!"

Ryan wasn't sure if he liked where this was going or not but could feel himself shrinking when she said "look at him."

"You've seen boys. Ryan plays basketball. Have you seen the boys at our school who play basketball? There are some cute boys, some really fine boys. Muscular boys. Nice arms, all toned. Ryan here's got skinny got skinny little arms and legs. Those boys lift weights and stuff. I'm surprised Lil Ryan here can carry his own purse. Look at his legs! All hairless and womanly! Look at his arms!" she turned to Ryan. "Girl, lift your arms up!" she said casually. "That's not a boy!" she said.

"Well I did shave my..." Ryan started but he was interrupted.

"Girl, be quiet I'm not done." Lisa shot back

The girls all laughed as Ryan stood there blushing heavily, in his pretty pink dress, with his hairless armpit on display, feeling small.

"Heck, say all five of us were on an island and we had to survive on our own, honestly, I think we'd have Ryan here do the traditionally female jobs like cooking and cleaning while we go out and hunt or do whatever you do when you're stranded on an island."

The girls all laughed again.

"If we were in danger, he couldn't protect us! I'd honestly be worried he'd run away crying! The only manly thing about him is that he plays sports. And girls play sports too."

Seeing the look on Ryan's face she paused.

"Oh don't be sad! You can't help who you are! I'm just trying to joke a little. It's kind of a strange situation for us." She continued clearly making a deliberate attempt to sound kinder "I'm just saying. I know a lot of girls who could snap little Ryan the basketball star in half like a twig and based on his body type and personality he..."

"Ok, we get it." Jessica said smiling, having gotten over her initial feelings of betrayal and wanting to put Ryan out of his misery. "So Ryan, or I'm sorry, Rachel... now that I know your not really girl, I have one more idea."

"Uh sure, what is it" Ryan said, willing to do anything they wanted as long as they went back to being friendly.

"A lot of women make their breasts look bigger with make up. Like they make up their cleavage! If you take off your dress, we could make it look like you've got some pretty decent titties!" she said with a smile.

The other girls smiled excitedly.

"Please. You'd look amazing. And you'd fit in even more." she said, adding. "Jimmy would love them and we'd stop..."

"Fine" Ryan agreed.

"Oh this is going to be so fun!" Erica said. "Your gonna have to take off your dress, is that cool? And put your wig back on! You look like some kind of prepubescent nightmare!"

"Uh yeah sure." Ryan said feeling a little awkward and replacing it carefully on his head.

Remembering the tampon in his panties he awkwardly took off his dress which Shelby carefully took. And grabbed his purse and held it around the area of his penis and while they giggled a little he was relieved that the tampon the girls didn't really look down towards his dick and that the tampon wasn't poking out. This made it a little easier to deal with the teasing about his bra ("Ryan's bra is fancier than any of mine!" Lisa laughed), panties ("Look at that little booty in those pretty panties" Erika said (Ryan had given back the panties that were in his bra)) and his newly "developing" make up, breasts. As they worked they asked Ryan questions, now knowing who he was, and Ryan told them everything and it felt surprisingly good to let it out. In fact, by the time they were done, Ryan felt not only lighter and happier (even verging on happy) but somewhat excited to see his new cleavage.

"Ok, open your eyes" came Jessica's voice.

He did and couldn't believe what he saw. His skinny chest now appeared to support two developing breasts, tightly pressed against his dress. He didn't get how it was possible.

"Whoaaaaah" he said in a throaty voice. "Its... boobs!"

"That was the first boyish thing you've said all night" Erica laughed. "Now grab your purse, Jimmy's been waiting for a while and so have our boys. We've spent our whole night helping this bitch!"

Even Ryan laughed.

"Hey Ryan," Jessica said suddenly remembering something. "What did you do with that tampon?"

Ryan hesitated but he had come to not only like but trust the girls. He stuck his hand up his dress and pulled out the tampon out of his panties.

"Ewwwwwwwww" the girls all said almost simultaniously.

He laughed.

"Wow!" Lisa laughed. "And there's the first boyish thing you've done all night." She laughed again "And it involved pulling a tampon out of your panties."

They all laughed again.

"Put your tampon back in and lets go." Erica said.

Ryan smirked and reluctantly stuck the tampon back in his panties.

The five "girls" left the bathroom chatting and giggling about what Jimmy would say when he say Ryan. Before they went back into the gym Ryan pulled Shelby aside.

"Hey, um. Thanks. For what you said. Those girls were gonna really turn on me and could have tonight even worse than it already is but you, uh, you really helped me out." he said.

Shelby smiled. "No, thank you. You were so nice to me when were were talking. The pretty, popular girls aren't usually nice to me like that but you were really sweet. I know your not really a, well, the point is I don't have a ton of "gal pals" and lots of girls are bitchy to me but you were really cool to me. So, thanks."

She looked up at Ryan and noticed his piercing blue eyes and sweet smile and completely understood why so many girls at North Town High had a crush on him and why every boy at North Town High had a man crush on him, but knew she couldn't act on her urge to kiss him. Besides, she thought, he's either gay or trans and is currently realizing it as the date of the hottest boy in our school, or he is actually straight and can get much hotter girls than me. She opened her arms, settling for a hug. They hugged, Ryan pressing his splashy, fancy pink dress up against Shelby's longer, more reserved navy blue and wrapping his long skinny arms around her slightly chubby torso, while Shelby wrapped her shorter ones around his skinny one pressing her cheek against his shoulder. They each gave a little giggle as they released and readjusted their dresses.

"C'mon girls. Rachel's gotta find her man!" Lisa's voice came from across the hall.

They reentered the gym and found Jimmy relatively quickly once back in the gym and Ryan was happy to find that, surrounded by the girls, he felt no where near as bad, almost good, about rejoining Jimmy.

"There you are! Where were you? I thought you had hooked up with some random guy!" he said smirking then added. "I'm kidding but seriously I was kind of concerned, where did you..." he stopped as he saw Ryan's chest.

"Whoaaaahhhh." he said, his eyes widening as the girls laughed. "You, you, you have boobs."

"She got a little caught up in a little girls room drama." Jessica said leaning her head in.

"Of course you did" Jimmy said, flashing a dopey smile.

"But she's all yours now." she said waving good bye to Ryan and her and the other girls drifted away.

"Wow!" Jimmy said, looking Ryan up and down. "You... you look amazing. Even better than before." Jimmy put a slightly sweaty arm around Ryan. "Your face, your dress, your... your boobs. You look amazing!"

"Thanks!" Ryan said blushing and then, for some reason, he put his head on Jimmys shoulder.

Jimmy laughed.

"Wow, your actually such a girl!" he said and then acting on his teenage boy instinct of what to do when a girl puts her head on his shoulder, gave Ryan a little kiss on the forehead.

"Leave it to you" he continued "To make friends with the pretty committee in the girls bathroom."

"The pretty committee?" Ryan asked confused.

"Jessica, Erica, Lisa." Jimmy responded. "Thats the pretty committee. They've all been best friends since they were like 6. They're like the hottest girls in the grade. They say their 3rd grade teacher gave them that name. And of course, you make friends with them in the girls bathroom and they give you a little makeover. Such a girl."

He paused and looked down at the girl on his shoulder, torn between wanting to make a joke letting his instincts with girls take over.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," he said slowly. "But you wanna dance."

Fire works went off in Ryan's head. Instantly in his head the macho voice of the all-state basketball stud screamed WTF I MIGHT DANCE WITH A BOY while with a feminine giggle another, higher, girlier voice in his head screamed OMG HE WANT'S TO DANCE WITH ME.

"Sure" Ryan said and Jimmy put Ryan's manicured hand in his and lead him out onto the dance floor.

It was a slow song Ryan recognized but didn't know well. Jimmy placed his hands on Ryan's skinny hips and Ryan, knowing his role, put his hands around the back of Jimmy's neck. They rocked back and forth and then, Jimmy spun Ryan around, completely off the beat and placed his hands on his hips again, now up against Ryan's back. Ryan felt Jimmys muscular torso pressed up against his back.

"Oh my god, is he gonna grind on me?" Ryan thought.

"Rachel, turn around." Jimmy said suddenly.

Ryan spun around and Jimmy, right as the word "kiss" was sung, leaned in, put his hand on Ryan's smooth, made up cheek and kissed Ryan.

A shocked Ryan kissed back.

Across the gym, Jessica nudged Erica.

"Look!" she said, pointing to wear Jimmy was still tenderly kissing Ryan. "She would have pulled away if she didn't like it!"

"They make such a cute couple!" Erica said smiling. "His legs, are literally goals. I mean, her legs. Her legs are goals."

Ryan couldn't believe it. He was kissing Jimmy Montford. And was he liking it? Jimmy was a very good kisser and for some reason Ryan was happy when he went back in for a second one. All of a sudden he felt a hand on his butt, as Jimmy squeezed his tush with his other hand as he kissed him.

And suddenly a loud voice.

"If everyone would please gather on the dance floor its time for the crowning of the winter formal king and queen. Our student body president, Cal Finters, will make the announcement." came a voice.

Jimmy and Ryan came apart both a little stunned but when Ryan gave Jimmy a wide eyed look of surprise Jimmy gave Ryan a wink and squeezed his ass again making Ryan giggle as Jimmy put his arm back around Ryan and Ryan rested his head, feeling natural rested his head on Jimmy's shoulder.

"First up" Cal Finters, a skinny boy with glasses and a slightly nervous air about him, announced, "our winter formal king is... Mr. Jimmy Montford!"

Jimmy smiled and confidently strode up to receive a golden crown and blue sash from Cal. He smiled broadly as everyone cheered. Even the girls who had been mad at his treatment of Grace seemed to melt at his looks at charisma as everyone cheered.

"And now for the formal queen..." Cal continued.

Jessica, who had appeared at Ryan's elbow, gave Ryan a strange look.

"The winter formal queen is..." the Cal paused for dramatic effect before announcing loudly. "Ms. Rachel Jones!"

There were cheers. Ryan was stunned. How was that possible? He was formal queen? Who could have voted for him?

Jessica nudged him and he made his way toward to stage.

He heard a few whispers of "isn't that a boy" and "that's what passes for a guy at North Town" but as he kept walking he heard other whispers.

"Who is she?"

"She's gorgeous."

"Thats Jimmy Montfort's girl."

"She's a dime!"

"OMG she's so pretty."

"Where does she go to school."

"Look at her little booty."

"Oh I wanna do bad things to her."

Ryan finally reached the stage where Cal adorned him with a pink sash that read "Miss Winter Formal 2017" and then placed an elegant tiara on his head as Ryan stood next to Jimmy stunned. He, the best basketball player in North Town High, was just named formal queen of the South Town High winter dance. What had his life become?

"Ladies and gentlemen your winter formal king and queen Mr. Jimmy Montford and Ms. Rachel Jones!"

Everyone cheered. Ryan looked out at the kids, who a few weeks ago were booing, mocking and jeering at him now cheering for him, or cheering for her as they thought of it. He knew half of them were cheering in a mocking way, happy to see him humiliated and dubbed a female but half of them were genuinely cheering thinking he was some pretty girl who the most popular boy in school had brought as a date. He saw Jessica, Lisa, Erica and Shelby loudly cheering loudly.

All of a sudden Jimmy looked down at Ryan and feeling impulsive, scooped him up and held him in his arms for the second time tonight. Ryan grabbed his tiara before it fell. Jimmy leaned down to Ryan and kissed him, passionately in front of everyone. Ryan knew his dress was all over the place and that everyone in South Town High was getting a free peak at his panties but he didn't care.

The crowd cheered wildly. Startled by Jimmy's sudden display of affection Cal Flinters thought of a line that would earn him high fives and pats on the back for the next month. He raised to mic back to his mouth.

"Ladies and gentlemen once again Mr. Jimmy Montford and Mrs. Rachel Montford!" he announced to cheers and laughter as Jimmy swooped in for a second kiss.

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