Double short-story collection vol. 2

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Chester got out of his beat up hatchback car and looked up at the large house before him. The house was huge, only a hundred square feet short to be legitimately called a mansion but it was close enough in size that it may as well be one as far as he was concerned. Chester is twenty-three years old and had a scrawny build. He had a mop of brown hair on his head a scraggly patch of hair on his chin. His face was a pocket-marked scaring from bad cases of acne from his youth. Up until recently he had a job as a pizza delivery driver.

"This is where I'm going to live from now on," Chester said to himself as he walked up to the door and gave it a few quick knocks.

He didn't have to wait long as the door opened revealing a man who stands a full foot taller than him. The man smile a dashing smile when he saw Chester.

"Chester, I'm so glad you're here. Please, come in. Follow me so we can get started," he said warmly.

Chester shook the man's offered hand before replying, "Hello Joshua," he said in return as he fell into step behind him as Joshua led them through the expensively decorated hallway.

Joshua was everything Chester wasn't. He was smart, incredably handsome, suave, and confident. He had his choice of any woman he desired and lived a carefree lifestyle thanks to having his own business so successful that money wouldn't be an issue for him any time soon. The few times Joshua had invited him over to his pool parties he was embarrassed to admit that Joshua looked good in a speedo without looking douche he was just that likable a guy.

They had met some months ago on a website catering to doms and subs. Chester hesitated at first when Joshua reached out to him but after a few back in forth emails he decided to accept Joshua's offer to meet up in real life. Those private sessions Chester had with Joshua were eye-opening for him as he showed things about himself that Chester never knew about himself. After those private sessions and a few more public parties they decided to move in together for a more permanent relationship. The last time they were together, it was another party of Joshua's where he announced Chester moving in with him and their future relationship together much to Chester's embarrassment, more so as a few of his friends had laughed in regards to Chester's role in their relationship but a quick glare and a few chosen words from Joshua silenced them. That had caused Chester to blush and cement his decision in deciding to live with Joshua from now on.

Eventually, they ended up in Joshua's study where Joshua sat down behind the desk and pulled up a bunch of papers. and turned them around for Chester to look over as he sat down in the seat in front of the desk.

"This is just some legalities for our relationship," Joshua explained, "Basically, it outlines what we can't do to one another. Things like 'no doing permanent harm to the other', that kind of thing. Any permanent changes have to be agreed upon by both parties but, considering the relationship we are going to have, only one of us are going to be making the decisions but this will leave an option to say no in case things go too far," he said with a sly smile as he gestured for Chester to read the document. Chester did so nervously gulping several times as he read it over but soon breathed a sigh of relief once he was done. He was covered as far as the law was concerned. He didn't expect things to get out of hand but was happy that Joshua thought of this anyhow. Chester signed the document where it indicated. After that, Joshua put the document into a briefcase for his lawyer to collect later and set it aside. He then pulled out a drawer in his desk and pulled out a leather collar with a silver metal buckle. Chester eyed it with a gulp. It was a magical collar that would make the wearer the perfect sub to the owner which made the document he just signed almost laughable but the law was the law and a magic collar couldn't be used without signing that type of document.

"Do you know what this is?" Joshua asked. Chester nodded feeling sweat on his back. Their previous private encounters were little more than games but the collar, the collar would make the games more real. And permanent. Joshua laid the collar down in front of Chester as he pushed an old fashion ink well and feather quill. "You'll need to sign your name on the tag of the collar," he told Chester as he pointed to the slightly oversized tag on the collar. There was just enough space for Chester to write his first and last name on it.

"Even if I write my name down I can still back out," Chester thought even though his hand reached for the quill. It wasn't until the feather quill was firmly in his hand that he noticed it was shaking. Chester grabbed his wrist with his other hand as he looked up at Joshua who only smiled in that confidant way of his. Joshua already knew and welcomed his role in their near-future relationship. Chester nodded at this and drew what strength he could from Joshua's confidence and steadied his hand and wrote his name on the tag. When he finished, the ink glowed as if it were white hot before cooling and the signature he had written in ink now looked to be engraved instead in the tag. Step one complete Chester's name was, for all time, on this collar forever. Not even the greatest mages would be able to remove it from the tag.

Joshua picked up the collar and got up from his chair and rounded his desk and sat in the chair beside Chester and held up the collar for Chester to take, "For this next part, I think it would be appropriate if you put it on," he said.

Chester pick up the collar and involuntarily swallowed, feeling as if his throat ran dry, one step closer to his life changing forever. He looked at Joshua who stared back expectantly with his friendly smile ever-present. Even at this stage when they were both so close to their dream and he still left the final act and decision to Chester. Even then he thought of backing out, he could still back out even if he did put the collar on. Did he really want to go back to his old life and forget about the offer Joshua gave him? Could he really turn his back on all this? Chester shook his head, after all that Joshua showed him about himself, there was no going back and pretending that nothing happened. Steeling his resolve he lifted the collar up and gently wrapped it around Joshua's neck. Joshua, for his part, offered no resistance and only breathed a contented sigh as the buckle of the collar clicked shut.

"Just one more thing to do Chester," Joshua told him with a smile, "You have to give me a name to activate the collar."

Chester nodded but remained silent for a moment thinking about all the ramifications once he went through with this. Joshua would, for all intents and purposes, become his slave while Chester would be the one to bask in the wealth that had originally belonged to Joshua would now be his. While he wouldn't be able to directly control Joshua's company, thanks to the contract that was written in a way to keep the two in the lap of luxury, but he could still offer suggestions that would be taken seriously and accepted or denied depending how it benefitted the company. In any case, Joshua will be under his control. Chester's first and last decision would take precedence over anything Joshua would want, with few exceptions built into the collar. Chester wouldn't be able to order him to kill or otherwise break the law but that still left quite a bit of leeway. If he were to change his mind after activating the collar it would take years, decades even, for an appointed mage to arrive and remove the collar because of the backlog of other magical mishaps.

However, Chester already knew that Joshua would never find someone like him. Anyone else would use and abuse Joshua out of some form of 'righteous' jealousy. No, it had to be him. With nothing further to think about Chester opened his mouth, "Your name is Emma," he whispered. The magic of the collar activated instantly as the leather strap sealed around Joshua's neck the metal did so as well, the metal buckle also sealing itself in one unbroken strap around his neck. Only a top tier mage would be able to remove the magic of the collar and return Joshua to normal.

Suddenly a blinding light shown out from under Joshua's collar enveloping him completely. When the light cleared revealing Joshua's, now Emma's, new form. She was vastly smaller now only being a petite 4 foot 8. With a slim build and her small size, even her B cup sized breasts looked large on her. Chester stared down at the new girl as she took in her new limbs in wonder.

"Emma?" Chester asked getting her attention. She looked up at him with her doe eyes, "Master?" her voice was sweet and full of adoration. Chester put a hand under her chin to get a better look at her. She leaned into his touch as she looked up to him. Chester could see the contentment in her eyes and something else. Trust. She had the look of absolute trust in her eyes for Chester. It was then that Chester realised that Emma was naked. He almost freaked out but managed to control himself. "Lets go get you something to wear Emma," he told her. She only smiled feeling Chester's touch like a caress. "Okay master," she responded.

As Chester lead Emma down the hall she fingered the engraving of tag on her collar. She didn't need to read it to know what it said but liked the feel of it and what it represented. The simple words: "I belong to Chester Wyrnes" sent a thrill through her entire being. She had willfully given herself fully over to him and knew she made the right decision. Back when she was still Joshua she was looking on how to spend her early retirement when she found Chester and knew Chester had something special inside him. She didn't need the collar to devote her life to Chester.

While Chester would never be the typical dom, he was far too gentle for being any kind of dominatrix, but that was what Joshua had wanted before he became Emma. Joshua had coaxed out this new side in Chester. Before then he was always full of trepidation and bowing under others opinions and wills. Now that new self was out and with Emma she would help blossom that new self into something more. Emma maybe dependant on Chester from now on but she would be helping him as much as he would be taking care of her. After all, the relationship of a Dom and a sub needs the contribution of both parties to thrive.


One Grey Hair

Agnes was working at the make-up counter in the department store. At forty-eight years of age she was quite adept at her job and knew what to say and do to get the sale. Today how ever, she was not doing so well. There was a power outage in her part of town causing her alarm clock to reset and her sleeping in and becoming late arriving to work. When she stepped in her boss chewed her out and a new hire in her department was doing very well for her first day. All this had put Agnes in a sour mood.

Despite this, she smiled evilly as she had just the thing. At home she had a spell that would devastate the little upstart. A simple spell really. All it could do is turn woman's hair grey. She used it several times on her other coworkers to great effect much to her satisfaction. She laughed in the memory of seeing her targets lose their marbles over a few grey hairs. She frowned as she absently twirled her own lock of hair hating that her own aging hair. Her reverie was interrupted by another of her coworkers.

Joseph, a twenty-one year old male was showing the new hire his hair. More specifically a single grey strand of hair. Joseph was a goofball, quick with a joke and always seeming to be determined to be the class clown, even if he wasn't in class at the time. He worked as the store gopher, the odd jobs person who had no direct day-to-day task. Right now it seemed he was in full class clown mode.

"Look at this," he told the new hire, Shirley Agnes thought her name was, "I have just one white hair," he told her excitedly much to Shirley's bemusement.

"Yeah, it means you're getting older," she told him, "Soon you're going to have a full head of grey hair," she teased.

Unfazed by her declaration, "I hope so but it's weird though. Last year I found just one strand of white hair and I showed it off to whoever I could find. And a month later," he added with a hint of conspiracy, "It was gone! As if it was ashamed that I wasn't ashamed of it. I couldn't find it again after it disappeared. And no, I didn't pull it out or anything like that," he told her playfully.

Agnes was irked by what he just said striking a deep nerve within her. Whenever a man got grey hair he looked distinguished, full of wisdom. But, when a woman gets grey hair, she's past her prime and no longer worth being pursued.

"Well if he wants grey hair so bad, I'll give him grey hair then," Agnes thought venomously.

The rest of the day passed in a blur as Agnes' dominant thought revolved around making Joseph pay for his insensitivities. When she got home she pulled out the spell she kept in her room and looked it over to make sure she casted it right. She briefly paused at the notice on the page that the spell was for use on women only but waved that aside. She had a lesson to teach. Setting up a circle of candles on her table the page the spell was on sat in the circle of candles. Once everything was ready she began reading the spell and said Joseph's name to indicate the desired target. On finishing the spell a sudden gust of wind snuffed out the candles signifying the spells success and conclusion. With that out of the way Agnes went about the rest of her evening with a satisfied smile on her face.

The next day after arriving at work she found herself continuously getting distracted looking for Joseph to see his reaction to his new sprinkling of grey hair on his head. After her lunch break a young woman came up to her counter with a big grin on her face.

"Shirley, Agnes, look at this," she said holding a lock of hair in her hands. The handful of hair was snow white in contrast to her dark brown that if left alone would fall over her left eye.

Agnes was confused, not knowing this girl and yet she was acting as if she knew her.

"Oh that looks so cool Josie, did you dye it?" Shirley asked the girl.

'Josie's' grin got wider, "No, I just woke up this morning and there it was. Looks pretty cool right?"

Shirley gave a look of concern, "That's not something to get excited about Josie. what if there's something wrong with you? You should get yourself check out in the hospital just in case," she told Josie.

Josie slumped a little, "But I feel fine though," she pouted, "But tell you what? If this happens again I'll get check out, sooner if I star to feel sick okay?"

Shirley nodded her head, "Deal, I'll see you later," she said bidding the strange girl adieu.

"Kay, bye-bye you two," she said waving goodbye when she noticed another co-worker walking by, "Oh, hey Barry, check this out!" she said chasing after him to show him her hair.

The whole encounter left Agnes dumbfounded, "Who was she?" she asked Shirley.

Shirley looked at her quizzically as if she said something weird, "That was Josephine remember? She came here yesterday being all excited showing off a grey hair she found," at Agnes' non response she added further, "She's one of the gophers for the store," she paused seeing if she had jogged Agnes' memory. Seeing no recognition she continued, "She's the one who always acts like an airhead! God, how could you forget her? You worked with her longer than I have."

Finally it all clicked for Agnes as she remembered the notice on the spell she casted on Joseph. It had said to be used on women only. She never thought the spell would turn him into a woman. But, what sent her into grinding her teeth was that Joseph, or Josephine, had looked great in her new hair coloring. And worst still, it didn't upset her. The bitch was actually happy to have grey hair.

"I'll show her," Agnes thought with sneer and went about her day.

When she got home she set everything up to cast the spell. She read the spell out loud and when she was done the candles snuffed themselves out. She relit the candles and went through the process three more times. By the end of it she was sure that 'Josephine' now had a full head of her precious white hair. She should be freaking out by now. With that out of the way she could finally take the rest of her evening in peace satisfied that she at last got her revenge on Josephine for her behavior.

The next day when she went to work she didn't see Josephine anywhere and smile to herself when Shirley told her that she heard Josephine went to the hospital. Shirley sounded legibly worried but Agnes could only feel satisfied in that the bitch was finally acting like a real woman and freaked out about her hair. She giggled imagining that she was taken to the mental ward screaming about her hair and that she was now a woman. These thought ran through Agna's head despite the fact no one else had thought it odd that Joseph was now Josephine. She continued on her day feeling like she was walking on air now that she felt relaxed in as many days.

The following day she was again at work, humming to herself in between customers, she even gossiped to Shirley she was in such a good mood. Later she was just finished selling a make up kit to a customer when she spied a woman from the corner of her eye who had just walked around her own corner. Agnes started to smile in preparation for her pitch when she suddenly frowned on seeing the newcomer. It was Josephine, with a full head of white hair, and she was smiling.

"Hey girls," Josephine said lightly as she sauntered up to their counter, "How are you two today?"

Shirley stared at the girl wide eyed, "How are we? Josie, how are you? I heard you went to the hospital, are you okay? What happened to your hair?" she asked firing off question after question.

Josephine looked at her feet sheepishly, "I don't know what happened. Yesterday, like the day before I just woke up like this. My room mate freaked out even though I kept trying to tell her that I felt fine she practically kidnapped me and drove me to the hospital where I spent pretty much all day with them doing tests on me. I was only let out because I felt fine the whole day. So, they let me out and they'll give me a call if they find anything. So, here I am," she said at last smiling confidently.

"So, are you going to dye your hair back?" Shirley asked.

Josephine ran a hand through her hair, "Actually, I like it. I'm going to keep it. I mean, even my eyebrows are white now and I never liked dying those to match my hair color despite what every one says."

"I gotta say, you're rocking that look," Shirley answered, "I'm just glad you're okay."

"Thanks," Josephine said with a smile, "I should get back to work now, see you both later," she said with a wave and was off.

Agnes only half-heartedly returned her wave mumbling a goodbye as the new girl left. She was fuming inside. For the rest of the day her returned bad move showed in her work and she wasn't able to get any further sales. At the end of the day she was dead on her feet and in the evening before bed as she was removing her makeup she noticed to her dismay that she had a new collection of gray hairs on her head. She growled at the sight. Life just wasn't fair sometimes.


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