Casting Call for the Black Badges

Casting Call for the Black Badges

Okay folks it has been confirmed. Maria DeMarco has finally written her memoirs and sold the rights to Titanus film productions, of Rome. The following actors and actresses have agreed to take the following roles.

  • Maria DeMarco by Julie Andrews
  • Paul Dannigan by Roger Moore
  • Samantha Justice by Milla Jovovich
  • Annette DeMarco by Rhona Mitra
  • Joseph Lando, by Tommy Lee Jones
  • Kimberly Moore Lando, by Maggie Q
  • Krystel Evanson by Scarlett Johansson
  • Rodrick N. Mason by Johnny Deep
  • Peter Daniel Arnett by Vein Diesel
  • Lyssa Kordenay Mason by Linda Hamilton
  • Tiffany Davareaux by Gina Carao
  • Shawna Davies by Zoe Saldana
  • Robert Everbrite by David Boreanaz
  • Hunter Taugh by Jason Statham
  • Kasey DeMarco by Ariel Winter
  • Kristine Capizeo by Ryan Newman
  • And introducing Crystal Lynn Ramsey as Madison

According to sources Titanus has scheduled opening production for the first day after tomorrow in the far-flung future. Sources also confirm that Slash-n-dash transports owned by the illusive multi-millionaire Anna Fonticello.

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