Newcomers Part 11- Finale

Sorry for the downer moment but not everyone is strong enough for prison or accepts punishment equally. The wedding is purposely glanced over due it being the next story and will barely feature the girls.


The girls entered the courtroom with Judge Martha Perez's clerk directing them to her chambers to talk alone. Valerie was asked to go with them to give them legal help but it was just a formality to cover Martha. She hid her smile but it was clear that Martha was in a good mood so it wasn't bad news for them.

Inside, Martha asked the girls if they were sure that they wanted to be adopted by the Nelsons. Flora reluctantly said "it's what we always wanted. They are better than our own parents ever were." Fiona added "mom and dad love us and we don't want to ever leave them. We love them."

Martha asked if Flora was sure about becoming a girl, getting a reluctant "it's all I ever wanted from the time I knew boys and girls were different. I'm not a boy, I look like one but I'm not a boy. I can't be a boy anymore." She was nearly in tears which was what Martha wanted: an honest, from the heart answer direct from her mouth. The reports can only say so much, she needed to hear it herself.

Turning to Fiona, Martha asked "are you sure that you want to make yourself even more of a target by joining a family that hundreds wish to tear down and break apart?" Fiona was defiant, retorting "it's no different than what our parents and foster parents caused us to endure and what our foster parents made us do. We are used to being targets, we want mom and dad to love us and they are doing that."

Martha finally smiled and wrote out the orders then led them out. When the clerk called the session to order, she asked where Quentin was getting a solemn "he had an emergency meeting due to an issue with a building being discovered. He tried to have someone else take over for him but it's a literal life and death situation due to the building already being under construction and needing an emergency change of design. He sends his regrets and hopes that you do not use this against him."

Martha asked about his job, getting a meek "he's the new VP for commercial and government designs and is set to be the head of their Boston office shortly." Martha nodded and asked her own job, getting a quick "head investments at Nelson-York-Smith Associates. We are an investment and stock brokerage firm. We handle only a small number of clients but have a lot of money invested with us."

Martha nodded and knew of them through prior court cases involving the family. She then firmly asked "are you sure you want to adopt Fiona and Franklin as your children?" Greta steeled herself then stated defiantly "I have never been so sure about anything before. I love these two as my own and am proud to give them a loving home. My husband and I have fallen in love with the girls and can't bare to see them leave to another home. We love them, we can't see our lives without them."

Martha listened intently and noted the affection towards the girls. It was tough not to see that Greta had truly fallen in love with the girls and saw herself as their mother now. She wrote off the orders then asked all three to stand in front of her.

The girls feared the worst while Greta held their hands. Martha smiled brightly as she proclaimed "I am aware of the situation involving the girls and why they were originally on the run. I believe that they have hit the jackpot in finding you as their mother. As you and your husband have seen fit to take them in and give them the care, understanding, and affection they badly need I can't deny them the right to live in a loving home. It is the order of this court that Fiona and Franklin Richards be renamed Fiona and Flora Nelson and that they are the daughters of Quentin and Greta Nelson. Good luck ladies, enjoy your new parents."

The two hugged and kissed Greta then moved on to Jessica and the reluctant Eric. The family walked out together with the girls barely holding back tears. They were told to gather their wits due to having to go to school which they groaned at but were happy as they could now tell their friends the news.

Greta dropped off Flora while Valerie dropped off Fiona. Yvette King barely glanced at the paper while telling Flora congratulations. She walked Flora to class and told her husband the news getting a nod.

In class, Flora was hugged tightly by Faith as Ella and Daisy told their classmates that it was official now, the two were cousins. Ivan congratulated Flora then restarted class, giving the kids a chance to decompress while listening to his lecture. He knew what he was doing, Flora was overexcited and need the distraction.

During lunch Flora told the others that her name was changed so she was a girl legally. They didn't ask why she changed it, none of them knew her deadname so it wasn't a big deal. She was happy to tell them what happened and why as they ate, with the trio leaving her to tell the story on her own.

One of her classmates asked if she was really Faith's cousin, causing Faith to happily say "she's mom's sister's daughter. She's related to me through her. Her sister is dating Ella's second cousin and her brother is dating our cousin." Flora asked what she meant, she hadn't met her future sister-in-law yet.

Daisy groaned at that, with Ella telling her "Scott is engaged to Stacy, she's the cousin of all three of us. You haven't met her because it's her finals so she is studying hard. Jessica had easy classes so she could see you but the others have hard ones so they weren't able to meet you yet. You are going to have to meet them at the wedding."

The others asked about the wedding giving Flora her much needed reprieve. Ella groaned at it, telling everyone "my brother is getting married. Everyone in our family is going to be there along with a bunch of people who know the family. It'll be in the newspapers too, it's going to be a big story since Michael is a knight and dad is so rich and famous around here."

Over at the middle school, Valerie had Fiona's records changed while Fiona waited beside her silently. She didn't see what the big deal was but it was something that the two enjoyed doing. She was getting a little annoyed at the delay which only served to make the two smile at her.

When they were done Dorothy Taylor finally explained "your mom has known us since before you were born. Your brother and sister grew up alongside Valerie's son Michael and daughter Jaimie. You are acting a lot like your sister back when she was your age, we couldn't help but see some resemblance between the two of you in how you act. You made us remember some happy memories. Plus you needed to wait a few minutes anyway as the kids are taking a quiz which you are excused from."

Fiona blushed as Dorothy led her to Ms. Shriner's room. The class didn't say anything as they were in the midst of the quiz. She was happy to not get any attention with Ms. Shriner just nodding that she was alright and didn't need to worry about missing anything.

When lunchtime came, she became the center of their attention. She had to explain where she went and why to her classmates. They were told about her going to court already but this was different, she had actually been before Martha and talked with her in private rather than just standing in front of her in the courtroom.

One girl asked about her dress, getting a blush from Fiona who admitted "mom wanted me to wear it. She said it wasn't right to not be dressed up for an important event. I hate wearing them but I couldn't say no to mom's request. Mom and Flora had to wear them too."

Fiona didn't have much to say after that as there wasn't much to tell. The others let her have her own moment with Ms. Shriner before the start of class with Fiona telling her that it's weird to know it was finally over and she had real family. Ms. Shriner nodded, adding a happy "you have a mother who has a reputation for being strict and ruthless in protecting you kids as well as a father who is caring."

After school, the kids huddled around Fiona as they awaited their rides home. Jessica was there to take Fiona home, with Fiona happy to go with her until she was told that she had to go dress shopping. Jessica blushed as she had to explain "you and Flora were invited to Michael and Courtney's wedding in a week. Everyone is going, mom and dad won't leave you home alone. Besides, you aren't alone in going either."

She grinned as Fiona saw Maisie outside the store with Lucy. Maisie hugged her tightly which only caused them to blush. Fiona reluctantly gave in and agreed to go inside to shop, not wanting to let Maisie go alone.

Maisie's impact on Fiona was clear to all immediately as Fiona followed her advice and opened up to her about what colors she liked and what styles she liked. The normally tomboyish Fiona was not afraid of pink or other feminine colors nor lace, frills, bows, or ribbons, she just liked them in moderation and on certain things. She was happy to try on anything that Maisie recommended, but drew the line at some of the blouses and skirts that featured more than one of the feminine aspects.

Jessica had her look for certain dresses that fit her then had her try on one of the junior bridesmaid dresses that the other middle school girls were going to wear. Maisie happily helped her into the dress, going so far as to tell her that she looked fine and only needed a different bra to keep her boobs steady. Fiona went beet red at hearing that but Jessica swiftly agreed while Greta handed her one to try on.

Fiona tried on the dress as Maisie stripped, getting a look at her flat crotch for the first time. It was a little embarrassing but Maisie smiled back at her friend doing what everyone did at some point. Maisie casually told her "it's starting to feel better but it's not healed. I hate dilating but I have to do it. I don't have to take blockers anymore which means I can grow bigger boobs sooner."

The girls walked to show their dresses to their mothers while Jessica took pictures to send off to someone. She waited a few minutes and got the answer she wanted, telling both "Rebecca said a simple white headband or flower barrettes will work for your hairstyle, Fiona. Maisie, you don't need any cutting and can make due with the same as Fiona. I think all four of your ears need piercing as well."

Fiona flinched but Maisie's pleading look made her give in. Lucy shook her head at her daughter's antics but it was for a good cause. It was no different than her manipulating her own siblings before.

Flora was silent as Greta helped her choose her dress. It was easy for her as it was simply an exact replica of the ones Ella, Daisy, and Faith were wearing. Flora was fighting tears as she looked at the dress and twirled around, loving how it felt and how she looked in it.

Greta was happy to help her do something so simple as trying on a dress but to Flora it meant the world. It was the first time she had been able to fully relax as she changed in front of Greta, even though they had been in Greta and Quentin's care for two weeks they still hadn't gotten many chances to show how much she appreciated being able to be herself. Greta hugged her tightly while whispering "you look beautiful, you are simply beautiful."

After paying for the three dresses, the ladies drove to the mall up in Saugus and got both Fiona and Flora's ears pierced with Flora bouncing in her seat as they drove north. Greta had to tell her to calm down but she just grinned and gave her a loving look. Fiona didn't react to her giddiness, she knew it was her sister doing her best to accept that she never had to return to being a boy.

Fiona reluctantly sat as the sales clerk pierced her hears with birthstone studs. Flora was going to say something but she herself winced in pain as she felt the pop on her earlobes as she was pierced without noticing the clerk approach. She looked up at Greta who was trying hard not to smirk at Flora getting a little bit of comeuppance for teasing Fiona.

Greta got several different sets of earrings for the girls, with little fairies for Flora and little butterflies from Fiona. Fiona lingered on them a bit too long not to like them, she just didn't think she was girly enough to wear them. They looked cute on her, especially with the small necklace Greta also got her.

The girls had fun walking around for another hour as they calmed down. Flora was getting hungry which signaled it was time to go. The fact that they still had homework to do was even more of a reason to leave as their mothers had forgotten to have them do it as they were trying on their dresses.

Jessica ate dinner with the family with Fiona asking Greta about Scott and whether he'd accept them as his new sisters. Jessica started laughing at that which caused Greta to glower at her but caused her to admit "he knows that you two are his new sisters and is upset that he couldn't be here to do anything. He didn't call home the past two weekends was because Stacy had to talk with him to keep him from deserting his training to go after the sheriff and your former foster parents."

Flora gave her a weird look to which Greta added "he's protective of people who are abused. He is a good man but didn't always act that way. Back when he was in 6th grade he was a terror who acted like a bully. He hurt Jaimie in the same way those boys hurt Kylie and Mia. You haven't met Jaimie yet but she was just like the girls only she was just starting out instead of being years along in her transition. It took a lot out of him to not come home to help you, so be ready for big hugs and kisses from him when he comes to see us for the wedding."

The girls went to bed as Jessica left. Over the next week they visited Maisie while also playing with their other friends. Kylie and Mia were back to normal and had no pain from their surgeries but were still reluctant to change around other girls despite being allowed to do so now.

Maisie and Fiona reluctantly met with the older girls of the family with Maisie trying hard not to ask if they were like her. Jaimie Finn smirked while the others quickly told her "no mothering!" Jaimie had to explain to Maisie what they meant with Maisie understanding and thanking her for thinking about it even if she wasn't allowed to actually do it.

Eventually Maisie returned to school for a few minutes to pass in her homework while taking home her assignments for Christmas vacation. Their class was happy to see her with only a couple offering less than flattering things to say. She ignored them, she was happy to be there even for just a few minutes and Ms. Shriner took care of the ones who offered the offending statements.

Maisie told Ms. Shriner that she had gotten stuck with a bunch of babysitters to help her do her work including Nichole's sisters. Nichole snickered and added "Paige is going to be a teacher and Hannah is going to be a writer so they know how to help you." Ms. Shriner nodded, adding a happy "sadly for you folks, it looks like you may have Mrs. Smith next year as a student teacher" causing a collective groan.


The Christmas break hit faster than expected causing the kids to finally relax with their families for two days before the big wedding. The girls were too young to take part in the bridal party festivities but enjoyed their own party in the form of a sleepover. Fiona and the girls stayed with Maisie while Ella, Daisy, and Faith stayed with Flora at the Nelson home.

It was great fun for all as the girls got to see the real Maisie who had been hidden under than fearful exterior that the "New Jack Kids" created in her the year before. Nichole and she had a long talk about dealing with her new anatomy while Maisie endured her dilation sessions, one that Nichole reluctantly joined in solidarity with her to show that she wasn't alone and that she still had to do it too despite nearly three and a half years having passed since her surgery. They shared a long cry as Maisie admitted that she felt like she had gotten something that she didn't deserve which Nichole countered by saying she deserved it by not wanting it.

Angus Campbell complained about the girls especially Nichole and now Kylie's crushes on him. They were loud, giggling brats to him but seeing Maisie happy and leading the girls caused him to refrain from complaining too much. He wasn't happy to have two 12-year-old girls eyeing him but it was something that he would endure for the girls' sake.

Angus joined in on the festivities thanks to Eric and his brother feeling bad that he was stuck at home with the girls. He fit in with four high school teens in the group as he knew them from competing against them in football and track. They didn't talk about the girls nor Maisie, giving him a chance to unwind as they enjoyed their teen-friendly fun bachelor party.

Reed Pena and Thomas Samuels were able to talk with Angus privately and sympathize with him about dealing with Maisie. Reed had the best understanding, being the same age and having a sister who was enduring the same issues. Angus was grateful that he didn't have the abused background that Kylie and Reed had allowing for him to see that things could have been a lot worse.


Scott appeared early on December 23rd and met with his parents but didn't get to meet Flora and Fiona due to school. When he came around the next day he was in his Army Combat Uniform causing both girls to stop in their tracks as they saw him. Greta hugged and kissed him, then introduced him as their new brother causing Flora and Fiona to hug him tight making him blush.

Stacy Lopez, his fiance and longtime love interest teased him about that getting the girls to snicker and Scott to groan. The girls were happy to finally meet the famous Stacy with Scott asking if she holed up in her bedroom all semester. Stacy just grinned and added "it wasn't hard to do, dad said if I so much as thought about another boy he'd skin that boy alive. He loves you too much to let me get away form you, but he'd never admit and would deny it if asked."

The girls were all smiles as the two led them to the living room where they exchanged gifts. Scott and Stacy had a large pile for the girls, with both explaining that it wasn't as much as they should have gotten but they didn't give the others a chance to shop much. The girls were happy to get anything, hugging and kissing Scott and Stacy while Quentin and Greta looked on with big smiles.

The wedding itself the next day was something neither family could believe as the Finns spent a lot of money on it yet kept it simple, opting for a luxury hotel wedding with just the family and selected guests in attendance. Fiona was in awe of the older ladies while Flora was in awe of the sheer number of people who were related to or friends of the large family. It was amazing both girls, they had become the center of attention thanks to Jessica but meeting each of them was a feat neither would ever forget as they kissed, hugged, and cried at meeting them.


After a quiet break the kids returned to school with heavy hearts. Maisie returned to a lot of hushed gossiping while getting big hugs and kisses from her new friends. She had a little trouble accepting Dante Kelly and Steven Pierce as being sincere in being nice to her but seeing them treating Margaret Douglas and Nancy Flynn like the other girls and not as sexual objects caused her to accept them.

Dante and Steven proved to be like big brothers to her during their first week back. Maisie loved that they were being nice to her and didn't want anything back from her. Dante whispered that they put a few boys in their place who had words about her being a girl but otherwise enjoyed Maisie the friend not girlfriend.

Fiona had told her that the two were the nicest boys she had ever met and who only had eyes for Nancy and Margaret giving Maisie a clue that they really were acting good towards her because she was a friend. Knowing Fiona's rough past and trouble accepting boys as friends she let them get close to her and eventually accepted their overtures as being genuine. They liked her for herself and after a week she found herself feeling some twinges of jealousy that they were taken as boyfriends already.

Maisie's return also harbored notifications that she would be allowed to use the lockerroom and bathrooms alongside the other girls. There were a few stalwarts who believed that she didn't belong in the school while there were others who thought she may still attack the girls. It didn't matter that she had no penis, she was still transgender thus was a danger to girls no matter what she had in her pants.

Fiona was by her side throughout but eventually eased up on the closeness when it was clear that she was doing fine on her own and didn't need her protection. Mia started to get closer to Fiona to the point that Maisie was now a third wheel which she happily stepped back from being. Mia appreciated that with Maisie kissing her cheek and telling her "she loves you a lot" signaling her approval of the two as a couple.

The girls finally kissed during one of their many study sessions after school at their houses. Fiona nearly fainted from the shock of her first real kiss while Mia looked like she was about ready to float away. Kylie, Margaret, Nichole, and Nancy were all smiles while Maisie grumbled "about damn time." Nichole and Maisie bonded over the two finally getting so close with Nichole telling her that it's better to wait for the right boys than to run into them, Maisie agreed but added that she was jealous that Steven and Dante were taken causing both Nancy and Margaret to blush while the boys tried to look away in embarrassment.


Angus Campbell endured a lot of abuse from other students due to Maisie's gender change and surgery. He ignored a lot of it, with Dan Lopez talking with him about his upcoming job while others looked on jealous that Angus had done what they hadn't had the opportunity to do yet. Dan happily told the others "he earned his job, he didn't have it handed to him because he sucked up to the Enfields, Brownings, Remingtons, and McMillans as many of you did. Now that they are toast, you will have to work harder to just show that you are on the level your instructors claim to be which will kill some of your careers. The weasels who denied him the rightfully earned spot as an apprentice at the union will be exposed as the liars and cheats that they are and anyone associated with them will be forced to work twice as hard. I am sure you won't mind all that extra work because you slipped him some money to get a spot."

He dared them to say something, with the instructors being told he had his sources and they'd learn just how badly they had screwed up by letting the four pay them off as well as pay off the union masters. He was going for broke and going after them directly, they had no business teaching and were the kind of people who gave the trades a bad name. He was prepared to take the hit to his reputation from them, it was worth it to bring down a bunch who needed to be brought down and his own reputation was strong enough to withstand scrutiny and bring it on those who tried to besmirch it in the first place.

Dan had worked enough with the students in having them learn to cooperate with their counterparts to know that Angus was talented at finding solutions to problems that arose, something that his instructors had overlooked and a skill that was highly desirable in the trade. He and Dan got along well with Dan taking him on as a protege to other aspects of the business to allow him to open up his career to bigger jobs than just electrical work. Angus was even able to get Dan out of a difficult spot by giving him a second set of eyes on a project and saved him a lot of money on a consultation proving why Angus was perfect for him.


Lucy Campbell had her small appraisal business expand when Maisie made friends with the others. Word of mouth about what she did for a living got her new clients and contracts allowing her to earn more money. She relied on Greta a lot but once Maisie and Nichole got close this shifted to Karen Smith and her husband Nigel as the girls became just as inseparable as the others.

Lucy befriend Greta and the other mothers with Kennedy Pena being a shock to her as she revealed just how much she understood Maisie's situation. Lucy had to feel great after she learned about Kennedy's past, the woman was everything that Lucy felt Maisie could become if she wasn't so timid. Kennedy was happy to tell her that Maisie was already doing better than her and with time she would do better.

Lucy and Maisie grew closer as mother and daughter once Maisie was fully recovered. When Maisie's hormones started to finally make her bust larger the two fought over her new bras with both not realizing how much this meant to the other. It took Callum to settle the dispute as he explained to Maisie why Lucy was against the sheer and brightly colored bras and why it was inappropriate for her to wear them at certain times.

When the two calmed down, Lucy had a talk with Maisie about boys and what they would think if they saw her wearing or knew that she owned bras that were see-through. She blushed as she realized just why her mother didn't like them on her and gave in to the ban, although Lucy did buy her one pair for home use only.


Callum Campbell enjoyed the fruits of his labor as he and his task force took down multiple parts of the child prostitution ring. Fiona had given them everything they needed to go after certain people and were able to give them just what they deserved for their actions against the girls. He didn't need much more than a little prompting to get most of the participants to roll over on others making the case stronger as dozens sought deals to avoid the most serious charges against them but most simply corroborated what they already knew about the ring through Layla Olson's connections.

Callum was ruthless, going after everyone who had anything to do with the ring. Warrants were issued for those identified in videos found of the various girls and boys who were forced to have sex, with those who weren't identified having their pictures sent out to regional police agencies and motor vehicle databases to identify just in case they didn't have criminal records. The hunt took time but it would eventually net several hundred people, many of whom were politicians including several US Representatives and even a US Senator.

The targets tried to use political pressure to end the hunt but only saw themselves being targeted for bribery and extortion charges by the FBI and US Marshals. Callum himself had several major politicians try to force him to end the investigation including his own US Representative. He had other motives though, Callum was known to have helped cause the downfall of the McMillan, Enfield, Browning, and Remington families and caused the woman's hometown of Pullen Point to cease to exist as a separate town.

Congress took a keen interest in Callum and his team as several major Congressmen praised the team for their hard work and admonished their colleagues who tried to kill the investigation while working on articles of expulsion for those who were exposed as being active participants in the child sex ring. The fact that Callum's own representative would dare to try to interfere caused the woman to give an angry statement on the floor of the House but also saw her career evaporate as her ties to organized crime and the corrupt former town were exposed by a rival. She was forced by her party to resign in disgrace rather than be expelled.

Callum was promoted to the head of the New England task force allowing him to plan the investigations and coordinate resources among fellow agencies while making it home most nights and only make trips when it was necessary. Angus was thrilled to finally have his father home and have him be there for them more often especially as he participated in Spring sports. Maisie was in tears as he told her, she was happy to have him around and not have to worry about him not returning one of his raids on distant locations.


Winnisimmet's former superintendent was a man who caused a lot of grief for families in his brief tenure at the helm. He was hired to bring the schools further into the new century and continue his retired predecessor's inroads into advances but instead rolled back a lot of the changes that he didn't agree with. Much of his work was done without the knowledge and understanding of the school committee and against their requirements for changes.

He hated that transgender students were allowed into the schools and actively sought to keep them out. He was adamant that Mia and Maisie attend the alternative school despite not having a reason to. They were proven to be excellent students and the kind of students that the schools needed more of rather than the borderline delinquents that the alternative school harbored.

John Finn found many of the changes and had the teachers union fight back against them. The man had broken just about every rule on the book and had done so with the intent of defrauding the schools. Many of the changes were never reported or noticed as the funding for them was diverted to his personal accounts making him rich due to hundreds of thousands in donations that John gave the school district.

The superintendent tried to claim that he had authorization but his correspondence was altered and what was shown was actually routine emails that didn't mention any changes nor diverting of funds. The funds themselves were a problem for him as he couldn't explain where the money came from and when it was shown by John's son Miles that it was school money he refused to answer any more questions. He was adamant that he was innocent and that it was all a conspiracy by a few supporters of kids that didn't belong in the school system to remove someone they didn't agree with.

Miles' report to the state was damning as he left no stone untunrned and found every cent that was embezzled. The school system reclaimed the money while the superintendent was arrested was indicted and tried for embezzlement, larceny, and perjury. He was convicted on all charges and sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison.


Ms. Putnam was found to have been part of the embezzlement scheme as she was the one to pointed out what could be cut without anyone noticing. All she asked was her job back once he "laid her off" during the cutbacks. She got her wish and enjoyed spending some of the superintendent's money for him, showing off her new purchases to others at her condo that she shared with the superintendent.

She was forced to testify to save her own skin, turning on her lover but accidentally admitting to the court that she had violated Maisie and Fiona's civil rights during their planning. It was a bold moved on her part but it backfired as the judge had her arrested and tried once her testimony was finished. He had not problem sending her to jail for three years, it was her own fault for admitting that to the court.

Ms. Putnam was forced to sell everything she owned to pay for a lawyer and was still convicted and sentenced to three years in the county house of corrections for violating their civil rights. She vehemently blamed Maisie for what happened but only caused herself to be sued by Valerie on behalf of her client, Maise. Ms. Putnam lost everything, with the salary she had earned and never touched due to living with the superintendent being paid to Maisie.


Lee Enfield, Colt Remington, Sig Browning, and Barrett McMillan were tried as adults in New Hampshire for attempted murder, rape, and assault with a deadly weapon. They were defiant until the end, fighting the deputies as they appeared in court then verbally fighting their judges. Despite calls from their families for leniency the state refused to allow for a plea, they would face full justice.

The federal government went at them just as hard, trying them for kidnapping as well as weapons charges. They had them bang to their rights and were not about to let them get away easily. They may have been 14-years-old but they were all hardened criminals by then.

The boys were sentenced to a total of 40 years in prison. They were allowed to serve the first four in a secure juvenile detention facility but were not getting away from the other 36 years they owned the state and federal governments. They pleaded for leniency from the judges but their antics showed they didn't deserve it.

Lee tried to act like the king of the cellblock but being split up made each isolated and without support. Lee learned the hard way that he wasn't anything special and wasn't the king of anything let alone fit to rule more than his bunk. He was beaten severely after a few days and had to endure the humiliation of no longer being the alpha dog as he became just another prisoner.


The boys' mothers and aunts were no better. Bessie Browning, Winnie Remington, and Pepper McMillan were convicted of the kidnapping and assault on Flora. Each denied that they had done anything wrong with all three claiming their husbands and brother would see that the truth got out and they were vindicated. It was hard to do with them also being on trial for similar crimes and under constant surveillance with no contact with the outside world other than lawyers.

The women were put on trial with each threatening the court officers and prosecutors until Pepper McMillan told them to just shut their traps. Their brother and husband weren't going to get them off the hook non matter how much they believed that they would. She was no fool, she could read the newspapers as well as anyone and saw that they were in jail alongside them and had no hope of ever getting word out to their supporters and lackeys.

Pepper turned on the others, she was the only one who was against the kidnapping and being the youngest she was trying to hope that she would get out of prison before she was too old to rebuild her life. She confessed and accepted a guilty plea, with the DA asking for the medium penalty of 10 years in prison for the total amount of crimes. She told everything she knew and confessed to the feds and state about where all of the money the family had was hidden and how much they really had and who it was invested with, the family would be bankrupted but she had a clear conscience now.

Bessie and Winnie were tried and remained defiant despite their sister turning against them. Both threatened her life and that of the DA while fighting the court officers, each earning additional criminal threats charges against them as well as being forced to watch the trial from a nearby conference room. The jury took no pity on them and convicted them on all charges while the judge sentenced each to a minimum of 30 years in prison for the total sum of the charges with each served consecutively.


The Pullen Point officers involved in Flora's detainment and attempted rape were each fired and tried for their crimes. They faced illegal detention, conspiracy to commit rape, criminal conspiracy, assault and battery, criminal threats, and lying to police charges. They were adamant that they were innocent but the prisoners were not going to lie about what they were told by them and face more serious charges, they told the truth to anyone who would listen.

The men were raked over the coals but held firm that they refused to do anything despite being ordered to rape Flora. They may have been criminals but they weren't rapists nor would they hurt a kid. The defense lawyers were put to task by the men, they fought back against each claim and countered them easily, they weren't concerned about admitting in open court to their crimes so long as the police officers got convicted for the crimes against Flora.

The most damaging testimony came from the public defender who saved Flora. She had harsh words for the defense attorneys and wasn't afraid to butt heads with them over their offensive antics and words towards her, earning laughs and cheers as the defense attorneys were admonished by the judge. She held firm and told the truth, getting the jury to side with her regarding the chain of events and ensuring the conviction of all of the officers.

The trial of the officers was a spectacle as the media were on the side of Flora. When the defense lawyers let slip that the girl was transgender the media ignored it, but did let the judge know that the defense was trying to poison the jury earning fines and angry arguments with the prosecutor. The defense tried to use every dirty tactic but none of them worked, nobody would rally to support them.

The officers had no support from their union nor other departments. The fact that Flora was the daughter and niece of law enforcement officers caused anger and outrage causing any support they had to be cut off by the union. There was nobody to turn to either, they were on their own.

The officers were convicted on all counts with each receiving at least 15 years in prison for the multitude of charges against them. Flora didn't have to testify against them nor did she have to show up to give a victim's impact statement due to video showing that she ran into the police station then two hours later was walked out with Mark Sylvester in a distraught, disheveled state while the public defender was shown arguing with the police officers on camera and via recording. Flora had representatives there, as Valerie Finn and Ricardo Vincent were acting on her behalf and ensuring she wasn't defamed or attacked for being what she was.


Lewis Enfield and his counterparts were put on trial after the officers were convicted. He was as defiant as his son but included an air of menace that his son lacked and his sisters redirected towards finesse and manipulation. He wasn't afraid to let you know he'd hurt you if given half a chance and if you dared to look at him directly he struck you hard while telling you that you were beneath him.

The judge didn't put up with his antics, telling Lewis authoritatively "lay a finger on your lawyer again and I'll have you facing assault charges while you are forced to watch your trial on CCTV from a conference room. You are powerless here, this is my courtroom and I won't allow assaults!"

Lewis told the judge "fuck off, I'll do as I want! I'll have your ass handed to you while you beg me not to put a bullet in your head." The judge shook his head and had him removed to a conference room with multiple court officers present as additional charges were brought for criminal threats and contempt of court. His lawyer would work on his behalf from the courtroom and nobody would be allowed inside the conference room while Lewis was there.

Lewis tried to get word out to his lackeys but he was being monitored via CCTV as well. His subtle attempts to hide messages in the table was caught with the papers held by the court officers for use against him. He tried day after day to get messages out, finally snapping and trying to flee the room but not getting past the four court officers and state troopers assigned to keep him there.

Lewis' messages were found to be meant for a group of cleaners that were working at the courthouse under contract with the state. He owned part of the company and knew that his guys would have a supporter assigned to clean up the floor that he was being held on. What he didn't expect was that this trick had been tried in the past and his connections were already known and his very actions were expected making him fall into a trap allowing the company to be targeted by the state while he faced new charges.

The judge read the messages and told the ADA to bring charges of attempting to solicit murder against Lewis for trying to hire members of his gang to take out the judge and ADA. Lewis fought his lawyer and the ADA the next day with the judge finally having him restrained in place in the conference room with nothing in the room except a pitcher of water and several cups. He was all but caged for his trial now, treated like a child that he appeared to be to everyone else.

The ADA didn't have to do much to ensure that the four were convicted. Lewis' actions in court had left a bad taste in the jurors' mouths and his words on tape showed how little regard for the law he had. His hopes that his reputation and his supporters would intimidate the jurors didn't work as the jurors were all from either Alston, Dorchester, or Roxbury where he had no influence over anyone and his reputation among the criminal element had been blown apart due to trying to go after kids.

The four were convicted on all charges. They each received a total of 35 years in prison for their crimes. Lewis received the worst sentences as his assaults, attempted escape, and solicitation charges added another 15 years onto his sentence.


The fun just started for the four as the FBI had finally gotten through to the people of Pullen Point to stand up to the four now that they were powerless. Dozens of shop owners testified with many having the written threats ready to go making the four face an uphill battle. Their stooges weren't able to silence many as they were under constant watch with several getting nabbed by the feds when they tried to force the shop owners to recant their testimony or face punishment and arson.

The four were convicted of racketeering, tax evasion, extortion, and violating the RICO Act. They were each sentenced to another 20 years in prison, this time ensuring that none of them would get out of prison alive. Lewis tried to act like a big shot until the very end but was told by the others to shove it.

The remnants of their supporters tried to force the shopkeepers to keep their mouths shut but only saw them fighting back against the lackeys. The lackeys were trying to be the new kings of Pullen Point but were incapable of getting anyone to do what they wanted. When they tried to extort people directly they ended up facing down the barrel of a shopkeeper's gun or baseball bat with the thugs running scared and vowing they'd get them back.

The few who did try to get the shopkeepers back ended up behind bars as the new Boston Police captain in charge of the Pullen Point Boston Police district was not afraid to take down the criminals. She was tough on them, going so far as to have the organized crime unit investigate in full and find just how tangled the web really was and how loose it was held together without the four in charge. She unraveled the web causing the whole syndicate to fall apart at the seams and bringing great relief to the neighborhood and praise to the police that hadn't been given in decades.

The people who were extorted had the four's shares of their business returned to them without having to pay a penny due to it being a criminal act forced on them. The businesses thrived, and with the police on their side they were able to improve sales and get the confidence of the residents again. The town flourished, with lower taxes and access to more services from the larger Boston infrastructure the former town became one of the best places to live in Boston while the former Pullen Point faded away.


Layla Olson was a broken woman once the truth about her was revealed to all. She had resigned but it was rejected by the governor and county council as they wanted her to face the people directly. She lost her recall election while facing criminal charges for her role in the child sex ring. She was humiliated by all who saw her, she had lost everything and would lose her freedom shortly.

When she finally went to trial she pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering, extortion, sex trafficking, child pornography, attempted kidnapping, and tax evasion. She accepted a 20 year prison sentence in exchange for telling all she knew about the ring and offering up everyone involved. She was adamant that she didn't want to keep going after the girls but Sheriff Coltrane insisted that they be "taken care of" to save themselves and showed how he threatened her with exposure if she didn't go along with it.

After her testimony at the trials of Fiona and Flora's former foster parents and Sheriff Coltrane, Layla signed over all of her assets to her sister. She sent a letter to her begging for forgiveness but knowing that she didn't deserve it. She took her own life rather than go to prison, letting her sister know first but ensuring that nobody could stop her from taking her life.


Lydia Olson was saddened by her sister's suicide but knew that it was her last act of penance for what she had done to destroy the lives of others. She didn't deserve to live while so many girls and boys had their innocence ripped from them because of Layla's greed. Lydia didn't grieve her sister, she just offered her solemn apologies to the victims especially Flora and Fiona that her sister didn't face true justice and took the coward's way out.

Lydia used Layla's betrayal of the public trust to fuel her drive to help kids and found herself at the center of national attention for her efforts. Her reasons were understood and commendable, she couldn't help but atone for her sister's malfeasance. She wanted to right and went above and beyond the call of duty to do so.

The governor groomed her to be his replacement in two years, allowing Lydia the chance to lead from the front instead of the rear. Lydia accepted this and would work hard to earn her party's nomination then go on to win the general election. Her sister's actions didn't matter, Lydia's record was spotless and anyone who tried to use Layla against Lydia found out just how well Lydia could do on her own.


The trials for Sheriff Coltrane and Flora and Fiona's former foster parents were long, dragged out affairs. Layla had offered damaging testimony that was backed up by documents and testimony by the girls via CCTV video direct to the courtroom. It was hard to refute the claims as their own words were used against them ensuring that the trio were given a rough time by the jury.

Sheriff Coltrane was defiant until the end, shouting out loud in court while telling his deputies to release him from custody. His deputies flinched once and were removed, replaced with ones who were not afraid to go against his orders especially as he was in no condition to enforce his threats. The few who hesitated were reassigned to the worst duties before seeking jobs in other counties as they had shown that they were incapable of doing their jobs, the fact that they were also Coltranes made it worse as they would have to explain to their new bosses why they transferred or quit.

The trio were convicted on all charges and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Their federal trials were just as bad but featured the trio turning on one another to try to save their own skins. They were convicted on all charges again, with Sheriff Coltrane getting convicted on civil rights violations in addition to the charges of sex trafficking, extortion, tax evasion, child pornography, and other lesser charges.

Sheriff Coltrane had to face charges in Boston due to his actions in planning the kidnapping and murder of the girls. This time he was in for a rougher trial as his words were used against him with his boasting and his rants being shown to have been preceded by his planning the deaths of the girls at the hands of the four families. It was an open and shut case with Sheriff Coltrane being sentenced to another 20 years in prison forcing him to finally see that he was never getting out of prison alive.


Quentin was given his much appreciated partnership and appointed the new senior VP in charge of US operations. He hadn't expected that so soon but he had moved up the timetable due to salvaging the deal with his hard work the day of the adoption. There was no denying that he was the man for the job as he had shown he was the right person to lead the company, he had a perspective that nobody else in the company had and was not afraid to take risks or talk down to colleagues to ensure safe designs.

With his new job came a big raise as well as a company car. Quentin had to fight off requests that he move out of Winnisimmet and join his colleagues out in the suburbs, he wasn't about to abandon his home in favor of places that were nothing but overpriced tinderboxes. His daughters loved their new hometown and they had a lot of friends there, moving out would mean that Flora would endure a lot of issues with her new school which wasn't worth the fight no matter the cost to his image in the eyes of others.


Greta had a tougher job than Quentin as she now had to handle the girls' money situation. The girls had a hefty amount of money coming to them from a lot of places, making them wealthy but not to the point where they lose themselves and are just walking ATMs. They enjoyed some luxuries but only so often and usually it was after they had earned it through good grades and hard work doing chores.

Greta successfully sued the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Keillor County for the abuse and breach of the girls' civil rights by both Sheriff Coltrane and Layla as well as the placement into an unfit home and continually allowing abuse to occur. Further, she sued the McMillan, Enfield, Browning, and Remington families for the kidnapping and assaults on the girls. Flora then sued the state in care of the former Town of Pullen Point due to assault, illegal detention, and the conspiracy to rape her.

Maisie, Mia, Kylie, Nichole, Margaret, and Nancy sued the four families as well with Maisie having the largest lawsuit due to having the most damage done to her body. She also sued Pullen Point School District for allowing the abuse by the "New Jack Kids" to go on then giving her an unfair and unjustified review and attempting to hold her back despite good grades. Her mother then sued the state senator for her actions of working against Maisie once it was shown she forced her views on the school to keep Maisie away from the senator's family.

The lawsuits were a mess but they were all successful due to the amount of evidence and number of witnesses. Nancy, Nichole, and Margaret won $1 million each while Kylie and Mia won $3 million. Maisie won $5 million against the families then another $2 million against the school and $1 million against the state senator.

Fiona and Flora had been awarded a total of $10 million each with Fiona getting another $2 million from the families and Flora getting $6 million from Pullen Point. The girls really did bankrupt the former town, the found cash immediately went to pay the girls off while the debts remained. Fiona and Flora didn't care, it was their own mess and they had hurt Maisie so deserved what happened to them.


As time wore on the kids started to show that their puppy love wasn't just puppy love anymore. By mid-January the kids were allowed to go on their first dates with Maisie, Kylie, and Nichole staying home and enjoying being single while the three couples went to the movies. It was funny seeing Jessica and Eric trying hard to keep Fiona and Mia from kissing so much while they themselves tried to keep from grinning at the sight of the two trying to fight their urges to suck the other's face as they played the big sister and future big brother to the girls.

The night was a resounding success despite Eric telling the two to lay off the kissing on the way out of the theater. Mia was in near tears as Nancy hugged her tight when they got out of the car at her house, it was the perfect night and only got better as the two kissed goodbye. Nancy felt bad that she didn't do the same for her date Steven but it was hard to do that with him ready to pass out at the thought.

The girls flourished under the care of Greta and Quentin. The two had almost completely stopped fighting and were rarely apart at home. Greta loved that the girls had become closer as sister ans after a long talk with them saw that they were both content with their lives and the little things that used to irk them no longer mattered.

They had a mom, dad, brother, and sister. They had money and love. They had a safe home and friends who would do anything for them. It was tough to fight when you had everything you could ever want. The two were given the greatest gift of all time- love.

The End.

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