Jack and Jill by Trudy - 16 – Marti’s Time

Jack and Jill, by Trudy
16 – Marti’s Time

By Jessica C

Melvin thought it was weird to be Jill for Halloween...
But his friend Trudy liked it and that made it okay...
A dare to act as a pregnant girl was credited to Mel,
Acting as that pregnant student is Melanie’s roll into February…

It was a neat time once we’re back, our visit is relaxed and joyful. My sister and friends, Mom and Marti, Sherry and Suzi; Sharon even came over as Sandy had called her. Suzi enjoys sitting on my more pronounced hips and cups one of my breasts which starts off a new conversation. Mom says, “Melanie while you look nice I think you need to wear modest and less flattering clothes, especially to school.”

Sara speaks up, “Mom you’re the one who suggested I tell her to get the extra help of other girls?”

Sharon kind of sides with Mom, “When you come over to visit me, I suggest you don’t wear those if you’re hoping Steve and Bob visit with you as old friends.” She goes on, “I do think it is neat that you got the dolls to remember the twins. And I wouldn’t be surprised that a few others in our class will do that. I do expect those that do will all be female, kinda like you,” she giggles.

Trudy, Sharon and Sandy follow me to my room where I begin to change as I want to wear something more relaxing. Sandy quickly giggles as she says, “I know you’re quickly becoming one of us, but I suggest you slow things down. In the future announce beforehand if you are going to change in front of us.” I had already unzipped my skirt and was in the process of letting it drop to the floor.

Sharon nearest to the closet looks in and pulls out something for me to quickly slip on. While I’m dreadfully embarrassed they begin to talk about what I should be watching for in regards to Aunt Marti and the baby, who could be born any day. Trudy is interested in hearing the full account as is Sharon about Marti. I’m sure they think I am pulling their leg about being in with her.


Sunday and Monday pass without incident as I’m keep busy helping not only the girls but Aunt Marti. Mom helps with dinner both nights. I don’t like all the work and responsibility that comes with being a niece to my Aunt. “Melanie, I know you’re tired with all you’re doing. I can’t help but think how much you must be identifying with being a young woman.”

She signals for me to sit down; “Melanie, would it be better for you if you and Sara changed with each other. I’m afraid things have gotten passed what we should be asking of you.”

“Aunt Marti, I think we’ve both already that but it was you who said how well I’ve done and that you trust me. I’ve become your Lamaze partner; I’m a willing participant this is an important time in your life and mine. Uncle Ron and I have talked, via Skype about things since he’s been away. So I know he and you are comfortable with me staying in your life, seeing you through this. If you ask for my Mom to be with you I will honor that but to change with Sara, ‘No way.’”

Come 11:00 p.m. I’m ready for bed and I check on Marti. While she is not bleeding anymore but I can tell she is anxious tonight. I awake to her calling me around 12;15 a.m. between the pressure on her bladder and the baby kicking, she became worried and she wants me close by. I sleep on a cot in her room and she allows me to put my twins in her bassinet.


I am late and tired when I push my way out of bed. The good news is I get ready and to school much quicker now. Nevertheless I’m still late; all this gives me more to talk about in school.

Trudy texts me and asks if she could come and stay overnight until Marti has her baby. I suggest she come over as we need to talk to Aunt Marti about it. Aunt Marti actually thinks it would be a great idea, “If you are willing to live by my rules. You will sleep on the cot in my room and Trudy will sleep in the guest room as you’ve been doing and focus on the girls.”

Trudy quickly informs people that she might miss work this week. Mom continues to help with dinners. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings each have anxious times. Wednesday is doubly hard as the girls become restless and act up when their Mom has a melancholy time. The baby’s kicking, her system is upset and she’s crying. It is Thursday night at 11:30 p.m. when she calls to me, “Melanie, call your parents we need to go to the hospital.”

I call my parents, while I’m loading Marti’s SUV. Trudy has called the Johnson’s, which is very good as my parent’s phone is busy like someone is talking. My parents keep their smart phones out of their bedrooms. It is my fourth call and I’m helping Marti to her vehicle. Finally I call and get through to Sara. I tell her Aunt Marti’s going to have her baby and suggest Mom and Dad meet us at the hospital. Mrs. Johnson drives us and I sit in the back with Aunt Marti. Sandy and Trudy will stay with Suzi and Sherry; who are still both asleep.


We have gone a half dozen blocks when Aunt Marti’s water breaks. Aunt Marti jokes that modesty has taken another flying leap out the window. I’m use towels to minimize the mess underneath her. Mrs. Johnson’s driving quite safely, but atleast ten miles over the speed limit when she is pulled over for speeding. The Officer however becomes our escort all the way up to the emergency room door.

Mrs. Johnson goes with Aunt Marti for the moment as I need to register Aunt Marti with all her insurance and other important information. My parents arrive and Mom tells me to use the bathroom, “You need to clean up and use a little makeup. Needless to say I’m in the women’s rest room. But I’m soon out as Mom calls into me, “The second and third baby often don’t take long in coming.”

It is 1:20 a.m. when Dr. Kylie announces Marti is dilated to 3 but tells Marti and me to relax. It is another hour before the labor pains begin to get stronger and things begin to progress. Her labor and delivery suite is rather pretty as the birthing chair is both functional and comfortable for the mother, baby as well as for the doctor and her team.

Marti’s Lamaze instruction and yoga training have her fairly comfortable. The real thing however has me nervous, excited and understanding that this is very different from pretend. While I am at Marti’s side, up by her head there is a mirror positioned so Marti and I can both see a bit of the doctor and where the baby will appear. I can only think I am in a sacred place.

Nurse Kathy, again our nurse, speaks to comfort Marti affirming the progress being made as well as praising me for my coaching. Aunt Marti’s labor is work in deed accompanied with some pain. Though Kathy shares it is not as bad as many women experience even with drug medication. Marti’s perspiring runs the gamut from healthy a glow to one that comes from a woman who is exerting great effort and under the stress of her labor. The pushes, the cleansing breaths and pushes again seem to be choreographed. Dr. Kylie announces the baby is probably taking longer because she is just enough bigger. Marti confirms Sherry and Suzi were 6lbs. 9oz. and 7lbs. 4oz. respectively.

Dr. Kyle announces seeing the crown of the baby with the previous push and announces the head is coming out with this push along with one shoulder rolling out. It is the next set of contractions that the shoulders are fully out and we see the full baby appear. It seemed once it started just before the top of the baby’s head was seen to the baby being fully born was a mere ten to fifteen minutes. But the clock in the birthing room has indicated some fifty minutes passed.

Marti is correct, she has another girl and who is pronounced healthy and with all appendages. I am asked to step toward Dr. Kylie who offers me the honor of cutting the umbilical cord. I look first to Aunt Marti who encourages me with the whisper “Thank you.”


I had text Uncle Ron around 2:00 a.m. that Aunt Marti is in labor. My text of the baby’s birth at 3:33 a.m. has Ron communicating immediately back. We’re in transit going to her room 5021 when Ron calls and I hand the phone to Marti. The staff is very accommodating, stopping to allow Marti to visit with Ron. While Marti would love more time it’s enough to allow Aunt Marti to show off their new daughter. She tells Ron their daughter was born weighing 8lbs 5ozs and 20 1/4” in length. Ron is given the honor of announcing their daughter’s name to be “Megan Taelor”.

Ready to finish transferring Marti over to a regular bed, I excuse myself to communicate to those waiting our news in the waiting area. Mom, Sara and Dad engulf me with a hug as I tell them of the birth and Ron’s visit with Marti over my phone. I’ll let Aunt Marti do the honors of sharing the baby’s name and most of the particular information. I do tell everyone Mom and baby are fine. I’m too excited to rest as Mom suggests but I’m glad to snuggle in Sara’s arms. “Thanks Sis, you’ve become especially important,” says Sara.

Grandma has awakened and is amused as Sara moves her fingers through Mel’s hair in a soothing motion. “You seem very supportive of Mel that is very tender of you.”

Sara looks up to Grandma, “Thanks Grams, I’m kinda touched by how she’s been there for Aunt Marti. I love Mel as a sister. I’ll miss her if she changes back.” Melanie is passively listening and moved by their talk, especially Sara’s statement, ‘If she changes back?’

Gram comes over and sits on the other side of me. The way she takes my hand, I can tell I am now different to my Grandmother. “Not that I want you to change, but I’m proud of you Mel… Melanie. Why don’t you tell me how beautiful it was in there?”

“Grams, you know in a way it wasn’t beautiful I never thought of that part. You also know it was the most beautiful time in an extraordinary way. I’m glad I saw both. Marti wouldn’t let the nurse put a screen up to stop us from seeing. It was the other nurse, not Nurse Kathy and she protested to Dr. Kylie.” I smile thinking of the incident surprised I even remember it. Dr. Kylie told the nurse, “Get with the program or get us someone ready to rejoice.” The nurse started to point to me when Kylie interrupted, “Yes she knows her niece will see her as well.”

“Everything seemed to go quickly, yet each part took more time than I understood. Marti even pushed me down toward Dr. Kylie one time so I’d see her in all her ‘gory glory’ as she called it. When Aunt Marti would smile and I’d smile back at her, it was like she enjoyed me talking with her. When she grins in exertion or pain I did my best to smile and encourage her. And when Dr. Kylie first said she saw crown, I thought we were through with the birth. But you know the delivery was just getting serious. Sometimes I could see some blood on her gloves coming from Marti’s… from Marti.”

Grams looks at me, “Did Marti touch your cheek with some of the soup from the womb?” I’m about to quickly say “No” when I remember the smudge from my left cheek across to my lips. Then I remember Marti pulling me down to give me a thank you kiss. I can remember licking my lips, thinking I’m a blessed girl.

“Yes Grams, but I thought it was just an accident.” I felt renewed now and I got up and gave Grams a hug and took her back to see Marti and the baby. Gram is now talking to me like I was Sara or one of her daughters. “I really appreciate one of my granddaughters being there for Marti. You know, you make a very pretty young woman.”


Grams reaches into her purse and pulls out two twenty dollar bills and gives them to me. I feel a little hurt that Grams thinks she needs to reward me for what I did. “…Don’t look so insulted; I am not paying you for what you did. I just thought if you are going to stay around here you should buy a little makeup so you look better.” I am not sure who’s happier as a smile returns to my face.

I take Grandmother to Marti’s room and she turns me around patting my buns saying, “Now go take care of your appearance.” I find Sara and we go to the hospital café and get breakfast sandwiches and some hot tea. Sara’s amused that I want some makeup to be presentable. We’re slowly eating when Trudy put her hands over my eyes and then gives me a kiss. I stood up to hug Trudy and to take Suzi from her. Bending carefully to be closer to Sherry’s height I tell the two girls, “You have another little sister.”

We use the women’s room as Sherry needs to pee and I apply my makeup. I am now a presentable girl. I turn finding, “Trudy, what are you laughing about?”

“It makes my heart skip with joy Melanie to see how easy it is for you to be Marti’s niece. You’re fixing yourself for Marti, aren’t you?” I am watching Trudy in the mirror as I touch up the last of my makeup and Trudy brushes a few stray hairs back into position.

“I hope you’re not upset, I’m thinking of you too. I appreciate your help so much. I’d give you a big kiss but then I’d have to do some of my makeup again,” I giggle at the thought.

Trudy gives me a spritz of perfume. I check my smart phone as we step into the hallway, thinking I heard it ring before. A text from Uncle Ron: “Mel, I’ve caught a caught a ride from my ship in the Med. I’m in France waiting catch a cargo transport back to the states. There are at least a dozen of us are heading to the states in eight hours for one type of leave or another… Wish we could have flown with the brass and dignitaries going out in an hour. I’m the fortunate one, some have already been here overnight burning their leave hours in transit. I told Marti it would be three or four days this morning. Hopefully if I get in early someone can pick me up at the airport or a bus station. We will surprise Marti if I get there early.”

“P.S. Thanks Melanie for being there, you went above and beyond the call of duty. I really appreciate that.”

Trudy asks me why I’m tearing this time and I just hand her my phone; she then hands it to Sara. Now we’re all using tissues and Sherry and Suzi are giving us hugs and telling us, “Tings wil’be awight Untie Melwanie”.


Mom and Dad had just come back to the waiting area as we arrive there. Mom asks Sarah and me to carry Sherry and Suzi and follow her back to Marti. Everyone needs to wash and put on a garment. The girls look cute, especially Suzi, she’s not quite fourteen months old herself.

I have Sherry lean over and give her Mom and big hug and kiss; Sara on the other side lays Suzi down on the bed. After a big hug and kiss, Suzi is looking around for her baby sister. There is a layette there, but Grandma has the baby and cautiously brings her over so the sisters can see her. We can only see her face and arms moving a little.

Sherry asks me to sit down with her so we can hold her sister. “Mommy, what is our sister’s name?”

“Megan Taelor Weeks”, Grandma Hill looks over to make sure it is okay to place Megan into Sherry’s and my arms. Megan is looking up, I’m not sure she can see us but Sherry thinks so and I want to believe the same. Megan even seems to smile. Suzi climbs over her mother to get a closer look. Luckily the nurse came in after Suzi is next to us.

“Let’s get this little girl down before she climbs on her mother?” My Mom reaches and picks her up covering Suzi’s mouth as she does so. “Is it okay if your daughters see you nursing their little sister?”

Marti shakes her head yes as she bares her left breast. Marti’s nipple looks too large for Megan. Megan reacts as the nipple tickles her cheek and she turns her head and opens up her mouth. Marti gently guides the two together. I’m thinking I should leave the room, but Marti looks to me, “Sit down, we’re all girls here.” Sara gives me a hug from the side, “Yes Sis, you’ve seen Megan born, it should be okay if you stay.” Word must be out as Marti has half dozen calls. Marti’s told to turn off her phone as she needs rest. Grandma agrees to call her sister and two brothers while Marti rests. Mom will call some of Marti’s friends.


It is just after noon when Dad takes me, Trudy and the two girls home. Dad then follows Trudy home to make sure she gets there safely. I let Sherry and Suzi watch TV as I take a quick shower. I am about to fall asleep but wake a little with the shower. I am getting the girls a little dinner to eat and trying to keep the girls awake so they will sleep tonight.

The girls are excited and fussy, dinner is not going well even before the doorbell rings. A pretty vase of flowers arrives, along with a bouquet of balloons. We are almost settled when the doorbell rings again and I say something I wish my nieces didn’t hear. I am still upset as I open the door and its Sandy and Sharon. I’m about to cry; I don’t want to cry… I am in Sharon’s arms crying. She giggles, “Now which of these three little girls needs our attention most?”

I am apologizing as we sit, I’m still crying. Sandy goes to help the girls. Sharon, “It is okay Melanie, I hear you did great and deserve to be tired. You need to know it is okay for a girl to cry. You’ve been a very good girl,” she whispers. Sandy comes carrying Suzy, “Yes, we are very tickled for you and the woman you’ve become.”

Sharon suggests, “Why don’t you take a warm shower to relax and change into a nightgown and robe. We will keep you company and help watch the girls.” I shower again and I shaved my legs as I didn’t want Sandy and Sharon thinking poorly of me. I find my favorite peach nightgown with a matching panty. A perfumed soap with glycerin helps my body feel silky and clean. Today it isn’t hard to daydream of being a girl, especially when the wash cloth goes across by chest and activates sensations originating from my nipples. I linger to build the sensation up until some involuntary sounds of joy echo in the bathroom.

I grab a towel as I step out and Sandy comes rushing in and plops down on the toilet. “Woe Sandy, what do you think you’re doing?”

Sandy purrs relief, “Do I really need to explain?”

“But this is awkward; I’m trying to dry myself from the shower. Why didn’t you use the one off of Marti’s bedroom?”

She says, “Wrap a large towel around yourself and live with the fact I responded to an emergency. It’s not like you worry about us girls when you invade our restroom.” Sandy stares at me, “If you don’t mind, would you please look away. This is a bit sensitive for me.” I hear movement and then a flush and Sandy is soon washing her hands.

I slip on my panty under the towel and make another sound as I dry my breasts under the towel. Sandy turns and scoots to sit on the area next to the sink. “That sound is familiar, but a boy shouldn’t be making that sound.”

“I don’t want too it just happens. And please don’t go pushing my buttons to try and get me… any more excited.”

Sandy snickers, “I suspect there are two buttons.” She is now walking toward me and she has a mischievous look. I try to block her hands with one hand and I’m trying to hold up the towel with the other. “This isn’t fair… but I can’t resist the opportunity to see you in all your splendor.” The towel falls as Sandy gets to me.

My head is bowed down and I’m looking from the tops of my eyes and through my long hair. I smile as Sandy is smiling, “So what do you think?”

“I think you look so much like another girl; you have our figure; you have very pretty skin and even your small tummy is that of a girl instead of a guy’s gut. How is it you have budding breasts?” She touches my right nipple, “This isn’t from just living like a girl is it? Is this like the girl dating experience you wanted?”

I quickly put on my nightgown and I’m pulling the robe around me as we go out to the living room where the girls and Sharon are. Sharon looks at me and then to Sandy like she knows something. Sandy and Sharon whisper. I struggle to stay awake. It is like my body knows someone will watch the girls if I fall asleep.

It dawns on me that I still need to feed the girls, so I get up and start to the kitchen. “If you’re planning to feed your nieces, I’ve already done that.” It’s Sharon following close behind me, “It is sweet how much you care for them and instinct reminds you to think about them. Is that a normal Mel reaction?”

I make it to a kitchen chair and turn to Sharon, “No, it wasn’t to Mel but it has become kind of natural. There are a lot of things I think about now. Do you think it’s sick or just silly?” Sharon gets her purse, sits down with me as she begins to do my nails. “It’s funny I remember once when you came over to play with my brothers outside, I wished you’d have been a girl. I so wished I had a girlfriend like you.”

“I wished girls would let boys play with them as a friend.”

She smiled warmly, “Is that why you were so shy? Did you ever wish you and I played together?” Sharon stares and soon realizes the answer. Jan C. told me once she thought you were…”


Come 8:00 p.m. there was a knock on the door and Mom announced to my nieces, “Your Mom is home with your little sister.” The noise of the nieces welcoming them filled the house. Mom smiles to see me ready for bed. I and Sharon put on some water for tea or coco and some rolls that had been dropped off at the house. Marti’s being careful but she enjoys being free to be up and around. Her breasts have filled out since Megan was born. “Your father took Grandma home for tonight. This weekend we will be sharing the house with her so plan to sleep in the living room or with the girls.” I wanted to say what about Ron, but I caught myself.

Marti looks to me and holds out two hands for us to embrace. “Melanie, you are so precious. I can’t say enough about you sharing Megan’s birth with me, part of you will always be my niece.” She steps back and looks me up and down. “I hope I get my figure back as quickly as you did. What do you think?” Everyone giggles and I’m smart enough to pause before my response.

“Aunt Marti you have always looked better than me, even on my best day. You are beautiful inside and out and you’ve helped me to feel beautiful,” I say.

Sandy chimes in, “I agree with Melanie, you are a super Aunt. Melanie wouldn’t be so real if it weren’t for those in her family. She even has the figure of a young woman like us.”

Story to be continued…

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