Going Home Chapter 6

Lisa and Henry had gotten permission to take a long-range shuttle to investigate the sol system. They wanted to verify what they had been told by the captain from the Revenge. When they entered the system. They couldn’t believe what the scanners were telling them. There wasn’t any type of defense systems. No starships, and no advance technology at all to protect the Earth from invasion.

They landed the long-range shuttle at an abandon rail station. They managed to conceal their entry into the Earth atmosphere so that they could do some recon. They wanted to take back images of Earth to give to the Captain. Lisa did set their computer system aboard the shuttle to download information from the library of congress and several libraries and news agencies. She doesn’t think the current computer knowledge the Earth has, could defend itself against the advance technology they had.

Lisa and Henry spend almost a week gathering data to take back. The leaders of the different Earth governments were so fucked up, that she is surprised they haven’t killed themselves or destroyed the Earth with their dam greed, religious beliefs and prejudices. When were people going to get it through their thick skulls that crap like that doesn’t matter. All it does is cause wars and distrust between people. The leaders themselves and some of the religious leaders who preached intolerance and such. Should be shot or put on trail and let the people judge them.

“Henry, you know something. I’m kind of glad that we don’t live on Earth any more. It seems all the leaders of the different governments and beliefs these people hold onto. It has made them stupid and ignorant.” Lisa just couldn’t believe how society has gone down the toilet, instead of revolting against all this crap. How they were sheep and believed lies from officials that didn’t care for them at all.

Lisa and Henry do pick up a lot of things to take back with them. They knew the people that were still back on the ship would enjoy the items they were bring back. As they stock up the shuttle with the items, Lisa looks over towards Henry.

“Has Earth changed a lot since you were born?”

“Yes, it has changed a whole lot since I was born. Some of the people I knew when I was little are all died. I’m still young and everyone that I knew and loved are dead.” Henry had some research into his family to see who was still alive.

He had a bunch of nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews, but all his aunts and uncles were dead. So were his parents. There was no one that would know him still alive. Even the family home had been torn down and replace with the cookie cutter houses he saw.

“How about you? Were there any one from your family still alive?” Henry looks over towards his wife.

“Nope. My family line is dead.” Lisa did a computer search and everyone from her male side of the family was dead. On her mother’s side of the family. There were still members alive.

They finish loading up and board the shuttle. As they are taking their seats, Henry looks over towards Lisa.

“You know, we could set-up an observation base here and relay that information back to us.”

“It’s a good idea. We might want to speak to the captain about it when we get back.” Lisa straps herself in and bring the engines online and slowly raise up into the air. Once they get to a certain altitude. She engages the thrusters and take them into space and finally the hyper-drive.

“Well, we’ll be back home in about four hours.” Henry looks over at Lisa as she makes some minor adjustments.

“Can you believe the jackass they have as the president now in Washington D.C.? The man is a disgrace and all the other congressmen and women that support him. They are screwing over everyone all because they want to get some type of win.” Lisa couldn’t believe what she read about the current situation.

“You feed the masses what they want to hear, and they will believe almost anything. That’s why I’m glad we don’t have this bullshit out here where we are.” Henry was happy their current captain knew what the fuck he was doing.

“How many people do you think will still want to come back here to Earth after we give our report to the Captain?”

“I don’t know, but any one that has been modified or enhance can’t come back. These people aren’t ready for the advance technology we have now. If any of it fell into the wrong hands on Earth, it could tilt the scale of power into the wrong hands.” Henry just watches his wife.

“I know, and we couldn’t go back anyway, because we will live forever almost unless we are blown-up.” Lisa knew they could never go back. They were literally immortal.

Lisa gets up out of her seat and heads towards the back of the shuttle to grab something to drink. She looks at all the stuff they brought back and knew by the time word got out. People were going to be bugging them for the items.

“You know we are going to be spending some time in decon along with everything we brought back with us.” Henry walks up behind his wife wrap his arms around her waist.

“I know. We can pass the time making love with each other while were in there.” She leans back against his chest and grind her ass against his manhood.

“Mmmmm!! You don’t play fair.” He starts kissing Lisa and sliding her zipper down on her flight suit.

It doesn’t take him or her long to get each other undress and making out on the floor of the shuttle. Lisa made him lay on the floor on top of their clothes, while she rode him rough and hard. She was driving him deep and hard into her petite body. She keeps him busy, giving him what he wants, just as he gives her what she wants. By the time they are done using each other’s bodies and fulfilling their needs. They were tired and exhausted.

Lisa takes a light nap, while Henry listens out for the warning they were dropping out of hyper-space. After an hour, Henry hears the warning.

“Come on sleepy head. It’s time to go to work.” Henry heads up to the pilot’s compartment.

Lisa slowly gets redress and join him as the shuttle drops out of hyper-space. Lisa notices that the other ships from their convoy had arrived and was in orbit of the main planet and several stations and colonies. The Viminacium stuck out like a sore thumb against all the other ships. It was docked at the main space station along with the Revenge.

“Recon shuttle Kelsey's asking permission to dock.” Lisa was heading towards the Viminacium landing bay.

“Recon shuttle Kelsey’s, divert course to hangar 46 delta at New Quarter station.”

“Control, why aren’t we docking with our assigned ship?” Lisa was curious.

“Because Lieutenant, your recon shuttle has been reassigned to New Quarter station.”

“Roger control. Diverting course to New Quarter station.” Lisa kills the transmission and turns towards her husband.

“I wonder why we have been transferred off the Viminacium?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll learn once we land.” Henry prepares the landing sequence.

They spot the hangar they were told to go to and pass through the force field protecting it from space. Lisa lets Henry take it over as they head over and land the shuttle in its new assigned spot. Lisa notices a few people she didn’t know were waiting for them.

“I wonder who the welcoming committee is.” Lisa gets up from her seat after they touched down and shut the engines off.

“Well, let’s go and find out.” Henry gets out and walks pass his wife. If anything was going to happen. He wanted it to happen to him first.

As they exit from the shuttle, they are met by a young humanoid woman with blue skin and short purple color hair.

“Greetings Lieutenant’s, I’m Yeoman Triana and I work with the council. The council would like to talk with you, planet side. If you’ll follow me. I have a shuttle waiting for us. Also, all the stuff you brought back with you will go through decon while we’re gone.” Triana smiles at Lisa and Henry.

Lisa and Henry follow yeoman Triana to the shuttle waiting for them and head planet side.

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