What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 12 (updated)

Sasha was so happy to see the corvette again. It’s nice shiny black paint gleamed in the sunshine.

“Thanks Mystic.” Sasha gets out of his car.

“Sasha, do you want me to tell Siren you are back in town?” Mystic looks at her.

“No, I’ll call her from my apartment.”

“Okay, be careful out there.” Mystic rolls the window up and drives off, leaving Sasha looking at her corvette.

“Hello, beautiful. Did you miss me?” Sasha walks up to the Corvette and places her palm against the door.

She hears the lock clicks and the door opens for her. She climbs in and put the five-point harness on. Once she is secure. She presses the start button and the corvette comes alive. She gives it some gas and she is speeding out of the storage lot and out onto the main road that will take her by her place. She tunes her radio and listens to some music as she drives.

Once she gets near her place, she slows down and park her car. She gets out and heads up to her apartment. She was going to have to get the cleaning crew to come by and clean her place. She heads into her bedroom and over to her closet. She moves her clothes aside and presses a concealed button to release the hidden door. The door swings open and all her gear was hanging there. She grabs her spare cellphone and activates it. She changes out of her normal clothes and slip on her skintight body suit and her utility belt around her waist. She loads up on all her specialized gear and finally she grabs her .50 caliber full automatic handguns. She grabs three spare magazines for each gun.

She checks her guns, before putting them in their holsters. She picks up her house phone and dials Sirens cellphone.

Siren’s Manison:
Sirens hears her cellphone play the ringtone she assigned to Sasha.

“Hello sweetie. How is your morning going?” Siren takes a sip of her coffee.

“Not so good. As you can see, I’m back in town. I arrived late last night and came here to my apartment and found my sister Janius beaten-up and rape, Siren.”

“Is she going to be okay?” Siren knew how close Sasha was to her sister.

“She’s in critical condition right now. Mom, operated on her, so she’ll make it. Adam Ludlum was partially responsible because of my actions.
There is another person responsible for ordering the attack on my sister. I’m going after him as soon as I hang up from talking with you.” Sasha looks around her apartment.

“If there is anything I can do, let me know. What hospital is your sister at?” Siren grabs her Ipad to input the hospital name.

“She’s at St. Catherine’s memorial hospital. In the ICU unit.”

“Alright. I’ll go down there and check on her.” Siren liked her sister-in-law.

“Don’t you or the kids leave the property, Siren. I don’t know if the guy I am going after has people watching you and the kids right now. If you
do have to leave the property. Call my father or my older brother.” Sasha didn’t want anything to happen to her wife or the kids.

“I can take care of myself, Sasha. You made sure of that.” Siren remembers the training Sasha gave her. She keeps up on her training and using a few of Sasha’s stage magician tricks.

“I know baby, but my sister could hold her own as well and they still managed to overcome her. The only advantage you have over my sister are my little surprises.” Sasha knew her sister didn’t carry any of her little surprises. She was going to change that once her sister was feeling better.

Sirens sighs, she knew Sasha was right. This whole situation was the reason she wanted her wife to have a separate place away from the mansion.

“Look, we’re going have to talk about things when you are done with your current case. The girls are missing you and so am I. The band has been hired to do a few gigs you need to know about and we have to finish our fifth album.”

“I know baby. Cassandra told me that I needed to talk with you and the band.” Sasha remembers the conversion she had with Cassandra before she left.

“Who’s Cassandra?” Siren was curious about who her wife has been talking too.

“She was my last case and I’ll tell you about her when I get home. You would also like her.” Sasha knew Siren would like her.

“You’re going to have to tell me about her then, when you get home. Where are you off to now?” Siren would like to hear more about this Cassandra person.

“To grab the man who sent men to rape my sister. Mom and Dad want the man brought back alive. So, I can’t kill him for what he did to her.”
Sasha wanted to kill the man for what he did to her sister.

“Just don’t lose yourself, Sasha. How long do you think you’ll be gone?” Siren wanted her wife back, because they had things that needed to be done and the girls wanted to see their mother as well.

“I shouldn’t be gone more then a few days, but let’s say a week to be on the safe side. If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours, call my parents. They can track where I am.” Sasha knew the chip inside of her would allow her mother or aunt track her.

“How can they track you?” Siren didn’t know Sasha’s parents could track their children.

“All of us have chips inside of us that mom or Aunt Janet can track us with by satellite. I’ll tell you about it when I get home. Because I have been thinking about doing the same thing to our girls.” Sasha felt that it was a necessary pre-caution because of who they were and how much money they had.

“We’ll talk about it when you get home.” Siren didn’t think it was a bad idea. If she had one when she was younger, her parents would had discovered her having her first sexual encounter.

“Well, I’m going to let you go sweetie. The sooner I leave, the sooner I’ll be back.”

“Okay, be safe and come home safe. I love you.” Siren wanted her wife home.

“I will, I promise. Hug the girls for me.” Sasha hangs up.

She makes one more phone call to the cleaning crew she uses to comer in and clean her place up and get the blood out. She hangs up afterwards and heads down to her corvette and inputs the address where she needs to go. She pulls out her Iphone and link it with her car radio and play her favorite playlist.

As she is leaving, she spots a car with a group of men in it. A smile appears on her face as she pulls out at normal speed to see if she was right about them. She watches the car in the rear camera system get behind the car behind her. She turns the GPS off and head for a place she knows they are doing work at. She pulls the car into an alley way and wait for the other car. She gets out and stands behind the corvette waiting for them.

She spots their car coming towards her. She just stands there and as they get closer, she reaches into a pouch on her belt and pull two golf balls out and toss them underneath the front of the car. The balls explode sending the motor through the top of the hood and stopping the car in it’s track. She contains the fireball the explosion created. She hovers it above the car with her ability.

“Why don’t you guys throw your guns out the window and get out with your hands up?” Sasha could feel a headache building from using her ability. The fireball she was feeding and containing above their car, was causing the headache.

Brent was watching the woman in front of them and couldn’t believe she just caused their engine to pop out of the engine department. He felt the vibration from the explosion and saw the flames in front and on the side of the car.

One of the guys rolls down his window and fires his gun at her. As he is firing at her, a tendril of flames wraps around his hand and burns him. It evaporates after burning him.

Sasha didn’t know how much longer she could hold and feed the fireball. She saw the one guy sticking his head out to fire at her. She had side stepped from where she had been standing and caused a tendril of flames to come down and wrap around the guys arm to burn him. Once it had done its job, she let it go. The headache she had building was getting worse. She needed to let the fire evaporate. She sends a few tendrils into the car and burn a few people.

The guys in the car get out as fire enters through the opened window. They literally fall on their face as they tried to get away from the flames. Some of them get burn from the flames.

Sasha watches as the guys fall out of the burning car. She had finally let the fireball she had been holding go and let it do its job. She looks at the guys with a smile on her face.

“Now, you have seen what I can do. Toss your weapons and drop to your knees, NOW!” Sasha was done playing around. She causes two throwing knives drop down into her hands.

“Fuck you, Bitch!” They bring their guns out to fire at her.

Sasha let flies the throwing daggers she had palmed at their chest. She watches as the knives hit home and bury themselves up to the handle of the knives. She walks over to them and start searching them. She pulls their wallets out and cellphones. She couldn’t believe it. These guys worked for the company her mother was going after. She pulls her throwing knives out and clean them on their shirts. She does call her friend at the police department to come out. She tells him she can’t stick around, but he could call her.

Sasha keeps whatever cash they have on hand, their id’s and their cellphones. She dumps everything else as she walks back to her corvette and pop two Aleve’s into her mouth for her headache. She only got bad headaches like she has now, when she used her ability like she did for a period. She turns her GPS back on and heads towards Greg Hallaway's place.

She turns the auto drive on as she looks at the location from Google maps. She didn't know what security measures the guy has. She'll need to do some recon, before taking any type of action.

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