The Legends 6

The Legends Of Abidet

Chapter 6 - Lonely Princess


A girl resurrects 80 years later. These stories are written by people who meet her ghostly appearance and face her unusual powers.

My name now is Camenka, but it was not like that. Everyone thinks I am a girl, when in fact I am a man. Or at least I were.

That man has long died. Now, I call myself Camenka. From a very young age I got obsessed with women clothes, but I kept it all hidden. One might think that I was attracted by women, but it is not the case. I was attracted by their clothes. Soon, I wanted to become a woman. But where to do this? Was I gay? Certainly not. Making love with a man makes me throw-up. As I grew-up, I had girlfriends, but each time when one found out about my strange addiction to women clothes, each time one found out that I am wearing pantyhose candid, they moved away. More even, they made fun of me. So, I decided to live alone. And as I moved alone, in my home and in my garden, I was a woman... but on the street I was a man. Yes, I did wear pantyhose candid on the street. Nobody knew.

If I ever had a girlfriend that I really loved, it was Camenka, my avatar from a virtual 3D game that I used to play. I was in love with her. I bought her all the commodities and luxuries I could in that virtual world. But that was a long time ago, before the nukes started to fly. At that time, people were so afraid of a possible nuclear war. Well, I was not. If I have to die, I will die and so be it. I tried to make sure Camenka will live on. I paid the game fee for 50 years, as a superpremium account.

The nukes did not fly and a general took control of the area, forming a small independent state. He then tried to build a super-weapon, based on the technology of diverted matter. Only that all went wrong and ended with a massive explosion. I was 150 km away, alone in the forest, dressed as a woman, enjoying myself. That is when everything exploded. The whole city was molten lava, fire was raging on the sky and every survival managed to run away from here. The explosion made the ground to tremble. Holes and cracks started to open... and my car with my male clothes went into a big hole and vanished forever.

I started to walk, trying to find my way out. But now, anyone who encountered me seen me as a woman. The first people I met were at a picnic. Scared by the blast, they were trying to get out to the main road, which collapsed. They asked me:

"What is your name, girl?"

"Camenka", I answered.

And from that moment, I became Camenka.

I did not realize that people were so scared about a nuclear war, that they all wanted to get out from this state as soon as possible. And they were. They were fighting to remove road obstacles with shovels, they were pushing each other... and when a road was completely blocked, they abandoned their cars and moved on foot.

Well, not me. For me, a new life as Camenka was beginning. What I never considered possible, now was true. I merged with my avatar, with the love of my dreams. From now on, I am Camenka. When everyone was running to the borders, I decided to stay. Nearby states sent rescue units, to extract any remaining refugees, but I decided to hide.

Then came the life of my dreams. I walked inside a town, that was completely abandoned. I was Camenka, I was a woman. Everything was almost intact, except for some broken glasses and collapsed buildings. The only person in the town was me. I remember to this day. I had red boots, brown tights, a red and brown short skirt, a black blouse, red gloves and a purse. I entered the town on foot. There was a pizza shop and one pizza was on a table, with a bottle of cola. I took a seat, ate very delicate, like a woman. Then, I seen an ashtray with a few cigarette debris, with lipstick on them. Wow, that turned me on... and I entered an empty shop, took a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and started to learn how to smoke.

Then, I entered an empty apartment, which had its door open. A girl once lived there. I took clothes. I took make-up. I shaved my feet, painted my hair and nails. There was no electricity and no tap water. But I felt so great! I slept in a girl's bed and lived as a girl. I found money, cubes and balls of gold. After the hyperinflation, nobody trusts paper or credit money. But what to do with money here?

Then the winter came. I moved to a house. I kept on searching for clothes and food in shops, that were all open and abandoned. So much food exists in supermarkets, that does not parish over night. Much of the food does, but many products survive for years. I had all the clothes and make-up I ever dreamed. In that winter, I used to dress with thigh boots and fur coats, walking in snow and searching for food. I made fire in the stove to keep me warm. I was so lonely, but I never felt the need to be with anyone. It was me, just me in the whole world. Nobody else. And I wanted nobody else to be here.

Spring came. Now, I realized that I have to cross the border, to find fresh food, or I will die. But I have no intention to abandon Camenka. I will be the woman I wished all my life to be. So, I just took enough gold and walked over the border. I remember up to this day. I was dressed in white booties, brown pantyhose, a white coat with red-and-white blouse. I had long nails and a long light-red hair. I was a woman in all aspects, for anyone to see me. When I crossed the border, a custom guard came to me.

"Where do you come from?"

"From the ruins", I answered.

"What's your name, woman?"


The next day, I was on the news. The last survival from Land Of Ruins. I was asked to remain, but I decided to return. But, since I am the only one, it means I am the leader of this land. So, I became the princess of a state with nobody else in it. Soon, some recycling companies wanted to offer me money if I let them recycle the goods from abandoned settlements. I allowed them. And all this started to work. As they measured the level of radioactivity, they found out that in many places it is safe to build settlements... so, people tried to move in. I accepted, happily. What a change! I became Princess Camenka!

There is one exception, a place where nobody dared to go: the former capital city, where the blast occurred. There, everything was molten rock. A bare glass-like desert as large as the eye could see. But, I wanted to see it. Prospects show high amounts of rare materials and surprisingly low radioactivity. What was going on there?


And here I am. It is summer. I am at the entrance of this rock and glass plain desert. A team of about 20 people are here with me, all men. All are wearing costumes that make them look like astronauts. Not me. I have open-toe sandals, shiny pantyhose, a short dress, fake breasts and a small jacket to hide my breasts. My long red hair almost reaches to my thighs. While the men are breathing oxygen from their gas tanks, I am breathing smoke from a cigarette. We travel with 3 cars and stop somewhere in the midst of this desert. They stop and take equipment to make a drill. I watch their boots touching the ground, next to my sandals. It is very hot. With no vegetation around, everything is like boiling. They talk through radio as they start drilling, while I sit on one of their boxes and start dangling with a sandal. I feel vibrations in the ground as the drill keeps working. I am paying more attention to my feminine behavior then to what they are doing. I try to smoke fetish and pose attractive, not to seduce them, but to be Camenka.

The drill returns something white and glowing. Matter impregnated with diverted matter. So much diverted matter! This is essential to cutting-edge technology and to an almost endless energy. Cars are now hovering above the roads with the help of diverted matter. Supercomputers with the size of a flea are build with diverted matter. Everything in this century is powered-up by diverted matter.

Other drills showed that the whole desert sits on a sea of diverted matter, 30 km wide and about 4 km deep. I allowed mining to start, but only on a limited scale. I don't want to destroy the whole desert. Only 1%. All I want is to provide myself with all the goods I need to live. I want to be alone and happy. I want to shop new clothes, to have food and to look gorgeous. That's all. And a single day of mining provided me with 1 kg of gold, all I need to live all my life.

A few weeks have passed. More and more workers come. They seem not to listen to me. They want more of this fortune. Slowly, the whole desert becomes covered with buildings, drills and mining equipment. The glowing white can be seen from distance. Trucks keep coming and going. Everyone is in a hurry after diverted matter. What should I do? I just cannot do anything. And to make things worse, I see also weapons. They took over my state.


And here I am. It is night. I am at the border of this desert. Grass and bushes grow just up to this point. It is like a sharp line. Beyond it, there is nothing, just the shiny surface of liquefied rock, which is smooth like glass. All around, miners are digging, extracting the glowing white rock. So much equipment all around! It is getting dark, but they work all day and all night long. It is so noisy! I walk on the remaining untouched desert. I have flat sandals, with shiny pantyhose covered by fishnets, a short white dress and a short jacket covering my fake breasts. I light a cigarette as I walk between them. There is a mixture of smells: rock dust, oil and equipment.

"Hey, lady, why don't you go home and leave us?" says a work supervisor.

I blow smoke in his face and walk. In front of me, there is a large road, where hovering trucks are moving, carrying the glowing ore away. They just move in an endless column. And a few hundred meters, a deep quarry can be seen. They cut large pieces and load them on trucks. All is glowing down there, only the equipment appears as dark points roaming in all directions. I throw the cigarette there.

"Hurry up, Nikolai", says a worker.

"I will, Igor. Sparkling rich!" says the other one.

I just move down into the quarry, on the same road trucks go. And then, I stop, resting on a glowing piece of rock. It is night already. I've seen from distance that even in night time, this place is glowing. The sky above is illuminated. The clouds reflect the light back.

I look up for the clouds, but I cannot see them. There is too much light from the ground. But, I do see something shining in the sky. It appears to be a red star. It is moving. That could be an airplane, but it is moving too strange. I see it increasing in light. And then, I see it coming down. It takes the shape of a human. I see it closer and closer. It appears as a woman inside a flame, a woman made of light. It stops on top of a machinery.

Workers seem to look at this. They noticed. They stop working.

"I am Andromeda, the destroyer of worlds", shouts the woman.

In the next moment, I see something like a flame, getting out from her hands. The flame hits a digging machine, which explodes. Workers scream and run. I stand still, watching this scene. Another flame gets out of her hand and another machine explodes. Then she hits a truck. She just hits everything and destroys every machinery.

In the chaos, I see workers running in all directions. What a disaster! I see corpses, wounded people and fire. I sit quietly until I hear nothing else, but crying people. Then, I light a cigarette and move out. All equipment has been destroyed.

The next day, mining resumes to normal. And again, Andromeda appears, a white woman inside a flame. She screams again:

"I am Andromeda, the destroyer of worlds!"

And again, she attacks the equipment. But this time, workers fight back with weapons. Bullets seem to go through her body, like if she is a hologram. And each time she is attacked, she fights back. Deadly flames burn everyone who attacks her. She only stops when nothing else moves.


I moved away. Also, all mining operations ceased after Andromeda appeared a few times. Nobody ever wanted to risk its life with an enemy that cannot be killed in any way. She seems to attack only moving objects and people who attack her. Survivals seen her walking through people like if she cannot see them. Only if she touches someone by chance, she attacks. But, nevertheless, mining is too risky for anyone. And I agree. So, here ends the mining campaign. People seen Andromeda many times roaming around. I became alone again.


It is an autumn day. I go to the former quarries. I think that, after all this time, everything calmed down. It is so amazing to see the glowing white rocks! I love to see this. So, I stay until late night, just enjoying the landscape. I eat dinner, have a cigarette and put myself into a sleeping bag for the night. Then, I see something else, something really amazing. I see not one, but 3 ghosts. All 3 are near me, at just 20 meters. And all 3 are talking. One is clearly Andromeda, a woman with gorgeous shapes inside a flame. The second one is a blue ghost of a man, with a sword on his back. The third one, is the most impressive. It is a green woman, with wings and a green fire above her head. I look so amazed at the three ghosts. Should I run? Should I hide? I better stay put and hope they don't see me.

"What happened here?" says the blue ghost.

"Well, they got what they deserved", says Andromeda. "For all my years in pain, for all my suffering".

"Pain?" says the green ghost.

"Yes", says Andromeda. "For all years of pain. For all needles with glowing matter they pierced through my skin. For the body I once had. For the human I once was and I am no longer. Eighty years of pain. Die, humans! Just die!"

"They did the same to me", says the green ghost. "Why should I kill them?"

"At least, can you see them?" says Andromeda.

"Yes, like shadows", says the green ghost, "but I can clearly see and interact only with people who smoke".

"You see?" says Andromeda. "This is what they did to you. This is what they did to us! I cannot see anyone, I just don't realize that there are humans near me unless they attack me. I want revenge! Bloody revenge for what they have done to me!"

"I don't know", says the blue ghost. "I just woke-up in a world that I don't understand. I was pierced and tortured just like you two were, but I don't know who I am and how I got here. I just cannot remember who I were".

"But do you remember your name?" says the green ghost.

"I do. My name is The Samurai. But I don't remember who I were".

"You need time", says the green ghost. "When I woke-up, I knew I am The Legend and I exist to help people. It took me time to realize that I had another name. Just wait, you will remember. But as far, I still don't remember where I once lived".

"Does it matter?" says Andromeda. "I am Andromeda, the destroyer of worlds. I exist to bring fire and destruction. For revenge! Why do you exist, The Samurai?"

"To share knowledge, about art and moral values".

"You see?" says Andromeda. "They have altered you and made you think like this".

"Andromeda", says the green ghost. "Don't you see they made you a weapon? You exist to destroy, because you were made to destroy. But what were you before?"

"When I was a human?" says Andromeda. "What do you think, Legend? You think I had a pleasant childhood in the mountains like you did? No. I was bitten by an alcoholic dad every night. I was sold on the black market, raped and tortured all my life. Then, I was used for fights. This is what people did to me. And then, I was sold to those guys who pierced my body with glowing stuff. Let's fill the hell with their souls!"

"I still don't get it", says the blue ghost, sitting down. "Well, those who tortured you deserve to burn in hell, but I think they are already there. It seems like eighty years passed since we died. I guess nobody is still alive to this date".

"I don't know, my friends", says the green ghost. "I think we are programmed to behave like this. Don't you see? We act different with people, but with us, it is not the same. We can clearly see each other and we act with each other just as we did when we were still alive".

"Who programmed us and for what purpose" says the blue ghost.

"There is only one person in this world that could help you", says the green ghost. "Its name is Astana and she works at the World Library. She promised she will identify who I were before. Go and ask her".

"Are there any others like us?" says the blue ghost again.

"Yes", says Andromeda. "We have to come here, to feed with glowing staff. In fact, this is how I found you. I've seen a yellow one a few years ago".

Then, they send tentacles into the ground. It takes a few seconds and they move away. I watch them amazed, as they rise in the sky.

This is too much for me. I don't understand much of this. I need a cigarette. I get out of the sleeping bag and light a cigarette. With one hand, I hold my cigarette, while with the other hand I gently touch my pantyhosed feet. My booties are nearby. Should I take them? Maybe not now. I just exhale a thick cloud of smoke, thinking about what I've seen.

Suddenly, I see a green light. The green ghost is near me, sitting on the ground. I get so scared that I scream. When I seen Andromeda destroying everything, I was not scared, but now, I just want to run.

"Don't worry, Camenka", she says. "I will not harm you".

"How you know me?" I say, shaking from all my body.

"I've seen you many times. I know who you are and I see you have a good soul".

"Will Andromeda kill me?"

"No", says the green ghost.

"Who are you?" I ask again.

"I am The Legend", she says.

As she says this, I see her clearly. Wow! Her body looks so real, but still a bit translucent. She has a woman's body in all aspects, except that she has wings and horns. Her wings are of a butterfly. Her body is green and above her head there is a green fire. She moves one hand towards me and gently touches me. But... her hand enters my body. All I feel is cold. Is her body made of coldness?

"Relax, I am here to help", she says.

I also notice that she smokes. A green cigarette is in one hand and as she exhales, green smoke gets out of her green lips. But I also feel like she is doing something inside me. Her hand moves to my fake breasts. Will she know they are not real? And then, she moves down, to my genitals. Oh no! What is this about?

"Just let me help", she says again. "Almost done!"

Then, she moves her hand back to my neck. I fill that she is doing something inside.

"All done", she says, as she opens her wings and moves away from here.


The next days, I feel very sick and hungry. I feel the need to eat anything. There is a lot of pain in my breasts and my genitals. All this takes a few days, almost a week. But, when everything ends, I realize that I am no longer what I were. My body has changed completely into that of a woman. Now, I have a vagina, I have breasts and I have female voice. So amazing!

A lot of time has passed since this. I live alone. I am Princess Camenka and I rule over a state with no inhabitants. Nobody dares to come here. I need nobody. All I want is me, the Camenka I long dreamed about to be.

Sometimes I go to the quarry and sleep there, in my sleeping bag. The ghosts come here on rare occasions. Usually, I see only one. Andromeda comes more frequently then the other ones. When I see her, I do my best to hide. I just want to say 'thank you' to the green ghost, to The Legend. To thank her for finishing the last chapter of my life transformation. Even if I've seen her several times, she never came close enough to me. I just hope that one day I will understand who these ghosts are and what their reasons are.

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