Jack and Jill by Trudy - 20 – Blossom Time

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Jack and Jill by Trudy
20 – Blossom Time

By Jessica C

It was a Halloween Trick...
that's turning out as a Treat...
Melvin only did it for Trudy...
Now He/She's enjoying who she's become

While I like Carol’s Dress Shoppe, I’m not ready to be looking at prom dresses and making changes at a women’s store in my home town. We go out at the Bridal Emporium, I began to get goosebumps as I went in. Mom and Trudy smiled as they saw my excitement and nerves. Going through the door I couldn’t help but go over to a beautiful bridal gown displayed in front of us. I lightly touch the gown, it’s satin and lace and totally beautiful.

Mom lightly giggled, “Don’t get too far ahead of your self young lady, today should be very quite enough.”

True enough, slinking into these gowns would be such a wonderful girl experience that this boy couldn’t imagine. Trying on my third gown, I talked Trudy into trying a red gown. They are both sleek gowns that glide down our bodies and hug snuggly with our figures. My gown is a royal blue that looked especially pretty on me. I was taken aback as the slit came up my left leg half way up my thigh.

“Mom, I couldn’t wear anything like this?” Her only response was, “Why not, you have the legs for it?”

“I can’t believe a Mom said that to her son as a daughter.”

“I redefined my definition of modesty with your sister. I think a flattering gown like this would force you to refine your feminine side as well.”

Trudy came out of her dressing room and we both took turns spinning around and looking at the other. She looked astonishingly beautiful as always. It felt so nice to put an arm around her as we pose for a couple of pictures. I think the saleswoman was caught off guard when we passionately kissed. But as Trudy whispered, “That’s her problem.”

There is a breathtaking gown I find. It is an off pink with one shoulder strap. It is mostly satin with lace at the top, curving has it cascades down the left side and filling the bottom six inches of the gown. It does have a silver and deep red etching in the front that make it one of a kind. With a $395.00 price tag I am neither ready to buy it nor do I want to take a risk of losing it. It cost me fifty dollars to put a hold on it.

We are allowed a swatch for Trudy to use as she will shop for her gown next as well as look for other possibilities for me. Going into Carol’s Dress Shoppe the pressure was off of me to find a gown, but I enjoyed looking any way. Friends in the store enjoy teasing me. Sharon for one said, “I wished you were a girl when you came over to pay with my brothers.” We agreed that the friendship between us would now be first.


Carol’s Towne Shoppe as well as the bridal store were working hard to keep gowns on their hangers and available for the swarms of girls looking for a prom dress. The Towne Shoppe estimated over a hundred gowns had been tried on today already, and over thirty-five have been purchased and another fifteen had been reserved for purchase.

Trudy modeled a beautiful gown and while she liked it, she says it’s not a perfect fit for us. Trish her sales woman asks to see a picture of my gown and the swatch of material again. Trudy wanted to stop looking for the day, except Trish nicely asked if she could pick three gowns for Trudy to consider. One is a very beautiful black gown with a pattern of sequins beautifully accenting the gown. It was very beautiful but not for a prom.

The second gown is very pretty and could look very pretty on the right girl. Trudy was waiting to see the third gown but said it would likely be a waste of time. It is a silver and blue gown as every bit as glamorous as mine and to my way of thinking very vivacious. It appeared to be a very good compliment to my gown but none of us were quite sure.

While we’re stewing over our predicament Carol came to find out what our problem was. She too loved Trudy’s gown and was all but certain the two gowns would work well together. She had Trish bag the gown and use Carol’s vehicle to drive up with us to the bridal boutique. Carol arranged that they allow us to first compare both gowns, with us to try them both on.

Trudy had selected a bra to try with her gown with the expectation of buying it. My sales woman and Mom helped me once again to slink into my gown. Mom warned me, “Young lady, you will need to watch your weight and keep yourself in shape to look this beautiful come prom night.” I smoothed my hands down over the gown as I step out of the dressing room. Trish had come out from being with Trudy. Trudy allowed for a moment to raise our anticipation, before she stepped out.

“Wow”, was the unanimous decision of everyone including other shoppers.

Trudy and I both agreed to purchase our selected gowns and each needed to be measured and pinned for alterations to allow a glove like fit for each gown to be complete. Trudy rode back with Trish and Carol. Trudy called her Mom to meet her there. My Mom stayed with me and called Sara, “Hurry over if you want to see your beautiful sister in a most gorgeous gown.” The Bridal Emporium had me try a three and then a four inch heel before fitting the gown. I selected a three inch heel shoe that would be dyed to match my gown.

A call went home for Dad to be ready to take his women out to dinner along with the Brandt’s, if they were willing. I thought it might be a tug of war who would pay the bill.

It took some forty minutes to be properly fitted along with the purchase of satin panties and an eloquent bra. The price of my gown and accessories was already up over $550, which for a girl might not sound outrageous. I was torn between loving it as Melanie thinking it is reasonable, and the Melvin who thought anything over one hundred dollars was ungodly.

Mom and I quickly agreed I’m not to take anything more than $125 from Aunt Marti and Uncle Ron. Mom said she and dad will pay another three hundred dollars as well as my salon visit. “Mom, I need to begin working again so I can afford this.”

Mom smiles, “That would be alright but let us just take things one day at a time right now. You are doing well in school and you are learning to be a woman for the lifetime ahead of you. Today, just enjoy the moment you are having.”

We were finishing up and preparing to leave the Bridal Emporium when Sara came trotting into the store eager to see my gown. I wasn’t sure if her smile was contagious or it’s my nature as a girl taking over. I grab Sara’s hand and take her back past the dressing rooms to the fitting room where they were just covering my gown. “May I show my gown to my sister pretty please?”

The woman giggled at my saying “pretty please” and graciously helped to show it off. She asked Sara, “Hasn’t your sister selected a beautiful gown? She looked astonishingly beautiful in the heels she’ll’’ be wearing.” Sara looked at the gown and then to me. “It is very beautiful little Sis and tell me how high will the heels be.”

I shied back and then told her, “They’re three inches; I know they should be four inches but I really don’t think I could handle more than an hour at that.”

The seamstress said, “Her girlfriend was more than pleased with how beautiful she’ll be in the heels she chose.” I had not realize, the woman realized, Trudy and I are a couple. “Thank you,” I told her. “Did you think my girlfriend and her gown are beautiful as well?”

“Yes, young lady you both have beautiful gowns and they looked extraordinarily well together. And may I say Melanie you seem to be as wonderful as all the things I’ve heard people say about you.”

“You know who I am?” She shook her head yes and stepped forward to give me a hug. “Young people like you are not very common, so it gives me joy to see you carry yourself so well and be accepted.”


Sara grabbed my hand and reminded me, “Mom and Dad are waiting.” The ride to back down to Carol’s found Trudy still having her gown pinned for alterations. She had two other girls ahead of her when she got back. Mrs. Brandt was there asking Mom if she had a picture of me in my gown. She and Mom looked at pictures on her smart phone. I heard Mrs. Brandt say, “O they look beautiful together.”


Dad took us out to Snuffy’s where I order the petite sirloin. Tonight they had a roving violinist who came around as asked if we had any requests. Trudy spoke up, “Do you know Melanie’s theme?” The violinist shook his head until Trudy said, “Some know it as ‘Laura’s Theme’ but my friend Melanie just selected her first prom gown tonight at it is so beautiful.”

The violinist quickly recovered, “O yes Melanie’s theme. But do you not agree, Miss Melanie is so much more beautiful than the actress who portrayed her?” He began playing the music and signaled the hostess who brings two roses over.

It was after 10:00 p.m. when I’m dropped off at Aunt Marti’s. Mom came into say hello and goodnight to Aunt Marti and the girls, but it was midnight before she and Dad left. I fell asleep on the sofa snuggling Suzi in my arms.


It was close to 8:00 a.m. when Sharon phoned me, “I was wondering if I could go with you to church, I heard you’re meeting Travis there. Rumor also has it you purchased a prom gown yesterday.”

I didn’t feel like dragging myself out of bed so I began to make an excuse. “Don’t go there girl. A little cold water and some make-up will have you looking fine. If I’m willing to go for moral support you can make the effort.”

I made my way to the bathroom. When I look in the mirror I was glad to see I removed my make-up last night, though I didn’t remember doing so. Remembering what Sharon said I began the shower cool. Shampooing and conditioning my hair helped me come back to life. I so love having girl’s hair and prettying myself up. It was ten minutes before 9:30 and the beginning of worship when Sharon beeped her horn to give me a ride.

I was not sure why I am seeing Travis if I’m committed to Trudy. It did please me that a boy and longtime friend has found me attractive. Travis usually sat in the balcony of the sanctuary as I do and most of the high school teenagers. I was tempted to sit in my regular area but Sharon gave me a push in Travis’ direction.

During the singing I was more animated than Melvin would be. Sharon and I were especially into the contemporary praise songs. It was during the offering I overheard a caustic comment directed at me being dressed as a girl. I stepped to walk out and Sharon moved to block me. “You are not walking out and leaving the church to that small minded person.” It wasn’t even a question; Sharon smiled and strongly encouraged me to sit.

When the service was over Travis asked to visit with me. “I understand you are very close to Trudy, but I’d still like to be your friend again. Times like this morning especially causes me to want to be a friend for you.”

Sharon spoke up, “You know we often like to go out just as friends and to have a few guys around is nice. Just don’t go changing your mind and try getting possessive with any of us.” Travis mentioned the bowling party the youth fellowship was having. Sharon called another girl and the four of us agreed to go. Back at Aunt Marti’s Sharon visits with me, “You know, with Trudy’s blessing or not you need to learn to be friends, especially with guys.”

I started to fall asleep when Sharon led me to my bedroom and helped me to get ready for a nap. I was about ready to slip back under a sheet Aunt Marti came into the room. “I don’t mean to be strict or mean you two, but Sharon’s helping you to change is a little out of line.”

“I’m sorry Aunt Marti,” Sharon said, “But as far as I helped her she was still all girl.” Marti gave Sharon a hug and me a kiss on my forehead.

“I trust you, but it could be easy for her to see your actions and… Never mind and thank you, Melanie’s lucky to have friends like you and Sandy.” I guess before they left my bedroom I was already fast asleep.


The coming week at school, things began to change. While my report and presentation about Shadowing Aunt Marti during her pregnancy and my pretending to be pregnant were judge to be very good. They received with mixed reactions from students, as well as some teachers who only heard about it. Some girls stated, it made them uncomfortable that a boy would enjoy such experiences. One girl told someone, “It seems weird that Melvin could talk to me about things intimate to a girl.”

Mike Reece said, “Melanie I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl you have to be a Sissy in the first degree to begin to think like that.”

I told him, “I had thought that way at the beginning of the school year. But now I’m glad I’m not where you are.”

Nurse Hansen interrupted, “Melanie, this started out as a discipline for Melvin. What did you learn from your discipline?”

“I didn’t think the school would allow me to go through something like the reporter challenged. I learned differently. The experience of acting and dressing like a girl embarrassed me. I think others thought it would gross me out and cause me to quit. I don’t know when I began to feel more and more like a girl and that Melanie was really me. I guess it helped to have people who helped me.”

“I thought it helped for the longest time that others and I thought it was just pretend. I think some like Sandy and my friend Trudy and my sister realized I was changing. I don’t know if I have more or less friends than when I started. I do appreciate more my friends now.”

Sharon broke the ice when she asked me a question at the end of my conversation. “Did you think before that you had pretty legs worthy of a mini-skirt? Seriously, what does it mean to have the respect of other girls?”

I didn’t remember all the questions or my answers, but I realized I learned more than I thought. Like what another girl thinks of the way another girl is dressed? That should mean more than what boys say or usually forget to say.

I shared with more people. I’ve met some friends through BC who are like me, except they have had many more experiences. Like Sandy and Sharon there are a few friends there, whose acceptance and wisdom became real important! When someone tempts me to think I’m sick, they usually help me to accept where I am. Being me has changed and I am very young as Melanie.

It was the end of the school day and I’m leaning against my locker. I heard Sandy’s voice, “Earth to Melanie, wake up school is over. Are you and Trudy going out with us tonight?” Sharon was there with Sandy and we’re to meet some other girls at Friendly’s for a little ice cream and a lot of talking. I smiled and walked with them to the car. I knew I don’t need to answer. This gave us a chance to talk about what we wore tonight and which movie we wanted to see.

Getting together with others gets me out of my own head. There are two girls Karen and Joann I don’t visit with much outside of this group. I liked being around them because I like their taste in clothes. They don’t know it, but I get ideas from them. I am glad there are no markdowns for plagiarizing ideas off of other girls.

Sandy and Joann turned and asked me, “Are you open to going out for track?” I ran track in 9th and in 10th grade until I had an accident in track practice. I never thought much about girls’ track then or now.

“No, I never thought about it. I’m going back to work.” I looked at Sandy and I could tell she hoped I would consider it. So I responded, “You don’t want me, I wouldn’t be any good.”

Joann spoke, “Sandy won’t tell you but she was hoping you’d give it a try. A number of us girls are going to start running on Monday to get is shape. It would be nice if you gave it a try.”

“What good would it do me, even if I could make the team?”

Sharon giggled, “It might help you to fit in your prom dress.”

Someone else said, “Look, you got Melanie thinking with that. She truly is getting a bit girly.” There are a lot of giggles at that. It is 4:30 before Sandy gave me a ride home.


I quickly changed and helped Marti with her girls. They were going over to Grandma’s house. I helped give Suzi and Sherry baths and changed into clean outfits. Aunt Marti got a chance to take a relaxing shower after nursing Megan. I changed Megan and put her in a new sleeper. It was a busy hour and a half until they left for Grandma’s at 6:00 p.m.

Marti told me to have a good time tonight and make sure I took everything I needed to stay over Trudy’s. “I left you a check list of things to make sure you have everything with you. It’s on the kitchen table.”

I showered, first the water and then washing sent an exciting tingle from my budding breasts. It was so freaking nice to shampoo and condition my hair and I felt like a young princess coming alive. I sang in the shower. Only washing between my legs upset me but good hygiene and feeling fresh required it.

I wore a pastel yellow panty bra set that felt as pretty as they look. I wore my sheer blouse. ‘I knew it wasn’t spring but Trudy’s car was well heated I should be okay.’ My red skirt stopped above the knees. I chickened a little and wore a white button down sweater but it was open to my sheer blouse. It kind of looked cute and safe at the same time. I had a delicate two strand gold chain necklace and a gold and red accented bracelet. Finishing my makeup sent shivers through me. “I’ve done it!” Neither Aunt Marti nor my Sis helped me or had to do the inspection.

It is 8:00 p.m. when the doorbell rang. I opened the door; Trudy took a quick look and smiled. “You look very pretty but what’s with the prideful smile?”

“I dressed and got ready myself. I’ve done that for school but this is the first time for a date. I think I did pretty well if I say so myself.” Trudy twirls her hand wanting me to do the same. I did and she was happy as she stepped forward, “you did very well” and she gave me a warm kiss. “Would it be okay if I unbuttoned your sweater a little so your pretty blouse shows more?”

When she recognized the multi color sheer blouse she said, “Once we’re in the theater, it will be nice enjoying you and your blouse.”

Trudy continued, “To change the subject I need to share that Denise called and asked if she and her date, your friend Travis could come.”

I asked, “What will you think if he came?”

Trudy looked gently at me, “Truthfully, I’ll be looking to see if he can just be - friend. It would be nice to have some guys who are just friends. I hope he can, but part of me is a little afraid I might lose you to him.”

“I’m sure I can be just a friend; I guess tonight is as good as any to find out. I know firsthand a guy can do it any one time. It would be nice to have a friend like him who knew me from before.”

I got my purse and my beige winter coat and I’m ready to leave until Trudy saw Aunt Marti’s note. I didn’t have tissue or a girl’s handkerchief; the lipstick I was wearing tonight wasn’t yet in my purse. And I was also about to forget my overnight bag.

Trudy and I rode to pick up Sharon and her date John as his license was suspended. I was not sure if it was the police or his parents who lifted his license.

It was just before nine when we got there for the 9:15 showing. It was a romantic movie attractive for us women are very attractive and some action acceptable with the guys as well. I was amused as Denise and Travis make a nice couple. Yes, it felt a bit awkward with Travis being there, but Sharon, Sandy and Ken know him as well. It felt awkward with Denise as well since I hadn’t known she liked Melvin. Neither were secrets we’re needing to hide any longer.

Trudy and I made it through the previews and into the movie before we began to get very affectionate. I think, Trudy was initially shy about us putting an arm around me. She preferred reaching her hand over and slipping it under my sweater. “I’m in love with you Melanie,” she whispered. Our lips are warm as we kissed. Trudy’s tongue gently slips in as her hand touches a breast. I hoped the emotion I felt is singing only in my heart and not out from my mouth.

Trudy finally withdrew her hands when I had difficulty not making sounds. We only had a short time as the eight of us after the movie. Fifteen minutes of that was spent in the girl’s room fixing makeup. It was after midnight when we got to Trudy’s house and 1:00 o’clock when we made it to bed.


Usually we would talk more but we were too interested in being together. I was taken with the patience of Trudy. While we very much enjoyed each other much of our time, one hand was on a cheek, fingers gliding over my back and occasionally the inside of my legs. It took a while before I realized we were already making love. The simple things we were doing created more emotions and sensual feelings than any time I tried to make out with a girl.

I woke in the morning to Trudy brushing my hair aside with a hand and gently planting a kiss firmly, yet gently upon my lips. I gently felt for Trudy, found her hair and the moist lips of her labia. I drew some deep sighs from her before I said, “Thanks, you are so amazing and I love you.” Our legs tied together and we rolled to the other side of her bed.

“We both need a shower,” she said. “It would not help if we did it together. Even if my parents would allow it, but we won’t go there…”

To be continued…

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