Jack and Jill by Trudy - 21 – The Unexpected

Jack and Jill by Trudy
21 – The Unexpected

By Jessica C

It was a Halloween Trick...
that's turning out as a Treat...
Melvin only did it for Trudy...
Now He/She's enjoying who she's become

I enjoyed the next few weeks: my relationship with Ms. Braun changed and she became an advocate. I had retaken the SAT entrance exams. The changed results brought other questions and inquiries as my test scores improve immensely. Math already good before rose another 75 points and comprehension and composition which had been only fair had jumped some 300 points. Somehow my understanding of questions and problems had become much clearer and less problematic. I even finished the exam this time, which I had not previously.

Melanie’s retaking of the college entrance tests was strictly monitored in April and confirmed my abilities as the tests results mirrored similar results of late February.

Melanie also received new invitations to visit a number of universities. I made a few of my own with Trudy or Mom’s encouragement. Trudy asked me to visit the state university some twenty-five miles from us. Not sure of my career goals, I communicated my general interest in environmental sciences, business administration and computer sciences as well as research. It was disheartening to encounter those who discounted my being a woman or having a woman’s persona. They were being sure, they were politically correct and guarded in how they said things when others were around.

Trudy encouraged me to apply to Barnard College which would be hard enough to gain admission to. But Columbia University which is a closely associated with Barnard has only a 7.5% acceptance rate while Barnard in comparison had a gigantic 18%. I loved the idea one professor had of linking my interest in the environment to that of anthropology. After our visit, I was guaranteed acceptance. It was with the provision for summer prerequisites and that I vigorously pursued my change and that my recent academic capabilities continued through graduation and the summer.

Trudy, Mom and Sandy had accompanied me to my visits at Barnard College in New York City and the state university, while Mom and Dad took Sharon and me to Maryland University and Pittsburg University. I liked the experience of rooming with another girl. It was 1o:30 p.m. when Sharon and I quietly left our room and the hotel in Pittsburgh. Two college girls were to meet us in front to show us college night life.

It was the first time either of us had two drinks. I thought Sharon was the straightest of my new found girl friends. I was wrong, Sharon had been waiting to go away to college and spread her wings. She danced with a guy which excited her enough. It was a table dance she did for a girl name Beth that totally shattered that image. I think she kind of choreographed her fall into Beth’s lap; something Sharon would not confirm or deny.

Beth’s passionate kiss moved Sharon in ways she did not expect. Beth was very nice, after a half hour of Sharon and me being with her and Georgia, she confessed Georgia and she were already an item. She said, “I doubt if you had kissed another girl. We just wanted you understand the world is bigger than you probably know.”

Sharon shared, “Melanie knows she has a girlfriend.”

Beth retorted, “So did you for a half hour, and I had your juices running, didn’t I?” She put her finger under Sharon’s chin to give her one more kiss. She paused until Sharon opened her eyes again. Sharon met Beth half way and the kiss was passionate on both their parts. Sharon asked me not to share what happened tonight. We did talk about it that night and the following night before we visited the University of Maryland.


I went up to the Bridal Emporium the following Wednesday having received a call that my prom gown was done and needed to be tried on. There was a beautiful bridal gown waiting for a bride and four luscious red satin gowns for the bridesmaids and another beautiful gown for the Maid of Honor. I had just begun to change into my gown when the bride came in. My gown going over me caused me to make some joyful sounds. The bride looked at me and said, “A very beautiful gown on a very beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you,” I said and curtsied just a little.

The seamstress asked, “Melanie, now how does it feel? You can step over to the three mirrors and get a better look as well.”

“I’m sorry,” the bride intruded, “are you Melanie Greene? …You have an older brother don’t you? …I knew you as Richard’s little brother.”

I hated girls that measured me as a boy by my brother Richard, I never measured up. “Yes, but he isn’t talking to me as I’m going through this phase than demeans his macho persona.” I continued, “If you’re one of his ex-girlfriends I’m glad to see you got over him and have fallen in love.” I asked sincerely, “When and where is your wonderful wedding to be?”

“I’m Patricia Cummings; I lived in Scotch Plains when I knew your brother. I’ve been away to college and I’ll graduate with my master’s in May from Princeton.” Patricia confessed, “Everything had been going super but my former college roommate and good friend forgot to tell me she is six months along in her pregnancy. I wouldn’t mind paying for her gown and having it altered but her OB doctor has put her on limited activities. She can’t even come here from Denver. It is late to plan around the change.”

I said, “You don’t have one friend that would love to wear one of those luscious gowns? I would have die just to try one on.”

Patricia quickly had a huge glowing smile. “Are you doing anything Saturday,” she asked? She turned to the seamstress and asked, “Is she as close as she looks to Caroline’s gown size, do you know?”

“Well she would fit the gown very well.” The seamstress looked to me, “There is a price to be paid in wearing one of those beautiful gowns. It is called a corset, but if you’d be willing it could be a great treat.” She turned to Patricia, “If you want her to be bubbling over in the bodice some help will be needed.” She, Patricia and eventually I giggled.

“If you’re going to the prom does that mean I need to worry about a boy as well as your Mom saying it would be okay?” Pat stood there quietly; I hadn’t realized she was serious. “I have a girlfriend that I’m going to prom with. But even if I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t be dependent upon his approval. I can’t speak for Mom’s yes but she should be back momentarily.”

“I am here Patricia; it is nice to see you again. Congratulations on your wedding.” Mom said, “I see you’ve met my youngest. What were you two talking about that would need my approval?”

“One of my bridesmaids, Caroline, she was Caroline Adams from Westfield. She just let me know she is six months pregnant and her doctor has restricted her to Denver, Colorado where she lives. Your daughter’s mouth was watering about wearing one of these gowns, so I asked her help by being a Bridesmaid this Saturday. I was glad it would be you and not her brother I needed to get permission from.”

Mom said, “Wearing the gown and being there would be no problem, but being able to afford it or to fill it out like you and your girlfriends that would be problematic.”

“She already carries herself as a beautiful young woman and loves beautiful gowns. Who was the one with the exquisite taste in selecting that gown,” Patricia inquired? She looked to me to confirm my mother saying I did.

“The bridesmaids and others helping are to be together Friday and then have salon appointments Saturday morning. Would she be able to do either or both of them? The salon appointment would be most essential.”

“You will need to ask Melanie; I would be willing to approve her missing school Friday if she would so desire.”

I said, “The only thing I can’t miss Friday is an exam my first period. I would be done by 9:30 Friday.”


Martha spoke up and insisted that Patricia allow her due time to refit pinning my gown. She suggested that Mrs. Cummings and my Mom if they wanted could help Patricia putting on her wedding gown for maximizing time before others came.

I was excited because Patricia would change out of her clothes using a changing room and possibly the corset, but she would need to use the fitting area to try on her gown. I was excited to see how beautiful she was.

I had not anticipated or knew of a large changing area behind the fitting area I was using. The good news was because I just volunteered to be in her bridal party I would still get to see Patti putting on her beautiful bridal gown.

Ironically even two months ago this would have been a very different treat to a young teen boy with a warped mind and healthy testosterone levels, depending on how one looked at it. Tonight, it’s Melanie just wanting to be immersed in a girl’s world.

Martha did a good job of bringing my focus back to my gown. It really is beautiful and it sent goosebumps over me. The gown looked to be so delicate and precious; it’s very detailed and with shades of color, satin and lace setting off this and that aspect of the gown. When a leg or hip moved, the movement was like the changing flow of water cascading over me.

Patricia had stopped with her changing as I stepped off my circular platform. The seamstress wanted to make sure the dress moved properly and did not catch or cause me any problems. “I am so glad I asked you Melanie; you are such a beautiful young woman. It will be a treat to have you in my wedding party.”

I turned to Mom, “I think Patti was one of Richard’s prettiest girlfriends inside and out Mom. It is nice to see her again.”

Patti said, “You don’t really remember me, but I appreciate that.”

I had remembered and told her, “You’re the one, when I came in terribly cold. Despite you being in a pretty gown you helped warm my hands. I cried as they hurt and you hugged me.” Patti knew I remembered her, touching her lips she brought her fingers to my lips.

Mom spoke changing things, “I’m just not sure what your brother will think about you doing this with her. He already has trouble adjusting to you being a girl.”

“It’s none of his business about Patricia’s wedding; he shouldn’t even be told of it until after her wedding and the whole weekend is done! There is no way I would accept detracting from her wedding. The fact that his nose is bent out of shape about me, says his nose is up his own ass!”

“Young lady that is enough of that,” Mom sternly replied! “Any more and you’re grounded!”

“Then you should quit babying his macho ego. He doesn’t have to agree with what I’m doing, but he should atleast respect me. How does he know some person who covered his butt or helped him along the way, weren’t contrary to his standards? Not once has he come to my room or wherever I went. He doesn’t care to know about my feelings after he hurt them!”

“Let’s change the subject. Can you stay around as my gown is adjusted and checked for the fit? If you need to go, I can call someone to get a ride or ask someone in Patti’s group?”


“I’ll call home and ask them to take care of things without us,” Mom announced. “I also need to call Marti and tell her you will be late there. How are your aunt and the girls doing?”

“Mom, I miss our family, but it is so neat being there with Aunt Marti. It submerses me in so many aspects of being a female. I get to play with dolls that I missed growing up. I am kind of reliving a second childhood through Suzi and Sherry; I get to be a babysitter and Aunt Marti’s helping me to grow with some sense of responsibility. I know if it were between you and me, I would have fought you a lot more. I know that would not have been fair. And I’ve been a problem for her at times.”


Mom and I go around the curtain after I have changed into a robe. They are pulling the strings on Patricia’s corset. ‘I wondered why she would put herself through this for her wedding.’ Like Mrs. Cummings was reading our minds, she said, “Patricia decided to indulge herself and her bridal party agreed to do the same. I hope Melanie doesn’t regret saying yes. It is a godsend that she has agreed to help. That my daughter knows Melanie and you is like whipping cream and the cherry on the sundae. Patricia has looked forward to this since I agreed two years ago.”

Martha taps me and asked, “Would it be okay if I helped size you, for your under garments and we begin to have you try everything?” Just holding the panty I could feel it was special. She had me use a panty shield to protect it as I tried it on. The corset was next. I did not know about the boning structure. It held, squeezed me together yet allowed a degree of movement. It trimmed at least four inches off of Patti’s figure and I suspect six off of mine.

I do not know where the breast forms came from or if they’re the ones I would wear on the wedding day. Only a small amount of adhesive was used but the bubbling of my breasts over the corset and gown was not lost on me. The other three bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor were now here. They weren’t sure who I was but were pleasantly receptive of me. Jaclyn, the Maid of Honor asked Brittany to watch over me and help me through the weekend.

When the red satin gown slid over me and my arms through the puffy satin sleeves, I felt like I was dressing for a southern ball or the cover of a romance novel. Brittany stepped forward, “You will need to be careful in that gown as you look no younger than 22 and some guy at the reception will be sorely tempted to whisk you away.”

Martha had me wearing four inch heels, saying “Anything less would require altering the gown. I am hoping it will be easier for you to make the adjustment.” She showed me how to lift the gown with one or two hands. There’s a bow designed into the gown to be used as a handle for when I dance. It is an hour and a half later than expected when Mom and I leave the Bridal Emporium.


“Young lady, you are like a magnet for unique experiences. I hope it is not too much to expect from you. I am glad, you were willing to help Patricia. As you said, she is beautiful and a very special young woman inside and out.”

Mom and I got a bite to eat, we were both hungry and wanted the opportunity to talk with each other. Mom came in when she dropped me off at Aunt Marti. Aunt Marti and the girls saw a picture of the bridesmaids dress and thought I was beautiful in the red gown. Suzi tried to look for my larger boobs under my blouse. I quickly knew what she was looking for.

I put my prom gown away after quickly modeling it for everyone. Aunt Marti allowed me to put it in her walk-in closet.

I helped get the girls off to bed which included reading a short story and their prayers. Sherry made an interesting comment as I gave her a goodnight kiss, “U’nt Melwannie, you very pwetty girl, di’it hurt? Your cheeks r soft and look more cheewful. Mommie says yur breasts g’ow like hers.” Mommie said yu din’t pwan to be w’eal girl. I ask Mommie if it hurt. She not say.”

“Your Mommy probably thought I was the one you should ask, and I am very glad you did. You are a very perceptive little girl.” I looked at her and made sure I was smiling. Your Mommy is correct; I intended just to act like a girl. The thing that changed was, I like being a girl. I was not sure when but I stopped pretending and just knew Melanie is weally, really me.”

“I don’t remember my Uncle Melw much, but I love that you are my Aunt Melwannie.” Sherry gave me a kiss and asked me to lie with her until she fell asleep. I was gently wakened later by Marti and told I needed to take care of myself and then get to my own bed.

She did me a favor in not letting me sleep with my make-up on. But I am also pretty sure Aunt Marti wanted me to come to visit in her room.

When she’s missing Ron; it seems sometimes, when she needs to nurse Megan and get Megan to bed the last time it becomes very emotional for her. She said, “You probably do not understand but all the emotions and mood swings. It reminds me of me when I was about your age. Your Mom had it more difficult when your brother and sister were born. She had stopped sharing with me because I didn’t understand and I think it was worse on her than it was on me. You’re like a gift from heaven; I’m sure you might not think that.”

I only understood part of what she said, but I think the larger point was she shared with me and felt better for it. But it reminds me how little I shared before. Even worse, I had been a crummy listener. These times have become special to me, but I’m not sure why.


Thursday night I studied hard for my exam in the morning, but it was being with Patrica the following day that occupied my mind thinking and caused me to be unwilling to sleep. I told Sandy and Trudy about the gown and wearing a corset. It made the passing of the time fun.

I thought the exam was easy; I was very excited when it was over. Patricia had a limousine pick me up from school then; so much for the excuse that I had a doctor’s appointment.

Patricia had scheduled a spa treatment for the bride’s party. The saving grace was as an eighteen year old I didn’t need parents’ permission to take part. While eighteen is not the drinking age in our state, I was given a half glass of champagne before the massage. Eileen whispered before she began, “If it is okay, I am going to treat you as the young woman you appear to be.”

My Mom had given me a number of ten dollar bills, telling me tipping and expressing my appreciation would be my responsibility above whatever Patricia did. Eileen told me a tip was not needed as Patricia’s folks had paid for my massage. It was with Patti’s blessing that I gave Eileen the additional tip. She deserved it. Before my body relaxed it first became overly excited and Eileen took care of me.

The members of the Patricia’s bridal party were all twenty something and very beautiful women who would fill out their gowns without need of help. They were not all beauties by some male standards. It became no problem for me to see their beauty and importance to Patricia. Two of the women knew Richard, with one knowing Sara. She knew that Richard only had an additional younger brother. It became commonly known who I am. Some knew of me through the news in the fall.

We all were dressed in sun-dresses to attend rehearsal; Patricia told me my sundress was mine to keep. When I teared she said, “That is all the appreciation I need…”

To be continued …

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