What Happens in Sydney, Stays in Sydney – Part 2

After a wild night spent in that brothel, James couldn’t find the words to describe his satisfaction. Lisa felt the same, especially because she could never imagine herself with another girl. She actually loved it, and she thought that she hasn’t felt so alive in years. This was probably one of the best ways to spice up their love life, and the truth is that both of them enjoyed it to the max.

James and Lisa made love one more time that morning, right after waking up. They enjoyed each other’s company so much, and it seemed like they started falling in love once again. That was exactly what they needed after years of hard work and almost no time for their private life. Sydney indeed was a cherry on top after the hideous New York weather, so they decided to take advantage of it and make new memories as soon as possible. After all, it was their own beach house, and they weren’t sure why it took them so long to visit it once again.

Lisa went down and made her beloved husband his favorite breakfast – three perfectly fried sunny-side-up eggs with some bacon on the side, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. She didn’t feel hungry, so she had just a cup of strong black coffee. James was thrilled to see her in the kitchen, making a breakfast he loves, and he felt really grateful because he had the best wife in the world. After the breakfast, they decided to explore Sydney for the first time after so many years. They quickly dressed and headed straight to Chinese Garden of Friendship located in Darling Harbour, their favorite part of Sydney. They have visited this place a decade ago, but they thought that it looked as stunning as back then. Even though James wasn’t particularly fond of fish and anything that has to do with them, he was impressed by a wonderful Koi pond. Alleys of lush willows were so breathtaking that Lisa needed to take a sit down and appreciate them in silence. Both of them thought that such a place can help anyone achieve a completely peaceful state of mind, which is exactly what they were looking for.

Their next stop was Queen Victoria Building, a breathtaking Romanesque building that is one of the most exclusive shopping centers in the world. Both Lisa and James were huge fans of shopping, simply because they loved to spend their money on quality things they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Any passionate book collector would love this place, since it has so many amazing bookstores that offer so much. Lisa was left speechless when she found the first edition of Tess of the d’Urbervilles, published in 1891. This was the book she was chasing for almost five years now, and she found it when she completely forgot about it. That can probably be called destiny. On the other hand, James didn’t find anything he liked or needed, but Lisa convinced him to buy a pair of Calvin Klein trunks. She loved him in underwear of that kind, so he couldn’t resist and bought them instantly.

Lisa felt hungry after shopping, so they decided to visit Mr. Wong again – they had to try out their steamed BBQ pork buns. There was something irresistible in this restaurant that made them come back every time. But James didn’t mind at all, as long as Lisa was happy. As these buns weren’t enough, she had to order a dessert as well. Mr. Wong’s deep fried vanilla ice cream with butter scotch sauce really woke up all her senses, so she was in the mood. James was happy to see that, because he had some exciting plans in his mind. He wanted to experience Sydney in a more intimate way, like the last night, so he tried to figure out what they should explore next.

Erotic massage came across his mind instantly, so he told Lisa what he was up to. She agreed. Sydney made her feel like her old self once again, and she was always glad to experiment and try new things without too much thinking. She gave James the green light, so he checked out AdultAdvisor site that offered them a couple of available parlors. He picked one that provides service to couples, because he wanted his wife to be a part of this mind-blowing experience, too. When they entered the parlor, a gorgeous brunette immediately showed them into the room and told them to take off their clothes. Both of them got a full body massage with a sensual, sexy ending, which was exactly what they were looking for. This lady accommodated all their deepest desires, and Lisa and James were sure that they will come back again. And so they did.

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