There's A Mouse In The House

Mouse sits in front of her make-up mirror and put her make-up on. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t been sent to jail with the rest of her companions, but given a job working for MI5/MI6 in their cyber division. She was also adopted by a person that didn’t mind that she was transgender and loved her for her. She never had a parent that cared about her. All her former foster parents only cared about the money they got for caring for her. Her current adopted mother and family cared very much for her and would give their lives for her.

She spent time with her American cousins a couple of summers ago when they came over and stayed with their grandmother and her Uncle Seamus. She especially liked meeting her American Aunt and the babies. She sighs, as she thinks about motherhood. She’ll never be able to experience giving birth to her own children.

“Are you almost ready Mouse?” Countess Charlotte Basset walks into her adopted daughter’s bedroom to see if she was ready yet or not.

“Almost mom.” Mouse turns around to look at her adopted mother.

She was so lucky to be adopted by her. Not only did she adopt her, but saved her life by giving her, her blood. The two of them had the same rare blood type and when she had been shot three times by her former gang member. She needed blood, or she would had died on the operating table.

Her adopted mother had been the MI5 agent sent to infiltrate and arrest her gang. She was lucky that her adopted mother had a soft spot for her and that their blood types were the same. She was also glad that she was offered a job with MI5/MI6 in their Cyber division, instead of being sent to jail for the crimes she was forced to commit. She had no choice, but to do what the leader of the gang said, or he would had killed her.

She puts the final touches on. She gets up and head towards her mother. She grabs her purse and joins her. She had her ID card hanging around her neck, under the neckline of the dress she had chosen to wear to work today.

“How do I look mom?” Mouse stops and does a little twirl for her.

“Like a proper English young lady. Except for your hair coloring.” Charlotte wanted to change Mouse’s name, but Mouse didn’t want to change it. She liked her name being Mouse.

Charlotte couldn’t believe that Mouse’s birth mother had named her just Mouse. She had done a background check on Mouse’s mother and on her father. The mother had been arrested several times for prostitution and her father was a dock worker that had been arrested a few times for drunkenness and smuggling. Neither one of them were worth a dam and Mouse had been taken from them and placed in foster care. She had been placed in three different foster homes, before she just ran away and lived with the gang.

She had joined a gang at the tender age of ten years old. Then she learned hacking from some of the best hackers in England. She had broken into Stocland Yards computer systems and the camera network and turned the cameras off as her gang committed their crimes. MI5 had gotten wind of someone accessing the camera system and turning them off in the areas the crimes were being committed. So, MI5 sent an undercover agent to investigate.

Mouse sits in the passenger seat as they headed towards the office. She didn’t work in her mother’s department, but she did ride with her mother every day to work and home. She liked working for MI5/MI6. She worked for both departments. Her mother was MI5, but her Uncle was MI6 along with another Uncle who worked in MI6. She had an Uncle that was a police officer in London and another that was a detective at New Scotland Yards. Even though her mother was a Countess, she still worked for MI5.

“See you later mom.” Mouse gives her mother a hug before heading down to her department.

As she walks in, she’s greeted by her supervisor “you ready to earn your pay today?”

“Does a bear fart in the woods?” Mouse just smiles at him as she takes her station.

She checks the logs to see who tried to attack their systems while she was asleep. She knew some of the people that taught her always tried to break into the system and steal information from MI5/MI6. She knew who they were and what their style was. She wasn’t betraying them, but she gave her word that she would do what was right. None of the people she knew had tried anything. However, she does discover that a few hackers from China and North Korea had tried to attack their systems last night with several DOS attacks. They tried a few other attacks and her honey pots had kept them busy, while her systems back tracked their ISP provider. These hackers were good, but she knew the same tricks as they did. She didn’t try to block or counter, no she kept them busy with false attacks, while her tracking program attached to their signal and back traced to where they were attacking from.

She called the program beagle. It could locate any one’s ISP using the information from the different ISP registers. Once it had their ISP, it would always look for it afterwards. Mouse goes to work and sets her trap for the next time they decide to access the system.

“Mouse, can you see what you can bring up on this person.” Charlie hands Mouse a folder.

She opens it and starts do some digging on the web and on the dark net for information. She notices that she isn’t the first person to go looking for this person. There were signatures of another agency looking for this person, but she didn’t know who it was. She also stumbles onto the CIA trying to access their system without proper clearance. She slams the door and sends her signature message of a mouse giving whoever it was the middle finger.

Mouse finishes her assignment and then checks her email. She notices she got an email from her Uncle. She reads it. The true message was hidden, but the public message was asking how she was doing. She applies her decoder and then the second decoder. The true message her Uncle sent her pops up asking her to run a background on a name and get back to him.

Mouse recognizes the name right away. It was the doctor that had been killed in a car bomb. She remembered that the case was still opened. They never did find out who did it. She locates the file and had to use her Uncle’s access code to get the information. Which was unusual, because her access should had been high enough to get the information. She looks for who flagged it and once she had that information. She accesses their file and lets out a low whistle as she reads it.

She uses her Uncle’s encryption program and run it through twice and send him the info. She’ll have to inform her mother, but other then that. Any one asking why she access the file or how she got the file, she can tell them to bugger off.

Mouse starts playing a game at her station. One of the trainers asked her to generate a computer game that could test a person to see if they would make a good agent and to see how they process a solution to a problem.

“Are you having fun, Mouse?” Charlie had come over to see what his computer expert was doing.

When the higher ups told him, he was getting a new cyber-specialist, he thought he was getting a Cambridge graduate or some military person. He wasn’t prepared for a five-foot-tall, seventeen-year-old girl with an emo haircut. Her hair was neon purple on the bottom and neon blue on the rest of her head. He didn’t know much about her, except she was the daughter of a Countess that worked in the Investigation branch and the niece of several famous MI6 agents.

“Not really, Sir. The recruiter who wanted this game made, wants it to do several things and I’m having a hard time making it meet their requirements.” Mouse wasn’t, but she didn’t want her supervisor to know that.

He knew her clearance was extremely high. Her clearances were higher than his. Her own work station had multiple computers and monitors. She did work for both MI5 and MI6. She gets a request for some information. Mouse checks the request and approves it.

Charlie had seen who the request had come from. He couldn’t believe she had to give that person permission to access the information they wanted. He wonders who recruited her to work in the cyber-division.

“Mouse, if you don’t mind me asking. How did you get this position?” Charlie had to know.

“I broke into the system and was offered the job or be sent to jail.” She turned on her gang and took three bullets for doing it. She gave her mother the information she needed to nail the gang.

“You broke into the system and they gave you a choice?” Charlie couldn’t believe it.

“Yep, I was given that choice or be locked away forever. I’m under constant watch and have to wear a tracking bracelet.” That last part was partially true. She did have a tracker inside of her that they could use to locate her anywhere she went. It was part of the agreement for her position.

Mouse saw a glitch in her video game and brought the coding up on another screen and fixed it. She’s been thinking about expanding her talents into game designing. She had some skills in designing games.

“Well, I hope you figure out how to fix your problems in your game.” Charlie knew why she was building a game for the recruiting department.

“Thanks.” Mouse watches as Charlie walks away and retries her game again. So far it was doing what the recruiting department wanted.
She’ll have to send what she had to the other members working on it.

By the time she was ready for lunch. She heads up to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. Her mother was busy with paper work. She finds a nice place where she could sit with her back to the wall, so she could watch everyone walk into the cafeteria. She got into a habit of doing this. Because one time when she was still with the gang before her operation. She had gone out for lunch at one of the gangs favorite joints. A person had come up from behind her, without her knowing and knocked her out from behind. When she woke-up, she had found herself gag and bent over a sawhorse with her hands tied to the legs and her ass exposed.

Several guys she didn’t know took turns with her. She found out later, that one of the guys in the gang she was a member of. He made a deal with a few guys that liked she-males and pimped her ass out to them. She got even with him later, by knocking him out and handcuffing him to a light pole naked during winter.

She got a nice salad for lunch and some tea. She was eating her lunch and reading a book on her tablet. It was a nice romance novel she was enjoying. The author that wrote the novel, really got her thinking about what it feels like to have a guy pumping in and out of her. She knew how a dildo felt when she pleased herself, but to have a real man do it. That was one thing she hasn’t done yet and she needs to be careful who she goes out with, because of her clearance and occupation.

While she was in the hospital because of the injuries she sustained. They did the sex change and did some plastic surgery to her face to make her look different. The reason they did the plastic surgery to her face, was because she had gotten punched hard in her face. The damage was to her cheek bones and it almost caused her to lose an eye. As it is, she needs to wear glasses now because of the damage to her eyes.

Once her lunch hour was over, she goes back to work. While she was at lunch, several requests came in and someone in America had tried accessing the system again. She tracks down the intruder and noticed they were still on-line. She sends her wolf hunting program and watches as the wolf turns into multiple wolves and overwhelmed their systems defenses. Their computer was now, nothing but a boat anchor.

“That will teach you to try and break into my system.” Mouse pops a few gummy bears from a jar she keeps on her desk in her mouth; as she goes back to work.

When it was time for Mouse to leave. She meets up with her mother for a ride home. Mouse could tell that there was something on her mother’s mind. Once they were in the car and on the road.

“Alright mom, spill it.” Mouse turns in her seat to look at her mother.

“We got a problem at the agency. I don’t know if you have heard about it yet, but there’s a mole feeding information to a gang that has taken out several of our agents.” Charlotte wasn’t happy about what she was told. Only a handful of people knew about the problem.

“So, are you in charge of finding out who they are?” Mouse knew her mother could do it.

“No, your Uncle Jack is sending one of his teams over to find out who they are. You’re going to be working with your Aunt Anika while she is here. She’s bring her team in to find the mole and the gang responsible.”

“Why aren’t we doing it ourselves? Why do we need Aunt Anika’s people?” Mouse was curious. Normally, MI5 handle things internally.

“Because we don’t know how high it goes up. We don’t know if the leak is from higher up or from one our agents. So, it was decided to bring your Aunt Anika and her partner Bart in. Both have MI5 clearances and since they are overseas all the time. No one would know anything
about them. So, that’s why it was decided to bring them in. You’re to act as information support to them and any information you find is to be given directly to them and me. You’re not to share this information with your supervisor or inform him about what you are doing.” Charlotte glances towards her daughter to reinforce her words.

“Okay, I got you mom. When does this start?” Mouse wonders who else her aunt was bring with her. She knew her aunt had a team.

“In a few days,the first people of your aunt’s team will be here in England. The rest will come over with your aunt on different flights. Your contact with your Aunt’s team is a young man named Terry Horn. She’ll be the one communicating with you the most. Your uncle said she’ll get in touch with you, so the two of you can set up some sort of link with the taxi she’ll be driving. If nothing else, I want you to meet her in person one day soon.” Charlotte figures this Terry person could give her a lift to work one morning or something.

She was supposed to be coming at the same time the first group was. That was what Jack had told her. Hopefully, it will work out that way. Countess Charlotte pulls the car into the garage.

“I’ll call your Uncle after we have dinner.” Charlotte heads into the kitchen to start dinner for them.

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