Age of Gods Online Chapter 6


Serena was a top player in the popular browser game Age of Gods Online which combines elements of strategy and RPG on a platform available to everyone with access to the internet. As an RMT scum, she climbed the ranks of the deathmatch with real world money. One day, after she was defeated in battle by another player, she went to sleep and woke up in the world of AGO.

But something was wrong. She woke up 300 years in the future of the current Age of Gods Online. Will she be able to unravel why or how she got there and if she'll ever return home?

Age of Gods Online Chapter 6
The epic struggles of young gods in another world.

By Shiina Ai

Serena awoke feeling something pressing against her lips. It was a soft feeling, gentle, calming. It felt like she was in the clouds, floating, embraced by a pair of soft invisible arms. It was a nice feeling. It made her feel safe, warm, comfortable, as if she was back in her mother's womb.

She welcomed the nourishing liquid, that curled behind her lips. Sweet and thick like a deluxe chocolate fondue. It flowed, snaked around her tongue, bathing it in a joyful embrace. Running down her throat, into her stomach.

As the essence was consumed, she moaned in pleasure. Her heart screamed in joy as it finally received it's nourishment. Euphoria washes over her, as her body completely devoid of energy becomes alive again.

The snaking feeling around her tongue continued, releasing even more of the delicious nourishing nectar into her throat. It's fulfilling essence became the waves that swept her consciousness over and over, until she wasn't sure that she was dreaming of if it was reality. She heard a moan, a voice that wasn't hers and she came to the realisation...

What the hell?

Serena opened her eyes, and in front of her face, kissing her so passionately, was Iina's face. She had her eyes closed while making easily misunderstood moaning sounds as she ate Serena's lips. Their tongues in full contact with each other all the way from the very tip down to under the tongue, which Serena had always thought sacred.

As Serena recognised her position, she pushed away Iina by her larger than average breasts, separating their lips and tongues as she screamed, "Iyaaaa!!!"

Iina who flew in the air from the force of the push could only make a quiet protest. When she fell, her body rolled around on the rocky ground, aggravating her internal injuries. Every time the stray rocks punched into her body, she could only complain with "Ow" and accept the punishment on her abused body. When her rolling body finally stopped against a large rock, she was already too tired and in too much pain to care.

"Y - you - pervert! So you've been having impure thoughts about me all along!"

"Wro... ng... I..."

"Taking advantage of me when I fainted. You lowlife! How dare you, not even Marc has kissed me yet. But for my first kiss to be with a girl. Uuuu, I'm sorry, I can't get married anymore."

"No... he... lp..."

"Hmph, fine. I'm not petty. I'll help you this time. But if you do this again, I'll ignore you even if you beg for help, alright?"

Iina could only keep silent. Her broken body could no longer speak. Her condition might've been better than before the healing spell that Serena performed, but she still suffered from internal bleeding.

Meanwhile, Serena was thinking. Although she said she would help, but how would she help? The only healing spell she knew pushed her MP to zero. Although she had recovered a little, courtesy of Iina's misunderstood attempt, it was nowhere near the amount suitable for that healing spell to work. So she had to abandon the idea of healing her by herself. In other words, the only way she would be able to help Iina would be to get her medical help elsewhere.

"Alright, pervert. I'm going to bring you back to the village. It's going to be rough. So don't blame me, okay?" Serena said while she lifted Iina's bloody body.

"Spirits of air. Surround our body. Lighten our body like a leaf in the wind. Materialise: Feather Light."

The spirits of air spun around their bodies, covering it in a thick layer heavy breeze. Both their long, brown hair flew all over their faces, blown around by the air surrounding their bodies.

Serena cursed as she couldn't see what was in front of her. This was never a problem in the game, she muttered in a low voice.

Nevertheless, she held tight to Iina. Tight enough to prevent her from falling, but not tight enough to crush her damaged body. Carrying Iina's barely conscious body, Serena stepped close to the western edge the mesa.

Serena peeked down at the ground, and she hated that it made her have goosebumps. She wondered if she could actually do this and suddenly felt a sinking fear rising up in the pit of her stomach. If possible, she wanted to back out.

Serena looked at Iina in her arms, being held in a princess carry that all girls, even her wish to experience at least once. She watched Iina's face, distorted as she tried to hold back the waves of pain in her body. Serena strengthened her resolve.

"You may be a pervert but you're my first friend in this world," Serena said as she turned around, her back to the edge.

"Hold tight, pervert. Things are gonna get rough!!!" Serena warned she put one foot before the other, then she followed suit with her other foot.

A second later, Serena was running at the speed of an Olympic champion. At that speed, she crossed the mesa in only nine seconds. At that speed, she placed her right foot on the very last inch of the mesa. At that speed, she pushed her right foot against the mesa, propelling her into the air.

If Iina was conscious, she would've screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

"Hoowah!" Serena cried to settle her nerves as they flew in the sky.

Instead of feeling fear, Serena felt great exhilaration. The feeling of wind violently slapping against her face was refreshing. Closing her eyes, she couldn't help but smile as she remembered a very similar feeling.

It was a memory from years ago, of the time when she was still a child and Marc was a highschool student. He used to take her riding on his cheap bike whenever he came to play. She remembered sitting in front with his arms on each side of her body. She remembered the wind against her face and how she always laughed when Marc complained about her long hair tickling his nose.

I wonder how he's doing. It's been over a week since I came here. Is he eating well? Has he found a job yet? He always makes me worry.

Now that I think about it, what about mom and dad? Am I missing over there? Or maybe this is a really vivid dream and I actually haven't even left my house. But if I'm really missing, I wonder what they'll do. I wish I can leave them a message or something.

I wonder if I can send a message or something. Maybe I can activate it like the HP and MP bar. Hm, worth a try, but first...

Serena prepared herself for landing. Due to the effect of Feather Light, her body became so light that her single jump was able to carry her in the air for almost a mile. However, everything that went up must come down. So she prepared herself for a soft landing, a little hop, a short run and off she went again, to the sky. Unfortunately, the effect was incomparable to her first jump as this time she started at a much lower elevation.

Must be quick, she said to herself, there must be someone in the village who can heal Iina's wounds.


In another continent, hundreds of miles away from Serena's location, was a mountain peak named Esra's Tomb. For underneath this mountain, laid an ancient power, a being once called Esra the Primordial King. For he was believed to be born when the world was still a hell of flames and magma. He alone, out of hundred others survived the Age of Inferno into the Age of Gods, where he reigned supreme amongst the younger gods.

Countless gods had fallen under his gigantic fists, his figure so huge that it seemed like it could reach the twin moons, Arica and Sarisa. Countless armies had fallen under the rampage of his minions, the marble giants. It was once said that had Esra chosen to conquer the world, he could have, for none in this world would be able to stand on their own against him.

In AGO, he was known as Esra the Primordial King. Against all odds, he was ranked as number 1 on the chart of most powerful gods, despite facing off against RMT scums like Aelrea and Ukhlar many times. Where they cheated with real money, he won with pure skills. His title of Emperor Esra was well deserved. He was also the first player to be transported to this world, much earlier than Serena, even much earlier than Ukhlar.

As the shockwave of unfamiliar divine presence reached every corner of the world, this ancient power stirred. Where there were once hollow caves inside a granite mountain, now two orbs of light appeared. It glowed inside the marble cavity, emitting blue light with the occasional thunder streaking through, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing in the same way.

It raised its head, so massive that it dwarfed the mountain peaks. So huge that even the tiniest of movements caused an avalanche from the snowy mountaintop. Had there been any mortal on that mountain, they would have certainly perished.

"Master, you are awake at last!" a marble giant larger than the others appeared. His arms held high in a gesture that could only be seen as excitement.

"Uuu, Una, huh? You're still alive." Esra spoke, his eyes gazing at this marble giant that has the basic shape of a humanoid creature, except it was 10 metres tall.

"Master, what a mean thing to say to your first champion..." The marble giant by the name of Uno said with a tone of sadness, despite his face or the lack of it showing any change in expression.

"Wait, you look a little different. Have you gained weight?"

"I was Dua when you were awake last time, master. I became Una about 60 years ago."

"What happened to the previous Una?"

"He fell into a deep swamp and sank, master. When we couldn't sense him anymore, I became Una."

"Well, good thing you're here anyway. Do you know anything about the new divine power in the continent east of here?"

"I didn't notice anything, master. But do not worry, we marble giants have reach anywhere in the world. We will certainly find out what you need to know."

"Good, wake me up when you know something," the huge granite mountain yawned before the light in its eyes dimmed and disappeared again.

"Master, don't go back to sleep!!!"


A crystal ball shined brightly before exploding, showering the room it was in with hundreds of small, sharp shards. It startled the rooms occupants, a large khalissian man lying on the bed and a winged woman kneeling above him. The winged woman looked back at the crystal ball on the table in surprise, her own magic wavered under the shockwave released by the exploding crystal ball. As the woman's magic faltered, the khalissian man under her slowly regained control of his focus and awareness, at the same time losing the look of lust in his eyes.

"Foul spawn of Ukhlar!" The man cried as he pushed her away and tried to reach for his sword.

He was stopped when the woman extended her arms to grab his wrist. She literally extended her arms from six feet away, preventing the man from grabbing his sword. It was not a special skill of her race, but her own transformation spell, that she had used regularly over the years for various purposes.

"Now that's not nice. The correct term is blood maiden, you know. I mean look at me. Do I resemble something like a foul spawn?" she said as she blew him a kiss with a wink.

"I must've been blind! To not see the foul abomination that disgraced my goddess. This oversight, I shall offer Mother Ikhlis your head!"

"You could've just quietly accepted your death, you know. At least you won't feel too much pain. I was even willing to let you die in pleasure for all your 'services' thus far," the winged woman said with a grin while licking her lips.

"Great Mother Ikhlis, with great love, by fire I shall purge, by light I shall cast the demon back to the hell that spawned them. Grant me-"

His words were cut short when the woman buried her elongated nails into his chest.

"You can't seriously believe I will allow you to cast Greater Banish, do you?"

"Mon-ster,"he said with great difficulty. With his heart already pierced by the venom within the bloody maiden's nails, he knew his life would only last seconds. "One day, jus... tice... will pre... va... il."

"So annoying. Can't you just die quietly? This is why I hate chatty men." She said as she closed her hands penetrated deeper around the man's heart, before crushing it in her grip.

As the man's soul left for the underworld, the winged woman licked her bloody fingers and thought aloud, "So, my lord's prophecy has come true. She is revived at last. Guess it's time for me to visit my pets again."

She made a sadistic smile as she blinked away, having no care for the corpse and the mess she left behind.

<-.-> <-.->

*A reader messaged me about this story and I realized it's been so long since I've released a chapter. So since this chapter was mostly completed anyway, I decided to release it now. Hope you enjoyed it, dear readers.
**As always, your comments and feedbacks are greatly welcomed. Praises help me write faster while constructive criticism helps me write better. Thank you for reading my work.

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