Momma, momma what am i doing in a hospital Part 4

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Momma, momma what am I doing in a hospital?
Part 4

By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Kelly 9-year old boy
Beth 17-year-old big sister
Miley 5 -year-old little sister

Authors note: Please read the older chapter first. I hope everyone is enjoying my newest story I put a few paragraphs from the end of Part 3 to make it an easier read. I am sure I missed some spelling and grammar mistakes please forgive we are trying.

Hope you enjoy my story!

I reach out taking the panties from Miley. “Oh but momma wants you to try on this leotard first so she can find out what size you are Kelly.” What she has to be kidding me, I did hear through the door momma did say something about me trying something on. “Here and as soon as you try it on come out and show momma she will be waiting right here outside the dressing room. Do you need help putting it on, you have to be naked to wear one?”

“No I will figure it out I am not a baby you know. I guess I’ll try it on.” I hold the super girly pink leotard in my hands. I put the panties on the bench and I hold the leg holes open and I step into one side than slide my other leg through the other side and I start pulling it on as it stretches. I pull my arm through the straps and I have the little leotard on me. I look in the mirror and oh my god there is no hiding it I am a girl with no bulge between my legs and it kind of goes up me in the front a little bit. I pull it out so it sits flatter against my crotch.

I open the changing room door and I stick my head out and don’t see momma. I turn my head to look the other way I feel someone grab my arm and pull me out in front of the changing rooms. Its Miley and she is taking pictures of me with her cell phone. “Oh don’t you look so pretty in your little pink leotard Kelly.” Miley says while smiling.

“No sense running back in the changing room I already have the pretty pictures of you see.” Miley turns her iPhone so I can see a picture of me wearing the little pink leotard and somehow I am even smiling. “Miley you can't show that to anyone. You have to delete those pictures now please.”

Miley is smiling from ear-to-ear wearing her new pink leotard walking around me wearing the one she tricked me into trying on. “Well brother or I guess I should say little sister since I don’t see your little boy bulge through the leotard you must have been a good girl and pushed it to the back so you look more like a girl right or did you just not want it to stretch the pretty leotard Kelly girl?”

“I just put it on and yea pushed my boy bulge to the back so it fit better.” Miley is believing it as she is staring between my legs.

I play with my long hair nervously. “Do you want me to show everyone this pretty picture of you like Steve from across the street that is the only one you met since we moved here.”

“No please sis you can't show anyone those pictures please.” I say watching Miley smiling from ear-to-ear.

I look down at the floor knowing I am screwed and I have to do what she is leading up too, or the whole world will see me wearing the super girly leotard. “Well then all you have to do if you don’t want me texting this picture to all our relatives and of course too Steve. All you have to do little sister hehehe is tell momma you want to go to dance class with me tomorrow.” I am in shock hearing her, there is no way I am doing that.

“I know you don’t want to wear this but that is your choice. You should have never laughed at me wearing the tiny leotard now I can laugh at you wearing the same one. The only bummer is I thought you would look like a boy wearing a girl's leotard, but you just look like any other little girl wearing it.”

I look down at the floor ashamed for teasing her. “Oh and just so you know this isn't signing up for dance class this is just a free lesson they have to see if you want to sign up for a year but it is more like try outs so everyone doesn’t get in, so really all you have to do is try out for dance.”

“So it is up to you little sister you say no, and I send this text to everyone with a picture of my new little sister smiling wearing her new pink leotard or you tell momma you want to go to tryouts with me the one time.”

I have no choice and I don’t know what to say. I feel so silly and I see a full-size wall mirror with two little girls’ wearing their pink leotards and one of them is smiling Miley and the other is me. Before I can even respond to Miley, momma and Beth walk into the reflection and they are both smiling staring at me up and down.

“Um, um” I try to say. I stare into the large reflection of me wearing the pink leotard and mommy and both my sisters smiling at me as I feel tears starting to roll down my cheeks. I have never been more embarrassed my whole life can't get any worst as I cry so hard I can't even focus.

I cry my eyes out as hard as I can and I start to rub my eyes when I hear some ladies voice. “Oh you poor thing it looks like your daughter had a little accident.” I open my eyes seeing my reflection and sure enough it is not bad enough mommy and my two sisters seeing me in the ultra girly pink leotard but I see pee dripping down my legs and the crotch of the leotard soaked. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worst it does.

“Oh Beth please get me little Kellies diaper bag and Miley would you find me a new outfit for him, her.”

I am crying totally out of control as Beth puts down the diaper bag next to me. “I can find her some clothes this is the department I work in here let me help. Your name is Miley? I think that outfit might fit your little sister but that is a size too big try this size. What do you think?” I hear Miley talking to the sales lady.

“Excuse me ma'am I can cry this outfit if you want to carry your baby daughter into the lady’s restroom there is a changing table in there for her.”

I look down at myself covered in wet pee and the soaked pink leotard I am wearing. “That would be very kind of you ma'am. Girl's we need to pick more clothes for little Kelly if he, umm she has any more accidents okay?”

Here sweetie let me pick you up but try not to pee anymore till we get to the bathroom okay sweetie?”

“Yes momma I am sorry I can't believe I had another accident. I guess the doctors are right I will have to be re-potty trained momma. I am sorry I am trying to be a big boy.”

Momma looks at me holding my hand as we walk to the bathroom, she leans down and whispers in my ear. “Well sweetie we both know you are not a big boy or any kind of boy anymore so stop it now and be a good little girl. Yes, I know I said I will help you hide being a real girl but you have to help me too sweetie okay?”

“I will momma I promise I will be a good boy umm girl.” I whisper back to mommy. We walk into the restroom and the sales lady pulls out the changing table. I feel mommy lifting me up onto the changing table.

I sit back on the table then I feel mommy pulling the pink leotard off me. I am now totally naked as momma and the lady see my little vagina on display for all to see. “Don't worry little girl we are all girl's here.” Momma and I hear the sales lady saying as I see momma smiling.

“Now lift your arms over your head while your mommy changes you I will start getting you dressed.” I listen lifting my arms over my head as I sit up on the changing table feeling the pink silky shirt being pulled over my head.

I feel the sales lady pulling my arms through the puffy sleeves as mommy pushes me back slowly. I am now laying back down feeling baby powder being sprinkled all over me. “Here we are almost done sweetie lift your bottom for momma sweetheart. I lift my bottom like momma says and I feel the pull-up being pulled up my legs.

“We better put these on for extra protection sweetie.” I feel the plastic panties being pulled up my legs but I can't see them. Oh, well at least when mommy puts my new shorts or pants on me no-one will see the plastic panties any way.

I just lay there feeling like a baby as momma changes me. “Here are the matching socks and your other daughter Miley I think her name is said her shoes she wore here will match her new outfit.” I see the sales lady handing my girly shoes to mommy, I continue to lay down feeling totally humiliated.

“Almost done sweetie.” Mommy slides the girly socks and shoes on my feet. I look at them and roll my eyes to myself making sure mommy doesn’t notice. Oh, god I can't believe I am wearing these super girly shoes and socks again. I guess it can't get any worse at least I'm not standing in the store wearing a pink leotard with pee dripping down both my legs crying.

The sales lady finishes buttoning up the back of my new shirt. Mommy picks me up smiling at me when she puts me down on the floor in the lady’s restroom, I can feel how bulky the diaper and plastic panties I am wearing feel. Boy, I hope no one I know sees me wearing these super girly shoes and socks. “I will be outside if you ladies need my help.” Mommy and I hear the sales lady saying.

“Thanks again for all your help ma'am.” Mommy says to her. “Come on sweetie we can go back out and see your big sisters.” I hear mommy saying when I hear Miley talking as she walks into the bathroom carrying some clothes on hangers.

Miley stops when she sees me and just smiles staring at me from head to toe. “Mommy I can't be in here with these clothes but the sales lady said they are buy one get one free and these dresses are so pretty.”

“Yes they are very pretty like the dress you and your sister are wearing.” Mommy says smiling down at me holding my hand still. I'm trying to think if my sister Beth is wearing a dress like Mileys. The design or pattern on Mileys dress looks a lot like the pattern on my new outfit.

Miley smiles again. “Great mommy you said we had to get baby Kelly some new clothes since SHE doesn’t have any clothes that fit over HER diapers so maybe we can buy some new clothes for me and HERS will be free mommy, what do you think, I picked several pretty dresses for us?” Miley lifts both her hands in the air showing off all the clothes in both her arms.

“Well Miley you are so smart thinking of a way to get clothes for both of you and only have to pay for one person. I think that is a great idea to get Kelly a whole new wardrobe while she, I mean he is being potty trained again. I spent all of our savings on the hospital bills, and traveling to and from the hospital while she was in a coma for all those months. Don't ya think Miley has a great idea Kelly to get you a whole new wardrobe for free?”

I look at mommy not even understanding what she means getting me free clothes. “Umm I guess mommy free clothes that are new is a good thing. Umm will my new clothes be like this shirt and shorts I'm wearing now mommy, because they are so comfortable to wear in this heat?”

“Yes sweetie all your new clothes that you will be wearing from now on will be exactly like the outfit your wearing now. Of course, they will be in different colors and designs is that okay Kelly?”

I play with my hair nervously. “Yea that’s okay mommy, I guess that is okay, but these shorts mommy are made of plastic. Will all of my new shorts be plastic too, and this shirt you pulled over my head is so long it even covers my new plastic shorts mommy should I tuck in my new shirt into my shorts?”

“No sweetie that umm outfit doesn’t get tucked in at all it is meant to wear out like you are wearing it, and you look so pretty wearing your new outfit by the way.”

I hear mommy say I look pretty and I try to think of a response before mommy continues talking. “Those plastic panties, I mean plastic lined shorts you are wearing have to be plastic when you have another accident. How embarrassing would it be if we are walking through the mall and all of a sudden you went pee in your panties, umm underwear?”

“You were feeling so embarrassed before when you had your little accident wearing your new pink leotard. I know that was embarrassing having peed on yourself. It was only us who seen you had an accident, you would feel so much worst if we were walking in the mall and you had another accident and peed all over yourself again in front of everyone.”

I think to myself oh yes that would be a hundred times worst if I had peed on myself in front of everyone. Oh, god that would be so terrible if I had an accident in front of everyone or maybe someone I know. At least wearing these long shirts no one can see I’m wearing plastic shorts covering my diaper.

“Okay great let's go pick some new matching outfits for me and little Kelly okay mommy?”

Mommy smiles at Miley then at me as we start to walk towards the lady’s room bathroom, I see Miley stop at a long mirror from floor to ceiling staring at her reflection. I walk up to her as she continues to look into the mirror staring at her reflection than she smiles at me staring at me than looking back into the mirror.

“We almost look like twins now except I am the taller one now little Kelly.” I turn and look at the reflection of Miley and see another little girl wearing the same outfit as she is.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and notice I am not wearing a long shirt that looks girly. I am wearing a dress, and it is a super short dress, and looks just like Mileys.

“Oh god is that me in the mirror I look like a little girl like Miley mommy?” I stare seeing my bottom flaring out for sure everyone must know I am wearing a diaper underneath my new dress.

Miley smiles at me staring at me again. “Don't worry little sister no one will know you are really a little boy wearing that pretty dress unless you tell them or you strip naked and let them see your penis hehehe.” Miley giggles and starts walking out the restroom smiling at me.

“Umm mommy you said I didn’t have to wear dresses and you wouldn’t tell anyone I was really a girl now because I don't have any boy parts between my legs after my accident.” I say while I continue to stare at myself in the mirror in the little toddler dress.

I feel mommy put her hand on my shoulder as I stop staring into the mirror and I look up into mommy’s eyes smiling down at me. “I know sweetie and like Miley said no one will ever guess you are a little boy dressed in that pretty dress.”

We both know you aren’t a little boy anymore you are my little girl.” I hear mommy and I want to cry knowing she is right. “So you want me to continue to not tell your sisters the truth that you are not their brother anymore, you are there little sister now?” Oh, god I want to cry.

“No mommy you can't tell them I'm really their little sister now.” Mommy smiles when I say I am the little sister by accident since I am older than them but I am so much smaller now so I guess I really am the little sister.

Mommy leans down looking me in the eyes and I look down sadly and can see up mommy's skirt and I see her pink panties. “You have a choice sweetie you know you are really a little girl now and you can tell your sisters the truth.” I look up sadly at her than look down again as I try not to stare at mommy’s panties.

“Or you can continue to wear dresses and they will think you are still their brother who has to wear pretty dresses while you get potty trained.”

Wow thinking to myself that isn’t much of a choice, but either be a girl full time forever or be a girl full time until I am potty trained. I guess I will pick the lesser of two evils. “Umm okay mommy I will make believe I am a girl, I mean, I know I am a real girl but I mean I will wear these dresses until I am re-potty trained that won't be too long I'm sure.”

“Okay I think you should tell your sisters the truth that you are a real girl now but it is your choice and maybe after you start ballet with your big sister Miley you will change your mind after a couple of weeks.”

I hear mommy saying that I will be in ballet with Miley. The way mommy was saying it I wouldn’t be trying out like Miley said I would be joining ballet. I want to cry so bad but then I would be acting like the little toddler I look like so nothing left to do as I start to flood my diaper with pee soaking it as mommy takes my hand as we walk out of the lady’s room.

The end of part 4

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