Christmas to Christmas.

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry
Christmas to Christmas.
By A Zesty Lemon 2017.

The story of a young crossdresser who finds all he wants after an act of kindness on Christmas day.

As the driving rain pelted their windscreen and the strong winds buffeted their caravan, middle-aged lesbian couple Mary and Maria McBride, were still feeling rattled by the encounter they had endured at the last campground they had been staying at. They had encountered a married heterosexual couple who were about the same age as they were. The only problem was they had the personalities from hell. In their shiny black car with tinted out windows and their shiny black caravan that matched, they acted as if they owned the whole campground. More annoyingly than that was the fact that when this couple had spotted Mary and Maria as being a pair of old lesbians, the abuse had really started. In less than ten minutes, they had heard every slur they thought was possible and a few they had never heard before.

Knowing that they didn't wish to spend their Christmas day listening to the homophobic rants of a pair of bigots, Mary and Maria ended up hitching up their caravan so they could go on their way. They knew about an even more remote campground that was nearby. It was on the banks of the local lake, but because it was off the beaten track, few people ever visited it.

The problem for Mary and Maria was that Maria wasn't very good at driving in the rain. On top of that, the wind that was pounding their car and caravan made it even harder for them to make it from point A to point B. Upon hearing that, one might have assumed that the answer would have been to allow Mary to drive, but she couldn't handle the car plus caravan, at all in the current weather conditions. As they were forced to take it so slowly in all it took them a bit over a day to make it to the camp ground they were aiming for.

When Mary and Maria finally pulled into the campground early on the morning of Christmas Eve, they were quick to notice something that looked rather out of place. There standing in the rain was what they thought was a young woman with short red hair. She wore a red summer dress and a rather large hat, but that wasn't what got their attention. Right away, both of them noticed that she was waving at them frantically.

As Mary and Maria slowly got closer, they could see the young woman seemed to be wet and rather desperate. The thing was they slowly started to doubt what they were seeing. The closer they got to the young woman the more each of them started to think that she might not have been what she looked to be. While she did look like a young woman from a distance, both of them started to see some abnormalities that suggested she wasn't a woman at all. There were some tell-tale signs that she was really a he.

Pulling up alongside the young woman or young man, Mary and Maria could see that she or he was shivering in the gusting rain. They could see that his or her make-up had run. More than likely that had been caused by tears rather than the rain itself. In that moment both of them decided that seeing the young man or woman was dressed as a woman, that was what they would take her as, well unless she told them otherwise.

"Are you okay?" Maria asked, as Mary looked around for the car that the young woman belonged to.

"No not really." the young woman responded.

It was her voice that really betrayed her as not being a woman, at least not yet. While the voice she spoke in was a good attempt at sounding like a young woman, there were a few elements of it that were off. Some of the tones and sounds that she made revealed that her voice was really that of a male.

About thirty minutes later once Mary and Maria had set up the rather large annex of their caravan, they invited the young woman in.

"I'm..." the young man or woman said, "Megan or Matt, depending on how you see me."

"What do mean by that?" Mary asked, before she added, "I'm Mary by the way and my partner here is Maria."

"I'm too wet, too cold and too desperate to bother to sugar coat this... I am a transsexual in the early stages of her transition."

"Yeah," Maria stated, "We figured that, but why are you desperate?"

"I was out here with my parents for Christmas," Megan stated through gritted teeth as she patted the black plastic wrapped package she held, "but when they found my female hormones and my stash of hidden female clothing, they really flipped out. They tossed me out of the caravan and drove off before I could get out of the mud I landed in. At least they tossed out my bag of female belongings and the waterproof trash bag I keep them in, as well."

"So you are waiting for your parents to return?"

"No. I've been out here for two days and two horrible nights alone. I've had no food and only the water from the rain to drink. Due to the sounds of Dingo's or wild dogs out in the bush, I've spent my nights sleeping up a tree as it was the only safe place I could find to rest."

"So, why are you still here?"

"It's too far to walk back to the nearest town and that isn't helped by this rain."

For a few moments after Megan had finished speaking, Mary and Maria looked at each other because deep down they knew Megan was right, the city was too far away.

"So, can you describe your parents’ car and caravan?" Mary asked.

"Sure," Megan responded, "their car and van are really hard to miss. If a person has seen it, they really couldn't miss it. The car is a shiny black with black tinted out windows and the caravan matches."

"O... K..."

At that point, Mary and Maria looked at each other once more. They knew the car and van that Megan had mentioned rather well. It was the setup that belonged to the two horrible people from the other campground. The horrible bigots. In that moment, they could totally relate to what Megan was going through.

"Megan," said Mary, "could you give Maria and myself a moment alone to have a talk."

"Of course." Megan responded, "I will just step out for a bit."

"No! No need to do that. You can wait here; we will talk in our caravan." Maria stated.

When Maria and Mary had entered the van and had shut the door behind them, they sat down.

"So," Mary said, "what do you think?"

"I think we need to help her." Maria responded. "I think we should help her and I mean in more ways than just with helping her to make it back to the city. Remember how it was for us when we were her age? How we came out to our parents and it didn't go well for us? Do you remember how hard those years were for us -- alone in a world that didn't accept us? I know the world is a different place now, but it would still hurt to be alone when facing what Megan is facing... Let’s face it... We could make it so she doesn't have to face her transition alone. If that isn't enough, need I remind you that for a few years now, we have been looking at some way to give back to the LBGTQI community and this is our chance? We could help one of our LBGTQI sisters to bloom into the woman she is meant to be."

"Okay... It would be nice to help someone, but before that we need to make sure that Megan isn't really some sort of dangerous person like you see on those television shows."

"Sure, that makes sense and I have a way to do just that."

"You do?"

"I do. Just play along and I will show you!"

"And if she is on the level, we help her?"

"Yes. If she is on the level you make a list of everything that a young woman like her might need and you check it twice before you drive to the city and buy all the stuff we will need to give her a Christmas to remember."


As Maria and Mary stood up to exit the van, Mary suddenly paused for a moment.

"One more question," Mary said, "from the way that Megan was checking out our breasts, do you think she is a lesbian in the making?"

"Oh I think so, yes!" Maria responded.

Having stepped out of their caravan Mary and Maria found Megan just sitting on the floor of the annex with her bag in her lap.

"Okay," Maria said, "do you mind if we ask you some questions?"

"No problem." Megan responded.

"How did you say your parents found out about you?"

"My father was looking for booze, when he found my stash of female belongings and my hormones."

"Is that what the garbage bag you are holding is?"


"May we see your hormones?"

With that being asked, they saw as a smile came across Megan's face before she started to unwrap the bundle she held. When she had, she unzipped the bag inside and right away, they could see it was filled with female clothing and other items that a young woman might need. It was while she was fishing around at one end of it that they watched as a bra fell to the floor, and at the same time both mature women worked out that the bra was much bigger than any bra Megan who was flat chested would need.

"Here," Mary said as she picked up the bra and checked the size of it, "you dropped this."

"Thank you." Megan responded.

A few moments later Megan seemed to find what she was looking for and not long after, she had pulled out three bottles of tablets and a small sheet of paper.

"My female hormones, my male hormone blockers and my prescription for them." Megan said with a smile, as she knew being honest was her best bet of getting a ride back to the city.

Without hesitating for a moment, Megan handed the items to Maria. Right away, both Maria and Mary could see the names of the tablets and they knew that at least one of them was a female hormone used by transsexuals, as its name was rather well known. The other thing that they could see was that the tablets were made out for one Matt Greenwood, which was also the name on the prescription.

By that point in time, both Mary and Maria were sure that Megan was on the level as far as what she had told them, so they nodded to each other. With the nod over Maria smiled as she handed the hormones and the prescription back to Megan who quickly put them in her bag before wrapping it up.

"Right," said Mary, "I'm going to drive back to the city for supplies. While I am gone Maria is going to make you something to eat."

"Okay..." Megan responded, even if she was slightly confused.

In all Mary was gone until around 8pm that evening. Not only was it a long drive from the camp ground to the city and back again, but it also took her many hours of criss-crossing the city to find all the items that she had on her list. On top of that, there was the matter of checking it twice to make sure that their plan for Megan wasn't naughty but nice.

As Mary entered the dimly lit annex, she found Maria sitting on a chair, but Megan didn't seem to be in plain sight.

"So where is Megan?" Mary asked in a whisper.

"Over there," Maria responded as she pointed to the darkened corner of the annex, "once she had eaten the meal I made for her, she thanked me and curled up in a ball over there, before she went to sleep. She's been asleep ever since so I just put a rug over her and made her corner dark so she could rest. It seemed like she really needed it."

"I see."

"So how did it go?"

"I got everything we need."



Come the following morning, Megan awoke thinking that she was still dreaming. As she opened her eyes she found a large fake Christmas tree in the middle of the annex and as for the rest of the annex, it had been fully decorated. Looking at the assortment of different sized gifts under the tree, she felt lost. When she finally worked out that she was awake, the scene she saw before her made even less sense. It was confusing so she decided to roll over and go back to sleep. That was something she didn't get a chance to do.

No more than a minute after Megan had woken up, Maria and Mary stepped from their caravan with a plate of breakfast for her. It was what they called a traditional Christmas morning breakfast in their household. It was a simple slice of warmed ham.

When Megan had finished eating the ham, she thanked Maria and Mary for the meal. It was at that point that the strangest part of the morning happened.

"So are you going to open your gifts?" both women asked at once.

"My gifts?"

"Yes your gifts!"


"But what?"


"Well when we said we would help you, we decided we would help you as much as possible seeing you are in need."

"But I hardly know you and it doesn't feel right."

"If it makes it easier, think of us as your distant aunties or your fairy godmothers."

It was around five minutes later, when Megan couldn't think of any more reasons not to accept the gifts that she finally gave in. At that point, she started to open them. Still even at that point, she found it strange, as human kindness was something that she had seldom been shown.

In the different packages, Megan found an assortment of items that she knew would help her in her transition. Much of it was clothing, make-up and other accessories, which she knew she would need. It was when she got to one of the last few boxes under the tree that she got a big shock. Inside the rather large looking box were a set of false breasts that looked about as real as false breasts got. What shocked her so much was that the breasts were the same size as the breasts she had always wanted for herself.

"How?" Megan asked.

"How what?" Maria responded.

"How could the two of you have known what sized breasts I wanted?"

"Oh that wasn't hard. I don't want to insult you by saying this, but when you were looking for your hormones in your bag you dropped one of your bras."


"Well we both happened to see the cup size of your bra and we both knew it was much larger than the amount of breast tissue you had. From there it was a simple matter to work out what sized breasts you wanted."

"You see," Mary added, "we got you the breasts so that you would have a chance to try before you buy. In other words those false breasts will give you the chance to see if you really like having breasts that size before you get them for real."

"Oh wow! Thank you so much!"

Soon after Megan had finished unpacking the last of her gifts, and she had thanked the couple once more, they could see what she wanted to do so they excused themselves.

The moment that Maria and Mary had gone inside their caravan, Megan set to work on getting changed. She had been wearing her red dress for too long and while it had dried out overnight, it still felt horrible on her skin. It was while she was changing into a cute little number that she attached the breasts to her chest. With that out the way, she reapplied her make-up so that it covered up anything that wasn't female about her face.

When Megan felt she was ready for the day, she looked down and as she did so, she couldn't help but smile. Being able to see the shape of the breasts under her red top bought her a lot of joy. At that point she didn't care that the breasts were fake. All she cared about was how right her chest looked in that moment.

Not long after that point, Megan heard Mary call out asking if it was safe for them to come out of the caravan yet. Smiling she quickly responded that it was and not long after that point that the two of them had popped out of the caravan.

In all, that Christmas day turned out to be a wonderful thing for Megan. Two almost total strangers had given her the best Christmas ever. It had been so much better than any day she would have gotten to have with her drunken father around.

Come the end of the day, Maria and Mary who by that point had some doubts about it being a good idea, promised to help Megan track down her parents. The truth was they wouldn't have made such a promise if both of them didn't want to have some really harsh words with her parents about the way they had treated their daughter.

The following morning Maria and Mary were quick to find out that they couldn't come through on their promise. Just a few minutes after they had left the campsite, with Megan sitting in the back seat of their car, they reached a low point in the road where water was over it. All three of them knew there was no way through as it was foolish to try to drive through floodwaters. At that point, they decided to turn around and head back towards the city, but they soon found that road was blocked by water as well. In the end, all they could do was return to the campground and wait for the monsoon to pass.

In the end Maria, Mary and Megan spent a total of twelve days staying at the campground before they could finally get back to the city. By the time they had gotten back to the city, Megan had learned a lot about Maria and Mary. They had explained to her that both of them had met in high school and it was love at first sight. Back in that time, it was a forbidden love that they weren't meant to have. Two women loving each other was seen as being wrong still. In their story they had explained how neither of their respective parents had accepted them as being lesbians and how they had ended up on the streets with nothing but each other. That was why they wanted to help her. They didn't want to see her have to suffer in the way that they did when they were her age.

As the three of them got back to the city and the car started to wind through the streets, Megan felt she needed to ask a question.

"So," Megan asked nervously, "where are we going?"

"Home." Mary said.

"To our home." Maria added.

"You have a home?"


"Oh I assumed..."

"You assumed what?"

"That you were nomads who lived out on the road."

"Oh no we only do that half the year. For the rest of the year we are here in the city looking after our jewellery store... We call it being seasonal nomads."

"I understand."

When the car had pulled into the driveway of the rather well kept home, and the three women had gotten out, Megan wasn't sure what to do with herself. This wasn't her home. Technically, she didn't have a home. She was homeless. The only life she had known was the one with her parents out on the road and now that seemed to be over.

"Is something wrong?" asked Mary.

"I'm... I'm not sure where to go from here." Megan responded. "Well more, I have no place to go."

"Yes you do." Maria stated with a smile.

"We thought that was clear." Mary added.

"I beg your pardon?" Megan asked.

"Until we can help you find your parents and resolve your issues with them, you will be staying with us."

"I can't..."

"Why not?"

"It doesn't feel right."

At that point, Mary and Maria made a few points about why it would be all right, and in the end Megan agreed as she didn't know what else to do and she didn't have the money to do much anyway.


Soon after Megan had attended her first therapy session of the year, Mary and Maria sat her down in her newly decorated bedroom.

"Out on the road," Mary explained, "we have a network of friends."

"This being the modern age," Maria added, "we don't talk via CB's any more. We use the Internet."

"Anyway," Mary continued, "we put out a call to our friends about your parents and we have gotten a lot of responses."

"Okay?" Megan said as she felt a tinge of panic.

"The problem is," Maria said, "they have been sighted all over the place."

"That sounds about right." Megan stated.

Come the following weekend, they got word that the car and van they were looking for had been sighted at a campground just to the north of the city. Knowing that, the three of them headed to the campground, but by the time, they had gotten to it, Megan's parents had already cleared out. It seemed when they saw a police car go past they had fled.

That day Maria and Mary spent a few hours catching up with the people who had given them the lead. Their names were Chris and Julie. They were a pair of real old time grey nomads who had seen every road in the country, be it sealed or made of dirt.

At first, Megan was a little fearful of Chris and Julie. She had suffered some bad experiences at the hands of her parents’ friends who were all husband and wife pairings and over time, she had started to fear such pairings of people. It was needless to say that by the end of that day, Megan’s views on heterosexual couples had changed. She had come to realise that it was only her parents, and her parents’ friends who were toxic. Chris and Julie on the other hand seemed to be the salt of the Earth and having seen that Megan was willing to bet that there were other’s out there like them.

At the end of the day, with no more leads into the location of Megan's parents, the three of them were force to return to the city.

It wasn't long after Maria, Mary and Megan had returned to the city that Maria and Mary noticed a change in Megan's behaviour. What they noticed was that she seemed to go out a lot. At around 9am each weekday morning she would leave the house and not arrive home until about 4pm. While it wasn't that much of a big deal, it did seem a little odd to them as she did claim that she had nowhere to go. If that wasn't a little strange, what happened next was. One day they started to find money placed under the fruit bowl on the kitchen table. Every Saturday morning it would be there and it would always be the same amount.

When Mary and Maria started to speak about the money, the two of them worked out that it must have been coming from Megan. Of course, there was only one way to know for sure and that was to ask.

"Megan," Maria questioned, "do you know anything about the money that keeps appearing under the fruit bowl in the kitchen?"

"I do." Megan responded.

"Care to explain it to us?"

"I managed to get myself a job at a local fast food store. The pay isn't great, but it is enough. I wanted to make sure that while I was living here I had the money for my transition and as well as that I wanted to be able to pay my way."

"You didn't need to do that."

"Yes I did. I don't want to be seen as a slacker who is just living off you. That is the sort of thing my parents would do. Me, I want to be able to pay my own way."

The truth was both Mary and Maria could understand where Megan was coming from. In her shoes, both of them felt they would have done the same. At that point, they decided to accept the money. The thing was they didn't plan to put it into the household budget. What they planned to do was to keep the money and store it away. They knew that for the journey that still lay before Megan she would need a lot of money. They wanted to make sure she had it when she needed it.

Just a few weeks after they had sorted out the matter of the extra money, and soon after another failed search for her parents, Maria and Mary noticed Megan had made two changes to her looks. While one of the changes was small and might have gone unnoticed, the second change was huge and it altered her freckled face totally. The small change was a simple pair of gold studs in her ears, which meant she had gotten her ears pierced. The second of the two changes, the bigger one of them was the fact that she now wore a pair of cat eyeglasses.

"Glasses?" Maria asked.

"Yes," Megan responded, "I've always needed glasses. The thing was I hated the male ones I had, so I never wore them. However with the money from my job, I was able to buy a new set of frames and these were the ones I liked the most."

"Well they are really cute." Mary interjected.

"Thank you." Megan responded as she started to blush.

It was about two weeks after Megan had first come home with the stud earrings that she switched them out for what she called real earrings. Her new earrings were a set of gold hoop ones that were about three inches in diameter, and a little over a centimetre in width. As soon as she started to wear them, Mary and Maria worked out that, it was a look that she had copied from them.


Come the end of April, and they still hadn't had any luck locating Megan's parents. All they seemed to find was the stories left behind about two ghastly people who did appalling things. The most horrible part was that with each passing week the stories seemed to become worse and worse. It quickly reached the point where both Mary and Maria started to think Megan's parents were totally unhinged. That wasn't the only thing they wondered. They also wondered if they should even expose her to her parents after what they had heard. Of course, they had made a promise and until she released them from it, they planned to follow through on it. Luckily, for them, they had noticed that Megan seemed to have lost interest in finding her parents. That was a matter they wanted to speak to her about, but before that, there was a more important conversation that needed to happen first.

On the evening of the second of June, Mary and Maria finally started the conversation that needed to be had.

"We don't want to sound rude," Mary said over dinner, "but you've been wearing those false breasts for over six months..."

"I take them off to shower and sometimes when I sleep." Megan responded.

"That's really not what we are asking..." Maria said, "How are you going with those breasts?"

"Well they are starting to get a little nasty. They no longer stick to me and I have had to use electrical tape to cover up splits in them."

"We mean do you like having breasts that size?" Mary asked.

"I do!" Megan nodded before she started to blush. "I love larger breasts on other women, I can't deny that... However, when it comes to my own body I love the size and shape that these false breasts give me."

"We're glad." Both women said at the same time.

What Megan didn't know was why Maria and Mary had asked that question. She didn't know that they had a very big reason for asking and one that would soon become known. They had found out via the way of doing some research that her birthday was on the sixth of June. As such, they had decided to buy her a gift certificate for her dream breast implants. That way she would be one-step closer to having her dream become a reality.

On the morning of Megan's birthday, Maria and Mary gave her the gift certificate. A few seconds after she had gotten it and when she had worked out what it was, she squealed happily before she thanked both of them for the gift.

It was the following day that Megan quit her job. She didn't just quit it because she wanted to get her breasts done either. The biggest reason she quit was because she had gotten sick of the way that she had been treated by the other staff. Management knew her male name and so did the other staff. Some of them refused to call her by her female name and one manager even wanted her to dress as her true gender -- or what he considered as her true gender. She wasn't having any part of that and when the main manager refused to move her from trial employment to full time staff, she knew it was time to get out.

Just a few days after Megan had quit her job, she booked into the clinic that the gift certificate was for and once some testing was done to make sure that she was suitable, she underwent the operation.

By the start of July, Megan was the proud owner of a set of lovely breasts that she could call her own. In fact for weeks after she was fully healed the smile never left her face. There were even times when Maria and Mary could see her checking herself out. They didn't think she was doing it for any twisted reason. It more seemed to be that she couldn't believe her breasts were really hers so she kept on checking on them.

In the weeks that followed, Maria and Mary noticed a change in what Megan wore. She started to wear slightly tighter and more revealing tops. That was something that they really didn't think was a problem. It was more just the experiments of a young woman who had started to understand that her body looked good enough that it didn't have to be covered up all the time. What they didn't know was how she had gotten the curves she had. Her waist was narrower than that of most women and that made her look very feminine. The thing they didn't know was that she had been wearing corsets since before they had even met her and that had given her the shape they could now see.

Not long after Megan had taken to wearing tops that showed off much more skin, she made another change to her look that really did shock Maria and Mary. One evening when she sat down for dinner, they noticed that she now had gold rings on some of her digits. There was a gold band around her right thumb, one around her right index finger and two gold bands around her right middle finger. When it came to her left hand, she had one gold band around her thumb, one around her index finger and one around her little finger. While none of those rings seemed that shocking, the last set of rings she wore was. On her left ring finger, there was a large diamond ring that was surrounded by two gold bands.

"Megan," Mary said softly, "why are you wearing what looks like an engagement ring and wedding bands?"

"Oh," Megan responded, "when I was younger my grandmother knew the truth about me. She was a lot more accepting of me than my parents were. Anyway, she gave me a whole bunch of her jewellery, because she thought I could make better use of it than she could. Of course, that didn't go to plan and my father started to sell the jewellery to pay for his never-ending thirst for beer. These rings were all I could save and now I am as far along in my transition as I am, I decided to wear them like my grandmother wanted."

"We understand." Maria said.

Having heard that, Mary and Maria's view of Megan's parents dropped to an all-time low. They couldn't understand how anyone could be so horrible to their own offspring and yet at the same time they knew there were some people in the world that really did act like that.


It was a couple of weeks after Megan had started to wear her rings that they half-heartedly resumed the search for her parents. Not that either Maria or Mary believed that Megan's mother and father were worthy of being called her parents.

While the search went on Megan also used her free time to start to look for a new job. She was still of the mind that she didn't want to be a slacker. This time around however, the job search proved to be a lot harder than it had the first time around. To get around the problem with her name that she had in her last job she had managed to apply for a name change, so that she was legally Megan. That meant that some of her government records had been updated to reflect her new name, but at the same time, there were some records that she hadn't gotten around to being able to update or else found she didn't know how to get updated. On top of that, she was a year ten drop out and as such had no university education. Her total lack of any form a vocational training meant she was limited in what she could do.

During Megan's long job hunt, she got the best news she could have gotten. One day she found out that her therapist had signed off on her gender reassignment surgery. When she had shown the letter to Mary and Maria, they could see how happy she was. At the same time, they also saw a touch of sadness in her green eyes.

"Is something wrong, Megan?" Mary asked.

"Are you having doubts?" Maria added.

"Not for a moment!" Megan stated in a commanding tone before her voice got a lot softer. "Sure, I am nervous. Who wouldn't be? I know all about the risks, but I still want to have this operation. I know it is what is right for me."

"So what is wrong?"

"I don't have the money to pay for such an operation."

With that, Maria and Mary turned to each other before they smiled and nodded.

"That is what we are here for" Both women said at once. "We have the money to help you!"

That was the truth. Not only did Mary and Maria still have all the money that Megan had given them as rent or upkeep, but on top of that, they were more than willing to pay the remaining amount out of their own pockets.

When the offer for Mary and Maria to help pay for Megan's gender reassignment surgery had been made, there was little resistance to the idea and Megan had accepted it. Of course, not before she had thanked both the women for helping her in such a way.

Even with the arrangements made, Megan found out that her operation wasn't due to happen until the sixth of November. At that point, she found that she had a very long wait ahead of her. In reality, it was only a couple of months, but for her it felt like years.


Come the middle of October, just weeks out from Megan's operation, Mary and Maria finally had some luck when it came to tracking down her parents. It seemed in an ever-growing list of horrible things they had done, they had been caught trying to syphon fuel from an Ambulance while it was attending an emergency. To cap that off, soon after they had tried that, they had stolen a tank of fuel from a petrol station by filling up and driving off without paying. As punishment, their car and caravan had been impounded and they had both been sent up the river for twenty-eight days.

With Megan's parents having been released from jail that very morning, they would need to get their car and caravan from the impound yard. It was Mary and Maria's idea to confront the two of them before they got into the impound yard. With that in mind, they bundled Megan into their car before they drove down to the impound yard so they could stake it out.

The events of that morning didn't go as one might have expected. As the minutes ticked past it was clear that Megan was becoming more and more uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong, Megan?" Mary asked.

"Why do you ask that?" Megan responded.

"You seem bothered."

"I am... I don't want this!"

"You don't want what?"

"I'm happy in this new life of mine and I finally realise I don't want my old life back. That was my past and I want a new future. I want a better future. I want to move on to a new life where I can be happy as the woman I am. I don't want a life where I am always reminded of the man I was..."

"We fully understand."

With that out the way, Maria and Mary smiled at each other before Maria started the car. It was a few seconds later that their car pulled away from where it was parked and the three of them started the drive home.

In the days after that event, there was a sense of confusion for Megan. She knew that in a roundabout way, Maria and Mary had done what they had promised. They had managed to help her to track down her parents. It was she who had chosen the path she had taken, but she didn't know where that left her. She still felt welcome at the home, but she was scared that she was overstaying her welcome.

It was while Megan was still trying to work out where she stood, because a part of her didn't want to leave, that the household found out that the street they were on had decided to throw a Halloween party.

"We have to admit," Mary said one evening over dinner, "city life has really grown on us now that we have a reason to stay in one place. Maybe this Halloween party is a good way to get to know the people on our street."

"It is nice to have a stable place to live." Megan responded.

That being said, Megan wasn't sure that she had a stable place to live.

"So do you have anything planned?" Maria asked.

"Well," Megan responded, "I have my operation coming up and I was thinking maybe next year I would try to resume my education..."

Upon hearing that both Maria and Mary started to giggle.

"No silly," Maria stated, "we mean for the Halloween party. You are younger than we are. It seems you might have more of an idea of what is expected..."

"Not really," Megan said as she started to blush a little from embarrassment at having said something dumb, "Halloween is kind of new around here."

Thinking for a moment Megan suddenly smiled.

"Maybe the two of you could go as a pair of Mummies and me as their Daughter, all wrapped up in bandages." Megan said mostly as a joke.

In the end Megan's little joke became the costumes that the three of them wore to the Halloween party.

That night as Mary and Maria watched Megan happily mingle with some of the other people who were about her own age, they noticed as she started to flirt with one young woman. The young woman in question had tan skin and wore a sari like a woman from India. What she wore or how she looked wasn't as important as the smile on her red lips, the sparkle in her dark smoky eyes or how receptive she seemed to Megan's flirting. From Mary and Maria's point of view it was almost like watching themselves when they were about the same age.

For ages, Mary and Maria had wondered if Megan was a lesbian like they were. Little things like the way she had looked at their breasts on that first grey day, to the fact she had mentioned that she liked larger breasts on other women, all suggested she might have been a lesbian. What they were seeing seemed to confirm their theory.

"They make rather the cute pair don't they," a warm voice said, "Your daughter and ours?"

As Mary and Maria span around they came face to face with an older woman dressed like a witch who looked like she was from India. Beside her stood a large well-built middle-aged black woman who was dressed like a jungle woman from the old movies.

"I'm Kanchana," the Indian looking woman said, "and this is my wife, Destiny."

"Mary and Maria," Mary said, "and pleased to meet you, but what do you mean our daughter?"

"The cute red head who came with you and is dressed like you -- the one who is flirting with our Cleo, she is your daughter right?"

"Oh! Oh, yes... Yes she is."

With the ice broken the four of them spent about half an hour speaking to each other as they admitted it was nice to know that there was another married lesbian couple on the street. Both couples saw the unhindered interactions of Megan and Cleo as what they were. They were signs that the times had finally changed and there were better days ahead.

Just two days after Halloween and about two days before Megan was due to book into hospital so she could have her operation on the right day, Mary and Maria caught Megan leaving the house around 8pm one evening. On that night, she was wearing a tiny little black dress, shiny stockings and a pair of black heels.

"Where do you think you are going," Mary asked, "and dressed like that?"

"I," Megan responded as she started to blush, "I have a date tonight."

"Really?" Maria asked.

"Yes!" Megan said as she worked out, that there was nothing wrong about what she was doing, "Her name is Cleo, well Cleopatra, but she likes to be called Cleo. I met her at the Halloween party."

"We know," Mary stated, "we met her parents that night as well."

"So can I go?"

"Yes, but with one requirement..."

"I have to be home before midnight or I turn into a football player?" Megan joked.

"No..." Maria said, "If Cleo and yourself are going to have any sort of a relationship you need to be honest with her about who and what you are."

"She already knows the truth. She worked it out before we had started to talk and she even knows I am about to go for my final operation."

"Oh, well have a good night."

Seconds after Megan had exited the house Mary and Maria looked at each other before they giggled and fist pumped the air.


As planned, just a few days after Megan's first date with Cleo she booked into the hospital where she was to have her operation. It was a few days after that when her body had been made ready and she had signed all the forms that she needed to sign, that she nervously went under the knife.

When Megan awoke after the operation was over, there were two things that were clear to Maria and Mary. The first was that she was in some pain, but seeing what had just been done, that was to be expected. The second thing that was clear was that she was really happy. Even at that point in time they could see that she had made the choice that was right for her. Anyone who tried to tell them or her otherwise was just being foolish.

For the first week after Megan's operation, she remained in the hospital. During that time, Maria and Mary visited her every day so she wasn't alone. Cleo visited her on most days and even Cleo's parents visited once. They used that time to meet the woman that their daughter seemed to have fallen head over heels for.

It was in Megan's second week of recovery, when she was back at home, that Maria and Mary decided it was time to have a conversation with her. The conversation they wanted to have was one that made them more nervous than they had been in many years.

"Megan," Mary said, "do you remember the Halloween party?"

"Of course I do." Megan responded.

"Well at that event many of the people there thought that you were, and accepted the idea that you were, our daughter." Maria said.

"And that got us thinking." Mary added.

"Thinking what?" Megan asked.

"We have always wanted a daughter of our own." Maria said. "But it was something we had never found a way to do... Until now."

"We feel like you are part of this family and we would like to make that the case." Mary said with a nervous smile.

"Well," Megan said with a happy smile, "the two of you have been better parents to me than my biological ones, and if you would like it, I would be happy to call the two of you Mum or Mum and Mother..."

At that moment, Mary and Maria breathed a sigh of relief. They were glad that Megan felt the same way that they did.

"We would be honoured if you did that," both women said at the same time, "but we would like to take it one step further. We would like to make it all legal."

"I... Have to admit I am a bit confused on what you mean by that." Megan responded.

"There is a little known legal process known as adult adoption," Mary said, "with your consent we can legally adopt you. You will take on our surname and legally become our daughter."

"We can do that?" Megan said in an excited voice, "I'd be so for that, because I would love to really be able to call the two of you my mothers."

At that point, Mary and Maria hugged Megan as best as they could.

It was only when the long hug was over that Maria spoke.

"We will focus on making this a reality when you are healed enough." Maria said in a very happy voice.


In the end, the adoption came through just before Christmas. That Christmas Mary, Maria and Megan spent their time out at the campground where they had first met. It seemed like the best place in the world for the three of them to celebrate their first Christmas as a real family.

That Christmas morning one of the first things that Megan did was to check her rather new phone. When she did she found a text message from Cleo that spoke about how she was having a great time with her parents, but she really missed Megan. Megan quickly sent back a message that she missed Cleo as well, and her day was just starting but she was sure it was going to be wonderful.

It was during that very happy day that Megan paused for a moment and smiled.

"Mum, Mum," Megan said as she grinned at how easily that rolled off her tongue, "I want to thank you both."

"For what?" asked Maria and Mary.

"For making my wishes come true. I had always wished that I was a female and that I was part of a happy family. Now thanks to the two of you I have both my wishes."

At that moment, Maria and Mary hugged Megan before they spoke.

"You are welcome," Maria said, "but it is us who should be thanking you."

"What, why?" asked Megan.

"We have always wished for a daughter, and now that is what you are." Mary said.

At that point the two very happy new mothers and their joy filled new daughter went off to open their gifts knowing that it was just the start of a wonderful new phase of their lives.


Season’s greetings everybody!

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