Twin Swap Chapter 2

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Twin Swap won the vote so here is chapter 2 of Twin Swap. I'll finish my other story, The Play, after this one. Let me know what you think of it!

I opened my eyes slowly.

I thought I heard something from the other room, what used to be my room and would be again soon enough. I looked at the clock on the desk. 8:00. On a weekend? Maybe I was hearing things.

I laid back down in my new, unfamiliar bed and went back to sleep.

Before I knew it, my eyes were opening again. The clock told me it was 10:34. I guess that was as good a time as any to wake up. I sat up and was immediately stunned by my lack of hair before remembering what had happened last night.

I wondered briefly, if there was something I needed to do in accordance with Mom's rules before going downstairs before deciding I was probably good.

The moment I entered the kitchen I saw saw Mom and my twin in the kitchen.

"Hi Jonathan!" Mom greeted me. "Your sister made you breakfast. She's learning how to cook."

Even though I knew it was coming it was still odd to hear my Mom call me a boys name.

I looked at my brother who was standing on the other side of the kitchen from my Mom wearing a red and white polka dotted apron which covered a tight purple, spaghetti strap shirt which left his pink bra straps exposed. He also wasn't wearing his wig but instead hair extensions that Mom had worked into his normal, floppy, boy-band-like hair.

"Uh I uh, made you eggs" he said awkwardly, gesturing towards to pan he was standing over, with none of his usual swagger or confidence.

"Oh, um, thanks Ty...I mean Tiffany." I said a little stunned.

Tyler went back to the eggs but Mom said "Tiffany!" and he mumbled a "your welcome."

Looking at Tyler more closely I realized that he had clearly been up for some time. His face was fully made up, his eyelashes were long and pretty, his cheeks rosy, and his apron jutted out a bit where a girls breasts would be. So it was Tyler I heard when I woke up at 8. I smiled slightly thinking of Mom doing Tylers makeup and attaching hair extensions at 8am on a Saturday and how miserable that must have made him.

Not that this was great for me. I had to wake up in Tyler's messy, axe body spray scented, style free, dingy, navy blue, room. I had to cut my hair. I had to wear my brothers clothes! But the rather relieved feeling of "this could be a lot worse" that washed over me when his giant list of rules compared to my rather scant one last night returned when I saw him all prettied up and cooking me breakfast. This was annoying, somewhat gross and difficult but it wasn't completely humiliating. Tyler's clothes, while smelling like Tyler, were comfortable and it was a little nice not caring about how I looked for a morning, being able to just walk downstairs in Tyler's T-shirt and flannel pants. Sure I had issues but if it meant having a made up and bra wearing Tyler cooking me breakfast maybe it wouldnt be so bad. My hair, the worst part of this whole thing, would take ages to grow back and I'd have to style it skillfully while it was growing back. School would be awkward and embarrassing but watching Tyler at school might make it worth it. And I still hadn't decided whether or not it was worth it to clean "my" new room if it meant touching Tyler's dirty underwear that he flung on the floor. Was it worse to live surrounded by Tyler's dirty clothes or to touch it all the get it clean?

Either way I was committed to doing a good job of being a boy. Mom told me last night after Tyler stormed out that if we did well she'd take days off, just like if we did poorly she'd add days and I was planning on getting as many days taken off as possible so I could get back to my real life.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a yelp and looked up to see Tyler holding his wrist.

"What happened sweety?" my mom asked swooping in and turning off the stove. "You get burned?"

"I was trying to get the fucking eggs out and my wrist hit the pan!" he howled in pain.

"Oh, that does hurt. But please don't curse, Tiffany! Next time you do that's an extra day. Fix the eggs for your brother while I grab you some ice. And offer him a drink"

As Tyler, on his second attempt, got the eggs out of the pan and on to a plate and slid it unenthusiastically, toward me I noticed his nails were painted a light shade of pink.

"Thanks Tiffany." I said smiling, still slightly baffled at how my Mom was simply treating Tyler like a girl.

"Would you like a drink?" Tyler asked barely opening his mouth, as if it was taking great effort to do so.

"Yeah, could I have some orange juice?" I respond cheerily.

"Sure" he says in what I can tell is sarcasm but he heads toward the fridge anyway.

As he walked to the fridge I notice he was wearing a pair of my shorts, a short, denim pair that showed off his now completely hairless (not that he was the hairiest guy in the worst to begin with) and honestly pretty decent legs.

He pours me a glass and gives it to me.

"Thanks sis!" I say before adding "By the way I love that shade on you."

Tyler gives me a confused look. "What?" he says sounding very much like a boy.

"Your nail polish, its a pretty shade." I pat his hand which is still on the counter. "Its a compliment."

"Oh, thanks, I guess." he said as he removed his apron revealing his breast forms and my mom handed him an bag of ice.

While I didn't want to admit it, Tyler's breast forms put him ahead of me and my small developing breasts, in the cleavage department. One sad fact that I realized last night when putting on Tyler's clothes is that without my padded bra's, my chest could pass for a boy. The fact that having better cleavage than me wasn't a win for Tyler in his book comforted me a little.

"I need to make a few calls in the other room but that I want to talk to you two about this weekend." Mom said, before leaving the room.

I sat their eating while Tyler stood on the other side of the counter, leaning against it looking at his phone, neither of us talking. Tyler's eggs weren't bad. I was actually rather impressed with his cooking and perhaps it was this good will toward him that made me strike up a conversation with him.

"So what do you think Mom is going to say about this weekend?" I asked.

"No clue" Tyler responded without looking up from his phone.

"Sucks, right? This whole thing?" I said awkwardly.

"Yeah, its sucks" Tyler said giving me a glare.

I paused. "You do look really pretty though." I said.

"Gee, thanks." He said not looking at all complimented like he was last night when I said the same thing.

"How was shaving your legs?" I asked.


"Why?" I probed.

"It took forever. Made me feel like a fucking woman" he responded.

"Why is that a bad thing?" I shot back.

"Its not, its just I'm not the kind of guy who is into that. Is that a problem?"

"No, I'm just saying being a woman isn't a bad thing."

"I never said being a woman was a bad thing!" he said, raising his voice in frustration and slamming the bag of ice on the counter.

I couldn't help but notice as we talked how frequently he adjusted his bra. He was constantly adjusting it, moving it around, playing with his straps. It was honestly, as relateable as it was hilarious.

"Calm down, you two!" my mom said reentering the kitchen and sitting next to me as Tyler applied to ice to his wrist once again, "So... our little talk. Basically, I've given you your rules, so you know how I expect you two to conduct yourselves. Now I'm going to explain to you how this weekend is going to work." Tyler and I both looked up, nervously awaiting the guidelines of the weekend.

"Essentially" Mom continued "You are going to do each others activities. So Jonathan you will do what Tyler usually does during an average weekend, and Tiffany, you will do what Jillian does over an average weekend"

Does that mean I'm going to masturbate and play video games?, I thought and I could see by the confused look on Tyler's face that he didn't know what my average weekend consisted of, but Mom immediately answered by internal question.

"So for you, Jonathan, that means on Sunday you are going to go to Tyler's soccer game as Tyler was going to. And for you Tiffany you are going to go to Jillian's Zumba class at noon, then go to cousin Abigail's birthday party at 3 and then tonight at 7 you have to babysit the Graynor's. Then tomorrow you have Jillian's jewelry making class at 1, and at some point you have to post a video to Jillian's youtube channel. I've called everyone to let them know and all the teachers, coaches and Aunt Mary are all ok with it. I've also called your school so that all your teachers will know before you come in on Monday."

I couldn't help but laugh. Tyler immediately complained.

"Zumba? Jewelry making? Wait, why do I have to go to Abigail's birthday party? She's like 8."

"Because Jillian was going to and Abigail really looks up to Jillian. She has two older brothers and loves having a cool female cousin. Plus its good for her to have a positive, young, female role model figure to look up to and Jillian is not currently that... but you are. Besides, its, its a princess party. So you, young lady, are most certainly more welcome than your brother would be. Besides, it not like you'll know any of her friends."

I smiled at hearing Mom call Tyler "young lady" as she sometimes called me but felt a sudden pang of guilt when thinking about missing Abigail's party. I loved Abigail and was looking forward to her birthday. She was really sweet girl who did look up to me and I felt bad that I wouldn't be there for her on her birthday. I put this in the back of my mind however, when I thought of the reaction of our other cousins, Abigail's older brothers, Carter and Gabe, when they saw "Tiffany."

Tyler rolled his eyes angrily. "Babysitting?" he asked. "Really?"

"Relax!" Mom said. "That's easy. And you'll get paid for it!"

Again I felt a little sad. Tyler was doing all my activities. I sometimes babysat the Graynor kids at night when their parents wanted to go out. They had two sons who were both sweet kids. They usually gave me about $40, $40 that would now be going to Tyler.

"Whatever." he said, realizing that one wasn't worth complaining about. "But how can I post a video on Jillian's YouTube channel? Its her thing!"

I was actually really proud of my YouTube channel. I'd do makeup tutorials with my friends and give fashion tips online. I had just over 2000 subscribers and my top video had over 300,000 views. In fact, one of my top viewed videos was a video where I dressed up Tyler like a girl. I had put him in a dress of mine and a cute skirt with a top and he had acted like a total boy, goofing off by twerking, doing fake sexy stuff and doing stupid impressions of a girl but I got tons of views and lots of my subscribers commented on how "cute" he was. It was pretty hilarious. I looked at him pouting now. While I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of female Tyler doing a make up tutorial or fashion video I hated the idea of Tyler screwing it all up.

"You can say your her cousin and you're going to be doing a few videos for her." Mom responded. "Tyler's cousin is how Jonathan is being introduced to your soccer team."

I wondered if my subscribers would recognize Tyler before deciding they wouldn't. Tyler hadn't even worn a wig in the video I did of him. He was clearly still a boy in girls clothes in that and he looked nothing like a boy now.

"Uch fine. Honestly what kind of maniac does all this shit on the weekend."

"I do!" I said defensively.

"Honestly how are you gonna play for me. You don't even play soccer. Your probably make us lose and then the whole team will blame me for not being able to play and then I'll have let the team down."

"Um Mom," I ask, ignoring Tyler's bratty comment "What else should I do this weekend, besides the soccer game?"

"Whatever you like." Mom answered. "Within the rules of course. Of course you can't go to the mall with your normal friends or do your typical hobbies but feel free to enjoy yourself. You have a good deal of free time and I'm going to be busy with your sister." She turned to Tyler "which reminds me, you need to get dressed for Zumba."

"I have literally no idea what that means." he responded flatly.

"Zumba" Mom explained "Is like exercise through dance. Its a fitness program, you go to the class and the teacher does dance moves and you... its self explanatory once you get there. You'll need to wear athletic gear."

"Finally!" he sighed as he left the room but I knew he wouldn't be happy when he saw the athletic gear I wore to Zumba.

I couldn't help but peel into laughter when he came downstairs wearing one of my sports bras, my pink Zumba tank top, black leggings, my sneakers and with his hair extensions in a high ponytail.

"You look good Sis!" I call. "Seriously, its a good thing you're feet are so little and dainty that you can fit in my sneakers!" I say, looking at my light blue New Balances and thinking him calling me a maniac a few minutes earlier. I actually have rather big feet for a girl my age so it makes sense that a boy Tyler's size can it in my shoes but I didn't want him to know that.

"Shut up!" he shot back, grabbing my purple and black gym bag and storming out of the room as Mom called for him but walked back in a few seconds later.

"Mom says we have to switch phone cases."

He popped him plain black case off and handed it to me. I popped off my purple sequined case and handed it to him.

"Now your phone is as pretty as you are!" I teased. He gave me the finger as he left.

I watched Mom and Tyler walk to the car.

Suddenly, I was home alone. Mom and Tyler wouldn't be back for at least an hour because Tyler would probably need the shower before Abigail's birthday party. I was tempted to run up to my, I mean Tiffany's room and grab some of my old clothes but thought better of it. Tyler's clothes were comfortable and I didn't want to risk anymore days as "Jonathan" so I decided to enjoy my time off and watch some TV.

I turned on the TV and watched a few episodes of "New Girl" before I heard the door open and saw my now sweaty brother (or should I say sister) walk into the kitchen. He headed straight for the fridge, not saying a word to me, and chugged an entire bottle of water.

"How was Zumba, Tiff?" I called without getting up from the couch.

He didn't respond.

I sat up to look at him. I suddenly smiled. I had come into the kitchen after Zumba countless times to find Tyler lying on the couch. Now, he was the one in a sweaty sports bra gulping water, while I was still in my pajamas in the afternoon.

"How was Zumba," I lowered my voice and whispered "Ty?"

"Fucking terrible." he said, still not looking at me but answering to his male name. "How the fuck do you do that every weekend? Why would anyone want to do that ever?"

"I guess someones not in as good shape as she thought she was." I say smiling when he shoots me a look for calling him a she.

"I'm in great shape. That shit's just stupid. I can run and stuff I just can't... like... what is that even like... who dances in place and does weird movements like that for so long?"

"I do. And now" I said poking his shoulder "you do too, Tiffany."

He rolled his eyes. "What'd you do?" he asked without sounding interested.

"Watched TV." I said casually. "It was great but it actually got kind of boring after a while."

I suddenly had a thought. "Hey, what do you do on the weekends when I'm off at my classes and stuff." I didn't want to do all Tyler's boy activities but I might as well find out what he did all day.

"I dont know. Chill with friends," well I wasn't going to "chill" with Tylers friends "watch TV" already done "play video games. I was gonna go to Scott's today until all this happened. Why?"

"No reason," I lied. Maybe I should try playing Tyler's video games? Or was that weird? "Hey can I ask you a favor?" I said, trying to move on.

"I gotta shower." He said, closing the fridge.

"Right!" I said smiling. "Tiffany's gotta get her princess on!"

"Fuck you!" he retorted.

"I was kidding!" I said trying to sound playful. "But seriously I want to talk to you about the party. Please try to be cool at it. I really feel bad about not going and Abigail really does look up to me."

"Did you think I wasn't going to be cool? What did you think I was going to do? Throw cake at her?" he asked dryly.

"No, of course not! I'm just saying, its like Mom said, try to be a good cousin cause she does like having a female cousin who, you know, plays with her and stuff and I dont know, just make her birthday fun. The way I would."

He looked at me blankly.

"Like if I was going to Hayden's birthday I'd run around and play sports with him and stuff" I said referencing our 6 year old next door neighbor who adores Tyler. "So just do the equivalent of that. Pleeeease."

"I'm not going to be doing my nails with her and stuff." he said giving me an annoyed look. "She probably wouldn't even want me to. All her friends are gonna be there. I'm just gonna sit there. I'm not gonna be a fucking asshole but I'm not going to do anything. I don't have to do."

"THAT'S 18 DAY'S TIFFANY! NO CURSING!" Mom shouted from the other room. "HAVE YOU SHOWERED YET?"

"NO! I'M ABOUT TO!" Tyler shouted back.

"Wait, did she say 18?" I asked following him upstairs. "Weren't you at 16?"

"I, I got another day added." he responded slowly.

"Whoah, why?" I smiled "What'd you do Ty... C'mon tell me. I'll tell you if I ever get a day added."

Tyler took a deep breath as he walked into his room, my old room and turned around.

"You can't make fun of me, ok?"


"I, I didn't bring your deodorant. I brought my own. Mom said it was weird and she made a whole thing about getting me this." He held up a stick of degree girls deodorant.

I bit back a smile and said nothing as Tyler turned away from me, annoyed, and took his tank top off, so he was only wearing his sports bra and leggings, tossed it on the floor and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

I left my old room and walked into my new room, Tyler's room. I took a deep breath. I couldn't keep living in Tyler's room as Tyler kept it. The time had come. I had to start the cleanup.

I started with his desk which was covered in papers, books, and old sports magazines. I even found a book report he wrote in 4th grade! I threw all his papers into a box and, rather kindly, organized all his papers from this year by class. I put all his books on his near empty shelf and organized his magazines but threw out the porn I found among the the ESPN magazines.

"Ok honey, I'm taking Tiffany to the party now" Mom said sticking her head in my room. "What are you doing?"

"I'm organizing Tyl...I mean my room." I said. "I'm just not the kind of person who can live in a messy room."

"Oh, ok." she said smiling. "Feel free to do whatever you want but don't throw out any of his stuff."

"Ok, I didn't!"

"Will you be home when we get back?"

"Yeah probably. I don't know what else I'd do."

"Ok, well I'll see you then."

I got back to the room. Once I finished the desk I changed his/my sheets, really something I should have done last night, and organized his closet, which was literally overflowing with stuff. When I opened it I got hit in the head by a plastic baseball bat. Tyler didn't have a walk in closet like I do but he still had plenty of closet space. After I finished the closet I started to organize his clothes by color before realizing that I was procrastinating. I turned my attention to the clothes on the floor, knowing what I had to do.

I started with what I found the least gross, picking up his baseball caps and then sweatshirts. I progressed to T-shirts which i put directly in the laundry and then pants and shorts. I sighed looking at the floor, now clearer but adorned with some 7 pairs of dirty underwear and dozens of socks. I took a deep breath and picked up a first pair, a blue American Eagle pair and threw it in the hamper. I grabbed another pair and repeated. Soon all that was left were the socks which I grabbed all at once and dumped in with the rest of the dirty clothes.

Feeling dirty, I changed my T-Shirt, into a shirt with Harvard Soccer across the chest in crimson letters, and looked around at my work, pleased before turning my attention to Tyler's PS4. Tyler and his friends would literally play it for hours and I'd never played it. Not once. Should I try it?

I walked over and turned it on and looked at Tyler's shelf of games, the one area in his room he seems to have kept organized. I decided to start with the game he had in the machine already, a soccer game. It was pretty fun. I played as France and won twice before deciding to move on. I looked at some of his shooting games and landed on Halo 5. I had no idea what the first 4 Halo's were about but decided to give it a try. It was pretty simple and enjoyable. This was pretty fun.

"FUCK YEAH" I screamed killing an enemy chopper before, realizing how much I sounded like Tyler all of a sudden, I decided to move on to a different game.

Mario Cart 8 was more my kind of thing. It was easy, self explanatory and fun! I came in first time after time after time unlocking new characters and courses. It didn't look like Tyler had played this game much.

After finishing in the top three for a 12th straight race I heard the car driving up the drive way. Not having talked to anyone for almost over two hours I decided to go downstairs.

I ran into Tyler coming up the stairs. "Hey, how was the party?"

He looked up at me and glared at me.

His face was covered in makeup, not pretty makeup, makeup that looked like it was done by an 8 year old girl. His ponytail was gone and his hair was down and he had glitter all over his face, hands and clothes.

He pushed past me without saying anything. I continued downstairs.

"How'd it go?" I asked Mom. "Badly?"

My mom looked at me. "No, it wasn't terrible. It could have gone better I guess. But Abigail was happy and your sister was very popular with Abigail and all her friends. They all thought she was a girl. She's just upset because the girls made her wear a princess dress and did her makeup and Carter and Gabe found it funny. They were teasing her a little. But really it was this incident at the end when the girls were leaving and one of the girls was the sister of a girl Tyler knew, I mean Tiffany knew" she said catching herself, "from school. The girl was there to pick up her sister and saw him and I don't know. He reacted badly. I think she said she didn't know he liked that kind of thing and took a picture. He locked himself in the bathroom."

"Oh." I said torn between thinking it was funny and thinking it was sad. "Who was the girl?"

"Jessica something?"

"Jessica Chandler?" I asked.

"Yeah that was it."

Jessica Chandler was one of the prettiest girls in school. Tyler had had a crush on her for over a year and I knew she had just broken up with her boyfriend. There was also a rumor that she thought Tyler was cute, which I couldn't understand but had heard from multiple people and since hearing it I had noticed Tyler brushing his floppy hair for a few minutes before school in the morning. At the time I thought it was pathetic but now I felt bad for Tyler.

"Oh and we're going to their house for dinner next Sunday so don't make any plans."

"Ok." I then thought about it and laughed even though I didn't love the idea of Uncle Jeff, Aunt Mary, Carter, Gabe and Abigail seeing me as a boy. "I'm not going to be making very many plans over the next 13 days, Mom." I reminded her.

Mom smiled slightly and laughed.

I went back upstairs and paused at Tyler's door which was open a crack. Feeling sympathetic, I decided to go in, gently pushing it open as I entered. Tyler was seated at the vanity, in nothing but a bra and leggings, scrubbing his face with makeup remover. He turned when I walked in.

"Get the fuck out!"

His face was mostly makeup free but still had some glitter on it.

"Ok. Ok. I just wanted to say. Mom told me what happened and I thought if you wanted I could talk to Jessica for you. Explain what happened. If you want." I said heading towards the door.

"There's nothing you can do." he said turning back to the mirror.

"Well if you want I can try."

He looked at me.

"You're enjoying this aren't you."

I decided to be honest. "Kind of, yeah. But I also feel bad for you."

He snorted. "You're full of shit. Get the fuck out, asshole"

"Whatever" I said, annoyed. "I won't help you, you bitch! I'll just tell you its cute how you match your bra to your panties like a basic bitch. Pink is really your color! Have fun babysitting tonight, Tiffany!"

I left, irritated. Why did he have to be such a dick when I was trying to help him. It was a little ironic though, because usually I called him an asshole and he called me a bitch. Now he was the bitch and I was the asshole. I went back into "my" room and got back to Mario cart. I didn't even realize I had been playing for 3 hours when Mom knocked on my door.

"Jonathan? Are you awake?"


She opened the door.

"Wow! Your room looks great!" she said smiling.

"Thanks" I said. "I worked hard on it!"

"Well I was just wondering what you wanted for dinner." she asked.

"Um whatever you want is fine." I said. "Is Ty...Tiffany eating with us?"

"No she's eating at the Graynors. She seemed a little better when I drove her over there." Mom responded. "I was thinking we could order in some sushi and watch a movie. Have some mother-son time."

I hadn't really heard Mom call me her son, yet. I didn't really mind it. It sounded kind of strange in an absurd kind of way.

"Sure. That sounds great. Just let me finish this race."

Dinner was fun. I actually forgot about the whole punishment until after I was done Mom commented on how much I ate and called me "a growing boy." I laughed.

About an hour later Tyler came in. He was wearing black leggings and a lose long sleeve, pink brand Victoria Secret shirt. I recognized it as the first Victoria Secret shirt Mom let me buy.

"You're back!" Mom exclaimed. "How did you get home?"

"Mr Graynor gave me a ride." Tyler responded.

"How was babysitting?" Mom asked as he walked into the living room.

"Fine, mostly, I guess." he said plopping down on the couch on Mom's other side. "The kids were fine mostly besides..." he stopped and gave me a look.

"Just say it!" I said rolling my eyes slightly annoyed that he was interrupting my time with Mom. "What, do you want me to leave so you can gab to mom in private? You need mother-daughter time?"

"Be nice, Johnny," Mom scolded.

"Whatever" he said moving on. "It was fine besides Drake Graynor staring at my panties cuz he could see them through my leggings and taking a picture of my butt." his voice got lower as the sentence went on as if he was half trying to whisper and half trying to sound manly. "And then trying to kiss me." he finished.

"He what?" Mom said, stunned.

"Its not a big deal. He's only 10. I told his parents. Don't be weird about it."

I felt a little bad for Tyler. Bad, but not terrible. After all, I'd dealt with Drake Graynor's 10 year old boy brand of pervyness countless times and it was mostly inoffensive. I've dealt with a lot worse from boys my age. Heck, I'd seen Tyler and his friends do worse. But I understood why it would be off putting for him.

"Wait did the Graynor's not know that you were you?" I asked Tyler.

"I told Mark and Julie to tell the kids that it was your cousin Tiffany." Mom said a little defensively.

"It was fine." Tyler mumbled. "Don't get worked up about it."

"Yeah, honestly Drake is always like that with me." I said. "He's only 10. He's harmless. I just didn't realize Drake would find Tyler's butt so alluring."

"Tiffany" Mom corrected me.

"Right, Tiffany's butt so alluring."

"Can you guys stop talking about my butt?" Tyler asked with annoyance in his voice.

Mom laughed. "Of course sweety. Want to watch the end of the movie with us?"

Tyler sighed. "Sure what are you watching?"

"Transformers." I responded.

Tyler sat back on the couch and Mom put her arm around him and pulled him toward her so that his head was on her shoulder. She did the same with me a few seconds later.

"This is nice." she said smiling. "I've got my little boy on one side" she squeezed my shoulder, "and my little girl on the other." she squeezed Tyler's.

I laughed. Even Tyler smiled.

When the movie was over me got up and went to our rooms, me to the navy blue one and Tyler to the pink one.

As I crawled into bed I couldn't help but think Tyler's boyish navy blue room didn't look half as awful and dingy as it did that morning. Maybe these two weeks wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

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