Strange Attraction

Serina cursed. That was all she was doing lately. Cursing her luck, the station she was stranded on, and the bastard who put her there. She plopped down on her usual spot at the bar and cursed that she even had a usual spot.

She ordered the synthetic stuff someone liberal might name coffee and took a look at her pad. There's got to be work out there for her. She was a god damn pilot. Not one of those hot-headed fighter pilots. No. Big starships. That’s her size. Flying those for ten years should account for something, right? Not out here in the fringe of the universe. There weren’t a lot of freighters finding their way out of here. And even rarer was one that looked for a new pilot to hire.

Nevertheless, she started her pad and looked at the inserts. To her surprise there even was one. She quickly opened it and studied the details. Captain for a small freighter was needed. Pilot license? Check. That freighter wasn’t even above one hundred tons. A piece of cake for her. Knowledge of trading? Well, she had some basic courses about it, when she was at the Perusian navy academy. So that sort of count, right? Next was basic engineering. Serina grew up in a small mining colony in the outer belt of a star system. If you didn’t know how to fix something in an emergency you were pretty much dead.

The last point was males preferred. What bullshit was this? She pulled the details of the person who issued the insert. Flare Ardonisian. Seventy-five years old, but looked like in her early twenties on her profile picture. Gender female. Species Incubus.

Serina rolled her eyes. There were no female Incubus. The whole race was genetically engineered and was male only. Just like all Succubus were female. And that was what Flare was. A Succubus. Some hick on the station must have messed up. Not that surprising on a rustbucket of a station in the outer rim. So Flare was a Succubus. Of course, that explained the male preferred part of the insert. Half of their bodily needs came from orgasmic energy released when they had sex with a male.

Serina wanted to dismiss the insert, but couldn’t afford to do it. She was running low on funds and this was the first insert in a month. Not counting the inserts like pest control and hull cleaning duties. Stuff she currently did to stay afloat. Serina needed the job to finally get off this poor excuse of a starbase. It looked like Flare had to live without a boy-toy on her travels. The hard part was to get her to acknowledge that.


Serina kicked the rat aside. One might think a space station would be free of such pests. Not by a long shot. She made her way into the D-arm of the station. Not a good sign. It was the most run-down part of it. Here the docking fee was the lowest. That told her a lot about the owner of the freighter. Her would-be boss.

Making her way past junk and pests she finally saw port number twelve. She buzzed the visitor's alarm and then waited. A long time. Now and then she had to kick away rats. No, her boots weren’t a good place to mate. When the airlock door finally opened Serina had to stifle a laugh.

Succubus. Desire and allure personified. If that was the truth then clearly Flare hadn’t gotten the memo. She looked like she came just out of bed. And not in a good or sexy way.

“Yes?” came the sleepy question of the shipowner.

“I am here for the job offer,” replied Serina with a cheery smile.

“But you are a woman,” came the somewhat slow comeback from Flare.

“The ad said male preferred. Not that women can’t apply. May I come in?”


Serina used her best poker face to not appear grinning like a cat that had caught a mouse. So far Flare appeared to be a pushover. Which suited Serina just fine.

Inside the freighter looked okay. Not the clean standard she was used to by the Perusian Navy. But far from negligent too. Given that Flare looked out of energy it explained the surroundings. Just the bare minimum was done to conserve energy. Her last trust with a male must have been a while ago.

Both sat down in a small kitchen area. Serina decided to remain in the offense. She took out her pad and pushed it over.
“Those are my credentials,” Serina said confidently.

Flare took her time reading it. Logically she knew that Flare was only so slow because of an energy deficient. Still, she had to keep herself from drumming her fingers on the table.

“You worked for ten years in the Perusian navy?” was the first question.

“Yes. At first not voluntary. I was conscripted when I was sixteen. By the time my mandatory time was up I had secured a good position as a freighter pilot. So I extended my contract. Till recently that was okay. Then the war ended the bad way. I thought the rim is a better place than a Draconian prison cell or labor camp.”

Of course, not all of it was true. She was stuck here because her former captain saw a future as a pirate. Everyone that disagreed landed in the airlock. Thankfully one connected to the rustbucket of a station she currently was hard pressed to call home.

“You trained as a technician on your home station and reached the third rank before your conscription?” was Flare next question.

Serina could hear the doubt. After all, she made it up. Sure she did repairs and stuff. Everyone did. There wasn’t even a proper technician staff on the station. Luckily researching it, if she said was true, would prove futile. Her once home now deep in occupied space.

“Ah yes. My birthplace is a little behind on standards and norms. My technical know-how was enough to get me conscripted in the first place.”

Flare nodded and Serina knew the job was as good as in her pocket.

“The credentials look sufficient, however, I wonder. Did you check my profile? Are you sure you are comfortable working with someone of my species?” Flare asked in doubt.

“Of course, I have checked. I do not hold any reservations,” Serina assured her.

A moment later they shook on it. Serina had a new job. As suspected she was to take over all jobs aboard the ship. In turn, she received a generous salary.


Serina stood up and stretched herself. Finally, she could fly again. This time pretty much on her own terms. The course was locked in and Serina had some time. Time best spent to get some coffee.

So far her job had been easy. Flare had some regular customers, who didn’t mind waiting on their goods a little longer than usual. Usually, Flare would slowly make her round through a dozen star systems. With plenty of breaks mid-flight as her energy depraved body couldn’t stay concentrated for long. Now that Serina was aboard additional jobs might be on the horizon. She herself had so far to oversee the loading of goods and the departure from the station. Flare was usually in her cabin or did her best impression of a living vegetable in the small common area.

Today was no different. Flare had fallen asleep on the kitchen table. Her hair nicely framed her serene face. It wasn't the classical beauty one might expect from a Succubus. Her features were little too pronounced and hard. It also might have been looking better if not a few strands of her hair would lay on a nearby plate with some specks of food left on it. Besides her hand was a pad. Maybe some romance novel. Did Succubus’s read romance novels? Serina wasn’t sure.

While the food processor prepared a fresh squeeze bag of coffee, Serina put away the dirty plate and secured the pad. They had artificial gravity, but emergency evasion maneuvers weren’t that uncommon. A loose object could be deadly and a dead employer couldn’t pay her. So Serina reached around Flare waist and pulled the belt out. A moment later she was secured.

Close as she was Serina had a good close-up view of Flare face. Kind of cute and very serene. A little more angular than she had expected of Succubus. Nonetheless, she was a sleeping beauty waiting to be awoken by the kiss of a prince. Or more likely a hard fucking, her naughty mind added. For a moment Serina was lost in thought. Wondering how Flare's lips would taste.

The beep from the food processor broke her trance. Flustered she stepped back and grabbed the squeeze bag of coffee. What was wrong with her? Shaking her head Serina headed back to the cockpit.


Serina cursed silently and looked yet again over her shoulder. No Flare in sight. Not that Serina expected her to show up. She was sleeping soundly at the kitchen table. After two weeks Serina knew that this spot seemed to be Flare's favorite spot. Still, Serina couldn’t shake her paranoia.

Again she looked at the small fabricator in the maintenance bay. Of course, she was allowed to use it. Just not for this purpose. Serina had carefully hacked the fabricator that its current project wasn’t written in its protocol. After all “Vibrator model fast rabbit mk4” was not a replacement part of the ship. Nonetheless, Serina figured she had a right to get this small, but essential, tool. After all, it was Flare fault. Her and her stupid pheromones. After two weeks they really had wrecked Serina's libido out of balance.

Serina had never before worked with a Succubus. Her logic had told her it would be fine. Their pheromones were aimed at men. She should be immune. Her recent spike in masturbation proved her wrong. Somehow it affected her. Made her horny all the time. Usually, her hands did just fine to relieve the tension. Not today. Today she needed something to fill her up. To plug the hole of need between her legs.

Finally, the fabricator was done. Serina quickly snatched her ill-gotten goods and stormed to her cabin. There were some hours till the next course correction had to be done. Time she could fill to finally tame that rampant arousal.


Serina got up and stretched her limbs. She just had three hours behind her of navigating the freighter out of the busy Rugat system. Someone had messed up the flight routes and Serina nearly had a collision. Well, "collision" was a relative term as both ships passed each other with several hundred kilometers distance.

Time to get some coffee. She had earned it. Maybe even a quick break with Mister Bunny, her trusty vibrator. That she might have earned too.

Leaving the small bridge she saw Flare passed out in the kitchen area. Now she knew Mister Bunny would see action. Silently cursing she stepped closer. Once again switching on the coffee brewer.

Soon the smell of coffee filled the air. It had to battle for dominance against Flare's perfume. At least Serina thought it was Flare's perfume. Maybe it was her normal body odor. For all Serina knew it could be that every Succubus smelled like this. Very flowery. Yet there was an undertone of something musky. It reminded Serina of men who had just worked out.

It intrigued Serina to no end, but she knew better than to ask. Her employer might not like her snooping. Flare struck her as a very private person. She snorted. Private being relative as Serina found her often passed out in the communal area.

Serina tore her eyes away from her employer long enough to spot something curious. Flare's pad was unlocked. It meant Flare hadn't been sleeping for long and the pad hadn't locked itself yet. She really shouldn't but Serina couldn't help to sneak a peek.

Clothes. The catalog of a big local manufacturer. Not really surprising. The articles Flare had marked were. If Serina would have to sum them up in one word she would have chosen "cute". Now that she thought about it, Flare didn't dress like she had imagined Succubus would dress. Not sexy. More on the casual side. Serina rather liked Flare's fashion sense. Well, everything but the puffed up shoulder pads she liked to wear. Though now that she saw Flare's marked items she wondered how Flare would look in them.

Well, she wouldn't find out unless Flare would order them and Serina could hardly encourage her. Not without revealing her snooping. Putting down the pad she pushed it to the original position. That brought Serina close to Flare and once again she was stuck paralyzed by her beauty.

Again the impulse to kiss her coursed through Serina's veins. Like gravity, she was pulled closer. Serina's lips touched Flare's. Tasted the silky smoothness.

Flare stirred and Serina quickly stepped back. Possibly caught in the act.

"Hmm. What?" Flare sleepily asked.

Serina revised her previous assumption. Tousled bed hair could look sexy. Especially on Flare. She made it work with ease. Provided her hair hadn't lain in food for hours.

Blushing Serina looked away. Had Flare noticed the kiss? She wasn't sure. Hastily she cobbled a story together.
"Coffee. Break. I mean I wanted to do a small break. I saw you sleeping and did check on you. You often forget to secure yourself."

Flare looked down and saw her belt was indeed buckled. "I thought I had."

"Normally," Serina quickly added. "I just made sure it was properly. And. Oh yeah, you didn't secure your pad." Serina turned around. Mostly to hide her blushing. "Anyway, I am taking my break now."

She had barely made a few steps when Flare's voice stopped her. "Serina?"

"Yes," she asked while cringing.

"You forgot your coffee," Flare remarked.

Serina silently cursed herself. "Ah. Yes. I am a little scatterbrained today," she explained with a nervous laugh. Hurrying to the coffee brewer she filled her squeeze bag.

Then she nearly ran to her cabin. Closing the door she leaned against it and let the squeeze bag fall to the floor. Coffee was the furthest from her mind right now.

Her eyes darted around the room till she saw Mister Bunny, her vibrator. Peeling off her uniform she desperately grasped for the sex toy. Plunging it into her as soon as she hit her bunk. As she steadily neared towards her climax pictures dominated her mind. Flare in cute dresses. It was all that Serina needed to reach a shattering orgasm.

Panting she caught her breath. Not enough. She needed more. More Flare. To know that the target of her desire was just on the other side of the door fueled Serina's arousal. Soon she was on her way to her second orgasm and she knew it wouldn't be the last before she could end her break from work.


It was good to stretch her legs a little. While she could do that on the ship there wasn't much space to really walk around. Now Serina was walking around in a bazaar on Ceti Beta Six and enjoyed the fresh air. It had been years since she had last set foot on a planet.

Best of all on her little excursion was that the air was fresh. No pheromones of Flare around. For once she could live a moment without imagining having sex with Flare. To tear her clothes off and have her way with her. Blushing Serina shook her head. So much for not thinking about having sex with Flare. There must be still some pheromones on her clothes, she told herself. Because if she daydreamed about Flare without them, then ... Pheromones for sure. How they managed to cling to her after two decontamination was beyond Serina. But it had to be them.

To distract herself Serina threw herself with new vigor into exploring the market. Nothing caught her eye that she might need. Most vendors displaying perishable goods or clothes unsuited for living in a spaceship. Which was too bad as some looked intriguing. She bet those silken scarfs would look good on Flare. Shaking her head she moved on just to see several skirts. Those looked good. Serina could envision Flare wearing one of these. Making little twirls to send the skirt flying. And if the gravity generator of the ship would fall out maybe the skirt would lift up and ...

Blushing Serina hurried on. Finding a market stall that sold jewelry just to envision Flare again while wearing them. "This was not fair," Serina thought while making her way through the bazaar. It was her hard earned cash and thanks to those stupid pheromones all Serina could think about was spending it on Flare. Fuming she fought her way out of the market, but despite her best efforts, when she exited she had a gift for Flare under her arm.

On the long ride up the space elevator, Serina had time to cool down. Maybe she had overreacted a little. After all, it wasn't Flares fault that she emitted those pheromones. No-one can decide as what they are born. But clearly, those pheromones were getting to Serina. Maybe there were some air filters or similar that could provide some relief. She hoped there were as she had noticed that they slowly effected her more and more.

Arriving at the freighter she noticed the familiar smell of Flare's pheromones and perfume. Despite everything, she had missed it, as it somehow smelled like home. She did not have to look long for Flare, as she was passed out at her usual spot. The kitchen table in the common area.

Or so she thought because as she turned around to head to her cabin, Flare's voice surprised her. "Welcome back. How was your trip?"

Looking back Serina saw Flare in her usual glory. With tangled messy hair, sleepy looking up from the spot behind the kitchen table.

"Was okay," Serina mumbled. Her trembling fingers tightened on the small box she was carrying. "I got a gift for you."

"A gift?"

"I saw something that might look good on you," Serina lame.

Flare started to unpack the gift. Too slowly as Serina's nerves felt like under a current. Eager to find out how Flare would judge her gift.

"An Alice band?" Flare asked as she removed the ornate piece of metal.

"Well. I thought it might keep your hair out of your food," Serina lamely explained.

"How do I look?" Flare asked after donning the Alice band.

"Cute," Serina managed to say and then Flare smiled at her. Further words eluded Serina. No matter how hard she grasped at them.

"I've got to see," Flare announced and stood up. Midway to her cabin she turned around and skipped over to Serina. "Thank you," she said before giving Serina a small kiss on the cheek.

A moment later Serina was alone. Her seemingly petrification lasted a few more seconds before she burst into her own cabin. Eager to combat some recently build up stress.


Bodies closely entwined. Hot lips pressed at each other. Moaning of two women in heat. Flare's face speaking of passion.

Serina woke up with a start and cursed like the sailor she was. It had happened again. Another wet dream involving Flare. She still was wet and needy. Fishing for Mister Bunny, she finished it. Satisfied she let the vibrator roll away. It had only helped slightly. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she was horny again.

Of all the things she cursed her own stubbornness was at the top of the list. She should have quit her job at the last port. But no she had to stay. The pay was too good. At least that was what she told herself. It was her stubbornness. Nothing more, right? Certainly not Flare.

She had never been into women. Not much into men either. She simply didn’t tick that way. But two month of Flare pheromones had screwed her sense of what was hot or not. Serina’s world had been turned upside down. She needed a shower. A nice cold shower. That would do her good.

She grabbed a towel and headed out of her cabin. Only to stop before the door to the only shower the ship had. Serina heard the stream of water. Just her luck. Flare's timing was perfect to throw yet another monkey wrench between Serina’s legs.

She knew she should turn away. Instead, her mind drifted off. It would be easy. So easy. She could slip in. Surprise Flare. Plant some kisses and grab at her with need. All too so easy. Nothing stopping her from open the door. Let her towel slip to the floor. Step into the torrent of water. See Flare surprised face.

Serina blinked. This was no daydream. She stood beside Flare. Her breathing heavy with arousal. She couldn’t hold back anymore. Serina’s lips found those of Flare and she pushed and pulled with desperate need. Only a heartbeat later Flare responded in kind. A needy hand caressed Serina’s breast. She would have minded. A few months back. Not now. Reservations be damned. Her hands found the small magnificent orbs on Flare. Played with them. Teased them.

Something hard hit Serina between her legs. Not painful but noticeable as it poked her belly. She knew the feeling. Looking down she saw a hard stiff dick. It belonged to Flare. Serina didn’t care. Her need and instinct took over. She grabbed the rod and guided it into her. She moaned like a savage as the enormous girth filled her completely. Grunting in ecstasy as it pushed in and out of her. It didn’t take long before Serina exploded in an never before reached orgasm.

If Flare had noticed she didn’t let it known. Unrelenting she pushed in and out. Fueled the flames of Serina’s arousal yet again. She could feel another orgasm building and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. Not for some hours.


Serina woke on silken bed sheets. Definitely not hers, she decided. When she opened her eyes Serina saw Flare besides her. Studying her with tension and curiosity.

“Here is another thing I would never have thought possible. You studying me sleeping. Isn’t that my role,” Serina jibed with a lazy, but honest smile.

“Maybe,” Flare admitted and turned away flustered.

Serina’s eyes followed her lover's contours. The sensual lines she had explored in the many hours before.

“I think I love you,” slipped Serina’s mouth. But once said she knew it was true.

“Do you?” Flare asked. She turned back to Serina and she saw tears streaming down Flare’s face. “Do you really? I heard hundreds of women utter those words. It was never real. All they wanted was this.” She pointed angrily at the penis between her legs.

“You mean your pheromones? That you are a Succubus? I admit I have never heard of a male Succubus before,” Serina quietly admitted.

Flare face turned to shock and confusion. “I am not a Succubus. I thought you have read my profile. Serina, I am an Incubus!”

Serina crooked an eyebrow. “Oh? In that case, I never knew that there are female Incubus. I read the profile. I thought it was a mistake of some overworked office drone.”

Flare laughed. Not for long as it slowly turned to crying. Tears streamed down her face and Serina wiped them away.
“What is wrong? Tell me,” she urged Flare.

“There are no female Incubus. I am transgendered Serina. Me. Transgendered. What a cosmic joke. My species doesn’t even have a second gender. Still here I am. Wanting to be a woman all my life.”
Flare stopped as her sobbing became too strong. It broke Serina’s heart to see her like this. Gently she hugged her and gave Flare her support, till the last tear was shed.

"I still love you," Serina whispered in her lover’s ear.

"But the ..."

"No. Not because of your pheromones. I admit they affect me. And for a long time, I couldn't admit how I felt about you. Blamed it on them. The Pheromones. But listen to me. Even when I am away - on a planet’s surface or in a spacesuit repairing stuff on the hull - I still think of you. More so. You are all that I can think about."

Gently Serina lifted up the chin of Flare so she could look her into the eyes. "Where I grew up everything was limited. What you had others wanted. I learned early to shut off my heart. To let no one in. You taught me to love again. And believe me, I had been a stubborn student."

Flare nodded and let her chin rest on Serina's shoulder. A slight twinge of disappointment shot through Serina. She had hoped for Flare to return the sentiment. To hear "I love you too". But maybe she wasn't ready yet. Her mistrust of love might even be deeper than Serina's.

After they both calmed down Serina had to ask.
“Ever thought about… You know. Going all the way. Nowadays there are some good surgeons out there."

“I tried,” came the tired reply of Flare. “Two times. The first time I was so happy. Finally a complete woman. That’s what I had thought. How stupid I have been. A penis is a vital organ to an Incubus. It grew back Serina. Not a month later and all the pain had been for nothing. Still, I didn’t give up. Tried again. Failed again. It is hopeless.”

Again Serina reached for Flare's chin and forced her to look at Serina.
“It is not. This universe is filled with technic, science, magic, and hundreds of forms of strange energy. Somewhere there is a way. We just have to find it.”

“We?” came the fragile question from Flare.

“Yes. We,” Serina told her with all her confidence. “You might be right. Maybe I feel this way only because of your pheromones. Though I don't believe it. However, there is only one way to find out for sure. Let’s find a way to make you the woman I see before me for real. Body and soul. Then we will know, right?”


They shared a passionate kiss. Loaded with all the emotions they harbored. To Flare it might be an uncertainty if Serina loved her. Not so for Serina. Her whole life she had only cared about herself. She was familiar with arousal and sexual need. But never before she had cared for a person like she had now for Flare. And when they had found a way to make Flare a complete woman. Then she would see that Serina’s love was real. She was sure of it. This was not the end for both of them. This was just the beginning.

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