Fall Guy Or Fall Girl?

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Gabriel Banks couldn’t believe his luck. All he wanted to do was come to the bank and transfer some money from one account to another account. That’s all he wanted to do today. But, no! The cosmos was against him.

First, he had been hired to be the stunt person for the lead actress in the remake of The Dukes of Hazzard. Second, the clothes he had worn to work today somehow had disappeared. They weren’t where he left them in the costume trailer. So, he had to borrow some clothes from the costume department to wear to go off set. The only clothes they had that would fit him was for a woman. Third, the prosthetic breast that had been added to his body. So, he would look like the actual actress couldn’t be removed. They were based off a mold made from the actress breast herself. So, they didn’t want to damage them. Someone had forgotten to order the proper adhesive remover for them. The adhesive they used was a new brand and you had to have the actual remover for it. Fourth, here he was dress as a girl and being taken hostage and stuffed in the trunk of a car. Fifth, his kidnappers had taken his cell phone.

Now he was stuck in the trunk of a car and had no idea where they were going. His kidnappers had used handcuffs to secure her hands behind her back. Because of how she was stuff in the trunk, she couldn’t maneuver enough to get her hands free. All she could do was wait till they stopped somewhere and somehow escape from her kidnappers.

Gabriel closes her eyes and just wait till they stop moving before she made her escape. She doesn’t know how long she is in the trunk, but the car finally stops. The trunk pops open and Gabriel closes her eyes from the bright light.

“Get out.” Gabriel is lifted out of the car.

Gabriel tries to get her bearings as she is pushed along. Once Gabriel could see clearly. She notices that they were in a warehouse and changing cars. This time she is shoved into a van.

“Hey, before we leave can I at least use the bathroom please?”

One of her kidnappers look at the other one as to see if he was going to allow it.

“No, now get in.” The man pushes Gabriel into the back of the van.

“Ow!” Gabriel had hit her knee on the door jamb of the van.

“Fine!” Gabriel crawls into the van. As she is crawling she looks for something she could use to escape from the cuffs.

“Hurry up bitch.” One of the men smacks Gabriel on her ass hard.

Which causes her to fall face forward on the bed of the van.

The man slams the back doors of the van behind her. They get in and start the van up and drive through another bay door. Gabriel manages to get upright and slip her legs through her bound hands. She couldn’t get to the driver or passenger because there was a steel grate wall separating the back from the front. The bags of money they had stolen was sitting near the side door.

Gabriel couldn’t find anything to use to get her hands free from the cuffs. She figures she’ll wait till an opportunity presents itself.

Gabriel watches as they traveled the back roads trying to avoid any police looking for them. They were somewhere out in the country. She had been paying attention to where they were going. Most of the places they went through were small towns or places she never heard of.

They finally arrive at a small air field where a private plane was waiting for them.

The robbers park the van and opened the side door on the van. She tries to kick them as one of them grab her. Another one opens the back door and manages to grab her and stick her with a needle. She is pulled out of the van and over to the airplane and secured inside.

The next time she is woken up, she finds her in bed dressed in a white silk nightgown. She felt so groggy and weak. She slowly gets out of bed and stumbles towards the bathroom. As she went to use the toilet, she lets out a scream, but it doesn’t sound like her voice. She had her hand down on her groin area and was missing her penis. She had a woman’s bottom. She walks over to the mirror above the sink and discovered she didn’t even look like her old self.

Her face had been changed completely. Her ears were pierced and didn’t look like they use too. They were smaller and fit the face she had been given. She pulls the nightgown away from her chest and discovered that she had been given her own set of breasts and they were a little bigger then the ones she had worn for the picture.

“Where am I and how did this happen?” she was surprised by her voice as well. It didn’t even sound like her old voice.

“You’re out on your private yacht in the Caribbean. You’re the wife of a Venezuelan businessman billionaire.”

Gabriel turns around quickly when she hears a male’s voice in the room she woke-up in.

“What have you done to me?” Gabriel was pissed.

“You have been made over to look exactly like Agustin Cesar Rodriguez Boulton’s wife. Even your finger prints have been made to be exactly like hers. You have been programmed to be exactly like her.” Juan had an evil smile on his face.

“Why did you do this to me.” Gabriel walks over to Juan.

“Because my dear little slut. You’re going to help us rob him.” He just grabs her.

“What did you do with his real wife?” Gabriel was curious.

“Who do you think is paying for all of this? She’s the one that had you remade in her image. You are an exact copy of her.” He pushes her back towards the bed and shove her down on the bed.

He starts unbuckling his belt and his pants.

Gabriel takes her foot and slam it into his groin with all her strength. She watches as he falls backwards onto the floor. She leaps up off the bed and start beating the hell out of him.

Juan tries defending himself, but couldn’t protect his face as Gabriel hits him over and over. He was hurting from her kicking him in his groin area. He finally passes out from her hitting him.

Gabriel arms felt like weights as she looked down at the guy she just beat to a pulp. Her pristine white night gown was covered in his blood.
She gets up and locks the door to her bedroom and head towards the showers and strip out of her bloody nightgown.

She sits down in the shower and cries. She has been completely changed to look like some woman who wanted her husband’s money. She checks her body and couldn’t see any scars or anything. Whoever, they got to do the surgery had done a good job.

She gets out of the shower and dry off. She wraps the towel around her body and walk back into her room. She could see that they were out at sea. She searches through the clothes in the closet and drawers. She finds a pair of skin tight jeans that took a lot of work to get on. Whoever, the woman she was made over to look liked, only wore thongs. She had to put a bra on, because she was bigger then the fake ones she wore.
She manages to get dress and make herself look reasonably well. She searches the mans body and finds a cellphone. She uses his finger to unlock it and then change the settings on it, so she could use it for herself. She looked through the pictures she found on it and they were of her as she was recovering from all the operations they did to her. She notices that it has been three months, since she has been kidnapped and changed.

She unlocks the door and sticks her head out to see if anyone was out in the hallway. She walks down the hallway and find a place she could drag the guys body and toss him over the side. She heads back towards the bedroom and drag him out and down the hall towards the place she could toss his body over the side. She lifts his body and just toss him into the sea.

She needed to warn this man she was supposed to be the wife of. She heads towards the bridge and spot the crew. She was surprised at how big the yacht was.

“Captain, how far are we from the nearest port?” Gabriel was curious where they were.

Captain Francisco turns around when he hears Mrs. Christina’s voice. She had been unconscious when they brought her on-board. Juan had said she had passed out while they were shopping. Juan had said that she wasn’t to be disturb.

He didn’t like Juan or his friend

“We’re heading toward Florida right now Mrs. Boulton. Your husband is waiting for you in Miami, ma’am.” Captain Francisco wonders why Mrs. Boulton wanted to know.

“Thank you, Captain Francisco.” Gabriel heads back to her room.

She goes through all the drawers and any bags in there. She finds her purse and a satellite phone inside of it. She goes through the list of numbers stored in the phone and finds one for her supposed husband. She wonders how could she let the man know that he is being tricked by his real wife?

Gabriel paces back and forth trying to figure this out. She needed to locate where the real wife was right now. The problem was, the person that could tell her was now dead and floating in the ocean. She stops and look down at the carpet in the room. She was going to need to clean the blood up. She goes out and finds a wet vac and clean the blood up off the carpet. Now, she needed to find a way to get the real wife arrested.

She goes through her purse and finds her credit and bank cards. She calls them and ask them if anyone else was using or drawing out any money. Once they let her know where the money was going and who was suing the money. She puts a stop to it and tells the bank she wants to change her pin numbers, secret questions and answers.

Gabriel does everything she can to stop the real wife form getting any money. When she is done doing that. She knew from the bank records where the real woman was staying and calls her husband and spin a big tale that was part true and part false about the real wife. She makes sure the tale is solid, just incase the real wife tries to lie her way out of it. She finds out about the other robber and from pictures on the other guy’s cellphone she killed. She sends it to several news agencies.

For the next several days, she enjoys being a woman and learning things about her new body. It seemed from reviewing the videos in the cellphone. That they used subliminal programming while she was asleep to program her with everything she need to learn. She hated what was done to her, but in a sense, it felt right to her.

When the yacht arrives in Miami. Her supposed husband is waiting for her along with a few other people. Once the yacht docks, everybody comes aboard the yacht and they talk about everything that happened.

They spend hours talking about what happened and why it happened. The gentleman is willing to accept her as his wife, if she is willing. As for his real wife, he has a plan to punish her for what she did. When Gabriel asked what he was going to do. He told her not to worry about it. He leans in and gives her a kiss.

Gabriel returns the kiss because of the programming done to her.

One Year later:
Gabriel glances at her husband as he emerges from the waves. It took them a while to get to know one another since what happened, but she come to love Agustin Cesar. She enjoys working with him on deals and just being with him. As for the woman that use to be his wife. He had her face changed and breast enlarged and put her in a brothel for her treachery.

At first, she had a problem with what Cesar did, but once she learned what they were going to do to her. She got over it. She runs towards the waves to have fun with her husband. She was happy with being a woman.

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Christina H's picture

Yet another story from your prolific mind and totally different to any of the others of yours I have read.
As usual I loved it

You are truly an amazing

You are truly an amazing authoress. You come out with so many stories, and all are different in their own way; yet never fail to entrance the reader and having them wanting more. Thank you for this and all the time you spend giving us reading pleasure.


Jamie Lee's picture

Boy, did those jokers make a mistake taking Gabriel. But in the end she did have a nice, loving, life.

Others have feelings too.

A strange tail

Samantha Heart's picture

But entertaining. The wife got what she deserved.so did the rober & kidnapper.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.