A Rose in the Cracks- Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I didn't have to recount a word when I saw the others behind the bleachers after school. Greg had already told them everything. There were just stunned faces and a lot of versions of "holy shit" in nicer and fouler language mixed in with the gut-splitting laughs. A doob was being handed around that I passed up to everyone's surprise.

Ellen asked, "Are you okay Brian?"

"I don't know how long the stuff they injected me with'll stay in me, but she said that I needed to stop smoking pot. She said it could have serious interactions that would be bad if..."

"Are you messing with us Bri?" Todd asked with an open mouth. "You're gonna believe some pot-is-bad talk NOW?"

I just shrugged and let John eagerly take my turn taking a puff. After the second time passing me; they didn't even hold it up in an offer anymore.

We laughed and eventually started talking as if everything else was the same as it ever was... until my phone started ringing.

"It can't be your mom," Todd said. "She watches your minutes like a hawk. I forget you even HAVE the stupid thing sometimes."

I fished out the phone that I had mainly for emergencies and tried to figure out who the number might be for before finally testing, "Hello?"

Mrs. Thomas' voice asked, "Stacy?"

"Oh... Hi Mrs. Thomas?"

"Are you coming in today Dear? We've been expecting you? Your appointment might be for next week, but we all thought that you'd be working this afternoon."

"Well. About that," I said trying to shush everyone with my free hand as they held back the worst of their laughter. "It's a long way and I don't have a car."

"Oh you poor Dear! Don't you worry Stacy. Where are you now?"


"Yes Dear. Where are you now?"

"Umm... at school still."

"Good. Stay right there! I'll be over in a minute. Meet me out front."

Before I could reply to Mrs. Thomas' sickeningly sweet kindness; she had hung up.

John teased, "Tell me that Mrs. Thomas isn't coming here to pick you up for work."

"Shut up. What am I going to do? This can't be happening."

"Don't worry about it Brian," Beth said with a soothing touch on my arm. "One more time won't be a big deal. It's not like they're going to give you more shots, right?"

"Yeah. I guess. But..."

I stopped in stunned disbelief as we watched Beth suddenly unhook her bra behind her and effortlessly draw one of her arms into her shirt with a shrug. In a blink, she repeated the move with her other arm before quickly handing me the still-warm white bra that she had just been wearing.

"They saw Stacy in a bra once," was all she said to the others.

I took it, but couldn't get myself to put it on in front of them... or to wear out in front of the school to wait for Mrs. Thomas.

"You better go," Greg said. "It won't take her long to get here."

I couldn't believe the nods around me. With the matter seemingly decided; I wadded what I noticed was a fairly heavily padded bra as best I could and headed to the front of the school.

Mrs. Thomas arrived just as I did. I jumped in before anyone could really notice me getting in with her.

"Hi Stacy," she smiled sweetly as I sat.

"Hi Mrs. Thomas," I smiled back before adding a quick, "Thank you."

"Oh it's no bother. We're not THAT far," she laughed before starting off.

She noticed the wadded bra in my hand and nodded to herself before softly saying, "It must be so hard for you Stacy, but things will get better. One day, you'll feel comfortable enough to wear that bra for everyone to see. You can put on it now if you'd like Dear."

Not knowing what else to say or do; I said a nervous, "Thank you," before pulling off another ratty old concert shirt and fumbling to put the bra on. After managing it though; I found myself having to actually arrange my breasts to accommodate the padding, which made my breasts look alarmingly large to me. I couldn't pull my shirt on fast enough, though it didn't really change the fact that I had what couldn’t just be called breasts. As impossible as it seemed, I looked down at a pretty impressive pair of “tits” under my shirt.

"There," she said with a strange look behind her usual smile. "They look very nice like that Stacy. Doesn't it feel better wearing something nice and flattering?"

"Yes," I felt compelled to answer.

What scared me more than anything was that it really did feel nice, too nice even... and naughty at the same time. We arrived before I could think more on it though.

I greeted Doctor Landing along with the other nurses and staff that I had met before. There were more pleasantries than I was used to, but I chalked it up to being surrounded by women. After Doctor Landing asked about how I felt; I found myself suddenly helping Mrs. Thomas with the office work, which seemed more mountainous than I ever could have imagined.

And just like that, it was over. After a number of goodbyes, Mrs. Thomas started driving me home against all my protestations. They simply wouldn't hear of me walking home from there.

Mom was home; who noticed Mrs. Thomas waving goodbye after dropping me out front, which was long after I had figured out how to copy Beth's maneuver to slip out of a bra without taking off her top.

My mother opened the door for me.

"Wasn't that Mrs. Thomas?"

"Hi Mom," I said a little sarcastically.

"Hi to you too Brian, but wasn't that her?"


"What was she...?"

"She dropped me off. It wasn't a big deal really. I bumped into her at..."

"I happened to be checking the phone-log online tonight. I saw that you received a call from the clinic on Anderson. I know that she works there. What's going on Brian?"

"Nothing Ma," I said trying to slip away with her dogging close behind me. "Look. They had an opening there. Nothing cloak and dagger. It's an after-school thing and on Saturdays I think. Minimum wage. Nothing hard. I mentioned that it'd be hard for me to get there, but they said it wouldn't be a problem. Mrs. Thomas was happy to offer to drive me."

"You DO know what they specialize in Brian. Right?"

"Gender stuff. But you don't have to worry. I'm not going there to GO there Mom. It's a job, and a decent one."

"It's not going to interfere with your homework is it?"

I could tell that she was being sarcastic, but I decided to not fight her. Before I could answer though, she asked, "Did you grab something to eat again?"

"Yeah," I said more to get out of having to deal with her than anything else. "I'll be upstairs if you need me... doing my homework."

My word came out way snarkier than I intended. Doctor Landing had warned me that the female hormones might play roughly on my emotions. I chalked my reaction up to them as I hurried up the stairs. I'd need to be more mindful of them in the future.


Though my friends thought I really screwed up by mentioning the job to my mom; they couldn't see how I could have gotten out of it with the phone log and Mrs. Thomas dropping me off. They skipped me as a doob was passed around again after school.

"Well... I guess I'd better being going."

Other than a shrug from Greg; the others acted as if my going to meet Mrs. Thomas out front was as normal as breathing.

"Wait," Beth said as I turned to go. "Ellen and I got you some of your own," she added while rummaging in her tiny backpack.

I sarcastically gushed, "Bras? Panties? Jeez Beth... Ellen. Thank you EVER so much!"

"We thought that you could use some of your own," Ellen started to grouse before Beth touched her arm with a meaningful look.

"Sorry," I said timidly as I thought about the hormones affecting me again. "Thanks guys."

"No problem," Ellen said with a sympathetic smile that only another girl would have understood.

John chimed in as if on cue, "What the hell is...?"

"Nothing," I jumped in and then sighed. "Look. I'm just weirded out by this whole mess. Bras. Panties. If I'm gonna be there at all, I might as well be prepared if Doctor Landing looks me over again."

Without another word; I put the half-dozen matching panties and bras in my own backpack and hurried off to meet Mrs. Thomas.

"Are you okay Dear?"

"Yes. I'm alright Mrs. Thomas. Thank you for asking."

She nodded as if having seen hormones play with other girls' emotions before.

"Would you like to slip into a bra before we get there again?"

"Not this time I think. I was fumbling and so nervous last time. I think I'll just put them on when I get there."

"That may be best," she agreed brightly.

After we got there, Mrs. Thomas practically pushed me into the bathroom to change before people could start their chatty hellos.

"Here," she said handing me a little twine-handled brown bag with no lettering on it before I could close the door.

"What's this?"

"Something from us. You might not be ready for others to see you in the REAL world Stacy, but we're all friends HERE."

"Thank you," I said, "but that wasn't necessar..."

"Oh Stacy! We know it wasn't NECESSARY Dear! We WANTED to give you a little gift."

I was about to say something more, but Mrs. Thomas had already closed the door from her side before I could get a word in.

I looked inside with a sinking feeling over what I saw. Nothing over the top, but there was a ribbed long-sleeved stretchy white top with a very big neck hole for my head and snaps underneath the crotch. There was an almost-to-the-knee-length denim skirt, opaque white tights, and the same kind of Ugg boots that we teased Beth and Ellen for liking so much. There was also a white hairband that worried me too.

But there didn't seem to be anything for it. Everyone thought that I was happy to be there to receive some kind of free transformation, which I couldn’t otherwise afford. I'd have rides to and from my "job"... and now a gift that I couldn't see how I'd be able to avoid using. The tangle of people and expectations had reached a point where I couldn’t imagine how to untangle everything yet.

As I started undressing in disbelief of what I was doing, I hated that another part of me was still getting an unnatural thrill from the deep hole that just kept getting deeper… even though the word “thrill” wasn’t quite right either. I hated that a part of me almost WANTED to start putting those things on. A part of me hated maybe even LIKING the idea of turning into a girl named Stacy, even if was would only be for the next few hours.

"Shit," I whispered to the air as I dug through the things that Beth and Ellen had gotten me. "What am I DOING? What would happen if I just came out of here as Brian; said it was all a terrible mistake; and just left?"

Mrs. Thompson would know my so-called-secret... no matter that it was a fake secret to begin with. So would my mother from the fallout that would follow. After the completeness of lies that I had woven for Doctor Landing; I couldn’t imagine that any of them would believe that my running out of there would be anything more than hormonally-driven jitters. I'd think of something, but not right then in that bathroom.

White seemed to be the right color but, after sliding up the panties, I finally realized that all the bras Beth and Ellen had gotten me were padded push-ups that seemed even more extreme than Beth’s from the day before. This time seemed a little easier to arrange my boy-boobs into the cups before trying to clasp the hooks behind me, which I accidentally did correctly on the first try. After tugging and pulling things to fit as best as I thought everything could; I could only stare at the frighteningly ample breasts that they helped to create.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit," I kept whispering like some kind of mantra to fight the terrifying thrill it was giving me. Though my poor undeveloped penis never got hard after the accident, there was an aching and a leak dampening a tiny circle of my panties that I tried to will away. I pulled my panties down and wiped my both my penis and girly underwear with toilet paper. With a little folded wad of toilet paper to act as a buffer for any more "leaking", I pulled my panties back into place before tucking my boy-sized bald penis back between my legs.

The opaque white tights seemed to come next, which felt so disturbingly erotic to draw up my legs and over my hips; and which further hid my lonely undeveloped penis with no other lumps to erase. The mere snugness of the thin stretchy material felt electrifying… even if another part of me WANTED to be revulsed by it.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit," I whispered while pulling the clingy white top on over my head. The stretchy ribbed fabric clung to my childishly slight frame and arms, which looked anything but childlike over my very exposed chest. The wide hole for my head left a broad low scoop in front that barely hid the edge of the bra-cups… and couldn't hide the bra-straps stretched over my nearly-bare shoulders. The whole image became even more dramatic when I stretched the front and back flaps at the bottom and snapped them together under my unnervingly flattened crotch.

"Oh my god," I whispered. "I'm actually showing cleavage in this thing."

I trembled as I stepped into the thinly tapered denim skirt and zipped it up behind me. There were buttons closing the small slit in back. Even in that small confined bathroom, I could tell that the closely buttoned fit would prevent me from taking anything but small strides. My feet slid into the Uggs easily. The hairband took a moment to figure out, but was soon holding my hair in a very unboyish way.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit," I whispered over and over as I stared at myself.

Mrs. Thomas gently knocked with a, "Are you okay in there Stacy?"

"Yes Mrs. Thomas. It's just so... so... overwhelming."

"Come on out Dear. We won't bite."

"Okay," I said before stepping out.

"Oh Stacy! You're beautiful! How do you feel?"

"Like a girl," I admitted with color rising to my face like an idiot.

Doctor Landing and the others heard the commotion and came over to gush as well. Only they all thought that my comment about feeling like a girl was something that I wanted.

"I'm glad Stacy," Doctor Landing said with a knowing smile.

It was truly strange to be working with everyone as Stacy while finally looking the part. Aside from the reminders about sitting properly or an occasional tip on how to move or hold myself; it felt so abnormally NORMAL after a while. Stranger still was having to take everything off and become Brian again. Helped or not, my pushed-up breasts had been my own. Feeling my B-cup boy-boobs bouncing under my concert shirt afterwards made me feel like they weren't boy-boobs at all. The lingering feeling of having breasts stayed with me until I finally dropped off to sleep.

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