Street Child 2 Chp. 3

It was three days before Christmas and Karen was getting anxious. This was going to be her first real Christmas. She has been living with Betty and sleeping with her ever since Sasha had informed her that he wasn’t going to renew the lease on his apartment. At first it had been a disappointment to her, because even though she was working full time at the paint store, she wasn’t making enough money on her own to pay the rental fee or the bills. Then when Betty had offered to let her stay with her, she jumped at the offer. She was already willing to do whatever Betty asked of her. Betty at first wouldn’t allow her to sleep with her, but after two weeks, she finally broke down and let Karen sleep with her. Her first night in bed, she and Betty didn’t get any sleep. They worshiped each other’s bodies all night long. They kept that pace up for another week, before it started to affect Karen’s performance at work. Betty put a stop to it, but gave her a beautifully design silver necklace and told her to never take it off. She was to always wear it, even when she was in the shower.

There were strange things that started to happen when she went to work the next day after she had put the necklace on. There used to be this one guy that she didn’t like that very much and always hung around her. He made her feel uneasy when she was working. After she wore the necklace to work, he stopped bothering her. He even apology for pestering her so much. Another thing she thought was weird. Was that the manager at the Seven Eleven store she stopped at to get her coffee every morning started being nicer to her. It was like he was trying to please her. He even let her have her coffee for free that day. When she rode the bus home from work in the afternoon, some of the guys on the bus and women for that matter were willing to give their seat up to her if she wanted to sit down at a window or if there weren’t any seats available.

Betty always took her to work every morning and she rode the bus home in the afternoon, back to Betty’s place. She told Betty about all these strange things, but Betty just teased her about it. During the week, they went shopping or clubbing or even to the movies. Since Christmas was close, Betty took her to see the Nut Cracker and Babe in Toy Land at the Chrysler. She attended the Christmas party that Betty’s Office sponsored. Betty told her to tell people if she was asked, that she was her adopted daughter. Someone at the party kept giving her alcoholic drinks and when she started to feel ill, she tried to make it down to the ladies’ room. She was almost there, when her legs gave out from under her. A guy she had seen at the party kneel and picked her up. He carried her to an empty office and locked the door. He laid her down on her back on a desk.

“So, you’re the boss ladies daughter, are you? Let’s see how she will feel after I use you.” He reaches up under her dress and yank down on her stocking, tearing them off her.

Karen tries to resist, but she was feeling too weak to do anything to stop him. She was going to yell for help, but he stuffed her ruin panties in her mouth. She puts one of her hands flat against his chest as if to push him off her. Then there was a flash of light and a crashing sound as she felt his weight lifted off her body and sent through the locked door. She was so sleepy that, she could barely make out that he had gone through the door and was lying across the hallway in a crumple form on the floor.

She wakes-up hours later lying naked next to Betty in bed. She felt weak for some reason and the palm of her hand felt kind of itchy. She snuggles closer to her. Whenever, she was feeling sad or just wanted to be closer to Betty. She would inch down under the covers and suck on Betty’s breast. Sometimes, she felt she was getting something from them, but she knew that wasn’t possible. She knew Betty didn’t mind, because she always held her head tight against her breast. She would hold her head there all night long and move her head to her other breast when she wanted her to suck that one for a while. It wasn’t always a one-way relationship. Betty would send her over the moon so many times, that she couldn’t function at all the next day, without her body having aftershocks and wetting her panties.

She remembered one embarrassing time, when she was at work and was ringing a customer up, when all sudden her body started trembling and a low moan escape from her lips. The aftershock was so powerful, that it had caused her to wet her panties and made a little puddle under her. It was still running down the inside part of her legs. The customer had given her a weird look and left. She was lucky her male boss didn’t see what happens. Karen lifts her head up, when she hears the soft rumbling sound of Betty’s car. Karen smiles as she gets ready to please Betty. Her new toys came in today and she wanted to have fun with them. She gets down on all fours and actives the fake cat tail sticking out of her rear end. She had done her face up to look like a cat and had her ears and everything on. She waits before spring onto Betty. She could hear Betty talking to someone. Karen waits till she comes in before leaping to her.

Betty catches her lover in her arms.

“What do I have here?” Betty smiles at Karen. All the stuff she had put on her to make her look like a little kitty cat was amusing.

Clair had walked in and watched as Karen disguise as a kitty cat had leaped into Betty’s arms. She just smiles as she watches Karen nuzzle and mew to Betty.

“You didn’t tell me you got a kitty cat Betty. When did you get her?” Clair walks up and strokes Karen’s scarred back.

“Oh! I found this stray this morning outside my door. I just couldn’t turn it away.” Betty was nibbling on Karen’s breast.

“Do you mind if I play with your kitty cat?” Clair had a wicked smile on her face.

“Nope, I don’t mind. She’s free for you to play with. Just don’t break her.” Betty places a kiss on Karen’s lips.

“I promise.” Clair strips out of her clothes and has fun with Karen.

Five hours later, Karen was lying across both women’s lap as they ate and watched a movie. Betty would feed her and then take a bite herself.
Clair had left the giant cat shape dildo inside of her. She could still feel the barbs holding it tight in her. Occasionally, Clair would pull on it and then set it deeper inside of her. There was a hose going from where it mounted on Clair’s belt to the end of the Dildo. She could feel it squirting something inside of her. She had heard Betty say yes to Clair, without her asking her anything. Between having fun with Clair and Betty, Karen couldn’t move without hurting. She was so raw and sore that she has never gotten this type of pain from any one before.

When she goes to bed that night she feels some weight inside of her where the dildo that Clair had inserted in her had been squirting. When she falls into a deep sleep that night. She has the strangest dream of being turned into a female humanoid cat, along with Betty and Clair and becoming pregnant from them and giving birth to actual kittens. She recalls experiencing every facet of being pregnant and giving birth to breast feeding the babies and watching them growing up to become strong women and men. She hears the alarm clock in Betty’s bedroom go off. Clair wasn’t in bed with them anymore and the alarm clock said it was Monday morning, Christmas Eve. She felt so tired and weak. She falls out of bed and crawls on her hands and knees to the bathroom to do her business. She feels Betty smack her hard on her rump when she comes out of the bathroom.

“Happy Christmas Eve” Betty grabs Karen and kisses her.

They stay like that for a while before Betty breaks them apart.

“Come on, we need to get ready for the party tonight.” She grabs a pair of shorts cut daisy duke style out for Karen to put on along with a t-shirt that says, “KISS ME its Christmas Eve.” Betty waits for Karen to get dress.

Karen looks at Betty “How did it go from being Friday night, to Monday morning?” She was confused.

“Easy, it was magic.” Betty turns around and heads down stairs.

Karen stands there confused out of her mind. She gets dress and heads downstairs after Betty. She notices Betty was already pulling everything they needed for breakfast out. Her stomach starts growling, like it hadn’t been feed for the past two days. She makes the coffee and helps with cooking breakfast and setting the table.

“Are we going to cook anything or are you using the catering service?” The reason she asked that question because she didn’t see the ham or Turkey out defrosting.

“Catering, they are going to drop everything off around noon and everyone should be arriving after that.” Betty takes a sip of her coffee and notice Karen was a little disappointed.

“Come here sweetie.” She holds her hand out to Karen.

Karen gets up out of her chair and takes Betty’s hand.

Betty pulls her onto her lap and wraps her arms around her.

“What’s wrong?” She watched Karen’s hazel eyes.

“I was kind of hoping we could do everything from scratch. You know sort of have a mother and daughter or lover and lover type of thing while we cooked.” Karen wanted to learn how to cook a full meal, instead of what she knew so far.

“I’ll tell you what. You put together a list of things you want to cook for New Year’s Eve, and we’ll host a party for our friends and cook everything. Is that a deal?” Betty looks at Karen as she thought about that.

“Okay, deal.” Karen gives Betty a kiss and leans against her.

“Tie me to the table and make love to me till I can’t walk.” Karen looks at Betty.

“God, your nothing but a little nympho, aren’t you?” Betty squeezes Karen to her.

“It didn’t start till I saw you and kissed you. It’s like I can’t get enough of you.” She kisses Betty.

“Alright, I’ll give you what you want, but no complaining afterwards. Not one word. I mean it.” Betty points her finger at Karen to reinforce her words.

“Okay!” Karen hops down off Betty’s lap and strips out of her clothes.

Betty grabs some rope from a drawer in the kitchen and secures Karen to the table on her stomach. She spreads her legs wide till they hurt and her arms as well. Betty slips her panties off and stuffs them in Karen’s mouth and steps out of the kitchen, so she can use her magic without Karen knowing and gives herself a huge Johnson. One that she knows will satisfy Karen’s request and make it, so she will never ask for it again for a while. She steps back in and enters Karen without warning and roughly make love to her. Betty isn’t gentle with her at all during the whole entire time.

Karen crawls around on the floor on her hands and knees. Everyone thought it was funny and smacked her hard on the rear end. Betty had given her what she requested. She was so raw, that even after taking a cold bath and applying the cream and oil, she was still hurting. She couldn’t walk without being in pain and sitting down was out of the question, so she was crawling around on her hands and knees. She had on a nice dress that Betty had gotten her for Christmas Eve. Betty picks her up off the ground and sits her down on her lap and holds her to her.
“You’re the one that wanted me to do it sweetie. So, you better suck it up and act like a proper hostess or I’m going to tan your rear end so badly, your other pain will have company. Do I make myself clear?” Betty looks into Karen’s eyes.

“Yes ma’am.” Karen looks back at Betty. She wasn’t mad, she asked for this, so she must take it like an adult.

“Good.” She smacks Karen on the rear end when she stands up.

The Christmas Eve party was a smash hit. Gifts were exchange, and Christmas songs were sung. The party breaks up around three in the morning. Betty finds Karen sound asleep in the den crawled up in a chair. She was wearing the choker she had given her. It had PET spelled out in silver against a solid gold collar around her neck. There was a special clasp that was invisible that only Betty knew how to open. She had design the choker for Karen. She scoops her up into her arms and carries her upstairs to their bedroom. She undresses her pet and places kisses on her favorite spots and slips a night gown on Karen. She undresses herself and slips on a night gown as well. She lies down next to Karen on the bed.

Karen snuggles close to Betty and gives her a kiss.

“Thank you, my love.” Karen snuggles closer and drifts back to sleep.

“You’re welcome.” Betty wraps her arms around her and holds her tight to her.

When morning comes, Karen just stays in bed lying on top of Betty listening to her heart as she slept. Somehow during the night she ended up on top of Betty sleeping form under her. She had her head tuck in the curve of Betty’s neck. Her hair had gotten longer and Betty wouldn’t let her cut it. It covers her shoulders like a velvet blanket. She wasn’t hurting as much as she had been, when she asked Betty to make it so she couldn’t walk. She still hurt and wouldn’t want to do any walking today or tomorrow, but she was enjoying the pain. Not because it was pain, but because it was caused by the person she has fallen in love with. She lies there enjoying the feel of Betty’s fuller breast pressing against her smaller ones. She could feel the medallion that Betty gave her and promise her to wear all the time, pressing against her skin under her night gown. She would finger the choker Betty put around her neck last night, but she didn’t want to wake Betty.

She looks at the alarm clock on her side of the bed and watches as the number changes. It reminds her on how much she has changed since meeting Sasha back in October. How instead of living on the streets and going from one shelter to another shelter and trying to avoid the cold weather and finding food for herself, she had found a home, a person she loves very deeply and friends she cares about. Things she never had before. She was no longer a play toy to be passed around, unless she wanted to. She didn’t like men any more, not after everything that had been done to her. She licks Betty’s neck and gently nibbles on it. She loved the taste of Betty’s sweat or whatever it was she washes herself with. Betty was a mother, lover and friend to her.

Betty was sixteen years older than her and treated her like a child, a lover and pet. She loved being all three of those things, but she loved being the pet the most. She was pampered, taken care of and could have as much sex as she wanted. She loved pleasing Betty, giving herself one hundred percent to her. Letting her use, her in any way she wanted. Before she met Betty, she used to hate being treated like that. Like a sex toy that the only purpose she had was to please every guy she was forced to have sex with. It wasn’t like that with Betty. If she didn’t want to have sex or be touched in a sexual way, Betty respected her choice. If she wanted to just please Betty, Betty let her. Betty never made her do anything she didn’t willingly volunteer to do.

She inhales and just lies there enjoying the peaceful and quietness of their room and the body heat from Betty’s body. She knew today was Christmas, but she didn’t want to get up right now. She was happy and content to just stay where she was. She starts kissing up Betty’s neck and then her chin and finally her lips. She feels Betty’s arms wrap around her and she kisses Betty passionately like she hadn’t kiss any one in a long time. She keeps it up and could feel herself getting close to blacking out. She hadn’t taken in any air since she started kissing Betty.

Betty could feel how close Karen was to blacking out. She breaks the kiss and stares up into Karen’s hazel eyes.

“Well good morning to you too. Did you sleep well?” Betty gives Karen a loving smile.

“Yes ma’am. You make a wonderful body pillow.” She wiggles her sex over Betty’s covered area. She still had on her night gown, so all she did was wiggle.

“Mmmm!” Betty lets out a slow moan of pleasure. She liked it when Karen wiggled over her sex.

Karen just smiles at her lover. “I’m hungry this morning.”

Betty just smiles at Karen “when aren’t you? You know where you can feed my dear.”

Karen slips down Betty’s body and feels as Betty opens her legs for her to crawl between. Karen licks her lips and goes to work eating Betty out. She feels her head press hard against Betty’s sex. She was going to make Betty pay for spoiling her fun. She goes into over drive and uses her fingers and tongue together. She massages Betty’s breast and slips her finger into her anal opening as well and wiggles it. She hears Betty moan louder then she has ever heard her before and the next thing she knows, the nectar she’s been waiting for comes. She keeps the pleasure up sending Betty over and over till she is breathing so hard form the multiple orgasms she has given her.

She moves up to Betty’s breast and starts sucking on them. She is surprised when some liquid shots into her mouth. It was warm, sweet and creamy. She is instantly addicted to it. She goes to town like a hungry little piggy.

Betty smiles to herself when she feels how greedy Karen becomes when she tasted her milk. She knew the poor child was going to be addicted to it. Her breast milk was magical in nature and now that Karen has become addicted to it, she will need it every day for the rest of her life. Betty wasn’t binding the girl to her; she was already that after their first love making. She knew how this girl felt towards her and only encouraged it. No, this was going to start healing her body over time. It would cause the scars and brands placed on her to disappear or heal over so that it doesn’t bother her any more. It will give her more energy to get through the day with. She knew Karen suffered from low iron levels and bad eye sight. She would have to produce the milk every day for Karen and make sure she drunk it, either from her or from an ole fashion baby bottle.

When Karen was done with drinking from both of Betty’s breast she looks up at her.

“How did you do that? You’re not pregnant, are you?” Karen was wondering about her lover.

“No, there are something’s I’ve been hiding from you, that I believe is time to inform you about Karen.” She pulls Karen on to her lap in a sitting position.

“Don’t tell me you’re married to someone else or that you don’t like me anymore.” Tears were starting to form in Karen’s eyes. She couldn’t lose Betty, not like she lost Doris.

“No, the only one I am married to is you. Just as you, are married to me. We are connected in more ways than one.” She inhales Karen’s scent. She knew Karen was aroused.

“Remember that movie we watched called A Midsummer’s Night Dream?” Betty knew that one would be the best example to use.

“Yes, I remember it. I like it a lot. Why?” Karen was curious.

“What would you say if I told you, that the characters in that movie are real?” Betty wonders what Karen would think.

“I would think you are trying to trick me or con me.” Karen looks suspiciously at Betty.

“Well, I’m not sweetie. Everything you saw in that movie is based on information we have been trying to hide or have encouraged to spread to make people think we don’t exist.” Betty shimmers some and reveals her true Fae form to Karen.

Karen had felt the magic as she watched her friend and lover changed. She was more beautiful than before and had longer hair and pointed ears.

“Wow! Are all Fae like you?” Karen was in awe of her.

“Yes and no. There are a lot of different type of us. We all range in different skin colors and humanoid shapes to even looking like animals or being animals. Some of us are plant like or compose of plants to beings compose of the elements like water and fire. We’re all as diverse like you humans are. The reason I have reveal what I am to you, is that you’re carrying a secret around as well.”

“You mean I’m one of you?” Karen was getting excited. She hopes she was Betty.

“Yes and no sweetie. You’re still human, but you have been given a gift and a curse at the same time. Do you recall your friend Doris?” Betty notices that Karen’s excitement had disappeared some.

“Yes? Was she like you?” Karen wonders what this had to do with Doris.

“No, she was something entirely different then me or my kind. Her kinds are very wise and fickle creatures. You know them as Dragons. They have always watched over you humans for a very long time. She changed you when she discovered that you posse the essence of one of my kind.” Betty wonders what Karen was thinking about this.

“What do you mean, I posse the essence of one of your kind and she changed me. I was sick, and she nursed me back to health.” Karen was getting a little freaked out about this.

“Sweetie, the reason you were feeling sick is, remember that guy you said you woke up under in the dumpster?”

“Yes ma’am. I can never forget his face. He did all sorts of things sexual and physically to me. He kept me high as a kite and made rough love to me. It hurt on so many levels. It was like he had poured fire inside of me.” Karen’s body remembers what happened that night and she shivers and shakes.

Betty tightens her grip around Karen and pours her love into her till she stops.

“What he did is forbidden to do to one of your kind. He transferred his magical essences and mixed his blood with you, changing your blood.
The reason it is illegal, is if you are not born part Fae or have Fae blood somewhere in your blood line, you can kill the human host with your power. What Doris did to you is allow your body to use the energy safely and replenish it. I think that’s why you are so sexually active with me. She made it so you need sex in order to replenish it. However, since you haven’t used any of it yet. That drive for you to have sex makes you itchy at times, like a drug addict. You’re not controlled by it, but you feel better when you are pleasing me? Do I make any sense to you?” Betty looks into Karen’s hazel eyes.

“Yes and no. You’re saying that he put his energies in me and if Doris hadn’t done what she did, I would be dead right now?” Karen watches Betty.

“Yes! If she didn’t do what she did to you, you would be six feet under right now.” Betty was being careful with her words. What really would have happened was, Karen would had exploded and killed whoever was around her at the time.

“And because of what she did to me, I am compelled to have sex in order to replenish it, but since I haven’t use it yet, the drive makes me act like a drug addict.” Karen had to think on that one. She knew Betty had been right about wanting to please her. It had hit her like a ton of bricks when she first kissed Betty.

“Yes. Does this bother you?” Betty could tell Karen was thinking deeply. She could see how her forehead muscles always contract when she was thinking.

“Is that why you keep me around is for the sex?” Karen was hoping it wasn’t so.

“Actually, there are four reasons I keep you around. The first one is you need to be trained in the use of your energies. You could seriously hurt yourself and others if you’re not trained. The second is that you’re like a daughter and lover to me. I would give anything to see you happy and to give you the love and care you deserve. I want to nurture you and care for you. I want to see you grow into a beautiful woman. The third is I like having you around as my pet. I love the way that you see me as your world and being. That you’ll do anything I tell you to do with no questions asked or resist me if I want to make you do it.”

“I do not do everything you tell me to do.” Karen got a little stubborn there and childish.

“Yes, you do. Suck your thumb like a baby does till I tell you to stop.” Betty looks directly into Karen’s eyes when she orders her to do that.
Karen immediately sticks her thumb in her mouth and suck on it like a baby does.

Betty touches Karen’s shoulder and sends her magic over her. She changes Karen’s night gown into something suited for a little girl of four and makes a diaper appear around Karen’s bottom.

“For the next two days, you will be treated and act like a four-year-old baby. Now back to my reasons. The fourth reason and I must tell you how important this is, that you have the power of a very important house in you. The necklace you wear has their family crest on it and it means you are a fully recognized member of their house. You are family and that no one can do anything against you without drawing their attention. The draw back to that is, any enemies of theirs that notice you, will come after you to take revenge. That’s another reason I keep you around. I am your teacher and protector in more than one way.” She gives Karen a smile.

“You can stop sucking on your thumb.” Betty watches as Karen pulls her thumb out of her mouth.

“Do you believe me now?”

“Yes mommy.” Karen responds back in a cute little girl’s voice.

“Good, let’s go and see what Santa Clause brought you.” Betty picks Karen up off her lap and gets out of bed and pulls on her house robe and takes her down stairs to start opening their gifts to each other.

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