You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 11

Marin Jones couldn’t believe he had been found so fast. His left shoulder was on fire from the bullet that was in it. He speeds down the highway trying to get away from the Black Mustang chasing after him. The man and woman in that car were the ones responsible for shooting him.

“Keep the car straight, Jack.” Cheshire climbs out of the passenger window and takes aim at the rear tire. She pulls the trigger on her ASP 9mm hitting the rear passenger tire.

Marin Jones loses control and flips the car several times as it lands in a field. Marin had blood dripping in his eyes and his shoulder was hurting. He was upside down in the car he had stolen.

Jack had pulled the mustang he was driving over and parked. Cheshire had already gotten out fo the car and was walking towards the upside-down car.

“Cheshire, remember we aren’t killing him yet. We want him to suffer for what he did to the girls.” Jack wanted to kill him as much as Cheshire, but he wasn’t going to kill him outright.

“Don’t worry Jack. I’m going to only hurt him a little bit.” Cheshire planned on shooting him in his leg for what he did to Tizzy.

If Tizzy hadn’t woken-up yesterday. He would be dead right now. When she gets close to the car, she sees Marin Jones hanging upside down.
She grabs her custom Damascus steel dagger from her thigh sheath. Her dagger had been designed and made for her from a friend in India. She cuts the seat belt holding Marin Jones and threaten him.

“You even think about shooting me and my partner will nail you.” Cheshire knew Jack had his .50 caliber Magnum out and pointed at him.

Marin saw the large man that had shot him in the shoulder standing nearby with a gun leveled at him. The look on his face told him everything. He feels himself pulled out of the upside-down car and his hand zipped cuff behind his back. He is escorted back to the black mustang and put in the passenger seat, while Cheshire sits behind him. The tow company Jack called was already on their way to get Marin’s Jones car.

Jack drives them out of the city and to a place he has along the Mississippi river. The private road had been put in years ago. Jack drives the Mustang up at the house and parks.

Marin didn’t know what to make of what they were going to do to him. All he knew was these two people were people you didn’t want after you. He is yanked out of the car by Jack. Cheshire gets out behind him and forced him to walk to the garage that the Mustang had been parked in front of, instead of the house. Cheshire has him stopped in the middle of the garage.

Jack brings over a heavy hand made metal chair. He puts it right in the middle of the garage.

“Strip!” Cheshire cuts his cuffs.

Marin starts undressing till he gets down to his underwear. He looks towards Cheshire.

“I said strip! That’s means even your underwear.” Cheshire waved her gun at him.

Marin looks towards Jack as he stood off to the side. All he could see in the man’s face was controlled furry.

“I wouldn’t worry about him. He’s not the one you have to worry about, I am.” Cheshire stabs Marin in his leg with her dagger. He screams as he feels the knife strike bone. He keeps on screaming as Cheshire stabs him repeatedly in non-vital areas.

This man hurt her daughter and her nieces. She knew if Jack had his way, he would be skinning the man right now. Cheshire takes his fingers and start breaking them. Cheshire lets her anger out on him for hurting the people she cares for. For the next hour Cheshire has her way with Marin. She made sure she didn’t kill him. She wanted to keep him around to pay for what he did to the other agents he had killed.

Gina’s hospital room:
Arnold had arrived yesterday and tried to wake Gina up, but she didn’t come out of her coma. Arnold just holds her hand and rub her knuckles.
He tucks the toy wolf he had picked up at animal world next to her.

“I’m sorry its not Cadmus, Gina. However, it does look like him.” He leans in and kisses her on the lips.

Gina returns the kiss when she felt someone pressing up again her lips. She opens her eyes and see’s Arnold kissing her. She returns the kiss and has tears leaking from her eyes. She was so happy Arnold was here with her.

Arnold sits up and looks at her “good evening beautiful.”

Gina looks at Arnold and then she notices Julia walking into the room.

Julia notices her sister was awake and runs over to her and hug her tightly.

“I thought I lost you little sister.” Julia hugs her tight.

“You almost did.” Gina grabs Arnolds hand and holds it.

Julia just holds her sister. She knew Christmas was supposed to arrive today. Her mother had called her and informed her that her father was flying her out to her. When they are discharged from the hospital, they were to go back to the safe house to recover.

Gina’s back was one big bruised and she would have to wear a back brace till her back healed properly. She does inquire about Cadmus and was concern about his injuries. Tears come to her eyes when she hears he must be retired from active service because of his injuries. Gina didn’t know what she was going to do. Cadmus was her best friend and protector.

Arnold just holds her as she laid in her hospital bed. He knew how much Cadmus meant to her. He loved that old wolf himself and knew how Gina felt.

Arnold reaches down into his pants pocket for the ring he had down in there. He pulls it out and looks at Gina.

“I was going to wait for a romantic setting before asking you this, Gina.” He brings the ring up he had gotten for her. “I know we talked that we wouldn’t get married till I came back from school, but I love you and with what has happened recently to you. I don’t want to wait any longer and risk losing you. Will you marry me Gina Bounty?”

Gina looks into Arnolds eyes and could tell he meant it.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

Arnold stands up and lean forwards, so he could kiss her. He places her engagement ring on her finger.

Gina looks at the ring and notices that it had small wolves on either side of the diamond in the middle of it.

“I had that ring specially made for you. There’s not another ring like it anywhere. So, when we have children, you can pass it down to them.” Arnold had helped from her father on having it made.

He had found the diamond at one of the gem sites you could go dig yourself for the gems. It was one of the third largest diamond that had been found at the place. It had been 10cts when he found it. The silver of the ring he bought himself and had it melted and custom forged for her. Selena had given him her ring size, without her knowing it.

He design the ring on paper and commission a jeweler to make it. Even the tiny wolves were based off of Cadmus and Chaos.

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