Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 22

Yasmine stands on the back porch and look out at the snow as it covered the ground. She had her warmest clothes on and a different cloak then the one she originally showed up with. They had more snowfall last night and she had to feed the horses this morning. She had a hard time getting through the snow to the barn this morning. She made it and feed everyone and made sure their water wasn’t frozen. Arion rubbed her cheek and said that carmen said to stay here with her parents. Everything they needed her for was taken care of.

Yasmine takes a sip of her hot chocolate and just watch the horses as they leave the barn. She could tell Arion was enjoying the snow as he gallops and ran around the field. The trees in the grove looked bared and ghostly. She just watches as little flakes fell from the sky.

“Enjoying the scenery?” Ryder had spotted his daughter standing out on the back porch drinking her hot chocolate.

Yasmine turns her head and saw her father dressed warmly “Yes sir. Where I came from originally. We barely got any snow at all.”

Ryder walks over and stands next to Yasmine. He puts his arm around her shoulders and pull her tight against him.

Yasmine leans against her father. She felt safe and protected standing there with him. She’s never felt like this before.

“Carmen told me what happened and why you wanted to come home. How are you feeling, now that you are home?” Ryder looks down at his daughter.

“I feel better that you, mom and aunt Lily are here with me. I couldn’t deal with what was done to those prisoners by the HSl and the Hunter
organization.” Yasmine shivers just from her memory of what she saw.

Ryder felt Yasmine shiver and held her to him.

“Now, you know why we do what we do and why we tell you to be careful about using your magic. I know, all of this is all new to you, but now I hope you understand.”

“I know daddy. I just didn’t think the HSL and The Hunter organization would be inhuman about how they treat people. It makes them no better than how the Nazi’s were. How can anyone justify what they do in the name of Religion?” Yasmine just stay by her father’s side and after a few minutes. Both head back in the house.

Yasmine hangs her cloak up and tuck her gloves into the inside pocket, so she doesn’t lose them. She walks over to the big pot on the stove and step up on the step stool. She stirs the stew she helping her mother make for dinner tonight.

“Come on kiddo.” Ryder picks her up and carry her into the living room.

Yasmine just smiles as she is carried by her father and dumped by her mother. She moves out of the way as Ryder sits down next to her. She curls up between her two parents and just watch a movie her Aunt Lily puts in the DVD player. The movie was one she never saw before, starring Sandra Bullock.

As she is sitting there enjoying the movie, Arion ask her what she is doing. She lets him see what she was watching.

“That is interesting. Moving pictures. I have never seen anything like that before.” Arion looks around the pasture.

“Maybe one day, I’ll bring my laptop out, so you can see what a movie is.” Yasmine figure she could do it, when it warmed up.

Yasmine watches a few movies with her parents and her Aunt, before she has to go outside and feed the horses again. She puts her boots, cloak and gloves back on and go feed the horses again. She makes sure all the horses are in the barn. She walks over to Arion to groom him.

“Arion, why did you choose me to be linked to?” Yasmine brushes his side.

“Because I was asked to. I think you have a lot of potential to be a powerful witch. When the goddess Freya remade you, she added a little extra to you.” Arion had sensed it when he first joined with her.

“She gave me a choice of what I wanted to look like. At first, I thought she was some Greek Goddess. Then as she became more solid, I notice how different she looked. So, I chose the character I created for a table top game, based on Piper from Charm. Piper was supposed to be a charmed one and she was older than her sisters who were charmed like her. I think Freya sensed that in me and decided to make me a little bit more powerful, than she normally would.” Yasmine brushes Arion’s side.

“Do you miss being a normal fourteen-year-old boy?” Arion could tell how old Yasmine really was.

“To be honest, Arion. I like how I am. It’s a pain at times to pretend that I am ten years old, but looking like I am eight is what really bothers
me.” Yasmine may be ten years old, but she looked like she was eight years old.

She finishes grooming Arion and makes sure he has plenty to eat.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Arion.” She gives him a hug and head towards the house. She makes sure the barn doors were closed and trudge her way back to the back steps.

Once she makes her way onto the back porch, she turns around and just out at the property. It looked so pretty covered with snow.

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