Shadowsblade: Summertime...Shadow on the heart 3

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

In this chapter

The summer has to end and the heart is the key



Tuesday, August 21, 2007 6:20AM
Dunwich, New Hampshire
Bill and Jineen's Townhouse

With the sun now fully up, both of us Drow slipped silently back into the house with a port and found the Pixies I had left were waiting for me in the kitchen. Both Cein and Nyx, were waiting for my return with huge grins on their faces! I knew instantly what they wanted without even asking...THIN MINTS! So I opened the only cabinet I had locked to Violet and Lilac...because if I left it unlocked, they would have raided them all by now and I was very sure of that!

I slid out three boxes, then slid only two of them over to Cein and Nyx, "Here you go, one box each and try not to eat them all at the same time?" I asked and they vanished in a gate spell they made in a hurry to get back to the Grove, while chattering on about "We scored!" or something in Pixie.

The last box I zipped open with a finger and placed a pack of cookies of the two inside the box in front of Violet and Lilac, "Now I would save those until after we all eat breakfast, but that is your choice to gobble them all up right now or not?"

With them all taken care of, we started to pull today's breakfast out of the fridge and as I started on making more juice up, Rehanna started brewing the coffee that kept Bill and Jineen alive on cold mornings!

The warm inviting smells, plus sounds of cooking woke Kevin up, who tidied up his bed and closed it up back into a couch. He walked into the kitchen rubbing his now long hair with long strokes of his fingers, I could tell he was not quite used to having it this long yet and grumbled out to us, "Good morning, why do you get up so early?"

"Told ya already, changed Drow don't need that much sleep and besides...we don't sleep well when our nightmares come at night." I sighed out and Rehanna placed a cup of the newly made juice out for him.

As he took a sip, Rehanna told him, "At night you might want to tie your hair up with a few scrunchies or something?"

"Or you will spend hours combing it all out the next day!" I warned him myself.

"I might cut it?" Kevin said simply to us both with a quick shrug of not caring one way or the other!

Both of us Drow glare at the teen boy like he had gone instantly insane and said that he wanted to take a bath in the dishwasher or something. Both of us now wild-eyed Drow growled at him in stereo, certainly showing him our combined displeasure in the matter, "Cutting your hair is a mistake! By tradition of times long past, we Drow keep it long to show our age and the fact we have not lost a fight...we only cut it after a major defeat in battle."

He furrowed his brows at both of us for saying all that in perfect unison, then sighed, "I guess that means living with long hair then or the embarrassment of cutting it shorter?"

"YES..." we both said with a nod to him.

We quickly cooked up some eggs for him eat now, then soon enough all the rest of the home was up and comming down stairs because of the inviting smells. I gave Bill his special blend coffee and Jineen her very large cup, all black to get her up and moving. As Jineen sipped at her's slowly like most mornings, she walked into the living room seeing Joannie coming down and pointed at the kitchen with the warm cup cuddled in both of her hands,

"Coffee is ready Joannie, the Drow's are up and cooking...dig in!" she grumbled over her cup of bean juice to the yawning mother of two.

"Do all elves get up this early?" Joannie asked upset at the fact the sun was barely up in her opinion.

"The Drow do and I am sure that your daughter will be up at dawn or earlier too!" Jennie grumbled again and eyeballed me for being such a morning person.

Now that all of them had finally crawled or dragged ass down the stairs, we started cooking for real and started up a whole fry pan full of eggs. Then grabbed some morning potatoes out of the freezer to get them warmed up, the frozen bread dough loaf I had put out last night for this meal was all risen and ready for a quick fry in veggy oil. Fry bread was a old family meal that dad served up, just fry up till light brown on both sides, while flipping with a fork and add a little butter to the heavenly treats...simple and quick to make!

With a cup of hot coffee in Jineen, she was awake enough to think and when she poured out cup number two into her huge mug, that is when most of home knew she was now fully awake. With her up and most of the adults full of hot bean juice, we started to eat as I laid out each plate of hot food to them all.

Jineen laid out some plans for the day, "Well we could get you three over to Whateley this morning and all set-up in a temporary student housing, as your mom finds a local place to rent or buy over the next few days or weeks?"

"I can't go," Kevin chirps out as he scoops a fork full of potatoes into his mouth, then takes a bit of fry dough from the large plate of them.

"Why dear?" his mom asked directly, shocked at his sudden change of plans.

"We talked it over last night mom and I am going with the twins for a few days, then I will show up at Whateley with them." he informed her of his mind finally being made up...and he was telling ME of that choice at the same time!

We Drow were so happy he choose to join us fully, that we must have been glowing with joy! I so wanted to hug him for that bravery, but held it back because of two his mom might not like it right now and he had to earn or win us over as tradition dedicated he do!

"What are you three up too?" Bill asked all of us Drow in the kitchen.

As we twins placed the last plates of hot food on the table and sat down on a stool to eat our share. We both nodded and I stated for us both, "We offered to change Kevin into a Drow just like us...well at least as close as Drow muster these days without the royals around that is?"

"You are going to do WHAT!" Bill roared at us three I was sure, as he eyeballed Kevin and then back over to us.

"Rohanna honey is that such a good idea and how can you do that?" Jineen just had to ask.

"Bill don't worry for us or Kevin, we will only make the major body changes and not the totally SICK shit that the royals did to us...." then I glanced Jineen's way to answer her too, "I have my ways, the Sidhe royals made sure that we could replace our numbers just incase.... you know, loses in battle?"

"How do we tell Dr. Otto about this?" Bill asked us twins.

"You never tell him...simple. He is not to ever know we Drow can do this change or enhancement to would be a very bad idea! The MCO coming for all of us...fer sure BAD." I warned the whole table.

"Okay, Kevin made up his mind and I have to back up his decisions. Kevin is a man now and has to choose what is or is not going to affect his life for decades or hundreds of years I am told?" Kevin's mother said while hugging him closer, then giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Is this dangerous?" Jineen worried on for the boy.

"No, I would as sooner kill myself than hurt a fellow Sidhe...remember my Geas Jineen? I can't harm one of my own kind, unless ordered to do so and those that could order us Drow are all VERY dead." I hiss at the end of my statement as our eyes start to glow red in warning.

"Okay Rohanna, I am not challenging you...I just forgot about that honey?" Jineen said softly to us Drow to help calm us back down.

"So what are the plans for us then?" Joannie asked me or maybe Jineen, as she glanced at both of us in turn.

"Same as Jineen said and Kevin added to this trip or later on after we are all done with changing him. You can enter Tonya in the academy on this trip no matter what choice is made and get her a room in summer housing. Then find a place nearby here, if you are indeed staying around here Mrs. Falk?" I had to ask her.

"Ohhhya I am staying around here, I saw a rather nice townhome for rent or sale sign on the way into this tract of homes. I will look into buying that one with some money we have hidden away." she grinned in satisfaction.

"What about the academy tuition?" Jineen asked next, fully knowing how insanely expensive attending Whateley really was.

"All ready fully paid for, as any creature of the Fae that shows up at Whateley's gates. Has a full ride scholarship waiting for them upon acceptance via normal rules." I told her as I ate my next piece of buttery fry dough.

"I wonder who started that up?" Bill rolled his eyes knowing full well there was no such scholarship until I showed up.

"Who knows Bill, maybe someone that cares for us Fae?" I said, not lying one bit.

After breakfast, the Falk family packed and divided up the luggage for who was heading where. Some bags left here in the garage of Kevin's, some going with Tonya today to Whateley and the last stack would stay here till their mother secured a new home for all of them in the long run.

We Drow twins left right after breakfast was over with and neatly cleaned up. We had to travel up to ARC, to reposess a personal item of ours they still had and we were not leaving ARC without it today!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007 8:40AM
New Hampshire, ARC complex

On this trip we both passed through the security checks with ease, the staff was used to us showing up and made allowances for us being 'a little off' from their idea of normal. When we walked up onto the bank of elevators that traveled mostly down, deeper into the complex, we spotted Dr. Otto already coming out of one of the cars.

"I came up to see you, the guards said you wanted to see me?" he pleasantly asked us.

"Yep, I have to ask for something of sheet from that first day here?" I smiled to him and Rehanna stood behind him to make him a little nervous I am sure.

"Well if it's that 'sheet' you came in? It's in black level storage, because the class 'X' taint covering it has never really faded over the last six months by very much." Otto admitted to us.

"That's nice Doc, but can you wrap that all up and we'll take it to go." I delightfully teased with him.

"I don't know, it's still contaminated and a little dangerous Rohanna. It's not me, it's more rules for letting that kind of item out of the complex." he explained.

"Well, the 'item' is mine...I'd bet ARC research has not figured out what does, or says, or how to use it, or how to clean it, or darn near anything?" Rehanna said from her spot behind him in a tone of voice that suggested that 'No' was not answer for dealing with us right now.

"You would be correct. So I am going to go out on a limb if you can promise that you will store it safely?" Otto asked me.

"Doc, with how much my bronze box glows on your radar and you have not seen it in six months? You might think that I can easily do that task...but we promise to keep it stored safely."

"Good enough for me, Give me about twenty minutes to pull that from deep storage for you and you can wait in the cafeteria while having a quick snack on ARC's dime?" he smiled to us.

"Gee I thought for sure that this was not going to be a simple task...I ask and get what I asked for right away...On this deal? Thanks Doc!" I beamed at him happily.

Otto left us quickly to get the special sheet and as he suggested, we walked over to the cafeteria to have a snack. Since we had just had breakfast an hour or so ago, the best choice was a small selection of the gourmet muffins here and a nice maple one for the Pixies was a nice treat for them.

At the leisurely pace we were nibbling at, only two of the four muffins we had bought been eaten when Otto strolled over to our table with a large magically warded box under his arm. Anyone that saw the box could tell it was magically warded by all the glowing runes that covered it's every side. He placed on the table in front of us and then he took a seat across from us.

"Well that is all done, it's in this box and please don't open it here." he warned before sliding it over to us.

"Any trackers on this box?" I had to ask.

"Honestly I am not sure, but I would have to guess...yes...there has to be at least one built into the very box itself somehow or maybe in the runes? As I was not on the team that examined it or stored it." he admitted freely.

"That is okay, after I port away from here there is no way they can track me. So I am not really worried at all." I said standing up to leave.

"Rohanna, Rehanna please be safe...I like it when we do talk things over and want to see you again?" Otto said at a whisper, wondering inside if I was leaving for good and that using this magic item or others might get us twins hurt?

"Doc using this is not dangerous to me and I am not going anywhere soon."

Otto stood up and pointed to the teleporting room, "You can leave from there as usual even with that box, then...please let me see you both off?" he asked kindly.

"Fine with me." I smiled.

"...And me!" Rehanna smiled too

As we strolled over to the glass surrounded porting and reception building, Otto told us a few things, "Well school starts in a week or so and I am told you will get a few interesting students in Whateley this term. You might want to talk to them some this term?"

"As I meet them each in turn... I am sure we will?" I offered back.

When we arrived at the porting room, we waved to him, "Cya in a few weeks?" and ported away.


The Groves heart

We landed only a few feet from the stump we always used as a seat and placed that box on top of it. It took some doing with a dagger of mine, but the boxes many 'seals' fell off with a few slices and a hard whack busted the main lock off the large lid.

Inside the silk lined box was my sheet, or really what was a spell focus for changing a simple Drow into the likes of me. Just think of all the spells covering its surface as guides to even larger spells and a power fuse to keep you, the person wearing it from being fried by the magical energy at the same time!

Rehanna pulled out the bronze storage box, while I inspected the sheet closer to be sure it was not a fake they tried to switch out on us! As she opened the box, I found this sheet was indeed the real one and I was happy that Otto had come through for us today.

After it was refolded the correct way, we dropped some essence into the runes over the sheet's woven spells to start 'warming them up' for the coming major spells it would have control over and then resealed our box.

I blasted the box with fire and made sure that the asses were inert to the Grove, I did not want any human contamination out here in the form of simple trash. "Now for the hard part. " I sighed and ported away.


Whateley academy, Kirby hall

We landed shrouded in a invisibility spell and quickly checked the 'flag' color for the day or time and found it was 'green' or all is well. That meant we did not have to use illusions to cover up our Drow appearance today.

Finding the door to the magic annex or lower levels of Kirby was simple for us Drow, it glowed like a neon sign to us from the very first day...'Hidden door right here...hey hidden door!' it nearly shouted our way each time we saw it.

Once in the main doors, we leapt downstairs and walked over to the staff/instructors offices. I was really lucky today, we had not called ahead to ask...but we saw that Circe was in her office when we finally reached her doorway.

I knocked on the open door's frame to get her attention from her piles of paperwork covering her whole desk, "Circe can I bother you right now?" I asked the woman who ran the whole magic department of Whateley and most were sure was the 'REAL' Circe of legend!

Circe instantly looked up to us from her pile of papers and notes. Then I noticed a warm smile covering her face as she spoke to us, "Sure come on in!" she sang.

After we both entered, Rehanna closed the door and that is when Circe was sure of just 'what' kind of visit this was, "So this a private visit then?" she asked and folded her files closed, then slid them all to one side of her large desk.

"Yes Ma'am it is, we have a question for you and it is a very private one not dealing with our shared school affairs." I said.

"Well more favor, I would say?" Rehanna added in next.

"Okay, but first things was the summer and did the filming go well?" she asked cordially.

"Ohh the summer was great, the filming was even better and now I seem to have fans...rabid ones too. I had or have paparazzi following me at times and they can get a little nasty?" I thought back to that day of the man breaking or sneaking inside our temporary home near the studios, the one man who had taken photos of us in the shower and we had given him over to the was very strange we had not heard a thing about him or the case since then? Maybe Australia just punished 'child molesters' or people doing what he his crime was and did not involve the victims?

She smiled and then chuckled a little a the idea of people following us Drow and us even allowing it to happen, "Yes I bet you have fans, I have seen the movie posters of you two all over town and now there are toys of you at the stores, then the cereal boxes with both of you on them and magical trinkets in the boxes as prizes?" she winked knowingly at us.

"You heard about those?" I wondered out loud.

"Yes, but only after you found the mistake and corrected it. But you are right, all of them should be recalled...just incase?"

"They are harmless and most of the ones I tested were flawed in someway...luckily! So the chances of a kid getting their hands on a working one , then having enough magical affinity to get one working? That is some real small odds, ones that I will take any day!"

"We teachers just know some of our students are going to get a hold of them and 'cheat' with them from time to time." she warned us, that I was sure of!

"Well since the spell is ancient Sidhe, it will stick out like a road flare to most mages! Even human ones..." I kidded with her.

"I am sure it will, you are very studied in that type of magic and I will go with your expertise on the matter....but why the visit with me today?" she said getting down to brass tacks

"Well Circe, this is what I need a favor of...We need to use that rather large gem we sold you, but only for about ten days or so. We need it to store large quantities of magic essence for a project of ours and this project is not dangerous in the slightest to anyone else." I explained and tried not to get too animated in my growing excitement of having Kevin be 'one' of us changed Drow!

"Humm?" she sounded out slowly, that was sounding very reluctant to us both and then leaned back a little in her chair, "That is one large favor, but I know you will return the gem as you said. But using, or needing that that much essence is one very large spell and that has me worried some?"

"Circe, this project of ours will happen with the gem's help or without it and without the gem, this task will just take longer for us to complete...a far longer task, but it will still be finished."

"Will you put spells in the gem or on the gem?" she asked knowing it was new and a new gem of this size had value beyond measure.

"The Gem can store essence without leaving a trace on it's capabilities as a magical component in later usage...not a mark so to speak?"

"Fine, since I know you can't lie to me...I will loan it to you for the maximum of three weeks to give you some breathing room just in case and only ask for a promise in return...a sorcerers oath to return the gem to me and only me?"

"You sure of that of that one condition, what if you suddenly drop dead? I will have no one to give the gem too and I am not chasing you down into what ever heaven or hell you personally end up in?" I smiled about finding the one flaw in her plans, I was sure one she never considered.

"Fine, we will amend that deal to leave the gem with anyone on a list that I will leave in Carson's safe keeping and does that change work out for you now?"

"Can do and can we get it today, I will port you to anywhere if needed, so you can get the gem faster?"

"Lucky for you the best vault for magic items in most of the world, is right here on this very campus and it's stored there for safekeeping." she said while standing up and walking towards the door.

"So we are going to retrieve that gem right now ma'am?" I had to ask hoping she was doing just that and not something else that might take up most of the day or even more?

"Rohanna, I know that the faster you get started, the faster you finish with this project. So please follow me over to the library and we will retrieve that very gem from the schools vault." she smiled to us and walked out her office door.

Circe followed the Drow twins on the way to Beck Library and as they all strolled down one of the many decorative paths of the academy. She noted that in just a month or so, both Drow seemed to have changed quite a bit. One that acted and sounded more like the Rohanna she knew...when she was calm and she seemed even calmer now. The other twin Rehanna was certainly the Drow for sure, her eyes always checked the area around her threats far more than Rohanna did and she acted more like the Drow Circe had seen during those first weeks that tested the just recently changed person. Then add the combination if the Pixies flying in set patterns around all three of them made this look more 'raiding' party, then a few friends retrieving something from the Library on a nice day!


The Groves heart

It took nearly an hour to open the schools vault and sigh out that Circe was retrieving one of her personal possessions. The fact that she called it more 'her's' than a belonging of a 'group' that she was part of? That made us think, maybe she was the only person funding the purchase? She certainly had lived long enough to fund the deal all by herself!

We both paced out the center of the grove, feeling out for the largest Ley line nexus located under the Grove's heart. Violet had said some time ago during my first week here, that there was a five line major nexus inside the Grove. She lead us to it, but the exact center is what I really needed for this project. Violet could only feel the nexus and not the exact center of it that we needed to place the box right on top of.

It took almost another full hour to pace back and forth dozens of times till we were very sure of the center. That is when I pulled out the large bronze box, then from inside the box's cavernous void...the sheet that had covered me while I was changed and this was the first item we needed for this project.

With the sheet now out, Rehanna took it and laid it loosely over a tree branch so that she could use spells to cleanse the human world's pollution to Sidhe spells off it and out of it. When the Grove spirits sensed what work Rehanna was up too, they send a small breeze that help clean the cloth and it gently flapped in the cool breeze as she worked.

I made sure the box as on what we were sure was 'dead center' of the five spoke Ley line nexus and that is when I opened the box that contained the gem and the next step of this plan I knew was laid out in carefully made steps inside my command book.

My hand quickly pulled the book from my ether storage, then laid it on top of the box and I quickly flipped nearly to the center of the large leather book. Rehanna looked over my shoulder since her work was finished, "I always found it strange, that the Royals never had us Drow practice doing this task even once at the academy?"

My more human centered mind told Rehanna or Shadowsblade the answer her more Drow side could not admit too even thinking, "They wanted us to always be slaves and if we knew how to make more changed Drow just like us...our kids would be fierce fighters that were not under their yoke of slavery and bound to a command book that they used on binding us."

"Humm you might be accurate in that train of thought, that is why we lost our kids...they wanted to bind them...make them slaves too?" Rehanna almost cried and the same thoughts flowing in her mind, they flowed into mine and made me sad with her.

"Well Kevin will never know that pain, our pain and he will start life as a Drow being FREE!" I shouted as my finger found the point of that first step in changing a Drow in the books instructions.

I sighed out reading over the first steps of many dozens of this huge spell, "We sure we don't need anything out of the box? Because once we start, there is no stopping this?" I warned Rehanna and myself.

"I need nothing in there, if I do...I will buy it or wait!" she barked out.

I carefully followed each step of the directions given by the book and Rehanna checked each step over to be sure. Our hands played across the surface of the box's runes, each one of us touched runes at the same time with both hands and at the far ends of the box eight feet away from each other.

The need for two to accomplish this task meant that the Royals wanted us to do this task in a pair of Sidhe or have more than one Drow to be sure we could not accomplish this act alone! They wanted slaves, not insurgents fighting them at any chance!

The sequences and patterns of pressing runes or tracing long lines of them with a finger took and hour for both of us to finish. That is when the top instead of the usual sliding off motion it used, it slid inward and only left an inch of ledge or thickness on all of the sidewalls.

I smiled at the space it left behind, this is where Kevin would lay as the box changed him to one of us! Towards the foot of the box, a control panel opened up and this was combination magical device or control panel. Part of it's smooth surface is where one would place a secondary power source.

Rehanna was closer to this panel than I was, so she waved a hand over it in one long smooth swipe and as her hand passed over the surface. Several gems and runes flowed up to the surface like it was water, they were floating just on the top of the now liquid appearing metal with small ripples fading from the smooth surface over a few short seconds.

As the box ran what could be called magical test to be sure it could still operate fully after all this time of laying dormant, I placed the large gem at the bottom of the smooth panel inside a unfilled square and the metal let the large gem settle into it like water, then the gem glowed as it floated on the the metal became solid once again as all the gems on the control panel glowed in turn as essence flowed into them.

We both went back to the book for consulting on the next step and I laughed like a maniac at it, "Haaa this part tells us to make sure we have verified orders to use this box...You know and I know all of the Sidhe Royals are dead, long to dust! So there is no one to check with...we are free Rehanna...for the first time...truly free!" I cackled on in joy.

Rehanna became more than sullen in her mood to me, "I hope you are right, this freedom only feels like a short respite to me?"

With most of the Box 'warming up' still as it gathered up all the essence it could by taping the Ley nexus, we Drow dropped all of our essence into the gem to fuel it up for the power needs the Box would have.

We Drow stood by the box several long exhausting minutes later, as I personally huffed out fully spent, "Well that is all I have and you? So I guess we tap a Ley line ourselves and hope we don't blow up?"

"We can try that, we did tell Circe that no one else would be hurt by this project and that is still true if we both blew up right now?" She told me.

"Well if we do blow up, then it will be very hard to return the gem from the grave? But this has to be done!"

"Guardian?" a soft whisper came from the Grove behind me.

We spun instantly towards the voice, ready for action! As this was very personal to both of us and should be guarded from any interference. If the Grove suddenly did not trust us, a fellow Fae being sent to speak to us would be the first among many warnings and the later ones would be very deadly at best.

"What or who is that?" I questioned the shadows that hid the voice.

"Guardian, sorry to interrupt you both? But we need to talk." said the Matron of the springs as she walked into my sight.

"About what subject?" I asked her in a firm voice.

"We...the other Fae of the Grove want to help you with this task and if you need our essence to finish this task, we willingly give it as a gift instead of you both risking death?" she smiled to us both in a friendly way.

"All of you would give up your essence for this, that would leave the Grove very venerable for a at least a whole day?" I warned her.

"It is but at best one day and this needs to be done. Because it seems so very special to both of you, you both deserve this small gift... for whatever this task maybe?"

"I can not ask for this. Because leaving the Grove defenseless for even a short day is unimaginable to us Drow and that would make us extremely derelict in our duty, as well as oaths!" I said standing firm on the fact of letting the Grove be almost wide open to attack was something I did not like at all.

"Then this is how we Fae creatures of Grove will fix this conundrum, we will just do this deed without your permission or demand we be allowed or lastly the Grove spirits could order you both? That is indeed who sent me, they know what you are doing...even if I do not?" the Matron smiled to me a veiled threat, but it was more of a way out for us Drow to accept the gift as it was meant to be.

After the Matron finished her speech, creatures from other Nymphs to Pixies show up to form a line going to the box and they all took turns gifting that magical essence into the large gem...all we Drow could mange was to happily weep at the sight of some much love from my fellows here.

It took over an hour for what seemed hundreds of Fae to line up or surround the box and gift that essence into the gem, when they where done. The box glowed as all that essence readied it for the very large task the box was about to begin and now to get the important part...Kevin and make him ready for the changes to come.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007 6:20AM
Whateley Academy, New Hampshire

Joannie Falk, now Joannie Murray via the ID's her husband Brian had preset-up before his death at the hands of his CIA employers, who wanted him dead to silence him and for his numerous failures in trying to track down both Paige Donner, plus Brianna Nicole Peters. Both were cyberpaths or nano-computer augmented computer controllers.

Both of the girls where mutants attending the same academy for mutants that Rohanna Leigh was attending, a Drow Sidhe and one easily enraged by the fact that Brain tried to kill a fellow Sidhe. Luckily for Joannie and her two children, on the very same night the CIA came to kill her husband. The teenage Drow assassin came to their home to kill Brian too, but she promised Brian not to harm his kids as the CIA showed up and the team of ruthless CIA paid assassin team made the decision to murder the whole family as the team forced Brain to commit suicide.

So Rohanna acted on that promise made instantly, she ended all the murders from occurring and killed or punished the team that the CIA had sent. During that long night, one that Joannie will never forget. Rohanna found out from the leader of the men she was punishing, that the Falk children had a very high chance to mutate and mutate soon, as that occurred mostly in a person's teen years.

Rohanna returned to the families home while the police were there investigating the forced suicide of her husband and told her the further facts or dangers that her children might be in. At that time Joannie asked for a way to call upon the Drow for her children's sake of there was great need and that need certainly came when both of them indeed finally mutated!

Both mutated into Sidhe, one her daughter Tonya appeared to be a 'regular' Sidhe. But her son Kevin appeared to be a Drow just like Rohanna! Right now Tonya sat besides her mother in a rented car that she was driving to Whateley the same academy that Rohanna and her new twin Rehanna attended. While her son Kevin was still at the Varney Townhome waiting for Drow twin to show back up for the three's plan to change Kevin father into a 'Changed' Drow just like the twins were and that change ha to take place before the MCO scanned her son or any medical exams were made of his body.

Joannie would tell the staff of the academy that her son was coming at a later date and she and her daughter would stay here locally or at the campus of room was available for both of them and the soon to be all three of them.

This morning the Leigh twins mostly Rohanna, had told Joannie that going down to the Academy and starting the paperwork today was best. Then the Drow added that both girls should take their luggage along as she was very sure that space this late in the summer was available and that a scholarship at the school should cover the extra expense.

The fact that there was a Sidhe or Fae only scholarship at Whateley surprised Joannie at the time, but after giving it father thought, having one made sense to her! Because the race was long lived and any of them around would have seen to their race's betterment.

Joannie crept the car along the hidden driveway of the academy and up to the gate. Where a guard stood in a large armored booth that spanned both side of the gate, as well as having a twin booth with two more men across the road from it, his partner came out of the thick armored door to greet her after first checking out the car from a distance.

"Can I help you ladies?" he asked leaning down to the car's window as Joannie lowered it to talk to him.

"I hope so, we were told to come here and seek some help with my children?" she told the man and truly hoped they would be let in so simply.

"Are you expected ma'am?" he asked on, while pulling a datapad off his leg with a 'rip' of velco to enter any information she gave him.

"No we are not expected, but we were told by a very reliable person that you hardly ever turned back mutant children in trouble or danger?" Joannie said and almost started to cry for saying that fact...her small family was indeed in trouble and lots of it!

The guard standing next to her window glanced back to his partner inside the both, that guard seemed to do something on a control panel then waited and when that man nodded back to his parted next to her car, the large heavy gates of the academy slowly opened up to her waiting car.

"Please pull up the drive to the main parking lot, find a spot and exit your car. Then go to the small booth to the west end of the lot, where the main path and road into the Whateley starts. From that booth there you will be given campus passes, a map of the campus marked with where to go and a escort to there. Have an ID ready...if you have one?....and good luck ladies." he smiled to both of them as he waved her up the long drive and passed the car through the gates.

As Joannie followed the drive up into the campus, she noticed something very strange to her? A flag pole that was resting beside the US flag, and state flag's pole. It had what she was sure was the Whateley academy crest on it, but the fringe was green and it was quickly being lowered by a motor. Once at the bottom, it vanished into a box and a red fringed one was quickly raised to replace it.

"Mom this place is huge and I can't even see it all yet! Look over there, they are building a new building for student housing it looks like?" Tonya said as her head spun all about taking in the sights so far.

"Yes dear it is large and the cars alone in the parking lot tell me the staff here is paid VERY well too. I have to wonder what it really costs for a student to attend here?" her mother wondered out loud the hidden fact that she was indeed worried that if a scholarship fell through...there was no way she could pay for this place and keep them all safely hidden from the CIA at the same time!

Tonya practically leaped out of the rented car when her mother finally shut off the engine, "Mom if I go here, I think I could stand it!" she beamed out happily as she studied the mix of buildings new and old all around them.

"Do you think your bother will like attending here too?" Joannie fretted about her son and that he rarely liked schools most of the time.

"Mom if there are computers where he can play his games...he will be more than happy!" she laughed out the small fact about her brother's gaming habits, Kevin played them far too much and even though pressed for free time...his grades rarely fell because mom kept on him all the time!

Both of them gathered a few files of paperwork from the back seat, most of the large stack was made out of the best fakes on the market that money could buy and all of them led to well crafted personal histories, plus backgrounds...all fake and made by craftsman in the art of forgery!

"Remember dear...Murray!" Joannie warned her daughter over the top of the car in a whisper of that newest last name of the family once again!

"Yes mom...for the thousandth time!" Tonya sighed out and fell behind her mom as they both walked towards the small building the guard told them to look for.

"Yes thousandth time and if you forget..." the mother trailed off thinking and not wanting to even say it.

Both ladies walked up path beside the school's entry road that went farther onto the campus and up to a small building that contained yet another guard post. This small building was a rather nice one, it was both guard post, meeting area with several dozen benches under a nicely covered area and what looked like a bus stop with a electronically posted time schedule for buses stopping here, plus where they lead to in the hills of the surrounding area or small town of Dunwich near here.

One of the guards stood up from his chair minding his job, then came to the large window that had a conveniently placed sign that read 'Guests please check in here' above it. He slid the thick heavy window open to greet both of them, "Good day ladies, ID's please?" he asked in a routine business like manner.

As Joannie pulled her's from her purse, that is when she noticed a girl sitting on the bench next to the shack's window. One that was dressed in a school uniform and she was kicking her feet back and forth from boredom. The girl glance up her way as her finger pushed her glasses back onto her cute face and she smiled warmly as the guard took the ID's from both ladies.

The guard swiped both ID cards on a computer and into the schools database. While he was busy inputting more information, that is when Joannie noticed two more things about the young teen sitting on the bench. One was her left arm was missing and a cybernetic one replaced it. The other were her eyes...both looked like a cat's eyes to her!

When the computer was done with it's process of entering in both of them, a printer spat out a plastic ID card for both to wear that even included a picture. The guard handed each one the new ID with a smile, "Please wear at all times and this student will guide you to where you need to go...have a good day!"

When the guard finished, the teen sitting on the bench stood up and greeted both of them, "Hi Mrs. Murray and Tonya....I am Paige. I will be your guide today and please follow me, ask any questions you might have about the or anything you see?"

" are a mutant too?" Joannie questioned the new teen as all three of them walked up the path off towards what seemed to be the main administration building of the school.

"Yep I am!" she smiled, then looked at her and her daughter in turn, "Was it the eyes that gave me away!" she grinned, as she lowered the glasses and winked at both of them.

"Are you a cat?" Tonya said bluntly dying to ask.

"A other things." Paige grinned her answer to the two ladies walking with her.

"Okay that is new!" Tonya laughed now at the thoughts that old horror movies were real and Weres did exist!

"Better get used to all of it girl, especially here and especially when your new friend is Rohanna!" she grinned again.

"She called you and told you we were coming here and about us!" Joannie nearly shouted out in suprise.

"Of course she did, your daughter is a Sidhe and both Rohanna and I are almost family we are so close. I am one of her most trusted friends and she has very few of those! So she called me last night that both of you were coming today and that your son will follow later...but don't tell any of the staff you know her or me just yet!" she informed both women walking with her.

"So what do we have to do today to get both of my two kids entered in this academy?" Joannie asked for her children.

"Well we go up to Shuster Hall here, then to the headmistresses office and drop off all your paperwork. While that is being processed into a ton of forms, the headmistress Mrs. Carson will have a nice talk with both of you and see if she agrees to letting your children in....But don't worry, we have the space and it's all paid for by the Fae only scholarship." Paige said as the all arrived at the building's main doors, that slide open to all three of them.

Paige led them both upstairs to the main office area and down the hallway to the headmistresses office, Paige stood at a open doorway marked 'Assistant headmistress' and knocked on the frame with her artificial hand, "Ms. Hartford, here are the Murrays all set and I'll be in the IT tech room if you need me?" Paige said as she entered and waved to the women to follow her in.

"Thanks Miss Donner, I may call you again soon?" the lady in the office said and waved bye to Paige as the teen school girl left out a side door of the office with huge a grin beaming back to Joannie, as she mouthed out 'good luck!' and winked to her.

"Come on in please...please take a seat," the older lady said waving them on deeper into her large office.

"Thank you...Ms. Hartford, was it?" Joannie asked as she took a place in one of the large leather chairs in front of the fine wood desk with marble top.

"It was and the guards passed on to me the reason for your visit toady, that your child seeks entrance to Whateley academy?" she asked the troubled mother of two.

"Yes for Tonya here, plus her brother Kevin that has been held up and will be here in about a week or so if you grant them both entrance here?" Joannie worried on.

"How did you find out about us here at Whateley?" Hartford asked.

"I prefer to not say, but they told me that you rarely turn students away that are in trouble and they told us about your whole basic four year program here too?" Joannie nearly gulped out not wanting to give the woman any more information than was necessary right now.

"That person or persons, was correct. We rarely send away students in trouble, can you tell me the trouble you or your children are in?"

"Government trouble...non-criminal type." Joannie gave only the most basic of facts to the lady.

Ms. Amelia Hartford had spent many years as staff at Whateley and several of those in this very position as Assistant headmistress. With all of that experience behind her, she could almost guess a incoming students powers at times. She knew instantly what the teenage girl sitting before her was...she was a Sidhe.

"Humm I see and I see that your daughter is a Elf or what they call themselves...Sidhe and your son is normal, a mutant or?" Amelia lead the mother on thru the basics, while taking a few of her own notes of names, mutant powers and other required personal information on her notepad.

"I am told he is a Drow, but both of my children have yet to get their powers tested or see a physician since their changes." the growing nervous mother gave the assistant headmistress one more taste of vital information on her children.

"Drow...Dark elf...are you sure?" Hartford asked trying very hard not to look too surprised by that short statement from the mother.

"Yes, That is what I was told and I looked it up on the net. There are some sites that have information on them...most of that information is legendary in nature it seems?" Joannie lied to the woman and hoped not to be found out by the lady that she was sitting in front of...for the sake of both kids of her's!

"Okay if you are sure...but I do have one prying question about Kevin, or his nature?"

"Go on, if he is to be attending this need all the information I know on him, I guess?" she wondered what that next question would be!

"Does your boy have two hearts, I know that is strange question. But I have to ask?" Hartford said, while her hand paused making her next note and hoped that the boy only had one! Whateley having three changed Drow in attendance at the same time would be crazy indeed.

"Not that I know of, please remember that he has not had an medical examination since his mutation yet and neither has my Tonya here? But I have to ask you, there is more than one type of Drow?" Joannie pointed at her daughter in the chair next to her, as she asked not sure herself of how many Drow types there might be.

"Yes there are." Hartford said flatly. Thinking that as of right now, there are about three at least. One that should be 'normal' that no one has seen yet? One changed Drow that is the Leigh twins and the last for now is the 'Jobe'...'fake' Drow that she is and the clone of her daughter Belphoebe, then add a few others that have tried the very dangerous 'Drow' serum that Jobe created.

Joannie sat quietly while Hartford made some personal notes, then made or entered even more on her workstation built into her desktop. Amelia stopped entering notes as she asked for one last detail, "May I see your children's paperwork and school records if you have any...please?"

The now extremely nervous mother handed over a large file folder, one that held each of her children's personal files and all of it was fiction. Both only had records up to last year, where Brian had updated them both like he did religiously every six months, the schools were real...names left off intentionally, the children's names deleted off each file...but the grade for classes in each year were very real. He wanted that to match his children closely for their combined sake! And for the ease of them remembering what they had done in school.

"Just so you know, the files have the names of their schools left off for the safety of both my children." she told the woman behind the desk.

"Unusual, but not something we have not seen here at Whateley before." Hartford said taking the files and noticing the green light on her workstation from Carson that said to her...'send them in now please' with it's crisp glow.

"It's not?" the puzzled mom had to say about that small fact. Was this school so used to dealing with children coming out of the shadows, was it that bad in the country or world for mutants?

"Yes, this academy is very used to keeping secrets and even some national ones. However the headmistress Mrs. Carson has sent me a signal to have you both sent on into see and speak with her further on the matter. So please exit out my door and see the lady to the right of my office by the larger set of twin office doors."

"Thank you Ms. Hartford...what do you think our chances are?" Joannie asked as she stoop up and fussed with fixing her daughters shirt.

"I don't make those choices Mrs. Murray, only Mrs. Carson does. But good luck." she said while diving deeper into the two personal files she was just handed.

Both Joannie and her daughter made their way out of Hartford's office and over to a desk of a younger girl that introduced herself instantly, "Hi I am Claire and if you do go here...I will be seeing lots at first and hopefully none later? If you stay our of trouble!" she grinned to the daughter.

Tonya looked the lady over, plus her large desk covered in paperwork and had to smile as she stifled at giggle at the name plate there...Elaine Claire. Or Éclair, like the pastry!

Elaine spotted the giggle instantly and wiggled a finger to her in warning, "No dessert jokes or leaving them on my desk unless they are the VERY GOOD ones!" she smiled to the teen having had many of the sweet treats her name sounded like left on her desk in the years working here!

It was not too long before Claire opened the large office doors of the headmistresses off to both of them and quickly, silently closed them behind both of them. Inside the vary large well finished room was a smartly well dressed older lady...about 40ish to Joannie's mind that quickly stood up from her chair to greet both of them with a personal hand shake for each in greetings. Then she pointed out both chairs before her to take a seat in.

As Joannie sat and got comfortable for what in her mind was going to be a very through 'grilling' for information on both her and the two children. This is when her mind remembered who this lady was, as Rohanna had left that out and the why...because she had seen her so much...she no longer saw the superhero that she was anymore.

"You are Lady Astarte, no one told me that you ran this school?" Joannie said shocked at the fact it made so much sense, you would need a top notch hero to even run such a place as this!

Carson chuckled slightly at the sudden 'hero worship' as she whispered back playfully, "Don't tell the students, I don't think they even know yet! But it is not Lady Astarte anymore, it's just Elizabeth Carson headmistress and maybe your headmistress Tonya?" she smiled the child's way.

"I hope so, I like this school the more and more as I see it. Even if I do not see mom at night, I know she will get a place near here and I can see her on weekends?" Tonya beamed out eagerly at the headmistress.

"We shall see if that is going to occur. But I have to ask Mrs. Murray why you suddenly showed up at our gates today?" Carson asked, while pulling out a note pad of her own.

"I know that I or we should have called ahead, but we arrived late last night in a rush and calling in the middle of the night did not seem prudent at all to me? SO we came straight over this morning when I thought it was best that all your staff would be present?"

"Here at Whateley this act is not unheard of, but rarely happens and very rarely for two students at the same time with their family in tow." Carson told both of the women before her.

"All I can say is sorry....and I hope you take my children on as students?" Joannie worried on once more about her children.

"Well Like I said...this has happened before and it is real need for apologies. But I see from the notes being entered right now, you have one more showing up in a week or so...a son named Kevin and he is a Drow too, how strange?" Carson said while reading one of the displays built into her desktop.

"Yes Kevin is caught up in something very personal that he has to finish before attending here...if he attends here that is?" she tells Carson and asks her at the same time.

"Well that is cutting it very close for the start of next school term, but we make allowances all the time for students showing up any day of the year. We try to help in every case we encounter here at Whateley. We rather have students attending here with us if they can and we can accommodate, then to have them on the streets getting into trouble and making even more trouble for us mutants in general." Carson states.

Carson stopped for a few minutes while she read up on the children's information as the computer updated it to her, "Tonya as I read this so far, you have not done any powers testing?"

"Yes ma'am...none so far." the teen answered quickly.

"Have you seen or felt anything other than what a Sidhe might feel or out of the normal for you personally?"

"I noticed something the other day, my hand set a piece of paper on fire and then on our hand passed through the flame unhurt?" she told next and her mother glared at her in shock at the child's report of notice that she might have other mutant powers besides being a ELF!

"Why didn't you say anything to me Tonya?" her mom asked more than worried for her well-being.

Tonya just shrugged to her mother, "I don't know, with all that has been going on...why add even more?"

"Well the tests we have to perform on each student in attendance, they will show what powers you do have? Because most Sidhe have a power or affinity towards one of the five elements of water, fire, earth, wood, or lastly air. We have several Sidhe attending right now that do just that." she schooled both of them in the most simplest of facts about the Sidhe race in general.

"Humm really....that is normal for a elf to have powers and magic?" Joannie asked for her own personal knowledge and that of her children.

"Yes the Sidhe...not elves," Carson winked and corrected the mother gently, "as a race hold to the five elements in some way and have their own magic on top of that too!" she smiled over to Tonya.

"Magic, I had not thought of my children needing any teaching in that matter, I thought it was very much a mutant power, like super strength or laser beam eyes?" Joannie said in a funny way, but more than very serious of the facts.

"Yes, magic can be a mutation of the use of the power. But most creatures of the Fae like your children, it is a normal part of them and a very deep part of their being. No magic in the world or freely floating essence about, equals no Sidhe and that is how the race died off so long ago. The worlds essence was extinguished and only recently has it come back in any real measurable numbers." she told the mother.

"Too cool mom I get to learn magic, I wonder if my skills will be better than Kevin's!" Tonya asked and hoped that they would, she loved rubbing it his face from time to time!

"I have to ask the same question Ms. Hartford did, what part of our or who or what government is chasing you and for what if we can ask?" Carson asked the hardest question of all now.

"I can't say for the children's safety, but to say this fact...the ones that do? Want all of us harmed in someway and if that single question of who is chasing us...not being answered is the only thing holding my children from enrolling here at Whateley...then I have to say sadly, we will have to seek help elsewhere." is all Joannie allowed herself to say right now.

"No that will not be necessary at all, I hated to pry. But the more I know, the more we can help with and protect them from harm.

"SO I am...or WE are in!" Tonya bubbled out in glee.

"Yes you are your brother are welcome here...unless we find out that you are criminals and Hartford has found no evidence so far that says that you are?" Carson warned.

"And if a child was found out to be criminal?" Joannie had to ask, because she knew Rohanna had committed a more than a few very serious crimes in protecting her family so far this week and certainly last time they met!

"If the MCO or any local, plus Federal DA wants to put them on trial? We as a neutral school, plus neutral place here at Whateley have to for good or bad...sadly stand aside and let just that happen. We can not endanger all the students attending here and the future students for the sake of one person." Carson laid out the facts.

"Just to get it over with, I am sure my family does not have the funds for us two kids to attend here. But we were told there was a scholarship for elves?" Tonya asked for her mother, taking a little pressure off of her right now and her mother smiled to Tonya for doing just that.

Not just elves per say, but all Fae creatures that show up to the school or need it's help in coming here to attend. Whoever told you this was correct and you would be one of the first that was not already attending here, as the scholarship was so recently endowed by it's maker!"

"Neat, we are the first ones mom!" Tonya yelped out happily.

"That you would be, both you and your brother when he arrives. So you know, we here at Whateley run a four year program for most students, that means both of you will enter as freshmen and will be schooled, as well be house accordingly. I think that since you both are the first students inducted into the full scholarship, we will house both of you in our large cottage of Melville. To show the endower of the scholarship, that we indeed take their donated funds seriously as they were meant as!"

"Cottages?" Joannie asks with a tilt of her head thinking of very small homes in the woods for some reason.

"That is what we call student housing here on campus and Melville is the largest right now, as well as being the best appointed cottage among the seven we have. That building was the newest, till Poe cottage had it's full scale revamp over the summer." Carson said as she clicked at keys on the desktop entering in her final verdict allowing both children entry this term.

"Mrs. Carson, if I may ask this, I was told that my family might be granted temporary housing till Tonya and her brother starts and I can find local accommodations in town somewhere?" Joannie asked more than worried that she might have to find a place at a local hotel for both of them.

"Yes we can accommodate you both with ease, the Fae scholarship fund covers the costs of that need, plus several others and we can even grant you your own suite. So your children can stay in one of their own rooms. Since it is very late in the summer session, most of our guests for that time have left and made room for those that come at term's start. The parents know to take turns and leave room for those parents of children that can't leave campus easily." Carson smiled to the mother of two that beamed back to her in joy of having found a safe place to stay for now.

"Some students don't leave for summer vacation time?" Tonya asked not understanding why.

"Yes some mutations affect our students so badly, that they don't even leave their rooms for class time. Then there are some students like Paige that brought you here, did you notice that she did not touch you?" Carson said.

"Yes now that you mentioned it, she did stay far away from us both?" Tonya nodded back to Carson.

"Paige generates a rather large electrical charge, one that could kill if she did not drain it regularly and one that would kill your mother in some cases. But you being a Sidhe and one in harmony with nature now, you would never even feel a tingle!" she told the child more about her new self.

"I DO!" Tonya almost shouts excitedly.

"That you do, just ask your other Sidhe classmates as you go. I am sure they will tell great deals of information...if you want to know it or not!" Carson inwardly laughs at Tonya, she has yet to meet the Drow twins that will surely help in Tonya's schooling and training!

"Humm sound like more class time for me?" Tonya almost pouts at the fact it might be.

"I sure it will be, some students attending here...your fellow Sidhe take training very seriously and will make an effort to help you train as best possible. I would in your case, follow their lead, they are the most cases." Carson gave the best praise she could offer at the time, because both of the twins still had anger issues with other students...mostly humans.

"I will try ma'am." she gave back with a short sigh.

Before Carson spoke again, she stood up and went to a small hidden fridge inside a cabinet behind her, "Want anything to drink while your entrance paperwork is being made up? I find most parents are very stressed out by coming here and asking for their children to attend Whateley."

"Please...some juice if you have it?" Joannie asked and her daughter added next, "A coke for me!" she grinned standing up to fetch one for her mother. This was a little secret test of Carson's...does the child help out when they can? And Tonya had just passed with flying colors!

As they waited and rested up a little from the ordeal so far. They all chatted up about the school's long past and recent history of being a school for mutant kind. During the chat, the door opened after a short knock and Elaine the secretary came in with a stack of paperwork, plus a small bag in her hand "Good, now here are your documents Mrs. Murray and please read them over, then sign at the places indicated. Then we can escort both of you over to security for permanent ID badges for school grounds and keycard usage. Just so you know Mrs. Murray, most parents are not given a permanent ID badge, but since you are staying with us here for two weeks or so? Then add choosing to live very close or will soon to our campus, we will issue you one. Because you might be on campus regularly."

The thought of her mother stopping by regularly was not too appetizing to Tonya, but then her mind drifted off that bad thought when she suddenly remembered something Carson said a while back in their conversation, "Ma'am you mentioned that the scholarship covers housing us students, my mother among other things and what are those other things?"

"Well in your case and scholarship, it includes all meals here in campus at the main cafeteria and a few other spots, that is normal for all students attending here. Plus yours adds in any needs for supplies needed for magic lad class or any lab class that the teacher assigns or approves, as well as a small fund to draw on for personal research needs. Then lastly, you and Kevin are given about one hundred dollars a week for expenses and a thousand to start off each year for any needed dorm room supplies. We can add more on request if there is need for it and the need is verified." Carson counted off several points on her fingers for the incoming student.

Joannie quickly, yet carefully read off the vast stack pages of personal contracts or paperwork the school needed, one part of the whole mess stopped her for a few minutes while she thought about it. This part was her signing, no agreeing that her children could get hurt attending school here or die during said training...even the paperwork knew she would question that fact! A paragraph below the required signature explained...'all students are mutants and in training them to defend themselves from others or to be eventual heroes or?...Some students do and will be harmed or die'.

Joannie signed.

She knew or knows what it meant, some people in the world will always hate her kids forever and try to hurt them or chase them away for reasons of their own or just plain FEAR.

"Here ya go it's your turn to read and sign!" Joannie laughed as she slid the stack over to her daughter.

"I sign?" she questioned.

"Yes, you it all thoroughly because our school rules are in there and you are agreeing to ALL of them!" Carson warned the teen with a slightly evil grin.

"I feel if I am signing my life away?" Tonya admitted

Both older women sounded out in stereo...."You are!" and laughed at her pain.

An hour later

All three girls were leaving the Security office, tow of them wearing new badges and Paige was guiding their path onto the Guest cottages. Tonya spoke up as they all exited out of Kane hall that contained the security department among many other uses, "Did you see all the huge guns hung on the wall in there mom! You could take over a small country with all of that and I got the strangest feeling from that Sam lady?"

Paige laughed at her, "That was just the small stuff, the really big weapons are locked up in a bunker and very safe. But I thought you might feel that Sam was strange, not talking to a toaster in your mind...but not?" she asked her new fellow student with a knowing grin.

"Ya I guess, she did seem strange to me...why?" Tonya said.

"I felt nothing, she seemed normal, but very young for someone in charge of all that?" Joannie added next.

"Well Sam is almost full nano-parts and AI...there is a human in there, but not much. She had several accidents last year and that was the result. It seems only Sidhe and a few others find her artificial or feeling that is. She is fully human where it counts!" Paige warned both of the ladies a little.

As they strolled along, Tonya took time to finally checkout that small bag that Elaine had brought in with the paperwork and Carson handed her as they all left. Inside was a school t-shirt in her exact size made out of cotton and well made at that, not some cheap 'made in china' one! Next was a baseball hat with the school crest on it, cotton of course. Then a booklet of several fee-bee coupons to get her started out on campus... pizza, some free drinks at the cafe among others and lastly was a thick heavy RULE book with a hand written note placed on read simply...'Read me or face the consequences'!

Tonya dropped the huge book back into her bag after flipping a few pages, the fished the hat back out and closed the bag for looking at the rest of the small things at the bottom for later, like when Rohanna or Rehanna could explain them all better?

"Well at least I got a new hat out of going here!" she smiled as it was quickly placed on her head.

"Yep!" Paige sang out to her, "But let go grab a cart from the campus services department, then grab your bags and get you both all set up in a nice suite in the guest cottages by the parking lot?" Paige suggested what to do next.

Joannie nodded to the teen, "That sounds like a good plan, then once we are all set? We can tour the campus with your help...if you have the time Paige?"

"Ohh I sure do, besides I have to show you the campus and talk about the Drow twins!" Paige beamed back.

Very shortly, Paige had barrowed a large from the services department and she walked back out to both women, then tossed the keys to Tonya with a smile, "Your driving, because I can't my powers will fry the battery in the darn thing if I touch the steering wheel!" then she touched a tall metal pole going into the ground near the long row of parked carts, the pole sparked then heated up from her electrical discharge, "See what I mean, if I don't do that once an hour or so? It all builds up and stuff around me goes POOF! Or I might hurt someone I accidentally touch."

"Neat, but I can see your issues with that too...but what a taser for annoying people!" Tonya giggled and her mom instantly gave her 'the stare of death' in warning.

"But what cart is our?" Tonya asks.

"The number on the key is 'three' silly!" Paige, says as she hops into the fourth cart after reading the numbers painted on each. The first one inline always belongs to the shop and never moves! It's an inside joke on campus, that services department rarely 'serves'...they wait for students on punishment details to do the work!

Joannie nods to her daughter as she takes a place in the back just behind Paige, who of course will be guiding the both of them and Tonya does a celebratory jump of joy at being allowed to drive, then hops behind the wheel.

"MUSH!" Paige shouts as she points back in the direction of the car.

Tonya tosses the last bag onto the large flat deck of the rear of the cart and then closes the renal car's trunk. "All done mom!" she sings and jumps back behind the driver's seat eager to driver the cart fast on the paths of the school.

"Next stop, the guest cottage over there!" Paige points once again and takes her place in the passenger seat.

"Aww that is not that far, this thing will never get up to speed?" Tonya sighs out.

"Well I still have to show you both where to eat and the rest of the school. There is plenty of time for going fast and wreckless later!" Paige smiles evilly.

"NO...." Joannie says simply and both girls sigh at being denied their fun.

Soon enough, all the ladies bags were all separated by the room where they belonged in a rather nice guest two bedroom suite of the large five story cottage. Page helped Tonya with one of her's off the luggage cart, while Joannie tossed the last bag of her's on her bed.

"You seem to have the nice room on this floor, a king in the master bedroom and fulls in the kiddy room. Not to mention the large living room and balcony. Carson must be showing off a little bit with you two!" Paige said as she grabbed a soda from the already stocked fridge.

"Carson did mention that we would be the first ones of the Fae to be granted a full ride scholarship from day one and maybe that is why she is showing off to this secret endower?" Tonya said as she grabbed a soda and one large juice for her mom as she walked in from her bedroom.

"That I am sure of too honey?" Joannie said as she nodded thanks to her daughter and leaned on the small kitchenette counter.

"Secret donator? mean Rohanna and Rehanna, they started the whole thing the first few weeks they got here!" Paige said letting the cat out of the bag for sure.

"Those two have money?" Tonya said almost doing a spit take with her coke.

"Yep...think of it, Drow that have access to ancient Sidhe items or valuables that would sell like hotcakes to collectors or mages?" Paige said as she did a small spin and fell into the large sofa with a sigh.

"How much?" Tonya had to ask.

"That I am not sure of...never asked and she will not say...nor do I really care. But she invested it all for later use." then Paige remembers one thing... and puts her finger up on her artificial arm to emphasize it, "Except when she bought two fast motorbikes! AND Woof do I mean FAST!"

"Humm sounds dangerous to me," the worried mother said as she sat down.

"The twins get hurt while way! They are like cockroaches some of the other students on campus say, you just can't kill them!" Paige laughs like a maniac.

"Okay you two, well I am beat and need to clean myself up before we go and tour the rest of the campus. So I am going to my room for a few and you two can get to know one another better." Joannie said as she stood to walk over to her room slowly as the relief of getting both of her kids to somewhere safe hit her like a brick!

The more than happy mother closed her door slowly on the two teens as they walked into Tonya's temporary room and that is when it all hit her hard....Joannie had to lay on the bed weeping in joy and some sadness at what had happened today...or this week or the last few long had months. It was over for the most part, they were safe!




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