From The Past To The Future Part 4

Lupita swing the ax down on the tree log and splits it in one swing. She looks over towards Black Wolf "I could get use to this. I split that log with just one swing and it went right through it."

Black Wolf looks over towards Lupita as she continued to chopped wood. Her abdomen had finally healed properly. She has been a blessing in disguise. Yesterday, she had gone out hunting and came back with a rabbit she had trapped in the snare she set. He noticed that he has been putting on weight with all the food she has been cooking lately. Not only that, but it has been fun introducing her to modern life.

He was surprised that members of the council had been at Dora’s place when they went over for dinner. It was nice that Lupita loved to bake and made a large batch of cookies. She met most of the women and some of the men who were on the tribal council. The reaction some of the people had, were a little unnerving to Lupita. Some questions she couldn’t answer, because where she came from and where the Elf she now occupied, came from were different.

She did learn that the reason the elf had been bleeding, because she had gotten caught stealing from a high-ranking member of the court. One of his guards caught her, on her way out of the house. He was a little better with a sword then she was and sliced her right across the abdomen. As for the snow storm that had merged and transported them here. She didn’t have any answers for that.

Black Wolf had a hard time explaining modern thing to Lupita. One of the items he had a hard time explaining was electricity to her. He had to put it in terms she could understand with lighting being trapped and sent down metallic lines like copper and such. He did learn where she lacked modern knowledge, her old skills of hunting and identifying plants and such came in handy. She could teach some of their people the old ways of surviving off the land.

Lupita carries the wood inside the house and stack it in the kindling box. She liked the fact that Black Wolf had running water that was cold and hot. That was new to her. Black Wolf had to show her how to operate the knobs to get the water the way she wanted it. She come to enjoy bubble baths as well.

Once she got use to how the gas stove operated, it was easy for her to cook. Lupita loved baking and brewing different types of teas. At least Black Wolf didn’t have to show her how to wear certain undergarments. She managed to figure that out on her on.

Lupita heads into the kitchen to check on the rabbit stew she was making for dinner tonight. She found out that she liked buffalo meat. One of Black Wolf’s neighbors had given them some and she had cooked it up. Lupita tastes the stew and noticed it need a little bit more spicing. She looks through all the spices they had and finally found what she was looking for. She stirs the spices in and taste it again.

“Perfect.” She covers the pot back up.

“How much longer is the stew going to be?” Black Wolf was curious.

“Give it a few more hours and it should be ready.” Lupita heads towards the door.

“Hey Black Wolf, I’m going for a walk.” She grabs her walking stick.

“Alright, be careful.” Black Wolf had shown Lupita around.

“I will. I’m not going far.” Lupita heads out into the snow still on the ground and goes for a walk. Even though it was 29 degrees outside. She wasn’t cold with her cloak on and her hands and face bundled up.

As Lupita is out for her walk, she comes across a body lying on the snow like Black Wolf had found her, except this person was wearing a modern-day ski suit. She turns the person over carefully and notices the person looked to have been beaten. Their face was all black and blue.
Lupita carefully picks the body up and carry them back to Black Wolf’s place.

As Lupita walks in with a figure in her arms “Black Wolf, you might want to get your first aid kit. I found someone not far from your place.”
Black Wolf was in the kitchen getting something to drink when he heard Lupita’s voice. He comes out and notices she had a small person in her arms.

“Where did you find that person?” The purple ski suit the person was covered with looked to be fairly new.

“About half a mile from here. They were laying face down in the snow.” Lupita takes the person in her arms into the bedroom where she has been sleeping and starts to undress them.

As she started removing the ski suit off the person. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She remembered what she had looked like when her father had beaten and whipped her. This person was covered in bruises and whipped marks. They looked to be a girl, but had the plumbing of a male.

“Black Wolf, do boys normally wear girl clothes around here?” Lupita looked at Black Wolf as he came walking in with a bowl of hot water and the first aid kit.

“Well, we normally call them two spirited.” Black Wolf gives Lupita the bowl to hold while he cleans the person.

“Okay, what does that mean?” she had no idea what two spirited meant.

“It means, that sometimes mother nature makes a mistake when a person is born. Sometimes, a person is born feeling one way, but their body doesn’t match how their spirit and emotions feel. It’s like how you are. Your body and spirit use to be in a normal human body. Then your spirit and mind got merged with the body you have now.” Black Wolf wonders who this person was and why they were abused.

Lupita just watches as Black Wolf gives the boy laying on the mattress a sponge bath. After he was done, Lupita pulls out a baby bottle of healing salve she had made with the knowledge from the elf body she now inhabited. She wraps the person body up after applying the salve.
Black Wolf and Lupita head back into the living room. Lupita takes the first aid kit and the bottle of salve and put them away. She checks the stew again and goes back into the living room where Black Wolf was sitting. She walks over to the sofa and curl up there.

“Looks like your place is a popular place.” Lupita had a smile on her face.

“Did you see any tracks near that person’s body?” Black Wolf was curious.

“Nope, just theirs. They must had walked there.” Lupita hadn’t seen any other tracks, except hers and the other persons.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” Lupita gets up and heads towards the fireplace to get the kettle she hangs there to keep the water hot.

Lupita heads into the kitchen and fills the kettle up. She brings it back out to hang in the fireplace to heat up.

“I wonder who that boy is and why they were beaten as badly as they were?” Lupita was curious what the boy did to deserve the beating he got.

“Don’t you mean girl?” Black Wolf looks at Lupita as he sips his tea?

“Girl? He can’t be a she, not unless he has both organs.” Lupita was wondering why Black Wolf said girl.

“Lupita, people who are two natures like the young person in there leans towards being a girl. That’s how they feel. Sometimes, you’ll have a girl who feels she should had been born a male.”

“I know a few women from where I came from, that should had been born a male. They even acted like they should had been.” Lupita remembers one woman that wore the pants in her family and the husband should had been wearing the dress instead of her.

“Well, when you address the child in the next room. Address them as if you were addressing a girl.” Black Wolf figures he was right.

“Okay.” Lupita didn’t have a problem doing that, she just never met a boy that dress as a girl unless they were actors or entertainers.

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