Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The meeting seemed to go on for a long time, so we went to my room and had a cuddle session. We were a bit too nervous for more than that. This whole bonding thing has put a real crimp in our sex life. It also made me wonder, I mean, as a guy, I don't think feeling in the mood was much of a factor.

As soon as we heard the door open we jumped up. Myra was in the living area waiting for us. She was looking at us with a smile on her face, so I knew the news was good.

“Kara has agreed and I have already created the potion. We have all agreed to do the ceremony tonight. I'm afraid that you can't be involved, Andi. There is the possibility that your bond may have unforeseen consequences, so the decision was for you to not be anywhere near.”

“Thanks for helping us, mum.” She gave another big smile. I am so going to try and use that word as much as possible. I know theoretically that she is just a computer generated personality, but my mind can't tell the difference, so I was going to treat her as real.

“You're welcome. There were some other things discussed. They are only relevant if the ceremony is successful, so, I am unsure whether to talk about it now.”

“Considering the transformation worked on a much harder case, I have a knowing that everything is going to go well.” Vee said. I smiled at her and nodded agreement.

“Please tell us.” I added.

She sighed. “None of what I am going to tell you is a secret, but at the same time, no one really talks about it.” She motioned with her hand and we all sat down. “Since the last Goblin war, our population went below a critical level. To put it bluntly, more elves die than are born. There are still a lot of us, however, we can only have children after we have bonded and it is often centuries before we find our bonded. There are still dangers in this world and although we do not die of old age, accidents happen. What this means is that every bonding is considered sacred and celebrated with a ceremony at Amilyf.”

“Does this mean we will have to travel there?”

“Yes, it is in the heart of our forest and the safest place to be. A bonded pair are our most prized blessing. You will be protected and pampered in the hopes that you will help provide the next generation. The journey there will take about 3 weeks. Providing the ceremony tonight goes as planned, we will announce the bonding and ask for anyone who wishes to accompany us.”

“You are coming as well, momma?”

“Most certainly, also with your permission, I will formally adopt you.”

“Yes please.”

“So yes, I will be accompanying you. I suspect most, if not all of those elves who hear, will wish to go with us. This is an unfortunately rare event that engenders a fierce protectiveness in us and an opportunity to celebrate. Please be patient with us. We will have these instincts to keep you out of harms way. You will constantly be surrounded by elves who are unlikely to even let a mouse get too close to you.”

“If you have such a population issue, could the transformation ceremony, give you a chance to increase your numbers.” Vee asked.

“That was the other thing we discussed. I think we were resigned to slowly decreasing numbers. The addition of 2 new elves through a magical means with the support of our God, Lagbit, has brought fresh hope to us all. I will be discussing this with the Royal couple. The ceremony was only a theory in a book until I performed it on you, Andi. I don't think it was intended to be used in the way that we did, but it obviously had Lagbit's blessing and if we can find people who also wish to be transformed, we may save our race.”

“We may be able to find some people who would wish to be transformed.” I said, thinking of the transgender community. “I will need to speak to some people and see if they would like to join us.”

“That can wait. You can send word to your friends to join you, but first we need to get Vee through tonight and the both of you to Amilyf.”

Vee had to skip dinner and I chose to do the same. Truthfully, I was so nervous, I wouldn't have been able to eat anything anyway. We had discussed that even if the ceremony was successful, if she had anything like the pain that I had, we might find ourselves automatically logged off. Myra told me that she would be brought back to my room after, so that we could sleep together for the first time. She advised me to try and go to sleep and gave me what looked like a bottle of wine to help relax me. Apparently, my transformation took many hours, although I didn't remember it that way.

Vee was led away by 3 priestesses and I was left to worry. I started sipping from the bottle that Myra had provided. I don't think it was wine, maybe mead. It had a sweet honey like taste and I am guessing was very potent. Either that or elves really can't take their alcohol. I had to lie down, the room had started spinning. I think I may have passed out. I awoke to arms hugging me as I was being spooned from behind. I was still in a confused state and just pulled the arm closer to me to hold it tight and drifted back to sleep.

I awoke more clear headed when the arm was moved. I turned in bed quickly to find Kara in bed with me, looking at me with her gorgeous green eyes. “Vee?”

“Yes darling.” I let out a sigh of relief.

“Well it worked then. It is so weird, for a moment there I thought Kara was in bed with me.”

“No, it is me, but a me with bigger tits.”

“Don't be vulgar. I always loved your breasts. I think I am going to have to investigate these new ones and see if they measure up.”

She let me start things, but, couldn't help taking control and pushing me onto my back. Some time later she asked. “So what do you think?”

“Umm.” I replied. “Maybe I should get a second opinion.” I started reaching for them again, only to be interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Are you joining me this morning?”

“Yes.” I called out. I extracted myself from Vees legs. “I am learning Taigoa with Myra, do you want to join us?”

She watched me get my PJ's from the chest and put them on with an admiring smile. “I'll get up in a bit and watch you.”

I headed out to join Myra in the courtyard. We went through the whole sequence once then we changed positions and I lead and she followed. I didn't remember it all, but it only took a little jogging of my memory by looking behind me to see what she was doing when I forgot. We did it one more time with me leading and then retired to the bathroom to freshen up. Vee was still in bed.

She went to freshen up with a rumbling belly. I was really hungry and I guess Vee was as well. Going to breakfast was different today. Obviously I had a completely different Vee to accompany me, but Myra walked with much more tension than I had ever seen her display. When we arrived a group of elven priestesses guided us to a table. That had never happened before. They congratulated us, included us in their conversation and touched us as often as possible. I could have been weirded out by it, instead, I felt comforted. When breakfast had finished, they then took us back to the high priestess' suite. Myra was not far behind.

“I can see what you mean.” I said to her.

“You have to understand, this is an outpost of the human empire. We are in one of the most dangerous parts of the world and have to travel through the human territory which is only marginally safer before we get to elven territory. We are all going to feel protective and worried until we know you are safe. I am expecting our procession to number in the 100's, probably picking up more elves as we travel. Both to make sure you are safe and be there for the celebration to follow.”

“Wow. OK, so what do we do. We can't go adventuring.”

“Definitely not. I will be able to teach you more spells as we travel, but right now, I need to organise my replacement and our journey. I expect we will start travelling in 2 days. Kara, with Ash and Holly will be here shortly to keep you safe. As a newly bonded pair, we don't expect to see much of you. They will knock on your door when it is time for lunch. They might be persuaded to take you to the sacred baths for a bath and a massage. They won't be indulging though, they take their responsibility seriously.”

“If they are in the suite, they will hear everything.” Vee whispered to me.

Myra laughed. “Elven hearing is better than human, you will have to learn to pretend not hearing what you are not supposed to. I am sure they are all well practised. When we are travelling, all you will have is a thin canvas covering and Andi is not exactly quiet in the bedroom.”

I blushed. Having got used to the improved hearing myself, I knew she had been able to hear us before. I had tried to be quiet, but certain noises just seemed to come out.

“Besides, those sort of noises will please everyone. What do you think we expect to hear from a newly bonded pair?”

Myra stayed for a few minutes until Kara and company arrived. Kara had cut her hair short to make identification easier. We stayed awkwardly in the living room until I just grabbed Vee and dragged her to the bedroom, with a “Speak to you later.” They all grinned at me. I think that was the right action because when I closed the door, Vee responded. I think she likes me being a bit assertive, but it makes her even more aggressive, almost to prove her dominance. It was like pushing her buttons. The funny thing is, I like being submissive. I don't try and be manipulative, but somehow, Vee ends up doing what I want anyway. It reminded me of a saying. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck and she can point the head in any direction she wants. I felt like I was the neck and pointed Vee where I wanted.

We were able to distract each other from the thought that there were other people nearby who could hear what we were doing. I have to say this about being a woman, multiple orgasms are real. Yay.

The next 2 days passed quickly. We were constantly looked after, shepherded to and from food, given fabulous massages and mostly left to enjoy each others company. We just had to ignore our minders. They were very discreet and when we did interact with them and tried to get to know them a bit, found they were very nice. They didn't like us going outside or anywhere they considered a risk, but other than that, they were mostly relaxed.

Vee started joining Myra and I for our morning Taigoa sessions. I had managed to memorise the form now and Myra was teaching me the breathing that fit with each move. Vee was told to ignore that until she could remember the form. Myra had also taught us a new spell. Now we could heal and we could remove poisons. We practised the spell carefully. In order to learn the next spell you had to be proficient on the previous one.

The next morning at breakfast Myra announced that she was retiring and introduced the next high priestess, who was a human called Lissile. After breakfast we all trooped outside. I hadn't been outside in the last couple of days, so I had been unaware of the preparations, but there were multiple wagons and huge numbers of people. Then I realised that all the people were elves, maybe 200 of them. When we came in view, we were the focus of a lot of stares, waves and smiles. We were shown to a wagon and ushered inside. Inside there was my chest from my room that had all my and Vee's clothes in it, another chest that contained consumables and loads of cushions. There were no windows so all we could do was get comfortable and listen to everything happening around us.

Initially it was quite exciting, but soon, the travelling became more mundane. It was a bit embarrassing when I had to get out to go to the toilet. I went in the woods, surrounded by wary elves. It could have been boring, there really was nothing to do. But it was also a chance to really talk with Vee, discuss everything and anything, music to politics. Occasionally, I managed to distract her in other ways. Whenever that happened, we got a lot of smiles when we left the wagon.

The whole procession would stop briefly occasionally. I was rarely told the reason. I think we were a big enough group that we were unlikely to be attacked by orcs or goblins. Still, every evening, the camp was set up with outside threat in mind. We were given a bowl of water to wash ourselves every morning after we had practised Taigoa with Myra and others who joined in.

After 2 days of travel, when we went to sleep, we knew we should be logging off. We cuddled up tight after trying to satisfy ourselves enough to last until we could return. I found it difficult to drop off, but it must have happened at some point because I woke to the familiar complete black that meant we were back in the physical world.

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