Street Child 2 Chp. 4

Sweat was pouring down Karen’s face as she tries to convert the attack coming towards her from Betty to something less harmful. Ever since she learned from Betty that she could weld magical energies, Betty has been training her ruthlessly. She was being trained everything from physical training to magical training. Betty trains her every free hour she has. When she’s not training her, Clair trains her, when Clair isn’t training her, Sasha and Kevin train her. The only time they took a break was at Valentine’s Day. Betty wine and dine her that day. She was shower with flowers at work and went to lunch at a fancy restaurant and then they went out to the Opera and back to the house, where Karen gave Betty the night of her life.

Karen changes the attack into a harmless one and stands there panting. It took everything she had to do that.

“Let’s call it a night.” Betty comes walking over to Karen.

“Good, I am totally dry right now.” Karen was wearing a dancer’s leotard. Betty made her wear it when they did their physical exercise, just before they started their magical exercise.

Karen takes a swig of her water and swirls it around in her mouth. That last attack was a poisonous attack that Betty was forcing her to breathe in and change internal. She had informed her that there were some poisonous vapors she could do that with. She puts her water bottle down and grabs a bottle that had the milk from Betty in it and drinks that one. She’s been drinking four bottles of milk a day now ever since Christmas day. Most of her scars on her back had disappeared. There were still a lot more to go. Betty had her drinking from her every morning before she went to work and she made her take two bottles of milk with her to drink. She wasn’t allowed to drink soda or energy drinks any more. She was only allowed juice, tea, water and milk. She could still have her coffee. Betty was willing to compromise on that one.

They normally trained every day after she got home from work for four to five hours and then sit down and have dinner. She was only allowed milk at home, but if they went anywhere else, she could get anything, except soda. Karen would replenish her depleted magical energies by having sex with Betty most of the night and be fully charged by the time she woke-up. If she had sex with a normal person to recharge her batteries, that person would be too tired to get up. She wasn’t a succubus, but she needed sex to recharge herself.

“Come on you. We’re going out.” Betty takes Karen by the hand and upstairs to their room.

“I’ll be valuable. I’m like totally drain right now.” Karen was barely able to stand.

“Don’t worry about it. Where we are going, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries without having to screw any one.” Betty tosses a dress towards Karen.

Karen catches it and strips out of her leotard and tights. She slips the dress on over her underwear.

“No panties for you tonight.” Betty looks at her and makes it a command.

Karen removes her panties and tosses them in the dirty clothes hamper. She has gotten use to Betty ordering her not to wear panties sometimes when they go out. She knew that Betty liked to have fun with her when they were out. She also would allow other women to use her. The only thing she would never ever do is let a man touch her. Betty had told her that she knew how much she feared and hated men for what they did to her.

They go down to her car and speed off towards a member’s only gay club. Karen knew the place. Tonight, was ladies night and there was going to be a lot of sexy women being auctioned off tonight. The money would go to one of the charities the club help supports. When they walk in, the music was blaring and the lights in the place were turned down real low. Betty takes Karen out on the dance floor and they dance close to one another with Betty running her finger nails along Karen’s skin and inching her dress up to expose her bottom. They dance for about a half an hour, before Karen is grabbed and dragged to the stage with several other women.

“Alright ladies, you know what tonight is. As is our tradition, twenty young ladies were pulled off the floor and brought up here to the stage to be auctioned off. The rules are as follow. The partners of these ladies are forbidden to bid on their better halves. Sorry, but you have to share with the rest of us. You can only buy with the money you have in your purses. No checks, credit cards or IOU’s. Also, you can’t leave to get more money from the ATM. What you have on hand, is what you can spend. No permanent damage can be done to the girls, unless they beg you to leave a scar on them. Then that is permitted, but no broken bones or disfigurement. Please return the girls back to their lovers in the condition you received them. The girls are required to do whatever is asked of them within limits. Sorry, no killing or maiming. The girls are to stay with their new owners for the duration of their temporary sell and can be summoned from their occupation at any time by their temporary owners. While inside the club or the privacy of their owners dwelling, the girls will dress and act as they are told. If they refuse, the temporary owners may use whatever punishment they deem fit, if it doesn’t permanently harm the girls. The time limit on how long the girl is owned starts from the time they are sold. Remember, all money raised is given to charity. So, let the bidding begin.” The announcer starts the bid off.

Karen watches as each girl before her is auctioned off for decent prizes. There was no way she was going to fetch such a high price. The last girl on stage normally got the least amount of bid, because everyone had spent their money on the other girls. The bidding starts as she suspected very low. Just as the auctioneer was about to hit her mallet on the stand and say sold.

“Ten thousand dollars for the girl”

The crowd parts as a tall black raven hair woman walk forward past Betty. She had on a very low cut black dress trimmed in silver.

“I have ten thousand dollars; do I hear another bid.” The auctioneer looks around at everyone present. They were all stun.

The black hair woman looks up at Karen and directly into her eyes. Karen couldn’t break her gaze.

"I’m going to have so much fun with you human. You’re going to wish you never heard of my kind.” Karen heard the lady’s voice in her head.

“Going once, going twice, Sold.” As the auctioneer mallet hits the stand.

“I want her strip nude and crawling to my feet on her stomach.” The woman walks up to the auctioneer and pays her.

Karen does as she is told and crawls over to the woman on her stomach on stage.

“Kiss my boots slave.” She looks down at Karen.

Karen does what she is told to do. She continues till she is told to stop. The woman reaches down and grabs Karen by her hair and drag’s her off the stage.

“I’ll see you ladies later; I have a toy to have fun with.” She drags Karen towards the door right pass Betty. She stops and looks at Betty.

“You should never have let her go up there, Summer. Now she is mine for twenty-four hours and there is anything you can do about it.” The woman drags Karen out by her hair. Betty looks at Karen and hopes she’ll be able to survive what is coming towards. She didn’t want this to happen to her.

Karen is dragged to a limo and thrown in. She is flipped till she is on her hands and knees are secure to the limo’s floor. The window in front of her rolls down and a creature she has never seen before grabs her jaws and squeezes them forcing her to open up. Two slimy worms are put into her and she feels them going down into her body. She can’t scream, because the creature that grabbed her jaw sprays something into her mouth. It tastes nasty as she feels her tonsils going numb.

She feels sharp finger nails cutting into her skin “It’s time you met my men.”

Karen stiffens when she says men. She is taken to a warehouse and given to a group of forty men.

“Do as you please with her. Remember, no permanent damage is to be done to her.” Before the woman who brought Karen leaves her to the mercy of her men.

“A departing gift my child.” She places her fingers nails on either side of Karen’s head and presses them into her skin.

Karen screams in agony as she feels ten red hot nails pierce her skin and dig into her skull. She feels tendrils bore into her mind and then a switch is thrown wide open inside her head. The last thing Karen recalls seeing is a frightened little girl screaming for her mommy, before everything around her goes black.

Betty’s head shoots up and tears feel her eyes. Sasha was standing next to Betty. They couldn’t go and protect Karen from Lady Viles merciless torture. They were bound by the agreement that all buyers sign. She should have never brought her here tonight.

“What is it Betty?” Sasha was looking at his friend.

“It’s Karen, she’s calling out to me and I can’t do anything for her.” Betty was never good at mental combat. That would be the only way…” Betty looks at Sasha.

“Protect my body. I’ll be back.” Betty closes her eyes and sends her mental self to protect her little girl. Betty sees her little girl crowding in a corner for protection. She was curled up in a ball with her head buried in her arms. Betty goes over and picks her up.

“Mommy’s here sweetie. I’ll protect you from the monsters.” Betty stands there with little Karen in her arms.

She looks down at the scared little girl and notice that this must be the six years old version of Karen. The one that saw her mother killed and came here to protect her body and sanity. She holds her close to her and feeds her love through the child. She hopes by doing that, it will give
Karen the strength to endure what was being done to her right now.

Karen felt herself ripped wide open as a creature she has never seen enters into her and stretches her so much, that she felt herself being ripped inside her canal. She tries to scream, but can’t because of the spray done to her throat and the fact her throat was being jammed full as well. She closes her eyes and goes to that places she use to retreat to for protection when human men did this to her. She could feel the wormy things in her move through her body inflicting massive amount of pain to her. She was ready to will herself dead, when she feels the love of her mother protecting her, sending her the strength to endure and not to surrender. She loses herself in that love and let it fill her being.
She takes the energies these men were unwillingly giving her to recharge herself. She will get the last laugh.

“That’s cheating.” The mental form of Lady Vile shows up inside Karen’s mind and see’s the little Karen, the one who is the core of the physical one being held by Betty.

“No, it’s not. My daughter called me, and I came. I have broken no rules, unlike you.”

Lady Vile looks at Betty like who me? I haven’t done anything. Your daughter is my slave for twenty-four hours.

“Nope, I hate to inform you, but my slave or pet is on loan to you for twenty-four hours. My daughter is right here in my arms.” Betty was holding the little six-year-old Karen in her arms.

“You were never given permission to hurt my daughter.” Betty gives Lady Vile a mischievous look.

“Fine, protect your daughter, but her body belongs to me for another twenty-two hours and I will break her and bend her to my will.” Lady Vile was going to use every dirty trick she knew to do it.

“Don’t bet on breaking her. I think she is going to amaze you.” Betty wraps the little six-year-old Karen in a protective cocoon. She whispers to her

“This is all I can do for you sweetie; the rest is up to you.” She places a kiss on the sleeping Karen and disappears.

Betty reopens her eyes as she looks at Sasha “I’ve done what I could to protect her; it’s all up to her now.”

Lady Vile walks into the room, where she had dropped off Karen to be used by her men. She finds Karen sitting on one guard, looking like she has been dragged through the mud painting her toe nails. The room also had a terrible stench to it, like someone had set off a dozen spoiled rotten eggs or so.

“Lady Vile, I apology for not greeting you proper earlier, but as you can see I’ve been busy with your men.” She lets out a little burp.

Lady Vile eyes narrow as she smells the room “What caused this discussing smell?” She looks towards Karen.

“It must have been something I ate earlier, my lady. It didn’t agree with my system.” Karen just smiles at Lady Vile.

“Come with me, I am not done with you yet.” Lady Vile watches Karen as she very slowly walks towards her. She was hurting terribly in between her legs, but wouldn’t show any sign of weakness. Her magic was fully restored now, but she wasn’t going to tell her that. Lady Vile grabs Karen by her hair again and takes her to another room, filled with spider like humanoids.

“She’s yours to do with, but no killing or permanent damage to her.” The biggest of the spiders come over and take Karen away.

Lady Vile smiles to herself, when she hears Karen scream at the top of her lungs.

“Ah, such sweet music” She walks out and locks the door behind her.

Karen thought the time she spent with the guards were bad, she wasn’t prepared for what they did to her. For the next twenty-two hours, she is dissected alive and have every inch of her organs spread out all over the room. Her head was detached from her body and her mouth was sewed shut and kept alive. Her ears were chopped off, with her feeling it. All her skin was pulled off her limbs and hung out like leather tanning. They did more to her, then any other creature she had come across. They even tried to remove her medallion, but it wouldn’t budge. Neither would the gold choker Betty secure to her neck.

Karen found out that nothing could die while in this room. The enchantments placed in this room wouldn’t allow it, so she felt everything they did to her body. Including splitting her in half with a huge Johnson shoved straight up inside of her. She blacks out from the torture.

She feels a hand later touching her and she screams and backs up against the head broad of the bed. She had the sheets pulled tight to her.

“Please, no more. Please…” She was crying and sobbing. Her body was shaking…You could see where they had put her back together again and healed her. The scars wouldn’t be permanent, but she would know for the rest of her life.

Betty moves carefully towards Karen.

“Sweetie, no one is going to hurt you anymore.” Betty wraps her loving arms around Karen and pulls her towards her.

“Oh mom, they, they did terrible things to me.” She buries her head against Betty’s shoulder and hold onto her for dear life. She wouldn’t let go of her for any reason.

Betty lies down on the bed with Karen and holds her. She hated herself for taking Karen to the club last night. Karen’s body shudders every so often and she tenses up feeling like a hundred tiny spiders are crawling on her and inside of her. Every time Betty gets up to go and do something, Karen tightens her grip on her and holds tight to her.

“Sweetie, Mommy got to go and fix you dinner.” Betty feels Karen tighten her grip more.

“Alright.” She holds Karen. She brings one of her nipples up and put it in Karen’s mouth.

She could feel Karen sucking hard on it. She had a tight grip on it with her lips.

“Easy baby, mommy needs those.” Betty strokes Karen soak sweat hair and hopes that her warm breast milk will put Karen out for a while.

Karen drinks her mother’s milk. She starts to feel tired. The warm milk starts putting her to sleep. Her eye lids start drooping and she relaxes her grip on her mother. Betty’s nipple slips out of Karen’s mouth. Karen snuggles close to Betty and just sleeps.

Betty waits till Karen is sound asleep before walking away. She heads into the bathroom and clean her nipple. Then she heads downstairs and checks to see how many bottles she had left. She’ll have to warm a few of them up to keep her asleep and relax. The milk should help make her forget or at least soften the experience. Betty sits down in her favorite chair wonder why Lady Vile would want to torture poor Karen. As far as she knew there wasn’t any sort of feud going on between the two families. She’s known Lady Vile to bid on girls and treat them better than she did Karen. So why was she being cruel to her?

Karen wakes up hours later. It took her a few minutes to realize that she was in her room. She starts crying as memories of what happen to her started replaying in her mind. She couldn’t believe what was done to her. How could something be so cruel? Her body was urging her to get up and head to the bathroom and relieve herself. Karen gets out of bed carefully. Her limbs still didn’t want to work right for her, but she managed to remember how to move. She heads to the bath room and sits down to do her business. When she starts urinating, it burns like acid. She balls her hands as tears slide down her face. She spends a while on the toilet as her body empty’s it contents. It felt like she had a huge bladder as she kept urinating. Finally, it ends, and she cleans herself. She looks at how much came out of her and couldn’t believe how full the toilet was, not only was it full, but black as ink. She flushes the toilet and all of it goes down without any problem. She stumbles out of the bedroom as she adjusts to walking again.

She heads down stairs to find Betty. A delicious aroma filled the air as she headed into the kitchen. Betty was cooking a roast and had several dishes on the stove covered and ready. Karen walks over to her mother and wraps her arms around her. She just wanted her mother right now.

Betty had spotted Karen coming into the kitchen. She was going to say something to her, but she saw how she was feeling on her face. When Karen comes over and wraps her arms around her, she returns the affections. She felt her baby shiver against her. Karen was small compare to her. Karen only stood four feet six inches tall, where she was a foot and two inches taller than her adopted daughter. She had examined her baby when she came home and only found a few things that those spiders had done to her. One of the things they did was turned Karen’s beautiful brown hair to hair so black that light shimmered off it. It also was so silky to the touch. It felt more like spider silk then hair texture or silk itself. Another thing they did was turn her beautiful hazel eyes to ruby red. Not albino color, but ruby red. She’ll have to ask her daughter what happen. For now she’ll just hold her baby to her. She could still see the very faint seams where it looks like someone had secure her daughters head back to her body.

Betty rubs Karen’s back and just holds her poor baby. At least her choker and necklace was still intact, not that they could have destroyed it. She got the same person who made the necklace and medallion to make the choker for Karen. She feels Karen shudder again and just held her baby.

She looks down at Karen’s head “are you hungry baby?”

Karen nods her head yes to her mother’s question.

“Good, because dinner is ready to be served” Betty takes the roast out of the oven and begins cutting it up.

Karen helps her mother fix a plate for the both of them.

“Come on.” Betty takes her poor baby to the living room after grabbing a bottle of milk and handling it to Karen. She also had their dinner in her hands as well.

“Drink!” Betty gives Karen her baby bottle with her milk in it.

Karen starts drinking her bottle. It had her mother’s milk in it. The milk was cold and a heavier cream, then it was when it was warm from her mother’s body. She lies down on the sofa and waits for her mother/lover/mentor. Her mother’s milk when it was cold didn’t put her to sleep, but if she drunk directly from her mother’s breast it tends to put her to asleep. Betty told her that the milk’s properties change when it was cold. Its healing properties weren’t as strong as if she drunk directly from her mother. She continues to drink from the baby bottle her mother was using. She chooses the baby bottle, one as a joke, the second reason, because she could heat it up in the microwave and in a pot of water without any problems. Betty comes walking in with another bottle. She had notice Karen was halfway through her first one.

“Drink this one too.” Betty hands the bottle to Karen.

“Yes mommy.” Karen takes the bottle and puts it on the table.

Karen has her head resting on her mother lap. She had wolf down her food and was stealing tiny bits from her mother’s dish. The two of them head to bed that night.

Karen doesn’t get any sleep because of the nightmares she has throughout the night of what had been done to her. No matter how much Betty holds and comfort her, she keeps having the nightmares. She gets up in the middle of the night and walks out onto the balcony of their townhouse and stares out into the night. She wraps her arms around herself and shiver and wonders why her life has come to this. It was like her life had been meant to suffer. First her parents and brother was killed in front of her and then she was forced to be a sex slave and prostitute for men. Now she was some sort of freak. She sits down on the concert surface of the balcony and could feel the cold through her bare skin. She wasn’t wearing any clothes. She wraps her arms around her legs and cries herself to sleep.

It was noon time when she opens her eyes again and found herself lying on her and Betty’s bed under their warm blankets. There was a rose on the pillow next to her and she could smell Betty’s perfume next to her. Karen also spots a note. She picks it up and the only thing it says is DRINK!

Karen just stares at the letter, before getting up out of bed. She heads over towards the bathroom and does her business. She comes back out and puts her nightgown and robe on. She wasn’t planning on heading anywhere today and she had today off from work as well. She sucks on the bottle left for her and drinks her mother’s milk. She wanted her old body back. She didn’t like having red eyes or pure black spider silk hair.
Her skin was paler then it uses to be as well. She hated what was done to her body.

Karen falls asleep again, but doesn’t feel as the magical energies she has stored up inside of her body starts returning her back to what it used to look like before it was changed. A low level yellow glow surrounds her sleeping form and slowly returns her body back to how it used to be, before the physical changes and scars were done to her. Most of her scars had faded away from drinking from her adopted mother. Still, everything she has experience since she turned fourteen years old is completely removed from her body, except what Doris did to her. Her hair turns back to its original form and color, except a little longer and her eyes shift back to what they once were. Even her virginity is restored to before it was taken.

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