The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 12

Ginny wakes up and finds herself laying on top of Stephen’s chest. She was surrounded by Bryan on one side of her and Leonard on the other side. All of them were nude. Her head was pounding like someone was using a jack hammer inside her skull and she felt sick to her stomach.
She was nested between the three men, so she couldn’t get up without waking one of them. She tries to squirm free from the three men. She was ready to throw-up.

Leonard wakes-up when he feels Ginny squirming around to get free. He moves aside to let her get up. He wonders how she was feeling this morning. Him and Bryan strange Ginny was reacting at the meeting last night. It happened a few minutes after drinks were passed out. She had taken a sip of her drink and the next thing they knew, she was burning up and barely able to stand.

Ginny feels Leonard release his grip on her waist as she tries to stand up. Her legs didn’t want to respond to her like they normally would.
Once she was able to stand, she felt wobblily as she tries to make it to the bathroom before her stomach heaved up everything she had inside. She made it just in time as her stomach wouldn’t be stopped any more. Everything she had eaten yesterday comes up and into the toilet.

Leonard had followed Ginny into the bathroom and held her hair back as she emptied her stomach contents into the toilet bowl. Leonard notices that there was some blood in the toilet that Ginny had thrown up. He sends his power into Ginny’s body as she kept vomiting and discovered someone had given her fresh vampire blood. Her body was reacting to it.

“Ginny, what was the last thing you drunk or ate?” Leonard still had hair in his hands.

“The last thing I drunk was a soda one of the waiters gave me, while I was sitting next to you and Bryan.” Ginny looks up at Leonard.

She was a little paler then normally was. Her stomach and throat hurt from the stomach acid. Plus, how many times her stomach cramped up while she was emptying her stomach. She slowly stands up off the floor using Leonard for support.

“Come on, let’s get something easy into your stomach.” Leonard escorts Ginny into the kitchen and over to a spare stool.


Ginny does as he says. The cold fake leather felt weird against her bare butt. She watches as Leonard gets her a glass and filled it with some Ginger Ale.

“Here, drink this. It should be easy on your stomach.” Leonard hands the glass to Ginny.

She accepts it and takes a sip of it. She let it slide down her throat and into her stomach. She takes another sip and her stomach doesn’t react negatively to the ginger ale.

Leonard grabs some saltine crackers from the cabinet and hand them to her.

“Here, eat these.” Leonard sets the crackers down in front of Ginny.

“Thanks.” Ginny picks one up and takes a bite of it. After a few crackers, her stomach settles down.

Between the ginger ale and the crackers, her stomach felt better. She couldn’t believe how sick she had gotten from vampire blood being added to her drink.

“Leonard, do all Were creatures react to vampire blood like I did?” Ginny was looks ing at Leonard.

“Actually, you’re the first to react to fresh vampire blood like you did. Normally, the blood would make a link between you and the vampire who gave it to you. It also, gives you a boost to your reaction and such. It would seem your nature makes you immune to fresh vampire blood.” This was the first time he had seen this.

Ginny takes another sip of her ginger ale “okay, can you explain why I was surrounded by you, Bryan and Stephen?”

“Easy, it’s a pack thing and we were making sure you were alright. You started to shake like you were going to have a seizure. The next thing we knew, you were on the floor flopping around like a fish out of water. Bryan managed to stabilize and knock you out. We brought you back here to the pack house and piled around you. Letting our unique energies, heal or stabilize your body.” Bryan could tell from looking at Ginny she didn’t have anything making her sick, in her system any more.

He had gotten up after Leonard and Ginny had came out of the bathroom. He waited nearby so Leonard could talk with Ginny. Just when she asked the question about three naked men surrounding her, made it the perfect time to walk in and explain everything.

Ginny looks at Bryan and felt like a child around him. She almost wanted to say daddy at times. In since, that was what he was to everyone in the pack. He was responsible for making sure all the pack members were taken care of and safe. The thing that bothered her the most was, who put vampire blood in her coca cola last night? The only people that were there, were the visiting Alpha and his second from the new pack and the vampires near their area. The Alpha wanted to change some of the boundaries to expand the pack land, but a few of those boundaries cross or went into vampire territory.

That was why they were holding the talks here. The Kingsman territory was neutral grounds. Which meant, the two parties involve weren’t allowed to cause trouble or kill each other. She finishes her ginger ale and just look at Bryan and Leonard.

Leonard was fixing himself a coffee and Bryan was pulling out a couple of pounds of bacon out of the refrigerator to cook up. He knew a few of the members might be dropping by.

Ginny gets up and grab a few boxes of muffin mixes from the cabinets. She grabs all the ingredients and a large mixing bowl to mix the ingredients. She gets a few muffin pans and spray them, so the muffins don’t stick. She walks over to the stove and set the oven for the proper temperature. She pours the batter into the muffin tins and set them in the oven.

“You better make a large batch of them.” Leonard knew how many a standard Were could eat.

“I’m making eight boxes of mix. That should be enough for everyone.” Ginny tosses all but seven of the boxes out.

She follows the directions and times them by eight to get everything right. Once the mixture is made, she starts scooping them into the muffin tins and put them in the oven to cook.

“I hope I made them right.” Ginny looks toward Bryan and Leonard.

“You better hope so squirt or the guys are going to tease you.” Bryan glances towards Ginny while cooking the bacon.

Ginny snags a few pieces to munch on while she waits for the muffins to cook. While she sits and waits for the muffins and enjoying her bacon.

“Who do you think put the blood in my soda without me smelling it or noticing it?” Ginny looks at the guys?

“Don’t know, but you’ll need to be a little bit more careful tonight. We are meeting everyone around 6:00pm tonight.”

“Great, just great.”

Ginny looks over at the timer and notices she still had a few more minutes. She couldn’t believe she was still in her birthday suit around two
older men. She saw that they were aroused at all being around her.

“Can I ask a personal question?” As Ginny looks towards Bryan.

“Let me guess, the question you have is why aren’t we aroused with you being in here nude as well?”

Ginny blushes because that was her question.

“Because you aren’t our mate and because we are used to being around young girls and women. Normally, the best way to break a new
person in, is too take them to a nudist colony, but with you everything would be different. You might meet your mate there.” Bryan didn’t think Ginny’s mate was in any of the established packs yet.

“Well, I’m happy being single.” The timer lets Ginny know the muffins were ready.

She takes them out and set them to cool. She steals a few more pieces of bacon and goes to wake Stephen up and the rest of the guys in the house.

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