What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 13

Sasha stays hidden where she was hiding. Greg Hallaway had a pretty good security system and she had counted seven guards protecting him. Four guards were outside while the other three were inside the house. They had cameras around the property along with motion detectors guarding the grounds. Sasha figures if his outside security was this good, then inside would be as well. She was able to get a small drone to fly around the property checking the windows and such without it being seen or heard.

She knew, if she was going to do anything. It would have to be at night. The daytime was too dangerous, and she didn’t feel like getting into a prolong gun battle with the guards. They had her out gunned seven to one. She could use the corvette, but it wasn’t equipped with any weapons. She just sits quietly and watches the place till night falls before she does anything. She takes a sip of water from a bottle she brought with her.

Night time finally falls as Sasha waits till a little after midnight. She figures everyone should be asleep or relax by now. She grabs her gear and check the property and the guards. She sneaks to the side of the house, where the security was lacking and up to the roof, where there wasn’t any security. She locates the exhaust fans pipes and drop her knock out balls down the pipe.

She drops down at the back door and look through the windows and spots no one in the kitchen. She knows there is a sensor on the door. She disables it as she picks the lock and slip inside the place. She had her mask up to cover her nose as she passes one of the security guards knocked out on the floor. She passes a few more guards as she heads upstairs towards the master bedroom, where her target was sound asleep. Greg Hallaway was sleeping nude on the bed. She also notices that he was laying on top of someone. She moves his body and finds a young girl laying face down on the bed. Her hands were secured and stretched about her head with her legs spread and secured to the legs of the bed.

Sasha saw that he had been having sex with the person. When she releases her restraints, and turn the girl over. She discovers that the girl was a transgender. Someone had given her breast that were too big for her small slim frame, pouty lips and her facial appearance made her look extremely young. The only thing that spoiled how she looked were her breast. Her frame was to small for the huge breast that had been implanted in her.

Sasha frees her and searches the rest of the house. She finds that two of the guards had party favors of their own. There were two women that looked like they were being used for entertainment for the guards. She does find a secure door and pick the lock on it and inside laying on the floor was a nude black hair teenage t-girl. She looked like she just had surgery, because her face, chest area and hips and buttocks were covered up by bandages.

Sasha knew she wasn't going to be able to transport three people in her corvette. She starts securing everyone that was out of it, while she dialed her mother’s cellphone.

Mutt Medical Center (Staff Break Room):
Janet and Leland had worked over Adam and got more information out of him. The men that had raped their daughter were secure after Janet removed their manhood. Leland had taken his anger out on them. They were in critical condition at the hospital on a secure floor. No one was allowed near them unless Janet had cleared them. She made sure they were never going to be able rape any woman ever again. Once they were healed from the surgery she did to them, they were going to see how they liked it. She knew some guys in a Texas prison that loved rapist.

While Janet was sitting and resting from the last surgery she performed, her cellphone played Sasha’s ring tone.

“What’s up Sasha?”

“Mom, I found the guy responsible for sending the guys after Janius. The problem is, I have two T-girls here that he keeps around for entertainment. One he was having sex with, when I knocked everyone out and the other looks like she just had surgery and was locked in a small dark closet. I can’t transport all three in the corvette.” Sasha was making sure everyone stayed unconscious.

“Send me the address. I’ll send your brother and your cousin Tony to help you out.” Janet figures those two should be fine.

“Alright, it’s going to take them at least two hours to get to me. The knock out gas I used should keep my prisoners and Greg Hallaway knocked out.” Sasha had made the knocked-out gas extra potent just for this case.

“Alright sweetie. Let me know if you need anything else.”

“I will mom. Love you.” Sasha disconnects and starts looking around the house again.

She finds a hidden door that led to a set of stairs that went down into what looks like a man-made basement. As she looks around in the room, it had all sorts of photographic equipment, revealing costumes and jail cells with young kids locked up inside of them. There had to be at least five kids around the age of ten or so. They looked like they were all asleep. She looks around to see if her knock out gas had affected them, but didn’t find any vents and such. She goes back upstairs and wait for her brother and cousin to show up. She gathers his laptop and cellphones and another computer he owned up, so they can transfer to the vehicle her brother shows up in.

Two hours Later:
Janus pulls up in the drive way of the address his mother had given him. She told him everything that was going and gave him strict instructions that he wasn’t to do anything till the guy was brought to the interrogation center. He and Tony get out and walk up to the door and is meet by his little sister.

Sasha saw her brother pull up in one of the Suv’s their father used for his team. She also notices that her cousin Tony came along with him as well. She opens the door.

“Hey guys, am I glad you are here.” Sasha was happy her brother and cousin were here.

Tony looks at his cousin and a smile appears on his face. She was dress in her skin-tight outfit that showed off her curves. He could tell she had her specialized gear on her as well.

“Are you okay?” Tony wanted to make sure Sasha was okay first.

“I’m fine. Are you going to be okay big brother?” Sasha could tell her older brother was having a hard time keeping his anger under control.

“I’ll be okay. Where are the two t-girls you called mom about?” They had shut the door behind them.

“I moved them to the living room, but we have another problem. I found five children downstairs locked up in a jail cell. It looks like they were
using the children to produce sex movies and selling the films on the internet. I managed to trace the last ip address to a server in Czech
Republic.” Sasha couldn’t believe what she saw.

“We’ll load the children and the two t-girls in our Suv and take them to mom’s hospital. You know where you need to take the guy who authorized the rape of our sister.” Janus wanted to kill the guy, but he knew he can’t right now.

“Can you guys watch everyone here, so I can run and get the corvette?” Sasha parked the Corvette a way away to hide it.

“Go ahead Sasha, we got this place.” Tony had peeked in the living room to see the two girls Sasha had found.

Sasha goes and returns with the Corvette. She helps the guys load up the SUV with the children and the two teenage girls. As for the body guards, she leaves them tied up and the two prostitutes. She just takes the money she found and gives it to them.

Interrogation room:
Greg Hallaway started to slowly come around and found himself hanging by his arms in a warehouse style room. One wall looked to be nothing but a mirror. Hanging near him was Adam Ludlum and he didn’t look to good. There wasn’t any one else in the room other then those two people. He looks around to see where he was.

He didn’t recognize where he was. As he is just hanging there, he hears a door open and a woman dress in an old fashion stage magician clothes, but made for a woman.

“Mr. Hallaway, you have been a very, very bad boy.”

Those were the last words Sasha heard as she walks out of the interrogation center. She didn’t need to be around for this interrogation. She drives over to the hospital to visit her sister.

She waves hello to the two guards that has been assigned to protect her sister. She sneaks in quietly and notices her sister was asleep.

Janus was sitting nearby and was holding her hand. There were flowers and balloons in there from everyone that knew Janius and from her children and band as well.

“How is she doing Janus?” Sasha brushes some of her sister’s hair out of her eyes.

“She's doing better. Mom, did a good job fixing Janius. I wish you had let me kill the guy who order those men to rape Janius.” He looks at his little sister.

“Mom, told me nothing was to happen to him. As much as I wouldn’t want to piss you off, I fear mom more.” Sasha knew her mother could wipe the floor with them.

Janus looks towards Sasha “If mom is going to handle this, then you can bet, that he is going to end up being punished.”

“She was attack because of me. You know my daughter Rose? Well, it seemed he was the buyer that wanted her.” Sasha felt guilty about what happened to her sister.

Janus looks at his little sister “we all know how dangerous it is for you and the rest of us in the family. Don’t go blaming yourself for what happened to Janius. You didn’t do anything wrong. He made a mistake attacking a member of this family, and now he is going to pay the price for it.”

“If you say so.” Sasha just looks at her sister.

Sasha stays for awhile and head home afterwards to face her wife and the children.

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