Becoming Sara, Day One

Read Day Zero First.

Day One.

I had stripped down last night and finished shaving every place I could reach. I even used the hair cream after I had shaved cause I just couldn't get smooth enough. For giggles I left a little strip just like one of my exes did. I felt really good with no hair. I had bathed last night but after relieving myself I was again in the bath soaking up the lavender and strawberry scents. I washed my hair with vanilla shampoo and enjoyed the scent as I blow dried it after using baby oil to lock in the moisture. Funny that the baby oil had always been a part of my routine, but now with no hair it was erotic. I had washed and cleansed my face last night and used the overnight facial mask. My face glowed in the harsh bathroom lights. Shaking out the now dry hair I could see way more of Sara in my face now that my hair was highlighted and feathered. I smiled and applied a scented lip gloss. I wasn't ready to put on makeup just yet.

I blushed again for feeling guilty that I had enjoyed dressing up, but a switch had been flipped last night. I was no longer nervous being seen. Being caught on the other hand would be another problem, but wasn't that the thrill of being in drag? You either flaunted that you were a man in a dress or you dared someone to discover you? I wasn't wanting to be caught at all. I needed to blend in so well that no one could tell. Once my gaff, panties, bra, thigh high nylons and breast inserts were in place and looking like last night I put on a tee and shorts. It felt good. I even put on my modulator still amazed that it could change my voice as I walked around. I had put on the heels as I watched the makeup videos on the net. Someone knocked on the door. I had a light base applied and I felt I had it blended really well.

“Hey Sean you awake yet?” Max yelled through the door. I swung the door open and he paused. “Whoa, hey is... dammit.” I giggled as he walked in. “I thought you had enough of this last night. Can't this wait until Monday?”

“Max I can't believe you thought I was someone else.”

“Well I didn't think Sara would answer the door did I. Why are you dressed up again and in heels?”

“I need the practice and Jackie should be over at any time, so what do you think?”

“Think about what?”

“My first time applying makeup.”

“You're wearing makeup?”

Yes, I mean I'm not done yet, but I have the base on. I just need to do my eyes and highlight my cheeks. I can do your face if you want.”

“No thank you. Hey I thought you might want to watch the game?”

“Then turn it on.”

“No the neighborhood game like we always do.”

“Oh ya duh, when Jackie gets here we can, but then again she is going to coach me on my movements.”

“Hell I confused you with a girl this morning, I think you got it.”

“Ha ha no there are subtle clues and since you are a close friend you are only going to pick up the feminine actions I have adopted and not the ones I am missing.”

“Well other than how you are sitting with your legs crossed and in heels, did I mention you have great legs, I haven't really noticed anything else?” I blushed and gasped lightly. He took me of guard with his honesty. Almost like he was embarrassed by admitting it.

“Thank you I'm flattered. I do think they are my best feature.” I uncrossed them and recrossed them the other way watching him follow the movements. I tucked my foot under my calf and giggled. This time he look a bit red in his face. I didn't want to tease him, so I brought up my web page.

“Look I took a photo from last night and changed the pictures from my sister to me.”

“Hey that is much better, but shouldn't you have kept the others as well?”

“Sure I could but I can copy them with new poses. Oh and I need the ones you took as well. You might have a few better ones.” Max took out his phone took a picture before handing it over. A few minutes later I had the pictures organized and sorted. He sure did like my legs. I was wondering if he knew I noticed. Constantly moving my foot was drawing his attention. I then remembered the one girl friend he had and how extra long her legs were. I giggled at the memory.

“Hey can you turn off the voice? It is really distracting.” I looked at him in the mirror and smiled as he was still fixated on my legs. I switched over to the video.

“I don't think I could. I need to get into character and remain that way.” he moaned and I just smiled as I hit play.

“Honey darling I'm home.” Jackie declared as she just walked in making us both jump.

“Jackie you're supposed to knock.” Max complained.

“Nonsense the door was open.”

“Do you always walk in?” I asked. “What if I was naked or something?”

“Then I would be shocked of course. My you look really good Sara, and you are already doing your face. Wow, and look at those legs. You are going to give Max a heart attack.” We both blushed and Jackie returned a big smile. He was in jeans and a tee shirt. Being only the second time I saw him I was wondering why he wasn't in drag like yesterday. He was handsome in his own way. Not rugged like Max do to his smooth face and sculpted eyebrows, but other than that he was a he today.

“I am not attracted to Sean.” Max protested.

“Oh please he has been drooling over them all morning.”

“What I have only been here twenty minutes.”

“Busted and seriously she has great legs.”

“Will you stop calling him, a her?” Max demanded.

“Ooo, we hit a touchy subject. No Max we can't. This is not a case of dressing up in drag. She has to suspend her own disbelief, and being referred to in the feminine will only reinforce it. She has to be believable to everyone.”

“Is that why you are dressed up already?”

“Yes.” Strange that it felt like a lie, but I did read a few blogs that the best way was to live it. I was feeling guilty as I was enjoying it even with just shorts and a tee on. I did have everything else on and that is what made the difference. “I watched a few videos and read up on it.”
“Need help with your makeup? I brought my own kit and I visited a friend she had a few blouses and skirts for you to try on.”

“It is for one day the suit will be enough won't it?” Max asked.

“No it won't. What if she gets a stain or splashed. She will have to have a emergency outfit and something for the next two days to wear.” Jackie explained while he pulled out the items in question along with his makeup kit.

“Fine but I guess I won't understand.”

“That's is okay dear you are just a man.” I started laughing as he was one also. Max chuckled and then laughed as I giggled.

“I say you sure are dedicated. I looked up that modulator and they are not cheap.”

“How much did you pay for that thing?”

“Enough to have self published by now. Still could, but I want the world to read my books not just a few thousand.”

“I hate to say this, but is your book that good that you have to do all this? Why didn't the other publishers pick up your story?” Max questioned.

“It is not them, but what I want. I know I have a best seller, but I can't see one of their editors working with me to make it one. I have read and talked to the other authors even got a rough draft from one of the last best sellers. The story was the same, but each character was better refined the story flowed perfectly. I felt I lived the book when I read the final version, yet I couldn't tell that anything had really changed. This company polishes the story and the author until it is perfect. They even gave me an example for my own story and it matched what my mind saw. I have to have them publish the story.”

“Alright, but I still don't see the value of doing this.”

“It is not something you can understand Max. You will in the end.”

“Okay well you finish your face and we can go watch the game.”

“No she needs to be coached.”

“You coached him all yesterday. I think he picked up on it all the way. I know how he learns. He is my best friend since we were five. He is a doer.”

“Yes, but anything needs a bit of practice before testing it in public.” Max rolled his eyes and got up from the chair. I turned back to my face and the video. Jackie ran a commentary for the rest of the time. It wasn't really distracting and it did help. I had the normal natural look from yesterday, and I smiled as Sara smiled back at me.

“Beautiful girl, damn I wish I had your face.” I blushed and I didn't think I would stop. “Here I have a skirt that will go with a tee shirt.”
“Um, I have the corset on, but I couldn't get it tight.” I stood up and Jackie pulled it tight. “Can you tighten it more?”

“No it is giving you a subtle figure and your body is adjusting to it. Plus no need to tighten it until Monday morning. The fact that it is on is important. Oh I brought the cutest sandals and in your size. No reason to hide those toes of yours.” He pulled them out of the box and they were nice.

“Thank you.”

“Now go put these on and this tee. No reason to wear a plain tee when you can flaunt it. I went and changed and dabbed the perfume in the right places. I was glad I did shave under my arms as the sleeves were very short. The tee shaped to my figure. Strange that I thought figure instead of body. I adjusted the skirt until the skirt lined up with the tee. I spun in the mirror and knew I would have to be careful. Just the wrong movement and I would show off my panties. I smiled as I got a kick watching anime just to see the fan service of panty shots. The sandals were flats and it felt odd not to be taller. Strange how just after a day I had gotten used to the new height. Jackie made me practice standing, sitting, hand placement, arm movement, how to curtsy which was funny. The skirt made me highly aware of any wrong position. Even drinking from a glass or a can was different for a woman and a man. Max watched TV while I was taught. He even helped out as Jackie was too tall for me and that he a was better height match. The placement of my arm and hand if holding his arm, or holding him if we were to dance.

“Okay now when holding hands you have to be lead just like if you were dancing. Always let his arm lead and yours trail.”
“Come on she is not going to be lead around by the hand.” I giggled as I took his hand. He complained but let me. I looked up at him and he looked frustrated.

“Very good and it may happen. Oh and Max it is working you just referred to Sara as a she.”

“No I didn't she...he dammit. Hey let go.” I pouted at him and held fast. “Okay I said it. Sara... are you happy now?” I giggled and then kissed him on the cheek just to add to his embarrassment I brushed the spot with my thumb, before settling back on my heels.

“That was perfect. Oh, My, Gawd, you two are so cute together.” Max pulled free as we both laughed. He slowly began to chuckle himself. Even thought I was laughing I felt ashamed that we had teased him. He really was a sweet guy. I shook my head what the hell was I thinking? I smiled wow could I be getting too involved in this? No it was just the situation. I never had any thoughts of swinging both ways. It was just so fun to tease him. I knew Max did have one encounter to this day he never explained, I wondered if this was something he hid from me. How did he know Jackie? I decided to see just how far I could get him out of his comfort zone.

“Okay I'm ready how do I look?”

“You look great darling.” I beamed Jackie a smile, and looked to Max.

“Um, you look like a girl?” I smiled even wider.

“Thank you Max.” I could tell he was glad to go. I took the purse and a sweat jacket in case I got cold. The wind fluttered the skirt as soon as we got outside. I got goosebumps feeling the wind up my skirt and on the exposed portion of my thighs. It wasn't a bad feeling and I started to enjoy it as we walked. Max was on one side and Jackie on the other. I felt somehow protected as we walked side by side. As more people crowded the side walk Jackie fell back to observe and make room.

When we got closer to the park, I took my first step to tease him as I took his arm. I don't think he noticed right away, but as it thinned out a bit I remained on his arm. Having him there prevented any cat calls, but I got plenty of looks at me, then him. He didn't say anything so I stepped it up a notch by sliding my arm down and taking his hand. I looked up at him in the corner of my eye and he didn't look down. I moved closer and put my other hand on his arm as it got crowded again. Again he didn't look at me and so I stepped it up again by leaning my head against his shoulder. Now he had to comment or object, but I waited and nothing happened. I heard Jackie chuckle and he finally noticed enough to step sideways, but he didn't let go. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back, but he looked so conflicted. I giggled and pulled closer to him. Again resting my head on his arm.

“Oh what a cute couple.” an older lady said to her friend as we passed. Max sighed and I knew he wasn't going to say anything. I couldn't keep from smiling this was just too much fun. I finally released him as we found a place to sit. I sat on my jacket and didn't completely give him a break as I sat as close as I could. A big man on his side kept him from moving away and Jackie on my side started to inch closer as well. I looked up at her frowning and she winked before whispering.

“You are driving him nuts. Keep it up girl.” We giggled. It did bother me that I couldn't scream like I wanted to when our team made a good play. The modulator just couldn't handle it, but I whistled or clapped as best as I could. The game was a close one and we had won one finally. We headed out and decided to go eat.

“Hey Max.” Max froze as he was called. He tried to pull away, but I squeezed his hand. He sighed and gave me a dirty look which refreshed my smile.

“Hey Pete what's up?”

“Nothing much, but I saw this lovely lady on your arm and had to say hello.” Max chuckled. I let his hand free so they could shake hands. I knew Pete just as well as Max did, so I was nervous, but the thrill of Max getting called out for holding my hand would be too good to pass up. Pete took my hand and I was surprised he didn't try to kiss it.

“Pete this is Jackie and this here is Sara.”

“What a lovely name for a lovely girl.” He than did kiss my hand and I blushed.

“Oh a blusher I like that.” My face burned now, and my legs felt weak. What was wrong with me?

“Thank you you're too kind.”

“Ah you got yourself a quiet mouse.”

“Ya look um I'd love to chat, but the wind is picking up and we are a bit hungry.” Max stated.

“Sure, sure no problem. Hey mind if I tag along?”

“No not at all.” I replied before Max could. He took my hand and squeezed hard in protest. I dug in my new nails and he let up. We walked to the restaurant and I could feel the anger as he glared at me. I just grinned back at him and giggled.

“So how did you two meet?”

“Oh we have known each other for awhile. Him and Sean are good friends. I'm his sister Sara.” Max gave me a confused look.

“I thought his sister name was Michelle?”

“Oh I'm his other sister. He doesn't talk about me much. He doesn't like me sleeping with Max.” Max choked on his drink. “You okay sweetie.” Jackie coughed to hide her laughter.

“Fine, fine, but let's not bore him with personal matters.”

“It's not that personal.” Pete chuckled.

“Well you look good together, but I have to warn you he is a player.” Pete warned.

“I know, but I can't see him that often and I know he has needs. I let him play as long as he tells me every little detail.” Max always bragged about the girls he has been with. Hell I saw a few of them naked and got laid a couple of times just because he couldn't get them both in his bed. In fact my last couple of girlfriends were friends with the girl he slept with. Maybe that was why I couldn't keep a girlfriend? This shocked Pete as he looked at both of us.

“TMI, Sara his eyes almost popped out.” I giggled as Jackie laughed. As the meal went on I continued to act like the girlfriend. I even freshened up my lipstick right there at the table. I flirted with Pete and it just aggravated Max even more. Half way back to my apartment he finally had enough and pulled away from me.

“What's wrong?”

“What's wrong you have been hanging on me all day. I hate clingy women. What am I saying you're a guy?!”

“Keep it down you're going to cause a scene. Plus I didn't mind at all.”

“Sara the man has been teased enough. I will give you A for effort.”

“Thank you now can we wait until we're back at the apartment?”

“Fine, but you are really pushing our friendship, Sara.” I smiled as he called me Sara. He hadn't called me Sean since we left my place. We walked in silence until I shut the door.

“Okay Max I am sorry for acting like your girlfriend, but it was fun teasing you. You could have stopped at any time, but you didn't.”

“I wanted to, but then we ran into Pete and I couldn't really stop or it would have looked odd.”

“If I may Max you took her hand more than she took yours. You even rested your hand on her knee.” We both blushed as Max got frustrated.

“Hold up he didn't do that.”

“Yes he did and you put your hand on top of his. I should have recorded it, but my memory is full.” We both looked shocked. I was really shocked and hung my head. “Hey don't be upset. I have seen this plenty of times. You got way too far into your role. You are such a natural. Everything is measured, no flamboyant movements. I would have to take you out and ask the ladies, but I think they will peg you for a real girl everyone of them. I shot up and smiled.

“Really? Jackie no one gets that good.”

“It fooled you and all I have done is watch videos and other women. I didn't think I could pull it off, but the less Jackie corrected me the more relaxed I got.” Max went to say something and then gave off a pained expression. We waited for him to speak, but the silence remained for a few minutes.

“Let's go out tonight. You can meet the girls and Max can tag a long. No hand holding. The first person who grabs his or her hand will have to kiss, full tongue no exceptions.”

“Yes ma'am.” Max replied and blushed as I smiled at him. There was something I just wasn't catching.

“Good now I have to get ready. You two need to set some boundaries or you will damage your friendship.” Jackie got up grabbed his case and was gone before we moved.

“So um, did you like the game?” I touched the switch.

“Ya it was good.” He jerked his head as my voice was deeper. Odd that it was.

“Hey Sara you don't have to turn it off.”

“Actually it started to beep. I need to charge it.” I got up and hooked it up. Power was at sixty percent so I hoped he didn't catch the lie.

“It's strange hearing your normal voice. I was liking what the modulator did. Still can't believe it can do that.”

“Ya I was just looking for one for over the phone, but when I read what it claimed I had to try it.”

“Um, can I date your sister, cause I keep thinking of her.”

“You know that is not going to happen. How many times has she shot you down?”

“Six, not including the times I was joking. I think that is why I didn't complain. You act a lot like her at times.”

“Well you know I am straight so don't get any ideas.” He laughed and I joined him, but the look he gave me made me wonder if he truly was. How would I react if he kissed me, or how would he react if I did the same thing? I blushed as I sat there.

“Hey so no holding hands right?” My face burned as I nodded.

“Alright I am going to change and Sara?”


“Dress sexy, but not slutty and ah, don't be shocked.”

“Okay?” He got up and left. I wanted to stop him, but I didn't. I smiled knowing that he still didn't call me Sean. I felt strangely warm knowing that.

“Uh! What am I thinking!” I got busy straightening the living room and then the bedroom, before moving onto the bathroom. By that time it was time to get ready. I refreshed my makeup I only added a wing to each eye and darkened the eye shadow. Then I put on the red lipstick and went a bit bolder carefully adding a border to my lips like I had seen some girls do. I liked the change. Jackie had left a few other things and wonder if he had bought them. The leather pencil skirt fit perfectly, but the blouse felt tight. I would need the corset tightened. I went to the bathroom nearly forgetting to free myself as I sat down. Strange that I had to force myself to go standing up. I sprayed more perfume on and smiled as I did one last check.

The scarf looked a little off, but I couldn't leave it off. My goal was not to get discovered and Jackie's friend would be a tough test. I wasn't even thinking as I left and locked up.

“Hello there.”

“Oh hi.” I nearly freaked seeing Megan there.

“Doesn't Sean live there?”

“I'm his sister Sara. I'm apartment sitting.” She looked puzzled for a bit.

“Oh okay, do you know when he will be back?”

“Tuesday I think. He went upstate for something he didn't really say.”

“Ah so you came here to be closer to the action.” I giggled.

“No, well I am going out, but with a few friends of mine. Max said he would show me around.”

“Uh huh, I saw you two and I think you are more than friends.” I blushed and she smiled. She was so far from the truth.

“You want company?” She asked and then she licked her lips. I had suspected that she was that way, but I didn't expect her to show it. I took a mini step back and she stepped in close. “You smell really good, and I like your perfume.” She leaned in and I felt her breath on my neck.

“Please?” She was making me nervous as she was very close to the modulator. I felt it nearly engage as she had whispered. She backed up and I let out my breath slowly.

“You are all wound up. I should take you with me as I know I excite you. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't let such a mouse free.” She came closer then she growled. My gaff hurt. I feared it would fail revealing who I was. She smiled and walked to her door. I found myself waving back to her as she vanished inside. Her door was left open and I fought not to enter her apartment. It would have been a very bad idea, so I slowly went down the stairs while wanting to run. I should have relieved myself before leaving but part of me knew that if I went back into my apartment I never would have come back out. Two times I was almost caught. I then smiled as I didn't get caught. I made it to the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey.” I froze before turning around.

“Sorry I came on so strong.”

“Its okay, Megan.” I smiled and scooted out the door. She watched me go.

How did she know my name? Megan wondered. It wasn't until I was near Max's apartment that I realized I called her by name. I argued with myself and figured that she didn't know, but there was still doubt. Max must have been waiting as he came out before I got to the door. I stopped dead as I saw him.

“Seen a ghost or something?”


“Ya um, I like to be a little dark some times.”

“I thought you only wore that during Halloween?”

“Hey I found I like the attention. Come on Sara were a bit late.” He reached for my hand. I pulled away.

“I am not kissing you.”

“What afraid of a little black lipstick?” I was a bit stunned until he laughed. “Got ya.” I chuckled shaking my head.

“I think we would make an interesting pair. All I would need is a collar?” He stopped as I giggled.

“You would do that?” I froze as I blushed from the seriousness. He then slowly smiled before laughing.

“Damn I should have brought a collar.” I pounded his chest not really thinking. “Hey that's enough geeze, you really do act like a girl now.”

“I had a good teacher.”

“Wait I forgot something.”

“Don't you dare bring a collar.”

“Relax I forgot my wallet. Plus not all goth are into that stuff.” What would she do if he collared her? No, no what was he thinking. This was Sean he was thinking about. Still he couldn't resist sticking the collar and leash in his pocket. He had more than one time or another collared a girl for the night. He then paused again. No if he were to collar anyone he really needed to do it right. It was a long time before he learned the true meaning of a collar, but it wasn't until this second that he accepted. He put the collar back on the hook to put away later and left.

“About time.”

“I'm sorry, but I had to think.”

“You left me standing here to think.”

“Hey relax, its still daylight.” I shivered as I caught what he thought I was mad at him about. He offered his arm. “Just don't hold my hand.” I laughed as I took his arm, and my new fear vanished. He was really good cover.

“Oh my, you really did come, and together no less.”

“We did.”

“So what do you think of Max now?”

“Well I never would have guessed.” I hit him. “And he should have told me.”

“Ouch come on. I didn't think you would have understood, but I guess I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.”

“Hey I always knew you were a deviant.”

“That won't do. A kiss would seal it better.” We looked at each other and laughed nervously. I really wish I didn't blush so much.

“I don't think so Jewel. She's just a friend.”

“Not how I heard it.”

“Jackie.” I complained as my blush faded. “Don't you start.”

“Well you are dangerously close. I really don't see the problem.” I let go of his arm and then took hers.

“I think we have something to discuss?”

“I think we don't, but come into our world and discover what really lies in your heart.”

“Oh here she goes again.” Jewel sighed. We laughed either knowing or not knowing what was meant. We followed Jackie and Jewel to a large lounge table. I looked around and saw a mix of men and women. I wondered how many were cross dressing? Half of them were obvious the rest I was not so sure. Jackie clapped her hands.

“Ladies and gents, you all know Max, but I want you to greet Sara. She came here visiting and you all have to convince her to stay. Okay Sara I will start on this side. The scary one there is Freddie, next to him is Kim, Randy, Luke, Vivian, Wendy, Fiona, and Sable.” They all stood and waved or bowed.

“Since Sara is new the bet must be made.”

“What bet?” I asked.

“Wait I'll get to it kitten. Now as you see she is she or is she. Is she dom or sub or neither? You all have two hours to decide.”

“I am not going to be a part of any bet.”

“I said hush it is not your decision kitten.” I held my tongue. “Hmm, she listened.”

“Well Max hasn't claimed her that can go either way.”

“Max I 'm leaving.” I walked off. I wasn't a piece of meat to be ridiculed.

“See I told you it could back fire.” Fiona countered.

“I'll go get her.” Jewel stated.

“No she is my friend.” Max stopped Jewel as he went after me. He caught up to me as I headed for the bar. I needed a drink before I went.

“Hey it is not a joke.”

“I don't care if they can't take the time to just hang out then I don't need them.”

“You came here to see a different side. That is part of it. Sure they are judging you, but not in a bad way. It will open your eyes come on.”

He took my hand and I pulled it away. “Oh shit.” Max looked around an hoped Jackie didn't see that.

“Fine but if I hear them making any reference to the bet I'm gone.”

“Still we could play them.”


“Well think about it. You act one way and then another. They'll pick what you appear to be. If they are all wrong then you get the pot.”

“Now that is cheating.”

“No they will expect it.”

“Fine, but I need a drink first.” I walked back with Max after I got a drink.

“Okay the bet is on, but if she hears anyone talking she will leave.” I hung at his side sipping my drink.

“And you can't ask me because I know.” Jackie added. From there it went a lot better. I really started to enjoy myself and I didn't try to pretend to be anything else, but who I was. I believed Jewel was a dom as she constantly tried to get me to do stuff or put me in a passive aggressive situation. I would walk away or just say no. I may present as shy, but I didn't cave. Vivian got me to do some things, but nothing to uncomfortable. A few of them tried to move my scarf to see my throat, but I don't think I let them. Randy begged for me to give her a hint, but I said no. She nearly asked to be my sub which I thought about for a few minutes before blushing. The two hour limit went by and they stopped hinting or asking. I was well on my way as my face glowed more from the alcohol then from me blushing. I really liked Wendy but like me she wore a scarf. I was sure she was a guy, but I wasn't so sure.

“Okay now it is midnight and time to close the bet. I have everyone's vote here and do any of you want to change? No, yes? Too bad. Sara please stand up.”

“No you sit down.” They all chuckled. I then stood up. “Okay drum roll.” They all tapped or pounded on the table. “Stop! We have nine vote eight of them said female, one male, seven for sub and two for dom. No votes for neither. So Sara who are you.” I reached up and hit the off switch.

“I am male and neither or better yet undecided.”

“What happened to your voice?” Wendy asked. I pulled the scarf loose and showed them the modulator. I hit a button and my female voice came back and again and I sounded like a child.

“So I that is my toy.”

“I heard about that. Didn't believe it at all. Now I want one.” Fiona declared.

“So who voted male?” Jewel raised her hand.

“I was sure you were a sub.”

“Never was good at following instructions.”

“Okay now there is one more thing to handle.” Jackie stated. I thought it would be the bet money. “Now you saw how they voted eight of them claimed you are female. That is the best grade you can get. On the other hand they believe you are a submissive. I would think hard on that one and maybe try it. The last thing is that we had a deal. No holding hands with Max. You both broke that deal Max twice and you once. Raise your hands.” I raised my hand with Max and our pinkies were linked.

“Linking pinkies is not holding hands.”

“Okay, but Max took you by the hand to the dance floor.”

“No he had her wrist.” Kim corrected.

“Still no matter They held hands and they knew they did at the bar before coming back.” We both frowned.

“How could you see us from here?”

“I have my spies. Plus it is on tape.”

“Okay so what is so wrong with that?” Freddie asked.

“Because they have to kiss like lovers. They agreed.”

“But I'm not gay.” we both countered.

“No but you know Max what you are capable of. Sara doesn't know herself. Now you agreed and I plan on collecting. Now.” I felt Jackie's voice get deep. I even jumped a bit. Max looked at me and I looked up at him. I think we both were pretty drunk. I froze as he searched my eyes. He had broke the deal he had to... He kissed me, and I kissed him back. All my new friends cheered us on. My heart pounded in my chest and I never felt anything so strong. Wendy got up and broke the spell.

“You kissed my girlfriend.”

“Ya I did, but wow um I gotta go.” Max walked off.

“Wait Max?” I rushed after him. It felt good and warm it was sensual and I had no attraction of him as a male. I knew that, but anyone who kisses that good I couldn't complain. Sable chased after both of us. She caught up to us as we left the club.

“Max stop.”

“No Sable you don't control me.” Max replied.

“You will stop or I will punish you.” Max stopped and turned.

“You can't win this one Sable. Not then not now.”

“I don't want to win. I just want you to realize that it was just as kiss.”

“No it wasn't. I felt it. Now we have ruined our friendship over a stupid deal.”

“Um, Max I am okay with it.”

“Shut up and sit down.” I sat on the nearby wall. I blinked as he stared. Did I really just sit. I tried to stand. “I said sit.” Now I was in shock as I wanted to stand, but I remained seated. Was I a sub?

“You are making a mistake because you can't face your own feelings.” Sable stated. Freddie, Jackie, and Jewel came out to stand by her. “You claim to be a dom, but you are not. You don't have the will to let a sub dominate your life.”

“That is correct.” Freddie added. “I think you should sit as well.” Max sighed and sat next to me.

“Sara come to me kitten.” Jewel demanded. I looked to Max and he wasn't looking at me. “Its okay.” I got up and went to her. I knew she was female now, though I had my doubts all evening. She hugged me and I don't know why but I felt comfort under her arms.

“Ya well I don't listen very well either.” Sable chuckled.

“You do have a point, but Sara I bet has never let anyone order her around but she just let you. Her friendship is greater than her will to resist. I don't even think Jewel could get her to listen. Wendy might, but she is not attracted by the life style. She submitted to you kissing her and you did it. Jackie told me how she hangs on you. You both know each other so well. Who do you see with Jewel?”

“I see Sara... I mean Sean.”

“No you don't see Sean. He is your best friend, but Sara is what to you? An attraction you don't understand.”

“I do understand it. I know what is under that skirt, but I want it all. I want her.”

“Sara do you want him like he does?”

“He is my friend and my friendship come first, but I am not aroused, maybe curious, but I think that is a line I can't cross. The kiss showed me that. That it was not sexual in nature. It was sensual, and I would do it again, but not further.”

“Would you do it if he told you to?” Freddie asked.

“I think that would break everything, but the kiss made us stronger.”

“You're not mad.”


“But I saw your face how the deal didn't sit well with you.”

“But her face accepted when it came time to kiss. You are not gay, but you accept that and such a thing as a kiss you can share without going further.” Jackie stated. “That is a bond you can rely on.”

“Max let's go home?” I held out my hand. Jewel let me go, but she stayed very close behind me. Max looked at Freddie and he nodded before Max stood. He took my hand and the others giggled.

“Well they just couldn't leave it at one kiss.” Wendy stated as the rest of them joined us. We both chuckled. “I think Sara has to kiss him and he will let her.” Max pulled me close and I pushed up on my toes and I kissed him. It was better than the first time and my leg raised in the classic pose. I panted when we pulled away at the same time.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Ya, but um, you need a mint.” He laughed and tried to kiss me again as I squirmed out of his arms.

Awe, chaste love.” Randy remarked.

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