Seasons Universe Recurring Characters Outline

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Seasons Universe Recurring Characters Outline

I. Jane Thompson

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

B. Married to Art Thompson Philips (AKA Diana)

C. Character Synopsis

1. Every story (obviously!)

2. School Mistress of Seasons House

3. Originator of Theme’s Victorian Petticoat Discipline Reform Program

4. Program goal is to force young males to find alternative, better solutions by having protecting cross dressed masquerade at all costs. Knee Jerk reactions endanger revealing the student is secretly male.

5. Has Connections to Police, Judicial and Social Service Groups for Candidates for her Program

6. Has a Tight Cohort of (Mostly) Women who assist/enable her program in public settings

II. Marie (AKA Maria)

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

B. Fiance (unnamed) killed in military training before wedding

C. Character Synopsis

1. Never given a Last Name in any of the currently published stories

2. Every Story. “Origin” covered in Tales of the Season: Lora’s Story

3. Housekeeper, cook, ‘good cop’ when needed

4. Runs Seasons House

5. Make up Expert; helps with new student’s ‘fashion show from hell’ experience

6. Goes by Maria in A Losing Season

7. Secretly softhearted. With the program but sneaks treats and fixes favorite dishes to ease students’ path

III. Art Philips aka Art Thompson-Philips former Artemis (Diana)

A. Married to Jane Thompson

B. Introductory Story: Tales of the Season: Caitlyn’s Story by Tigger

C. Character Synopsis

1. Every Story after Introduction

2. Jane’s college lover whom she played her feminization games with. Birth Certificate name Artemis so Jane named ‘her’ Diana

3. Hated ‘Artemis’ and changed legally to Art. Jane likes to use Artemis to tease him

4. Clinical, Research and Teaching Psychologist. Providence College and Brown

5. Reunited to help Jane with Caitlyn’s issues and prevent having to send Carl (Caitlyn) to Juvenile Detention System

6. Continued Diana persona between Jane-years as a clinical tool and because he liked doing it. Continued after reuniting with Jane to assist as needed at Seasons House (and because they both liked doing it)

IV. Carolyn (Caro) Beale and Sandra (Sandy) Kash

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

B. Caro Married to Sheriff Bill Beale, former Jane student; Sandy no indicated partnerships or lasting relationships - portrayed in early stories as a bit of a wild-child party girl

C. Character Synopses

1. Every story

2. Owner/Operators of Marisha Chalet Beauty Salon Jane brings her students to be in public in highly feminine situations and to impose controlled situation stress.

3. Sandy is abrasive, overtly sexy and likes terrorizing the boy students in her salon chair. Sees herself as Jane’s program’s ultimate bogey-woman. Sometimes goes too far.

V. Brenda Franson (AKA Betty)

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

B. No known partner or relationships

C. Character Synopsis

1. Almost every story

2. Owner/operator of The Style Shoppe (a high end ladies clothing boutique and Millady’s Closet (a high end lingerie boutique).

3. Provides Jane with girl (girlie) shopping opportunities as well as almost-public fittings and lingerie modeling. Another controlled high stress experience. There are hints that Jane is a silent business partner to ensure venues are available for students’ public experiences.

4. Provides most of the students’ wardrobe requirements

VI. Michael Nash (Michelle)

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

1. Most follow-on Seasons House stories follow alternate universe story line introduced in A Losing Season by Tigger

B. Married to Janice

C. Character Synopsis

1. Almost every story

2. Principal student (victim) in original Seasons of Change, A Second Season and A Losing Season.

3. Attempted suicide in A Losing Season. Recovery had Jane taking a different tack with him, still involving the masquerade, but to help him deal with his emotional conflict over appearing and enjoying en femme.

4. Periodically comes back to help Jane with other students when a Big Sister is needed. Has concerns about program in early stories but has come to trust and love "Momma-Jane"

5. Research Psychiatrist after college and Medical School

6. Jane’s go-to for student medical issues in later stories

VII. Darryl Smith, AKA Darryl Thompson AKA Darryl Thompson-Philips (Darla)

A. Married to Audrey AKA Roxanne AKA Rocky AKA GiGi

B. Introductory Story: Second Season by Tigger

C. Character Synopsis

1. Every story after introduction.

2. Jane’s go-to Big Sister when she needs extra support with a student

3. Jane’s Adopted Son and biggest Cheerleader

4. Abuse survivor. Criminal older brother (deceased) forced him into criminal acts and repeatedly raped him before Darryl was caught and sent to Jane.

5. Met, courted and married Roxanne aka Rocky aka GiGi renamed Audrey in A Time for Every Season by Tigger

6. Medical School Student. Profession uncertain

VIII. Kenneth Roberts AKA Kendra; Sometimes nicknamed Barbie

A. Married to Barbara Anne (Skipper)

B. Introductory Story: Tales of the Season: Kendra’s Story

C. Character Synopsis

1. Almost every story after introduction

2. Sent to Jane by his mother under false pretenses to aid mother’s desire to ‘sissiy’ Ken. Faked criminal records and judicial documents to get Ken in.

3. Years of resisting mother taught Kenneth unreal self and emotional control in presence of individuals causing stress. Passively resists Jane’s treatments and answers stress situation with cold rationality. Cries in private so Jane looks for other answers.

4. Jane and Judge Ruth force mother to give up guardianship or go to jail. Judge Ruth becomes fosters and mentors Kenneth through law school.

5. Ellen Hayes had Ken become a body builder in Tuck Seasons; In Ken’s Barbie, he had toned down to more of a swimmer’s build and could again carry off the masquerade albeit as something of an Amazon.

6. Jane’s Attorney in later stories

7. Meets and Courts Barbara Anne in Ken’s Barbie

IX. Edith White

A. Introductory Story: Seasons of Change by Joel Lawrence

B. No spouse, partner or romantic relationship indicated (who’d want her??!?)

C. Character Synopsis

1. Most Stories

2. Stuck up, stiff-necked, vocal, opinionated, prissy, old-money dowager of the ‘higher classes’

3. Jane uses her as a tool to force students to deal with extreme etiquette social protocol situations as a female

4. Provides comic relief in some stories with her antics; provides hyperbole-exacerbated stress in other stories.

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