Sister, Sister, Sister - 1

Sister, Sister, Sister - Part 1
By Missy Crystal

Twelve year old Johnny wants to play Barbies with his sisters, but Barbies are for girls. How can Johnny join the game? A sweet, sentimental story about a young boy's discovery of the girl he should have been with the help of his sisters and mother. This is a story I wrote a couple of years ago and I am posting it here for those who would like to know more about Dr. Jenny Mitchell from my story "All Dolled Up". It is complete, for those who anguish over being left hanging, but too long for a single post.

My sister Beth is fourteen and my sister Susie is seven. I'm twelve. Our dad walked out when Susie was born. He told our mom that he didn't want the responsibility of having a family anymore. We haven't seen him since. Mom is a nurse. She works an extra shift on Saturday. We used to stay with one of our neighbors, but when Beth turned 12, Mom said that she was old enough to watch us while she was at work.

One rainy Saturday, I was in my room playing video games. I got bored and turned on the T.V. but there was nothing I wanted to watch. Beth and Susie shared a room. As I was walking by, I heard them talking and went in to see what was going on. They were both sitting on the floor playing with Barbie dolls.

Susie looked up and said, "Hi, Johnny. Barbie is having a wedding. Isn't she pretty?"

She held up a Barbie in a white dress and then pointed to a Ken doll that was wearing a gray jacket and pants.

"Cool!" I said. "Can I play too?"

Susie looked surprised. "You're silly," she said. "Boys don't play with Barbies!"

"Well, Ken's a boy," I replied logically. "I could be Ken."

"No!" Susie countered. "Ken doesn't do anything. We're getting Barbie and her bridesmaids all dressed up in pretty outfits."

Well, the best way to make me want to do something is to tell me I can't do it.

"That's not fair," I said, looking at Beth. "Mom wants us to play together and you're not letting me! If you don't let me play, I'll tell on you."

Susie immediately pleaded with Beth.

"No, Beth. No. Don't let him. He's a boy. He'll spoil the game."

Beth didn't say anything. She was very proud of being left in charge and I was sure she wouldn't want me to give Mom a bad report.

Susie kept on, "tell him Beth. Tell him to go away. He can't play with us."

Beth just sat there thinking for a while. Then she got a smile on her face. She looked at me and said, "Okay, Johnny, but you have to be a girl to play Barbies with us."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, Susie is right. Having a boy play Barbies with us would spoil the mood. You have to let us dress you up as a girl. Then it will be like having a third sister and we can all play together."

"Oh, no, I know what you're up to. You don't really mean it. You're just trying to get me to give up and go away," I said. "Well, it won't work. I'm telling Mom."

"Go ahead," she said. "Susie and I will tell her that we did offer to let you play with us and you didn't want to. I'm sure she'll believe us."

"Maybe, I said, "but not when I tell her that you wanted to dress me up as a girl."

"Maybe," she agreed, "but I think Mom will understand. She's was a girl too you know and I'll bet you she wouldn't have wanted to play Barbies with a boy either. So what's it going to be, Jenny?"

She and Susie both giggled.

"Jenny? Who's Jenny?" I asked.

"You are silly," said Beth, "if you want to play with us."

"No way," I said. "You're bluffing. You don't really want me to tell Mom, do you?"

"Suit yourself," Beth replied. Then she turned to Susie. "Now where were we? Oh, I think we were getting Skipper dressed up to be the flower girl. We used to have a little basket with flowers in it. Where is it? Here it is. Which shoes should she wear? It's summer so the white sandals would be good. Are there any stockings for her? She's young, so maybe she should just wear white ankle sox? I think there are some pretty ones with lace around the top. What do you think?"

I didn't want Beth to win. Anyway, I was bored and it looked like they were having fun, even if it was playing with Barbies. What the heck, I thought. Girl's clothes can't be that bad.

"Okay," I said.

"Okay, what?" Beth asked.

"Okay, you can dress me up."

"You're serious? You'll let us dress you up as a girl?"

"You're the one who said I had to be 'Jenny' to play."

Beth looked at Susie. Susie looked at Beth. They both started to laugh.

"Susie, you come with me to find something for Jenny to wear. Johnny, I mean Jenny, don't you look until we're ready."

They got up and went over to Beth's bureau. I heard drawers opening and closing and the girls whispering to each other and giggling. Finally they came back.

"Here," Beth said. "Go in the bathroom, take off your clothes and put these on. Then come back and we'll finish getting you dressed. Hurry, if you want to have time to play before Mom gets home."

She handed me something pink and shiny. I look at them. It was a pair of her underpants and an undershirt. The nylon felt smooth and silky. I held them up and saw there was white lace around the waist and legs of the underpants and around the straps of the undershirt with a bow at the front of the waistband and the neck.

"Hold on! I'm not wearing these," I protested.

"Girls wear panties and camisoles under their dresses," Beth said matter of factly. You agreed to let us dress you up and that is what you have to wear. Now, are you going to put them on or not?"

"Whatever," I said.

I was sure she figured that I would refuse to wear panties and a camisole and I was determined not to let her win. I took them and headed for the bathroom. Beth and Susie were giggling as I left. When I got in the bathroom, I took off my t-shirt and jeans. I held up the pink nylon panties. I had seen Beth's panties before. Once in a while I would find a pair in my underwear drawer by mistake. Usually they were plain white cotton like mine, but these were silky and very feminine. I took off my briefs and stepped into the panties. As I pulled them up I could feel the silky nylon against my legs and then sliding up over my hips and butt. To my surprise, it felt really good. Then I slipped the camisole over my head. I turned around to look in the mirror. Wow, I thought. Girl's really have great underwear. As I turned around to admire myself, I heard Beth's voice.

"Are you coming out? We haven't got all day. We want to get back to playing Barbies."

"Yeah," added Susie. "Come on out. I want to see my sister Jenny."

Then she and Beth started giggling.

"Okay," I said. "I'm coming out. But no laughing. That's not fair. This is your idea and you can't make fun of me."

The giggling stopped.

"You're right," Beth said. "Just come on out so we can finish dressing you up."

I opened the bathroom door. Beth and Susie were in the hallway. As I stepped out wearing the panties and camisole, they both had a surprised look on their faces.

"I didn't think you would go through with it," Beth said, "and I thought you would look silly if you did," she added, "but you look really nice. Come on, let's get the rest of your outfit."

"Thank you, I think. Okay, what's next?"

We went back into Beth and Susie's room.

"Sit down on the edge of the bed, so we can put on your tights, Jenny."

Calling me Jenny sounded funny, but then I guess I didn't look much like Johnny in pink panties and a camisole. Actually, I liked wearing them and wanted to put on the tights, but I thought I should protest, so they wouldn't know that I enjoyed being dressed up.

"Aw, come on Sis," I said. "Do I have to wear tights? We're just going to play Barbies. You and Susie aren't all dressed up to play."

"Well, first you agreed to let us dress you up and it's up to us to decide what you wear. Second, Susie and I are girls, so we don't have to wear girl's clothes, but you're not a girl, so you do. Now any more complaints and you can go change into your own clothes."

The first argument made sense. I wasn't so sure about the second, but it didn't matter. I really wanted to get dressed up anyway. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Good," Beth said, taking a pair of pink nylon tights and rolling up one leg. "Hold up your left leg and point your foot towards me."

She took the rolled up foot of the tights and stretched it over my foot. Then she unrolled the leg over my calf. She did the same with the other leg.

"Okay, now stand up and turn around."

She carefully worked the tights up over my calves until the crotch of the panty was just below my crotch. Then she took the waistband and slid it up over the panties. She reached back down and began to smooth the legs upwards until they felt tight. I guess that's why the call them 'tights.' Then she tugged on the waistband a few times to get the panty snug against my crotch and butt. When she was satisfied that they were properly fitted, she stepped back.

Beth looked at Susie.

"Very nice. I think they were made for him, I mean her."

She and Susie started giggling again.

I was going to say something, but then the tights felt so wonderful clinging to my legs and hugging my hips and butt, that I decided not to complain. Beth and Susie turned around and went into the closet. When they weren't looking, I ran my hands over my hips and down my legs. I couldn't believe how smooth and silky the tights felt. I never imagined that girl's clothes could be so wonderful.

They disappeared into the closet for a few minutes and I could hear them whispering, but couldn't make out what they were talking about. Every once in a while there would be a little giggle. Then they came out carrying a pink and white dress. I recognized it as Beth's old party dress. It was white lace layered over a pink taffeta dress with a ruffled neck, three quarter sleeves with matching ruffles on the cuffs, a wide pink sash that tied in the back and a full skirt with built in petticoats. I remember Beth complaining that it made her look like a little girl and finally Mom bought her a more grown-up dress.

"Alright now, Jenny," Beth said. "Put your arms up."

There wasn't anything I wanted more than to put on that dress, but I was afraid if I didn't make a fuss they would know that I really enjoyed being dressed up in girl's clothes.

"Beth, you're kidding. I mean, that's a party dress. We're not having a party. Panties, a camisole and tights are one thing, but that dress is too much."

"I told you before, It's up to Susie and I to decide what you wear." Then she added with a little laugh, "After all, you do want to look nice for Barbie's wedding don't you?"

I decided that I had resisted enough. I just shrugged my shoulders and put my arms up. Beth reached up and slipped the dress over my head. Then she told me to reach forward and she slipped the arms on me. The dress had little pearl buttons in the back which she did up. Then she adjusted the skirt and fluffed out the petticoats.

If the panties, camisole and tights felt good, the dress was heavenly. That is the only way I can describe the feeling. It swished and swirled and the lacy petticoats rubbed against my smooth tights as I walked. I was in heaven.

"Turn around. Let me see. Oh my God," exclaimed Beth. "I can't believe it. The dress looks better on Jenny than it did on me! Walk to the closet for me. Wait, you need shoes. Where are the party shoes I wore with it? Here they are. Give me your right foot."

Beth took a pair of pink patent leather shoes off the shelf in the closet. They had a round toe and an ankle strap with a gold buckle.

"Now walk for me. Stop. Spin around. Wow. I can't get over it. You're gorgeous, Jenny."

I started to blush.

"Stop it Beth. You're embarrassing me. I'm not Jenny, I'm Johnny and I'm a boy, remember."

"Well you sure could have fooled me in that outfit. But we're not quite finished. We still need to do your hair and makeup."

My heart began to race. Hair and makeup too! I never even thought about wearing girl's clothes and now my sisters were dressing me up and transforming me into Jenny.

I thought I still need to be careful about letting on that I liked being dressed up, so I complained, "C'mon Beth. Enough's enough. You said I had to let you dress me up as a girl to play Barbies with you and Susie and I'm dressed up as a girl. Let's go play."

"Yes, I know. But please let me finish getting you dressed. I really want to do your hair and makeup. Please. It will really be fun and then we can play. I promise."

"Okay," I pretended to give in. "You can do it, but if I do, you owe me. More than playing Barbies with you and Susie."

"Fair enough. I'll make it up to you. Now come over and sit at my makeup table. No, Johnny, oops, Jenny, wait," yelled Beth, as I was about to sit down.

"What's the matter," I asked?"

"You can't just sit down when you're wearing a dress. You have to put your hands behind you and smooth the skirt so it doesn't get wrinkled. And when you sit down you have to cross your legs or your ankles, so that people can't see your panties."

"Oh," I said. "I don't have much experience wearing dresses."

Beth and Susie laughed. Then Beth began to brush my hair. I wore it long and shaggy. She tried brushing it different ways. I was sitting with my back to the mirror and she was standing behind me. I felt her put her hand over my forehead and then I felt something cold. I though it was a comb and then I heard a snip.

"Beth, what are you doing? I said you could dress me up. Not cut my hair."

"Oh, don't be such a baby," she teased me. "I just evened up your bangs. Now you look cute."

"What? I don't want to look cute. I want to look like me."

"Okay, that's the best I can do anyway. Let's put on some makeup. I'll start with lipstick. It's a pretty pink that goes with that dress. Keep you mouth shut now or you'll have lipstick on you teeth."

I heard Susie giggling as Beth carefully began to fill in my lips. I could feel the tube moving slowly over my upper lip, following the curves and leaving a coating of smooth, creamy lipstick. Finally, she finished my lower lip.

"Squeeze your lips together to get the lipstick even. Then put this tissue between your lips and put them together."

I did as she directed and when I took the tissue away, I saw a pink outline of my lips. Then I felt a soft brush on my cheeks.

"I'm putting on little blush to give you color and make your cheekbones look higher. Good, now hold still while I brush on some mascara. It will make your eyelashes look longer and darker. I need to do the lower lashes too. There, all done. Oops, no. Wait a second."

I heard her open one of the drawers of the make-up table and she was holding a gold chain necklace with a heart locket that she fasted around my neck. Next she fastened a gold chain bracelet with a matching small heart charm on my right wrist.

"There, Jenny. You're all done. Turn around and take a look."

I stood up and looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a really pretty girl staring back at me. The bangs accented her face and the light make-up made her look feminine, but still girlish. I stood back and admired the pretty lace bodice of the dress accented with the heart locket necklace.

"Amazing, Beth," I complimented her. "If I wasn't seeing it myself, I would never have believed it. I thought you were just going put a dress on me and have me pretend to be a girl. Not really turn me into a one."

"Well," she smiled. "I didn't think it you would make such a pretty girl either, Jenny."

Then Susie spoke up.

"Come on you two. We're wasting time. Let's finish Barbie's wedding."

"Oh my," said Beth. "I got so involved in dressing Jenny up I forgot completely why we were doing it. Yes, of course Susie. You've been very patient. I've had my fun. Now it's your turn."

This time all three of us giggled. Susie and Beth sat back down with the Barbies, but I couldn't manage the dress with the big petticoat.

Beth saw me struggling and said, "Oh, I forgot Jenny. You need a lesson in how to manage that dress. I took me a while. Smooth the front under you knees and kneel on it and then smooth the back under your behind and sit back on our heels. Otherwise the skirt will flip up in back and show your panties."

We played Barbies for a while and finally she and Ken went on their honeymoon. Beth directed us to clean up, because Mom got mad if we left toys out. I helped them put the Barbies back on the book shelf and the clothes in plastic baggies.

"Now what?" asked Susie. "Do you want to read me a story Jenny?"

It took me a second to realize that Susie was talking to me like I was really her sister.

Then Beth said, "I have an idea. Let's do makeovers."

"Oh yes! Let's do makeovers," Susie repeated, clapping her hands.

"Umm, what are makeovers?" I asked.

"We do our hair and our nails and our makeup, its lots of fun. We try different hair dos and looks," Beth explained.

"I already had my hair and makeup done, thank you. I don't think I need any more."

The girls laughed.

"No, you don't, replied Beth. "But it's not fair that you got to have a makeover and we didn't. It will be fun, Jenny. You'll see. Besides, your nails are a mess. You could use a good manicure and we're just the girls to do it."

"That's not fair," Susie complained. "Jenny's already had her turn. It's my turn now."

"Okay, then Susie. Sit down on the makeup table bench and we'll get started. Jenny, you take one of the emery boards and shape Susie's nails on her left hand so that they are nice and round and even. I'll do her right hand."

I had watched Mom filing her nails while she talked on the telephone or watched T.V. and now I was getting to try it. I held Susie's hand with my left hand a used the fine side of the emery board on her nails. When we finished Beth applied a coat of pink nail polish on each nail. Then she handed me the bottle. I very carefully used the brush the way Beth did and after a couple of messy attempts that were cleaned up with nail polish remover, I was able to apply a smooth thick coat.

"Wow!" said Beth. "You're a natural. Are you sure you haven't been secretly using my nail polish?" She added, "I did my nails yesterday, so it's Jenny's turn."

I sat down on the bench while Susie and Jenny filed my nails and applied a coat of the pink polish. I followed Susie's example and wiggled my fingers in the air, blowing on them to dry the polish.

"Will you do my hair now Beth?" asked Susie.

"Sure, honey. How about twin ponytails with bows?"

"Oh yes, please. That will be so pretty."

Beth collected a handful of Susie's hair and used a brush to smooth it into a pony tail. My rapt attention to her skillful hairstyling was interrupted by Mom's voice. We had lost track of the time and she was home.

"Hello, girls," she said. "Beth, honey, who's your friend and why is she wearing your party dress?"

I was trapped. Beth usually had an answer for everything, but this time she was speechless. Susie was the only one that saw the humor of her mother finding her big brother wearing her big sister's party dress. She started giggling.

"Well," Mom said. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

I had my back to the doorway and could see Mom's puzzled expression in the mirror.

"Beth, what's going on?" she said in a sterner voice.

I figured, what the heck. Mom's going to find out sooner or later. I slowly turned around to face her. At first she didn't recognize me.

"Hello," she said. "I'm Beth's and Susie's mother. My name is Carol. What's yours?"

"Hi Mom," I said.

Mom gave me a closer look.

"Johnny, is that you?"

I was surprised that her voice didn't sound angry. Maybe she would think it was funny too, like Susie. Then Beth spoke up.

"I'm really sorry Mom. It's all my fault. Jenny, I mean Johnny wanted to play Barbies with us and we didn't want a boy to mess up the game. It was Barbie's wedding and we had everything all set up and, well, anyway, I thought if I told Jenny, I mean Johnny, that he had to wear girl's clothes, if he wanted to play a girl's game, he would go away, but you know how stubborn he is. So then I gave him my pink nylon panties and cammie. I didn't think he would put them on, but he did. Then I got my frilliest party dress with the matching tights and shoes. I was sure he wouldn't put them on, but he did. Then, after I got him all dressed up, he really did look like a girl and I had a pretty little sister, instead of an annoying little brother. I guess I just got carried away doing her, I mean his, hair and makeup, but then we had fun playing Barbies."

"I see," said Mom quietly. "You do look pretty in your party dress, Jenny. Please come over here."

I wasn't sure I heard Mom right. I thought she had said, 'your party dress' and called me 'Jenny.' She said, 'please' too, so I guessed she wasn't mad at me.

"Jenny, I don't want to speak you name more than once. Come over here now!"

I slowly walked over to the doorway. My petticoats made a swishing sound and the skirt of my dress bounced as I walked. I stopped about a foot away from her.

"Stand still, Jenny" she said, and began to walk around me. "Hmm, very nice. You did a good job with her hair and makeup Beth. I'm very impressed. Did you have fun?"

Mom had said, 'her' and she was complimenting Beth on turning me into Jenny."

"Thank you Mommy," Beth said. "Yes, it was lots of fun," she admitted.

"Jenny, what do you think about all of this?"

It took me a moment to realize she was speaking to me, that I was Jenny.

"I guess it was okay. I had fun too. But I promise I won't do it again. Really, it was just, well, it was just that I was bored and I didn't want Beth to think she outsmarted me."

"Didn't she? You're the one in the dress," Mom said with a laugh.

Beth and Susie started laughing too. Then I started to laugh with them.

"I guess you're right. Can I go get undressed now?"

"Whatever for?" said Mom. "You look very pretty the way you are. Don't you like your party dress?"

"Mom!" I said. "Its not mine, its Beth's. She just dressed me up in it. And I don't wear dresses. I'm a boy!"

"Oh, I see. Well you certainly don't look like a boy. You look like a very pretty girl. And from what I could see when I walked in, you enjoyed being a girl when you were playing with your sisters."

"Yes, that's true. I did enjoy myself. They're always doing girl stuff together and I have nobody to play with. To tell you the truth, it's been difficult being the only boy in the house."

"I know honey," said Mom reassuringly and gave me a hug. "It's been difficult for me too raising a boy by myself." She paused and then added, "You should have seen me trying to teach you to pee standing up."

Beth and Susie started laughing.

"Mom! Please!"

Then Mom got serious.

"You know, it really would be nice having three girls. Would you like to keep on being Jenny?"

"Are you serious? You want me to be Jenny?"

"It's up to you honey. I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do, but, yes, I'd like Jenny to stay. Would you girls like to have Jenny keep being your sister?"

"Yes," said Beth.

"Yes," said Susie.

"So, what will it be?" asked Mom. "You can take off your dress and put on your boy's clothes and nobody will say anything more. Do you want to do that?"

I thought for a moment. Jenny was special. Beth and Susie liked her and I had fun spending time with them. Mom seemed to like her too. If I went back to being a boy, things would not be the same.

"No, Mom. I really like being Beth's and Susie's sister."

"Wonderful. Then let's celebrate Jenny's birthday by going to the mall."

"Mom," I said, "are you nuts? I can't go out as Jenny. What if somebody recognizes me? It would be too embarrassing."

"Well, first of all young lady, I'm your mother and I almost didn't recognize you. Second, nobody's going to be looking at you that closely. Third, if people do see a family resemblance, we will just say that you are my sister Nancy's daughter who is visiting us for a while. Now, let's not waste any more time. I had a hard day at work and I want to relax at the mall with my daughters. I'm going to change out of my uniform. Beth and Susie, you need to find something less conspicuous for Jenny. Now hurry, its six o'clock and the mall closes at nine."

Mom left and Susie turned to Beth.

"What's 'conspickulous' mean?"

"Not 'conspickulous,' silly," said Beth, 'conspicuous'." It means something that makes people notice you, like wearing a party dress at the mall. Now let's find an outfit for Jenny. How about a pair of jeans and a cute top? That's what most girls wear to go shopping at the mall."

"Well, I'm not 'most girls'. I think I would be better off with something that didn't look like boy's clothes. Remember when you were dressing me up and I asked you why I had to wear a dress to play Barbies when you and Susie didn't? You said that you didn't have to dress as girls, because you were girls, but I wasn't a girl so I did. It didn't make sense then, but it does now. If I want people to believe I'm a girl, I have to dress like a girl."

"My goodness," said Beth mockingly. "Our new sister Jenny has become a fashion expert." She started to laugh. "But she's right. So let's see what I can find. How about a miniskirt and sweater? With a little makeup, I can make you look hot!"

"Beth, the only way I'd look hot is if I stuffed my bra like you."

"I beg your pardon, missy," Beth replied in mock anger. "If you weren't my sister I'd scratch your eyes out for that remark." Then she laughed. "How did you know?"

"Well, even a boy knows that girls don't grow boobies overnight."

"Hmm," she said. "And girls don't call them 'boobies', they're breasts. Its not just clothes, hair, nails and makeup, you know. You have to walk and talk and act like a girl too. I can see that Susie and I have a lot of training to do."

"Okay, you can give me acting lessons later, but right now I need an outfit. Mom told us to hurry or the mall will close."

"I thought you didn't want to go to the mall? Now you're in a rush to get there? If I didn't know better, I'd think you were born a girl the way you change your mind. But, let's see. Oh, I know, my new jean jumper. It's perfect. I was going to wear it to school on Monday, but it should fit you. Turn around so I can unbutton your dress. Susie, go to my bureau and find a pair of red tights."

Beth quickly undid the little buttons at the back of the dress and I let it slip off my arms and then drop to the floor. I stepped out of it and was standing in my pink nylon tights and pink nylon camisole.

"What do you think you're doing, Jenny? Maybe boys don't care about their clothes, but girls do. That dress is very delicate and has to be dry cleaned if you get it wrinkled. Please pick it up and put it on one of the padded hangers."

As I was hanging up the dress, Beth had taken the jean jumper out of the closet and was looking for a top. The jumper was black denim with red stitching on the seams and the shoulder straps. It had a belt that was attached at the sides and tied in back, defining the waist. Susie came back with the red tights and Beth brought a red cotton top with a crew neck and short sleeves.

"Here," Beth said, handing me the top. "Put this on first."

"Wait," said Beth. "Not like that. First put your hands inside and spread open the neck so you can pull it over your head without mussing your hair and getting makeup on it. Then put your arms in the sleeves. Honestly, Jenny!" and she laughed.

I followed Beth's directions and did not let the material touch my face or lips as I pulled it over my head. I forgot I was wearing lipstick and I could see where a girl had to be careful not to get her makeup all over her clothes when she was getting dressed.

I asked Beth, "Why don't girls do their hair and put on makeup after they get dressed? Then they wouldn't have to worry."

"If you brush your hair when you're dressed, the hair gets on your clothes. And putting on makeup is messy too. Some women do use a plastic cape to keep their clothes clean, but it is uncomfortable spending an hour all dressed up with a cape on while you put yourself together.

"Gosh, Beth, how do you know so much? Did Mom teach you all this?"

"Some, but remember Jenny, I've grown up wearing dresses and making myself pretty. Sometimes I watch Mom and sometimes I see things in magazines or on T.V. shows. A girl's looks are very important and we're always trying to learn fashion tips and beauty secrets. Now enough of this girl talk! Let's finish getting you dressed."

Susie handed me the red tights.

"Remember how I did it when I dressed you up? Bunch up one leg and then point your toe and slip your foot in. Unroll the leg until it's below your knee. Then do the same with the other leg. Once both legs are in, stand up, hook your thumbs in the waistband and pull the panty up over your waist. Then go back and smooth the legs up and tug on the waistband until the crotch of the panty is snug. Go ahead, try it. The tights are pretty heavy material. They won't run, but when you wear sheer pantyhose, you have to be really careful."

I followed Beth's directions and to my surprise my first attempt at putting on tights went perfectly.

Beth checked them out and said approvingly, "Are you sure you haven't worn tights before? Have you been secretly trying on my clothes?"

I knew she was kidding, but wondered to myself why I hadn't thought of it.

"Here, step into the jumper and pull the straps over your shoulders. I'll adjust the buckles on the front and tie your belt. There. That looks great. All we need are some shoes."

Beth handed me a pair of what at first looked like boy's loafers, but the resemblance ended with the thick soles and chunky one and a half inch heel. I slipped them on and stood up. They felt funny at first, but after I walked a few steps I got used to having my foot arched.

"Let's see, have we forgotten anything?"

Beth took her brush and fluffed up my hair. Then she combed my bangs.

"Better freshen up your lipstick too. Oh, of course. What was I thinking? A girl can't go out without her purse. You have to carry all you girly stuff, especially when you start having your period."

"What are you talking about? I'm not going to have a period."

"Sorry, I forgot. I really am starting to think of you as my sister Jenny. Anyway, here's a little red leather purse. It's very important to coordinate your outfit with just the right accessories. We can put in your lipstick and some tissues and a comb. No girl would go out without a comb or brush to fix up her hair. And a mirror too. Now you're ready. Oops, no. Not quite."

She went over to the makeup table and got a small spray bottle. She spritzed some lilac scented perfume on me.

"Now you smell like a girl too. That's also important. Every girl has to have her own scent. It drives the boys wild."

"Beth! I don't want to drive boys wild!"

Just then Mom called up. "What's keeping you girls? Come on or the mall will close. Beth, Jenny, Susie, lets get going."

Beth and Susie hurried outside, but I hesitated. What if one of the neighbours saw me dressed up in girl's clothes? I poked my head out the door, looked up and down the street, and hurried down the walk as fast as I could in my jumper and heels.

"My goodness, Jenny," exclaimed Mom. "What on earth are you doing?"

"C'mon Mom. Lets get going!"

Beth and Susie had climbed in back, leaving the front seat for me.

"Could I switch places with Beth, please," I said softly.

"No. You are being a silly girl," Mom responded. "The best way to bring attention to yourself is behaving like you have something to hide. Just act like a girl and people will believe you're a girl."

"Well, that's easy for you to say, Mom. But how do I act like a like a girl when I don't know how a girl acts?"

"I know it's going to take time, Jenny, but you'll catch on. For starters, skirts and dresses are not made for running. You need to walk slowly and take small steps. Girls spend a lot of time on their appearance and they want to be seen when they go out. Now let's not waste any more time."

The car door was open and I started to climb in.

"Stop!" said Mom. "What do you think you're doing young lady?"

"Getting in the car like you said."

"I don't think so. Not like that. The proper way when you're wearing a skirt or dress is to turn with your back to the seat, sit down, then put your knees together and swivel around, so you don't flash your panties to the whole world. Now try it again, please."

I stepped back out, turned around and started to sit.

"Stop!" said Mom.

"Geez, what now?" I complained.

"Well, first of all, young ladies don't say, 'Geez.' Second, of all, you need to put your hands behind you and smooth your skirt, so it doesn't bunch up and get wrinkled when you sit. Now try it again."

I did as Mom directed and managed to get myself seated.

"Very good," said Mom.

She started the car and drove off. The mall was about twenty minutes from our house, so there was time for us to talk.

"Mom," said Beth. "If Jenny is going to be sharing my panties, then I will need some more."

"You're right, Beth, Jenny needs panties," replied Mom, "but considering Jenny's, umm, well, umm, 'difference', I think it would be better if you and she had your own."

"Well then, since I wear them every day, I should give Jenny some of my old panties and get new ones."

"I agree," said Mom. "It's Jenny's birthday, so she may pick out something pretty as a present from all of us. You can also pick out something pretty to replace the panties Jenny is wearing. Then I will buy you a packages of less expensive every day panties and you can give Jenny some of your old ones. How does that sound girls?"

"Great Mom," Beth said.

"Whatever you and Beth want to do is okay with me," I said.

"I'm glad that's settled, because we're here," announced Mom as she pulled into a parking space near the mall entrance. "Let's get going girls, we don't have much time to shop, the mall closes in about two hours."


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