Street Child 2 Chp. 5

When Betty arrives home she finds Karen sound asleep on the sofa. She couldn’t believe how she looked. When she left for work this morning. Karen had looked like what Lady Vile had done to her, but now she looked like herself again. She didn’t know of any magic that could physically change someone back to their original form once they had been magically changed, unless they were a shape shifter like Sasha.

Betty knew for a fact that Karen wasn’t a shape shifter, because she had done several magical scans of her cells and tissue. She even had one of their non-magical doctor’s test Karen’s blood and cells. Betty walks over to the sofa and gently brushes aside some of Karen’s hair aside. Betty feels Karen’s hand wrap around her thigh and squeeze it.

Karen had felt Betty near her and reached out with her free arm to wrap around Betty’s thigh. She looks up at her adopted mother.

Betty looks down at Karen and kneels, so she was at eye level with her. She brushes aside some of her loose hair to look into her eyes. She couldn’t believe she was back to normal.

“I see you changed yourself back.” Betty was amazed at that accomplishment.

“I did?” Karen looked surprised at that statement.

She looks at her hand and notice it was back to her normal skin tone. She pulls a lock of her hair around and noticed it was back to her proper color. She was surprised and pleased that she was her normal self. She feels around for the scars that use to be on her body and noticed they were gone as well.

“How did I do that?” Karen sits up looking confused at Betty.

“I don’t know, sweetie.” Betty sits near her on the sofa.

Karen looks at Betty and was worried she might not like her after she ask what was bothering her.

“Why did you take me to the club and let me be taken from you and auctioned off like a piece of meat? I thought you loved me?” Karen watched Betty’s eyes and facial expression.

Betty takes Karen’s hand in hers “I forgot that it was the slave auction night. If I had remembered, I wouldn’t had taken you. Normally, you must submit a person for the auction. However, since you were a newbie and was with me, they automatically assume you would be fine with it.
Plus, it’s sort of an initiation for newbie’s.”

Karen couldn’t tell if Betty was telling her the truth or not. She wanted to trust her, because she loved her. However, she has been lied too in the past.

“I don’t know.” Karen felt conflicted.

“Karen, trust me. I told Lady Brenda I would protect you. Did I screw-up? Yes, I did. I should had remembered about the auction. I don’t know why Lady Vile was so rough with you or why she did what she did to you. She’s never gone that far with a slave before, unless they pissed her off.” Betty has known her for a very long time and normally, wasn’t into torturing innocent slaves like she did Karen.

“Who is Lady Brenda?” Karen looks at Betty for explanation.

“She’s the sister of the fey that mixed his blood with yours and gave you his power. You are technically a member of the family she comes
from. If nothing else, she would be considered your older sister.” Betty didn’t know if she should tell Karen about her older brother.

Karen places a kiss on Betty’s cheek “I forgive you.”

“Come on, let’s order some dinner.” Betty pulls out her cellphone and call their favorite Chinese place.

She orders her favorite and Karen’s favorite dish. She also orders extra eggrolls, because she knows how much Karen loves eggrolls. Once their meal is delivered, Betty pops a movie in and Karen curls up against her. She had already feed from Betty’s breast while waiting for their meal.

Once their dinner arrives and they finish it. Betty and Karen take a shower together. Betty searches Karen’s body to see if everything about her body has been purged of the changes that had been made to her.

Betty still couldn’t get over how the innate magical energies. That Karen was carrying around inside of her had managed to restore Karen’s body back to normal. Even her virginity had been restored. Karen decided that she wanted to have some fun with Betty’s body tonight and wouldn’t let her get any sleep.

Betty didn’t mind, but knew Karen had work in the morning. She lets Karen have her way most of the night and then she causes Karen to fall asleep. The last thing she needed was Karen to have problems at work.

Betty drops Karen off at work the next day “have fun sweetie.” She leans over and gives her a kiss.

“I will.” Karen walks into the store and says hello to everyone.

Most of the people she works with, knew she was dating Betty. They have seen her a few times kissing each other in the car before she got out. As Karen is putting away some new items they got in, two guys in black suits come walking into the store. One guy looked like he worked out because of how wide his shoulders were. His partner was a little shorter and looked like he was in his late thirties, maybe early forties.

“Hi, how can I help you?” Karen stood before them.

“Are you Karen Elizabeth Costa?” Jones had been sent by his employer to investigate a woman that was wearing a unique medallion around her neck.

“Yes I am. Is there anything I can do for you?” Karen was curious why they wanted to know who she was.

“Yes, can you tell me where you got that medallion around your neck? I’ve never seen one like it before.” Jones was fascinated by the necklace.

"It was given to me by my girlfriend." Karen stands there talking with him.

Jones motions with his head to his partner and the two of them leave the store.

Karen was puzzled by those two men. She goes back to work.

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