Stuck as A Pixie

“What do you mean that the chest piece won’t come off? It has to come off.” Eric was panicking as he looks around for the solvent to remove the glue they had used to attach the different prosthetics to his friend’s body.

“I’m telling you that the medical adhesive you used to attach all these prosthetics to my body isn’t coming off with the solvent you gave me to use. See?” Robert sprays the solvent on and followed the directions, but nothing happens. The glue holding the seam of the chest piece to his body wasn’t moving at all. He had tried to take off the chest piece several times already.

“Here, let me try the pieces on your face with this solvent.” Eric tried the solvent he has in his hand to remove the pieces off his friend’s face. Nothing happens.

“It should work. I swear.” Eric tries the solvent on some of the adhesive they still had in a plastic cup that had dried and nothing happens.

Both Robert and Eric stare at the cup dumbfounded. The solvent should have had work. Even the acetone should had worked.

“What am I supposed to do Eric. I can’t drive home like this.” Robert looked like a pixie from the fairy tales.

The wings on the back of Robert flutter with his heart rate. The device that controls them was based on the tailly device in Japan that was made so the wearer could wear an animal tail that wags.

“I can’t go home like this. People will stop me and ask questions.” The wings flutter again as the device that controls them feel his heart rate go up.

“Look, until I can find out why the solvent won’t remove the adhesive off, you’re stuck looking like a pixie. Also, remember, we used this stuff to attach your fake vagina and hips. Not to mention your breast. So, if you go out. You need to act like a girl.” A smirk appears on Eric’s face.

“Thanks a lot.” Robert was pissed that he was stuck looking like a pixie for the weekend. The only reason he agreed to wear these items was his grade was based on how well they did on this project. He was about the size of the actress they were making these prosthetics for, so he would act as her stand in as they made and fitted the pieces.

Robert walks out of the trailer they were using as their work space for their school’s production class. Eric and he were the special effects guys and their job was to design and construct the different prosthetics for the characters the actors were playing. Since he was about the size of the actress playing the pixie in the movie they were doing. He became her stand in model and her stunt person as well. Her facial features were like his so the only thing they needed to do was use some make-up to make him look like her. Also attach some prosthetics to give him a female figure so the costume department could fit the costumes exactly.

Since Robert couldn’t take his car home because of the wings on his back. He catches a bus instead, so he could stand up. He tries to look happy while standing there on the bus with all the little girls and boys looking at him.

“Mommy, look it’s a fairy.” The little blonde hair was watching the fairy.

Robert couldn’t help it. He walks over towards the little girl.

“Do you want to see some magic?” He gives the little girl a smile.

She nods her head yes.

“Okay, watch carefully.” He reaches into the pouch on his waist and pulls out three little butterflies they had constructed that were preprogram with simple instructions to flutter around him.

He tosses his hands into the air and the three butterflies he had been holding started to fly around him and the little girl. One of the butterflies’ flies over to the girl and lands on her nose for a second and takes off again. After a few minutes, the butterflies fly back to Robert and hover near her.

The little girl had giggle when the butterfly had landed on her nose. She watches as they fly back to the pixie. The little girl hugs Robert, just before she gets off the bus with her mother. Roberts wings flutter as the sensor that monitors his heart beat picks up his heart rate.

“Bye, bye Ms. Pixie.” The little girl waves at her as she follows her mother off the bus.

A smile appears on Robert’s face as he continues to hold onto the pole for support. After three more stops, he arrives at his stop and gets off the bus. As Robert is walking off the bus. A strong breeze blows by, lifting the back of the dress he was wearing up. It exposes the cute color panties he was wearing that matched the dress.

He gets a lot of wolf whistles and cat calls from some of the men aboard the bus. Robert sweeps his hands behind him and holds the back of the dress down. His cheeks had turned red from embarrassment, when his rear end was exposed. He felt uncomfortable dressed the way he was.

He passes by an antique jewelry store and spots a nice-looking circlet that would go great with the costume he was wearing. He walks inside the store and is greeted by a woman with white hair. Something inside him knew this woman, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. What can I help you with?” Grecia had a vision of this person coming in today. Something told her that it had something to do with the circlet she bought several years ago.

“Hi, I was passing your store and saw that beautiful design circlet in the window on display. I was wondering if it is for sell.” Robert just felt drawn to it.

Grecia looks over at the circlet displayed in the window. She walks over to it and take it out of the display case and take it back to the counter display.

“Would you like to examine it?” Grecia hold it up to Robert.

“Yes, thank you.” Robert accepts it and as soon as his fingers touched it. He knew he had to have it.

He couldn’t believe how warm it felt in his fingers. He runs his finger tips over the leave designs and the vine like tendrils of the design coming from the center of the piece. He examines every inch of the curves and vines, that it felt like it was getting warmer and warmer in his hand.

Grecia was watching the circlet as the girl in front of her examined it. She could see the slight glow it had and how it reacted to the girls touched. Normally, it didn’t like others touching it.

Robert looks at Grecia after examining the circlet “how much are you asking for this?”

“Well, you’re lucky. It normally goes for two hundred dollars, but today I’m taxing an additional sixty percent discount. So, you can have it for forty dollars.” Grecia didn’t pay anything for it any way. She had found it among some items in a storage unit she had bought at an auction.

“I’ll take it.” Robert digs forty dollars out and hands it to Grecia.

“You know, it would look good with what you are wearing. You should try it on.” As she accepts the money from Robert.

“Okay.” Robert finds a mirror and try it on. It did go well with the costume he was wearing.

Grecia writes a receipt for the circlet and hands it to Robert.

“Here you go. If you ever decide to get rid of it. Feel free to bring it back here and I’ll buy it off you.”

“I will.” Robert accepts the receipt and leaves the store still wearing the circlet.

Robert doesn’t feel the settle energy of the circlet as it trickles down into his body. The magic from the circlet slowly start to change his genetic make-up on a sub-atomic level. Robert heads towards his apartment and into his bedroom as the events of the day take their toll on him. He takes the shoes he had on off and lay down on his bed carefully. The fake wings fold against his body as he falls into a restful sleep.

Roberts body starts glowing as an ice crystal starts to form around his body as the circlet resting on his forehead glows brighter and brighter.

All the artificial prosthesis glued to his body fall away and disappear. The area around Robert disappears as he is transported from his bedroom to a clearing with snow covered trees surrounding it and snow on the ground. The crystal-like coffin rested in the center of the clearing.

Snow starts falling from the sky; as the temperature drops rapidly around the area. Ice starts forming on the tree limbs and on the crystal coffin as well.

Days go by as Robert’s body starts changing into the Fey who’s spirit resides in the circlet takes over and changes Robert’s body. Everything that made him male is removed as he is turned into a woman. The memories of the Fey princess merges with his mind as both sets of memories are formed into one set of memories.

After two weeks, the coffin opens, and Robert emerges from it in her new body. She looks around the area as she steps out of the coffin. She was confused about where she was, but liked the feel of the Earth under her toes as they dug into the Earth. The snow didn’t bother her at all.
It felt nice against her bare skin. Even the cold air swirling around her, made her feel at home.

She couldn’t believe it had been centuries since her kind have disappeared from this world. She could only feel the essences of a few of her people still around. Two were at least several miles from her along the East coast. There were a few along the West coast and a handful in the middle of North America. The ones in Europe well still around, but hidden from mankind.

She flutters out into the clearing as a smile appears on her face. She’ll contact others like her. She takes to the air.

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