...You Are Cordially Invited Story 8 Part 1


Over the years of teaching and as a principal, Yvette King had built up strong barriers to her feelings. She let them down only once, letting the charming and witty Ivan King woo her and finally marry her after admitting that she felt for him after having him teacher to her friend Karen Smith's children. It was tough to keep their relationship a secret then when exposed, keeping it from bleeding over into their professional lives, but they maintained it thanks to her barriers.

Ivan and she shared a lot in common and both felt like disappointments to the other because neither could conceive children due to health issues. Ivan was sterile, the result of a genetic issue that both delayed his puberty as well as caused no sperm to be produced. Yvette had a rapidly developing cancer that caused her to need her reproductive organs removed before she could preserve her eggs.

The two spent long hours working in a futile effort to stem their parenthood issues. It was made all the worse as their friends had fostered and adopted children over the years, giving them sad looks as the two felt the sting of not doing the same. They had discussed it but there was always a worry that they weren't good fits and they couldn't put up with the strain of parenthood in addition to their jobs.

When Flora Nelson came into their lives as a student in early December and then Piper Stoner joined them it was all but impossible to escape the questions about why they weren't trying to foster children. The two were busy with work but it was not a real excuse anymore. They were supposed to be role models yet they always tried to escape doing the greatest thing for a child: being their parent, foster or otherwise, to a child in need of love.

Their walls were weakening as Yvette confided in her oldest friend Karen about feeling like she couldn't host a child because she didn't want that child to have to move to the city or feel like they were less of a kid because they were around so many kids with great families. Karen went at her directly, telling her firmly "you know that's a lie. Unless the kid is suffering from some rare disease that needs them to be close to the hospital or they have so many friends that they can't live without them it's just you trying to make excuses. The kids in foster care just want stability and love, you can give that."

Yvette let that stew for a while. Karen then countered with "I know it's because you have no experience with kids outside of school. You haven't babysat them since high school and even then it was only because I wasn't able to do it. Give it a try, you can watch Nigel for us this weekend."

Yvette couldn't back out as Karen had already started to call her husband to set up the date for them. She smirked at Yvette, who was forced to give in and let her make the date. Ivan wouldn't be happy that she was outfoxed by Karen but the man knew better than to argue with her when she was on a roll.


Karen dropped off Nigel Jr. who proceeded to run through the King home for an hour until he finally fell asleep. The two were wiped out after just an hour and there were still three more hours to go. The two knew it was Nigel acting up because he could but it was still tough for them to cope with, they weren't ready for little children despite years of dealing with kids in the classroom.

Nigel woke up after a half hour and was hungry, demanding to be fed chicken nuggets and french fries or he'd through yet another tantrum. He was adamant that they get it from a certain restaurant and had a certain condiment to go with it. The two had never seen him being so angry and forceful, but to Nigel it was a big game, one they had lost badly and had paid him handsomely in the form of fast food treats.

Nigel finally calmed down and played with his trains while the two did some work close by. When he got bored he watched TV and relaxed until Karen came to pick him up. The two were exhausted as she entered while Nigel was beaming with pride over breaking the two so easily, nobody had ever given him a fight quite like they had and nobody had bent over backwards so easily to appease him.

Karen could only shake her head in disappointment at her young son being so dramatic toward the couple. If she hadn't been such a close friend Yvette would have broken off their friendship and run away to a safer location away from Nigel Jr. Ivan was calmer than Yvette, immediately seeing that they had been tricked by the boy into doing what he wanted when he wanted just for his entertainment.

Karen offered them a solemn "nobody will blame you when you refuse to accept that you could be loving parents. You dealt with the worst a child can offer, but it wasn't the real Nigel. You know him well enough to know how he really is, you did better than anyone could have hoped."

Yvette didn't respond, only seeing Karen out before collapsing into Ivan's arms. The two were quiet for several hours before Ivan softly told her "I think we should still do it. I don't want to think that a child is being put in a home he or she doesn't belong in because we can't accept the truth. I love you but I believe that we can do this if we let ourselves do it. Just think it over again."

The two talked through the afternoon and evening before agreeing to finally sign the paperwork to become foster parents. They didn't make a big deal out of it but when they got approval almost immediately it was met with thanks from the Department of Children and Families as they were the kind of parents that the DCF was looking for. They worked full time, owned their own home, and had a strong support base that were known to them and who were ready to help if need be.


The next morning five miles away in the heart of Dorchester three tweens were dropped off for school by their grandparents. The kids were given money and told that they'd be late picking them up from school but not to worry as things would be arranged. The kids walked inside and waved goodbye, never knowing that it would be the last time that they would see their grandparents again.

The two drove off in a hurry, retrieved their bags from their apartment, then drove onto the highway heading due south. They had no intention of picking up the kids after school, the couple had cut ties with them and handed over the kids to DCF to take care of while they retired to a condo in Florida. The kids were dumped on them months before by their father, he ran off to some place unknown and left his three kids, all from different mothers, to his parents' mercy.

The kids had a typically bad day in school but once classes were released they endured the humiliation of DCF awaiting them in the main office. They became the laughingstock of the school as they were herded out to an awaiting van with the DCF investigator, a woman by the name of Chloe Daniels, telling them that they would go to her office for a bit while she found them a new home. It was tough to do but the trio kept quiet about what was happening to them, knowing that it was easier on them to accept their fates than to try to run away.

In the office, Chloe asked the kids their names. They were reluctant to tell her but gave in when it was clear that she was not going to give up on asking. It felt like they were under scrutiny for something they didn't do, but it was pointless to fight Chloe.

The eldest was a boy named Jacob Reid. The youngest was a boy named Joshua Harvey. The middle child wouldn't tell Chloe anything, but she did have a name listed from the school: Jordan Hughes.

Jordan tried to hide away while Chloe typed away at her computer while the other two kept up their tough guy facade for Jordan's sake. Chloe made notes about their demeanor and that they were keeping close watch on her especially towards Jordan. She noted that Jordan couldn't be easily distinguished as either a boy or girl and may be one of unfortunate victims of gender dysphoria or possibly gender fluid.

After a while, Chloe made some phone calls. She couldn't locate any next-of-kin for the kids and tried her hardest to find a home that could accommodate three kids. She especially had trouble as she told the parents that one of the children was gender unknown, which only caused a quick refusal by them.

She was at the bottom of her list when she caught sight of a couple of names that made her smile. Yvette and Ivan were low on the list due to being new to foster care but were a godsend to her. She was quick to call them and all but begged them for help, saying "you are the only ones who can help them."

Yvette sensed there was something going on which caused Chloe to flinch but confess "one is gender unknown. He or she won't talk and the name assigned at birth is gender neutral. I suspect it's a young girl due to what looks like small bumps under his or her sweatshirt and rounding buttocks but I can't fully tell. He or she is keeping his or her mouth closed tightly and the boys aren't saying much but are protecting him or her."

Yvette looked at her husband who nodded, they had to help them out and would house them. Yvette agreed to take them in but added that she'd talk with Jordan about what was going on with him or her. She then told Ivan "we are getting three kids. Two are boys but the third Chloe hasn't been able to make as either gender. She believes the third is a girl but could be fluid or transgender."

Ivan didn't say anything, he went up the spare bedrooms and made the beds while moving things out to the attic. The couple had to hold off saying anything as they looked at the rooms, feeling like it was going to be a tight fit but worth it to them. The kids would have their own space while the couple would have a small office upstairs and the kids could even have a game room in the basement.

Chloe delivered the trio to the Kings with Ivan noting that Jordan was definitely a female in the early throes of puberty but not far along so as to cause her an issue yet if she was male inside. The three were all dressed in the same clothes with Jordan trying her hardest to hide away as Ivan looked her over. They expected him to say something but he simply led them inside and showed them their new rooms.

The kids were thrilled, they had shared a room for years because their father couldn't afford a bigger apartment. This was even the first time they'd have their own beds, they had to share a bed for the past five yeasrs. Jordan looked scared at her room with Yvette taking her aside to talk with her about it.

She sat Jordan on the bed and asked "why do you dress like your brothers?" Jordan had tears in her eyes then confessed "dad didn't want a daughter. Mom dumped me on him when she didn't want me anymore and he didn't know how to put up with a girl. He bought me the same clothes as my brothers and told me to act like a boy from now on. When he saw that I was starting to get boobs he ran off, he didn't want any of us and couldn't deal with me getting him into trouble for us sleeping together in the same bed. He could have gotten a bigger apartment but he didn't want to move and didn't want to pay more money in rent."

Yvette's next question was expected, "do you feel like a boy inside? There are girls who are boys inside and who need to become them but it takes a lot of work. It's the same for boys who are girls inside. If you are one we can help you, my best friend's daughter was born a boy and her cousin's son was born a girl so I know all about this kind of thing. If you are a boy inside I'll help you become one."

Jordan didn't know what to say, she honestly didn't know the answer. She had been raised as a boy up until that fall and continued to dress like a boy because her grandparents didn't have money to buy her a set of girls clothes. She knew she didn't feel like a girl at times because of her needing to act like a boy but she didn't want to physically become a boy either.

Yvette let her ponder the question, it was something she needed to talk with a professional about. She looked in on Ivan and the boys and saw the two settling in but looking bored. It was understandable, they had been stuck in Chloe's office for three hours without entertainment.

Ivan let them watch TV then prepared dinner while Yvette took inventory of their belongings. There wasn't anything in their bags except schoolbooks and notebooks so they would need to get their things from their former home. That would be done the next day, when they went to get some clothes.

She looked in on Jordan and saw her without her sweatshirt, laying on the bed looking out the window. It was tough to see but she was fighting back tears, not wanting to cry but needing to. Yvette sat down on the bed and hugged her tightly, telling her "it's OK to cry, you had a nasty shock today."

Jordan let loose with her tears, sobbing into Yvette's shoulder while Yvette tried her hardest to not let out a cry of he own. Eventually Jordan stopped, with Yvette telling her "boys can cry, especially if they have undergone what you have. Your hormones are raging and sadly it's a trait all genetic females have to endure during our puberty. In a few months or less you will have your first period which will only make things tougher on you. If you are truly a boy inside it'll be a huge blow but one that is manageable, but if you are a girl inside it's not the end of the world. I know plenty of girls who fought with boys and who played sports that were borderline professional. My best friend was like that and she is a mother of six now."

Jordan felt better and hugged Yvette tightly, laying down again and thinking about things that were only going to lead to more questions and deep thoughts. Yvette checked on dinner then brought Jordan downstairs, letting her eat with the boys. The boys had trouble keeping their eyes off of Jordan as they saw her boobs pressing out of her shirt, with both feeling weird at seeing their sister like that.

After dinner Ivan had the boys help clean up while Jordan showered and changed into a spare nightie that Yvette had. It was too big for her but it was better than her sleeping nude or in her clothes. The boys were handed spare shorts and undershirts, they were too big but they didn't fall off them and could be adjusted to at least remain on them for the night.

The boys asked what was going on with Jordan when she was brought upstairs. Ivan sighed and had to carefully explain "Jordan is growing a little too large for her clothes and it's too hot for her to wear her sweatshirt inside. She's growing into a young lady as you two saw, she needs some special clothes and as much as you are used to sleeping together it's not good at your age and state of development."

The two blushed as Ivan nodded, adding "she has two things sticking out and you have one each. It was alright when you were younger but you should have had your own rooms a couple of years ago. I can understand why you didn't, lord knows I do since I had to share a bed with my roommate in college and grad school. They were good ladies but it was still a tight fit. But she's too old for that now and in a few months she will be a woman internally so it will get messy both figuratively and literally."

The boys accepted this and went to their rooms to go to sleep. Yvette hugged and kissed Ivan as he lay in their bed, letting him explain "they need 'the talk' soon. I don't think they realize what puberty is and if they do they don't know how to react to it. They are so used to her being a boy that they didn't notice that she was becoming a woman. It's awkward for them but they are accepting the situation."

Yvette didn't say anything about that, it was what she expected. She let Ivan drift off to sleep while she had to field texts from Karen about the kids. Yvette felt weird asking Karen for her daughter's old clothes as well as her son's but her reply of "already ready" gave her a big smile at the foresight.


The kids slept through the night with Yvette finally falling asleep after she was sure they were asleep and not just faking it. She was the first up in the morning and had breakfast made before the first of the three started to stir. She had to grin as Jordan was the first down, wearing her sweatshirt again to cover up her chest so her brothers didn't react to seeing her breasts again.

Joshua was next down and gave his sister a blush causing her to unintentionally lean forward as if she was hiding her chest. Jacob didn't say anything and tried not to react to seeing Jordan, instead just doing his best to look away while eating. The three were finished quickly and waited for Yvette to tell them what to do, sitting in the living room as Ivan slowly came in and drank his coffee then ate.

When Ivan was properly caffeinated and fed, Yvette had the kids get their coats on as they needed to go out. The kids didn't ask where they were going, thinking that it was best to just listen to Yvette while they were there. It was a tight fit in the car but the kids didn't say anything about it.

They drove on to Karen's house and saw the kids get scared as they exited at Yvette's insistence. She was met by Karen who ushered them inside, telling Jordan to go with Nichole while the boys went with Ethan. Ivan followed them, letting them know that it was alright and they wouldn't say anything.

Nichole had her old clothes ready for Jordan but told her mother firmly "I don't know if my panties will fit her. She's probably smaller than me. You would know about bras better than me, she may need one."

Jordan was told to disrobe while they handed her clothes to try on. First was the panties, which were a little too small for her. Next were training bras which Jordan had trouble putting on and blushed deeply as she was told that she was about borderline and would need a regular one in a month or so.

Nichole showed her the clothes and helped her with the buttons, not saying anything about her having a problem putting the blouses on as well as the jeans. The ladies left the room while Nichole helped her further, it was easier for Jordan to have Nichole help. Nichole had her trying on everything quickly while also giving her a chance to decompress before moving on to the next piece of clothing.

Jordan asked her timidly "how do you know about the buttons being wrong?" Nichole didn't bat an eye and confessed "I'm transgender. I wore boys clothes until I was five and had to learn how to put on girls clothes on my own because I didn't have a mom at the time. It takes a while to get used to the buttons but it becomes easier."

Jordan looked at her shocked. Nichole then confessed "I had my surgery so I look like a girl down there as you can see. A guy tried to hurt my cousin, who is also transgender, and I got in the way so he cut my privates and made it possible for me to become a girl on the outside. The only real difference now between me and other girls is I can't have periods. My friends have them and they suck."

Jordan mumbled a timid "I don't know if I'm really a girl. Dad raised me as a boy and said I was a boy and treated me like a boy even though I'm a girl on the outside. I don't know if I am one."

Nichole figured out already what was going to happen with Jordan so told her "Aunt Yvette will be taking you to a special doctor who will talk to you about this. She is good with kids, she doesn't let you lie to her. She will know if you are really a girl or a boy. I think you are a girl, you aren't fighting me over trying on the clothes and you didn't flinch at them being pink and white instead of black and blue."

Jordan hadn't noticed it but she was right, everything was either white or pink and were clearly meant for girls. She looked at Nichole who added "you don't have to wear them for long, Aunt Yvette is going to get you more clothes. You can get darker clothes and look like a boy if you want but it's just until then. You wouldn't fit in my friends' clothes and you needed more bras and proper panties anyway."

The two walked out with Nichole waiting for her mother to say something. Yvette explained to them "we are going shopping in a bit but need to get whatever is left at their apartment. I know it's probably not a lot but it's better than nothing and it's best to have some mementos."

The girls didn't say anything, Karen then added "Dr. Bell has an appointment for Jordan in a couple of days. She knows you aren't a typical case but it's needed and until we know more you can continue to be as you need to be but beware of others' feelings. Not everyone accepts kids like you, Jordan."

Nichole gave her a nod but didn't say anything. Jordan didn't react either, she was told this already and had an inkling that she would be facing trouble just based on how kids treated her already. She had been enrolled as a boy but the school had an issue with it and there were a lot of fights over her.

The boys had an easier time as they were the same size as Ethan and didn't say anything about having to try on the clothes. Ethan had a lot of clothes, complaining that his mother bought him too many of everything and kept adding on when he didn't need new stuff. It didn't help that he had a growth spurt recently which meant he had a lot of ill-fitting clothes taking up space.

The boys drew the line at underwear. Ethan just laughed and asked "boxers or briefs" getting an odd look then a laugh from the boys as they realized he was joking. They hadn't though about it before but they did have to admit that they weren't fans of boxers so said jointly "briefs" getting a nod from Ethan.

The four walked outside and were met by a crooked smirk from Karen. Jacob was about to ask what was going on but Yvette quickly told them "we are going to your old apartment to get whatever you need from there. Jordan needs to get a few things from the store after. Please don't make a big deal out of it because it's something she needs to do and she won't say anything about it."

The boys saw Jordan blushing and realized it had to do with her boobs causing them to blush but not say anything about it. The five left Karen's house with Karen giving Yvette a happy look, trying her hardest not to say anything about her sudden morph into a caring mother from the nervous wreck she had been before. It was one thing to care for Nigel Jr. for a few hours, caring for the kids was different.

The drive to Boston was done in silence as the kids were left thinking about what was going on. They directed Yvette to where they lived, with Yvette not saying anything about the fact that they lived in a retirement complex. The kids didn't realize it but it made sense now as their neighbors were all elderly.

They were met by representatives from the housing authority, the owners of the complex. The kids had to explain who they were and why they were there, with the housing personnel complaining that they had no right to be there but Ivan pointed out their grandparents lived there and they were dumped there. It was tense but the kids were known to the neighbors who vouched for them really living there.

Chloe arrived to help, with her husband Mike joining her. Mike helped the boys pack up while Jordan packed up up living room and kitchen. It was quick work as there wasn't much that they owned and their grandparents had taken most of their belongings already.

Chloe and Yvette talked about Jordan as she finished gathering her own things from their old room. Yvette was blunt in stating "her father raised her as a boy until she started to blossom then ran off instead of owning up to being a father of a girl. She is confused about her gender but she might need some time with girls her own age who accept her for herself. Nichole has already started to get her to break down her shell and accept her femininity."

There was an unsaid agreement between the two, Jordan would see Dr. Edith Bell to talk about what she was as a person. Chloe asked about their night as a whole, getting a smile and soft "they were good. There was a little hiccup when they saw Jordan without her sweatshirt, I don't think they realized she was starting to grow breasts nor that she may have periods soon. We will talk with them about it."

Chloe had what she needed, the kids were thriving so far and Yvette was starting to accept what was going on with the kids. It was tough on her but it wasn't a surprise, she was trying hard to deal with her role as a mother to the kids. Ivan was clearly enjoying being a dad simply by his leading the boys.

Outside the kids showed just how little they had as Yvette and Chloe inspected their clothes. They had only a few changes of clothes, just three jeans, a set of boys pajamas, and six shirts to go along with the clothes they wore the day before. Jordan didn't have any sort of girly things, all of her clothes were the same as her brothers' and even her underwear matched.

They didn't have any pictures of trinkets, just some old school items. They were asked if that was it, all three said a somber "grandma and grandpa didn't get us anything and dad ran off with everything we had." The boys looked at Jordan who added "dad kept all of our important things, he didn't want you to go after him in case grandpa and grandma got in trouble with DCF."

Chloe asked if they knew his name, getting told "we don't know. Everyone called him Nacho." They knew that it was just cover for him, if the kids didn't know his real name they couldn't find him.

The group left the apartment for the housing people to clean out. They wanted to charge the kids for the removal of the leftover things but Mike pointed out "it's not their place as you pointed out. They never officially lived here so the ones who owe you are their grandparents. Go after them, not the kids."

Mike showed his badge and dared them to try. They were left alone and allowed to walk away, driving home to the King home where Mike carried most of the items inside. Yvette started to wash everything while the kids decorated their rooms with their trinkets, making the rooms their own.

Mike and Chloe left to check up on their sons and daughter allowing the five to head out for their shopping trip. Yvette took Jordan to the girls section while Ivan reluctantly took the boys to the boys section. The boys giggled at Jordan getting a bra which Ivan added a swift "we can get you one if you want" almost causing the boys to trip over themselves as they apologized and walked away fast.

The boys clammed up after that while Ivan gave them a grin that showed it was a joke but also to warn them not to tease Jordan about something she couldn't control. The boys were quick in finding what they needed leading to Ivan joking that they were so much alike that they were almost twins. The boys laughed at that, it wasn't true as they were born two weeks apart but they were as close as twins.

Over in the young ladies section, Yvette struggled with how to help Jordan with her bra issue. Jordan had accepted the reality that she was becoming a woman and needed to wear one but seeing the large selection she was overwhelmed as much as Yvette was. Yvette quelled her anxiety and just went at it, seeing the smallest cup bras and offering her own recollection of shopping allowing her to focus.

She had Jordan try on several different sizes and styles and chose the ones that fit best while also being the least feminine. Jordan appreciated that she was trying to take her tastes into consideration and when she stopped feeling weird over needing a bra she allowed herself to feel the soft textures and appreciate the heft on her chest as her small mounds were encased in the soft materials. She had her favorites in the small selection, which Yvette agreed with and found in several different colors.

With that out of the way, she showed Jordan how to adjust the straps, put them on and off, and how to coordinate the colors so her bra wasn't visible through her shirts. It was easier with t-shirts than blouses but it was still something that she needed to know. Jordan didn't say anything, letting Yvette teach her while accepting that it was part of being female and she had to know what she was being taught.

The two started to look for clothes and found some t-shirts that were unisex while finding jeans that were feminine yet not too feminine. Jordan didn't like it but Yvette explained how the cut of the jeans would be better for her developing body as her butt and thighs would grow larger making it tight in the wrong spots leading to chafing. It was the same for guys, they didn't fit the same and bunched up.

She giggled at that but Yvette shook her head, explaining "it's true, you can ask Nichole, Mia, and Kylie about that soon. I expect them to want to help you get adjusted to school. I'd have you talk with Maisie too but she is indisposed at the moment. The girls are your age so deal with the same issues as you."

Jordan asked if they were like Nichole, getting a somber "they are, in too many ways. Maisie had to undergo surgery a week ago while Mia and Kylie lost their testicles. It was a terrible thing for all of them so please ton ask about it. They are transgender, but they are the best girls you will ever meet."

The two moved on to pajamas and what they had wasn't to Jordan's liking. She was ready to cry over the selection until Yvette calmly explained "we can find some better ones in a store that caters to girls your age or one that caters to women as a whole. I know you are fighting things but I think you haven't had the chance to be a girl and see just what things are available for girls to wear nor how things feel compared with boy clothes."

She picked out several packages of panties, explaining "as much as I think you may enjoy wearing the boxers your brothers wear, they won't work with your pants. They would show no matter how much you move them around, and they would make things too hot in your crotch. I'll talk with you later about some of the issues that you need to avoid. Again, it's not your fault that you didn't know."

The two finally finished shopping, with Ivan asking what took them so long. Jordan gave him a sad look which Ivan took to mean it was her specialized items causing him to back away in shame while the boys readied to help their sister. Ivan led them off so Yvette could pay, telling them he was sorry.

Yvette calmed Jordan, offering her a warm "he's not one for shopping. He didn't mean to make it seem like he was trying to tease you, he was doing a sexist joke about women taking a while to shop. He was trying to be funny but Ivan is a terrible comedian, most guys are."

It wasn't what she had thought but it still stung. Yvette led her out, then sat her in a chair and confessed "it's a thing with guys. They go shopping and they go in and out in minutes. They don't waste time with looking at things and comparing sizes and styles or even different prices and sales. Your brothers did the same as him, I think it's genetic. The boys were quick to finish and were getting antsy, hence the little joke. It's not meant to insult you."

Jordan let it go. Yvette was seeing that she had a lot to deal with thanks to the gender issues. She was fighting a losing battle against herself, she just wasn't used to girls and women and reactions of guys.

At home, the trio put their clothes away. Yvette then took Jordan with her to shop at the stores that the boys couldn't or wouldn't go to, ones targeted at girls. Jordan was scared to death about the stores but as she entered it wasn't anything like she had thought.

Yvette led her over to where the pajamas were, letting her see that there was styles that made her look cute while also covering up what she didn't want to show. It was tough to find a style that didn't show off too much skin but there were several pajama sets in her size that, while feminine, still let her have some feeling of being covered. Jordan gave in and tried on several sets, loving the feel of them all.

She had a tough time choosing what she liked, and when she finally did she was fighting tears at seeing herself in the pajamas as she looked so girly. If not for her haircut she would have been a normal girl, she was seeing Jordan the young lady shining through while Jordan the boy was fading away. It took all of her strength to no run off at seeing the sight, but it felt right in her eyes to see herself looking girly.

Yvette paid for the pajamas as well as two robes to cover herself when she felt like being covered. In the car, she offered Jordan a needed hug, letting the girl cry herself out. When she finally stopped, Jordan looked up at Yvette and asked "am I a girl now? I saw a girl in the mirror, she was me but she had a boy's haircut. I don't like seeing that, I don't like thinking I have to be a boy anymore."

She started wailing, forcing Yvette to hug her tighter and kiss her forehead. It was the revelation that she needed, the realization that she was female inside as well as outside. The days of Jordan being forced to pretend to be a boy were over, Jordan's female side had broken the facade and shined through letting her be the girl she wanted to be from now on..

It took several minutes for Jordan to calm down but when she stopped crying Yvette softly asked "now that you saw what you could look like if you allowed yourself to look like a girl, do you still feel that you are a boy?" Jordan sniffled then mumbled a concerned "I'm a girl. I can't be a boy anymore. Boys don't have boobs or big butts. I can't go back to being a boy, not if I look like a girl now. I like how I look. I am a girl."

There was still a lot of confusion in Jordan but it wasn't too bad, she just needed to talk with someone who could guide her. Yvette asked her warmly "have you heard about boys who were born in girls' bodies but who became boys on the outside? I know a couple of them and they are great men."

Jordan looked down in shame at not knowing that. Yvette just smiled and offered a happy "it's alright, this is new to you. You could talk with Diego or Cameron about this if you are still feeling like you are a boy inside when you calm down later, they would be willing to talk with you about this."

Jordan didn't respond just, looking out at the highway as they drove home. As they pulled in Jacob and Joshua looked at Jordan's bags and snickered. She ran off in shame, fighting tears at the teasing her brothers had given her over what she didn't want to own.

Ivan just shook his head then uttered a firm "your sister is having trouble enough as it is with her body changing. You wouldn't like it if she teased you about your clothes that you chose to get, don't tease her about the clothes that she needed to get. It's tough on her being treated like a girl for the first time, she needs you to act like her brothers and not like tormentors. Lord know, there will be plenty of them in school on Tuesday."

The boys looked away in shame, with Joshua offering a solemn "Jordan's really a girl, isn't she? She's not going to be our brother again, she's just going to go off and play with dolls and kiss boys. She's not going to wrestle with us or play basketball or fight bullies anymore. Our brother is gone, some girl is we don't know is taking over."

Jacob offered a defeated "she never was our brother, she was just treated like she was our brother. Dad was too lazy or cheap to treat her differently. We knew when we were four that we were different. We saw that we had wieners and she didn't. She was always our sister, we just didn't see it because of dad."

Joshua looked at his brother in shock but Jacob was adamant, telling him harshly "why do you think she was always the first one up and changed in the bathroom? Why do you think she kept away from us when we talked about girls and what the boys were doing in the bathroom and showers? She isn't a boy she is our sister. The only thing have in common between is is that she likes girls, she had a crush on her lab partner for weeks that she kept from you because you'd tease her."

Yvette asked if that was maybe causing her trouble, getting a nod and timid "Joshua has had girls all over him so he never had to work to get their attention. He didn't see how she was acting with the girls and how she tried to kiss them last year before they slapped her. I did. She likes girls."

Yvette went up to Jordan's room to find her crying into her pillow. She sat down on the bed and hugged the sobbing girl, explaining to her "Joshua is still having trouble accepting that you are different than the boys. You are a girl physically and are acting more and more like one mentally. Jacob is talking with him about it, he accepted your femininity a while ago and didn't say anything because he didn't want to upset you. He knows your true feelings and your true sexuality. He loves you no matter what."

Jordan looked up in shame while Yvette explained "you acted differently around girls. You had eyes for your partner, you acted like he acted with girls. It's tough to accept but girls can like girls. I know of several beautiful young ladies who like girls, Nichole's cousins like them as does my friend Katie."

The two didn't say much for a few minutes before Jordan mumbled an angry "I wish I had a mom. I hate being mixed up because dad didn't want a girl and made me into his third son. I hate not knowing what is going on with me. I wish I had a real mom.."

Another major issue was emerging from her, one of frustration and anger. She just wanted a mom, someone who could understand her instead of treating her weird. She needed female support and advice, but the ones who should have helped her fled from their responsibilities.

Yvette hugged and kissed her, letting her lay down and rest while she went downstairs to speak with the boys. The boys tried to apologize, but Yvette offered a firm "don't tease her anymore, she's struggling with being a girl. She is feeling messed up inside and your teasing will only cause her trouble. She just wants you to love her as herself. If you can't do that it could cause major issues and severely harm her."

The boys didn't respond, but Jacob hugged her to show that he understood. Joshua was taking longer to accept what was going on, he was struggling with the whole situation. He had hopes of their father returning to get them and bring them home but Jacob and Jordan had given up hope months before.

When dinner came, Jordan reluctantly faced her brothers. The two hugged her while Joshua kissed her, showing that he was OK with her being the girl that she was born as. Jordan hugged him back, kissing his cheek and saying a warm "I love you too, little brother."

The kids went to bed not having much else to do and having a lot to think about involving their lives. They hated their situation but were willing to accept that they were not going to have a real family until they started their own after age 18. The boys were especially feeling terrible, it was finally dawning on them that their lives were now some of the most complicated, almost soap-operatic around.

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