...You Are Cordially Invited Story 8 Part 2


The next morning, Jordan awoke to a shock as she felt her pajama top gliding across her chest as she rolled over in her new bed. She looked down and remembered the shopping trip and smiled at how she felt in the top and how great it felt to spread out in bed. It was tough to admit to herself but she did enjoy how her skin felt and she didn't itch like before from the cheap pajamas they used to wear.

She walked to the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror, only she saw a sleepy girl looking back as opposed to the tired, cranky boy from two days before. She kept herself from crying again, but she was feeling like she wasn't the same anymore. She was accepting that she was a girl and not a boy like everyone had claimed she was and liking her look, it felt right for her.

Joshua complained that she was hogging the bathroom which brought her back down to earth. The boy looked at her oddly but didn't say anything, just letting her leave so he could do his business. He said a complaining "already starting to act like a girl" which she let go, but he didn't mean it to sound mean.

Jacob heard his complaint and offered a hearty "you know how he is when he gets up. He is the most like dad and you know how dad was with us in the morning. You did take a while though, I guess it is something all girls do."

She didn't respond, just walked away and got dressed in her new jeans, t-shirt, bra, and panties. It took her longer than expected to get dressed but once she had her bra on it was like she was a whole new person. The mounds on her chest stood out, she had a shapely butt and hips, and except for the short haircut she looked like any other 11 or 12-year-old girl.

Yvette checked in on her and waited for her to stop preening in front of the mirror. When Jordan turned and saw her, Yvette offered a caring "it's the real you, the real Jordan Hughes. You really are a pretty young lady. If you want, we can get you a wig to wear until your hair grows out enough to style it so people don't mistake you for a boy anymore"

Jordan nodded tearfully, causing Yvette to hug her tightly and give her a chance to settle down. The two were quiet for a few minutes until Yvette told her "you can call me 'mom' if you want. I don't mind you doing that if it helps you. Ivan would be proud to be called 'dad' but it may take you a while."

Jordan shed a tear and blurted out a sad "you are the mom I always wanted. Dad got mom pregnant alongside Joshua's and Jacob's moms and she ran off when they all found out. Grandma didn't like us and wouldn't do girl things with me. I asked her a couple of times and she said I was better off. I want a mom, please be our mom. Please."

The dam broke and Jordan had her long-needed breakdown as the gravity of her new life hit her hard. Yvette could see it coming and needed the right way to spark it, not expecting her to immediately ask for adoption though. It was a tough thing to consider as it was still fresh and they were still new to one another and may not be as good of a fit as a family as they believed.

Yvette looked down at Jordan's pleading eyes and wanted to say yes, but sadly explained "it's too early for that. As much as I would love to adopt you three I can't do it yet. Your mothers need to be found, as does your father and your grandparents. It's going to be a tough situation but if you still feel this way in a week or two then we will talk about it. Until then, please don't think we don't love you because it's not the truth. Both Ivan and I love the three of you as if you were our own and just want what is best for you. You have given me so many special gifts that I never imagined receiving just by being you."

The two dried their tears and washed their tear stained faces before going downstairs for breakfast, first sharing hugs and kisses as they exited their bedrooms. Ivan had already started cooking and had their plates ready, with the boys milking their own meals so as to wait for their sister to eat alongside them. Jordan didn't say anything, but the looks she was giving Ivan and Yvette were new and different.

The kids finally finished and watched TV in the living room while Yvette cleaned the dishes. When the adults were out of earshot, Jacob asked "what was that all about? You were gone for a while and you kept giving Yvette and Ivan weird looks."

Seeing no way to lie to her brothers, Jordan muttered a timid "I asked Yvette to be our mom. I hate not having one, I need a mom to show me what to do. You guys have had dad telling you a lot of things, but I am a girl and I need a mom to tell me how to act, dress, clean, think, and deal with boys. Don't think I don't know about your special guy talks, dad would only do them when I wasn't around but I heard them. He didn't want me to know things that he was trying to teach you, like how to pick up girls and get them to do what you want. You got mad when they wouldn't work on me, I heard them and wouldn't let you trick me into doing what you wanted."

The two blushed as they realized she wasn't actually away with friends as she claimed. She was right, he would tell them things he wouldn't tell her and a lot of things involved girls. He tried to make her out to be a boy but he still treated her differently, almost like he hated that she was there and only put up with her because he had to.

Jacob looked away in shame, while Joshua confessed "dad said you are too much like your mom. She was a good woman who he had betrayed and cost him his other girlfriends. She was smart and a good leader and you were starting to be both of those things. It was tough to accept. You are a girl no matter how much you look like a boy on the outside, you are you mom's daughter and he didn't like that about you. You made him see that he was a selfish jerk, he hated being wrong."

Ivan looked over at Yvette who had him hold off saying anything. The two had needed to have that talk with her for a while but never had the encouragement to do so. It explained a lot about Jordan and why she was in such turmoil, the girl was treated like a boy until it was too hard to treat her like one and was manipulated by a man who couldn't accept his mistakes because his biggest was staring back at him.

The kids looked at Ivan and Yvette with the same longing expression. Ivan was bolder than Yvette in his intentions, declaring "I'll talk with a lawyer about you three and file the paperwork. You deserve a chance to have a better life and we can't let you feel like we only want you because we feel bad."

The kids hugged him tightly, with the boys crying into his shoulder while Jordan smiled at Yvette who herself was brought to tears over the boys' sudden burst of affection. The five settled down for a bit and awaited visitors who were expected shortly. The boys stuck close to Yvette as they waited, trying hard to let her know that they were glad that they were adopting them but not too hard to show eagerness.

As expected, the doorbell rang and Nigel Jr. burst into the house followed closely by his best friend/2nd cousin Billy Pena. Their mothers entered after them, trying hard to quell their eagerness but failing. They were soon followed by Nichole and Ethan and another girl, Kylie Pena.

Jordan saw Kylie and immediately felt a stirring inside her. She felt like she was looking at an angel, a girl who was beautiful and filling out in all the right places. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her.

Yvette and Kylie's mother Kennedy shared a mutual look of shock and awe. Kylie was oblivious to the looks but Nichole directed her attention away from Jordan to allow the girl to gather her wits. She didn't need to be told what was going on, Jordan immediately had a crush on Kylie.

The girls led Jordan upstairs while the boys stayed with Ethan. When they were gone, the boys asked what was going on with Jordan as she was acting weird around Kylie. Ethan blushed at realizing the truth, offering a happy "Jordan likes Kylie. Kylie likes girls so maybe she can like Jordan back."

The boys looked at Yvette for help but she was just smiling away. Ethan asked firmly "is t hat wrong? Your sister can like girls, there are plenty of girls who like girls. Our cousins like girls."

Jacob quelled the brewing anger with a solid "she is just new to being a girl, she may not like girls and might be acting like that because of how we were taught. Our dad taught us that girls are just big boobs and no brains and only good for sex." Ethan again countered with "that's not going to change who she is, you don't like boys or girls because you are brought up that way. If that was true then a few girls we know would like guys instead of girls."

The boys didn't know what he meant, Yvette had to explain "Kylie is transgender and likes girls. Nichole is transgender and likes boys. Their cousin Jaimie is transgender and is engaged to a boy but their other cousin Rachel is dating a girl who is transgender. It isn't learned, it's who she is. She likes girls but she hasn't acted on those feelings yet, you said so already but now you know it's true."

The boys let it go and spent time playing with Ethan and the younger boys while the adults talked. Up in Jordan's room, the girls started to talk about Jordan and her night. Jordan had trouble talking, she kept feeling weird every time she looked over at Kylie.

Eventually Kylie stopped and asked what was wrong. Jordan started to cry and tried to run off but was held by Kylie. On impulse, Jordan kissed her, leading to Kylie kissing her back.

Nichole just stood back and was stunned into silence. Jordan cowered in the corner, afraid of what to do now that Kylie knew what was going on. Kylie instead grabbed her and hugged her, then sat her on the bed to calm her before trying to say something.

Kylie was bolder and asked "do you like me?" Jordan nodded, to which Kylie smiled and added "I think you are pretty too. There aren't many girls who like girls in our school and those that do don't like me because of what I have...or rather what I used to have."

Jordan asked what that was, getting a soft "I have a penis. I'm transgender. I lost my testicles two weeks ago because of some nasty boys kidnapping us. Girls don't like me because I don't have a vagina yet. They say I'm not a real girl no matter how much I change myself."

Jordan looked down in shame, Nichole explained "she's one of the girls I told you about. Her cousin Mia is also like her and she likes girls but she is dating Fiona Nelson. People don't like use because of what we have or had so it's hard to find people who like us for ourselves."

Jordan didn't believe that Kylie was born a boy but Nichole had no reason to lie to her about something like that. Nichole also added "she's the biggest girl among us, she always wears dresses and skirts even when it's too cold to wear them. The boys said she'd freeze her balls off which she hated."

Kylie glared at her but Jordan just smiled as it was so sweet and funny. Kylie offered her a kiss on the cheek which Jordan returned, then hugged her. The two were silent while Nichole got their things together so they could show her what they were doing in school.

They three went downstairs and it was easy to see that Kylie had some lip gloss smudged while Jordan had tear stains on her face. Their parents didn't ask what happened, knowing that it was likely the two sharing their affections and letting some of their tension out. It was also the indication to Yvette and Ivan that there needed to be some ground rules for the kids later on.

The adults walked off to the kitchen with the two terrors keeping busy in their own little area off to the side. They kept a close eye on the girls but started to see something else immediately as Joshua was giving the same looks to Nichole that Jordan gave to Kylie. He wasn't aware of it but Jacob was.

The girls showed the siblings what they were doing in school and where they needed to focus to catch up to the others in their class. It was a tough job but they managed to slog through it, with the trio not even trying to question what they were doing wrong or how they knew so much so soon. Kylie let them in on the bad news: their class was going to be the remedial class but it was only due to there being no room in the other classes and they were the first to move to the new class coming in January.

Nichole had to explain further "your teacher is a substitute, there will be a new one teaching because the old teacher was fired for being terrible to Maisie and Fiona and letting kids hurt them. She was a bad teacher who had sex with the superintendent, the new teacher is a good teacher who was fired because the superintendent was stealing money. Mrs. Porter is hiring a better one to take over the rest of the class but you are stuck with the remedial kids for a couple of weeks."

Jacob shook his head and countered "our old school wasn't that good and our teacher was a mean old lady who hated kids. Any teacher is better than her, she only kept working because she had no family and would rather die in class than live alone. Jordan was left alone and nobody bothered her because they didn't want to get in trouble but our teacher hated her because she couldn't get rid of her without getting rid of us too. She just told her to keep quiet and don't cause trouble for her."

The two looked at Jordan sadly, but Jordan didn't respond. It had been eating at them for a while but she never said anything about the mistreatment nor did she respond in any way. It infuriated their former teacher but it was the most mature response she could give.

The kids didn't say anything further and just sat down and waited for their parents to end their talk in the kitchen. The kids weren't sure what to do so just watched TV while Billy and Nigel played. They finally finished talking after a half hour, with Kennedy walking them out while Karen looked over at the kids trying hard not to look sad at the girls leaving.

Inside the car, Kennedy asked Kylie "how was your first kiss?" Kylie blushed deeply, to which Kennedy added "it's something to always remember. Whatever prompted it had to have been a big thing as the two of you looked different when you came back down. She is struggling with who she is so the two of you need to take things slow. She does like you, but it is still early and it may be hormonal."

At home Kylie ran up to her room before her father Willie and brother Reed saw her. Both asked what happened, only to be given a sly grin and cryptic "she found someone who may like her. Don't go too far into it as it's still a sore spot for them. She did discover that a girl likes her for herself though."

Willie didn't say anything while Reed went upstairs to check in on his sister. She was crying into her pillows, which was her normal way of dealing with something shattering in her life. Reed calmly and carefully explained "dad won't say anything, he just wants you to be safe. Mom is alright with your kiss and if it helps her accept what's happening to her then it's all the better."

Kylie stopped crying but didn't move until Willie hugged and kissed her. He offered her a timid "you like her a lot, don't you?" Kylie nodded, explaining "she's the first girl who liked me back and didn't think that I was a freak or weirdo for liking girls. The girls aren't nice to me, you know that. She is the first girl who actually let me get close enough to kiss her. She's pretty and kisses nice too."

That last part came out without thinking, she was a good kisser. Willie offered a hearty "keep the kissing to a minimum. You two are still finding yourselves, so take it slow. She does like you though."

At the King home, Joshua asked Jordan if she kissed Kylie. Jordan blushed while Jacob offered her a teasing "she has her lip gloss on her cheeks and nose. It looks like they missed their lips."

Jordan blushed again while Jacob hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek. Jacob then teased "Joshua likes Nichole so it's not that funny anyway. He kept looking at her chest and butt."

Jacob had to run as Joshua chased him. He didn't want him to say anything about that, he liked her but didn't want anyone else to know. Jordan loved that her brother found Nichole attractive, he deserved a chance at love and Nichole was pretty and smart as well as nice- just like him.

The kids entertained themselves for the rest of the afternoon and evening before eating a quiet dinner. They knew the next day they would have to return to school to pass in their books but also had to meet with their new teacher and principal. They wouldn't have Yvette and Ivan with them, it was going to be the first time since the couple took them in that they were spending time away from them.


The kids were up early the next morning. Joshua was upset that he had a wet dream and tried to hide his sheets in the laundry while his brother consoled him. Jacob had told him to stop thinking about Nichole but it was tough for him to do and led to an awkward time in the bathroom as he hide his reaction from Jacob as the mere mention of her caused him to react.

Jacob complained to Jordan that the two of them were acting like lovesick puppies, which only caused the two to blush and look away in shame. Yvette and Ivan wisely stayed out of it, instead telling the boys that they would have to handle their own laundry now that they showed they were old enough to do them on their own. The two weren't happy but realized it was due to Joshua's accident and was their way of showing them that they were trusted enough to clean up after themselves.

The three were dropped off at a house they didn't know a short time later, being met at the door by a woman who introduced herself as Valerie Finn and was a close friend of Ivan and Yvette. She explained to them that she was going to take them to their school and obtain their records then show them their new school and meet their new teacher. She hesitated then explained "as much as they'd like you in their class, you unfortunately won't have Kylie or Nichole with you. Their class is full but your teacher is just as good so it won't be so bad."

The kids knew this already but it still hurt to hear it confirmed. Valerie ushered them into the minivan and drove to their school in the heart of Dorchester, with the three not saying a word until they stopped. It was tough to see the neighborhood but it was countered by a feeling that it was truly over for them.

Valerie asked if they had all of their books then took them inside to the main office to speak with the principal. She presented the paperwork showing a change of custody and that they were living in a new city and thus were to be enrolled in school there. It was standard for them, but it was still something that had to take a few minutes to complete as the secretary verified everything.

The kids were asked if they had anything personal in the school, getting a somber "we have some books and other things in our lockers. We don't want to lose them when the school empties the lockers next weekend. They always clean out them during vacation."

The three were walked over to where their lockers were and took out some mementos from their time in school. There were several pictures of them and their father, as well as of the three. In the corner Valerie spotted a note from their dad, which was what they wanted most of all.

Valerie led them out but had to stop off in their classroom to return their books. The principal escorted them, then had their former teacher informed "Jordan Hughes, Joshua Harvey, and Jacob Reid are no longer going to attending school here and are returning their books."

He gave Valerie a "watch this" look which led to their teacher proclaiming "it's about time that little brat was kicked out of here. I don't know how you let that little freak dress like that. Those kids should be banned from school and kept away from normal children. Lord knows Jordan was a pain to all."

Valerie smirked while the principal stated "thank you, you have made my decision to seek your termination at the end of the year all the more easier. As you are well aware you have only remained employed at this school due to your record but you have just sullied that. Mrs. Finn here will ensure that the union will know that you have just berated and insulted the foster children of fellow union members. She is herself the wife of a colleague as well as the aunt of another two. That's in addition to her legal work for the unions of both Winnisimmet and your own union. It was her advice that got you your most recent raises so it will be tough for you to go against her on this."

Valerie grinned then stated "there were no violations of the school's dress code nor were there any actual complaints against Jordan Hughes so your remarks are out of line." The teacher complained "that's a boy in a dress with fake breasts! I know damn well it's a boy as his father said so himsel, yet you forced him on us by claiming to be a girl!"

Valerie angrily shot back "Jordan is female, which was why she was allowed to use the girls' restroom. If she was not she would have been required to use the disabled restrooms instead. She is also in the throes of puberty and developing breasts naturally, those aren't fake. Just because she never wore a bra, which was due to economic issues and her father's ill-advised choice to raise her as male, doesn't mean she isn't a female. And regardless, you have no right to force your views on her. You may not like that the rights of transgender children are being adhered to but you don't have the right to violate them."

Turning to the principal, Valerie added "as she has shown a bias against Jordan her teacher will ignore the remarks. She has received help in learning our curriculum so your school will not be blamed if there are any issues." Turning to the teacher, she added "her new foster mother is a principal so she will ensure that she receives a proper education, one that she wasn't receiving due to you."

As she left she could hear the students in class laughing at their teacher while the principal grinned. He had gotten rid of a bad seed and showed the students that school was changing and the old thoughts were going away. Jordan was not well liked in school but they knew she was protected regardless.

The four drove on to their new school and met with Alice Porter in her office. Alice looked over their records and noticed that Jordan had a lot of complaints against her which was tough to accept by Alice. She asked what that was about, getting a cringe from Jordan while the boys got ready to protect her.

Valerie let out a deep sigh then explained "Jordan is a young lady who is now being allowed to live as the girl that she was born as. She was raised from birth to be a boy but is not actually male. Before you ask, she is female internally and externally. She isn't transgender, just gender confused because of a man who was too cheap and lazy to raise his daughter."

Alice asked what that was about, getting a stern "their father didn't want to raise a girl and move into an apartment that would accommodate her needs so he raised three boys instead. He dumped them on their grandparents when she started to blossom this past summer so it has been tough on them. She is just now learning how to be a girl, from her clothes to her actions to her emotions. She is struggling to live with the reality that she is in puberty and starting to change into a woman while her brothers are still lagging behind as boys often do."

Alice just nodded and looked at the notes from their teacher followed by notations by their former principal. It was clear that he was dealing with a classic "I know everything" old school teacher who was too entrenched in the old ways to accept change. She was proud to read that the principal would stand behind Jordan in case Jordan retaliated by standing up for herself, it was a tough stance for him to take but he could see where things would fall and who would be in the wrong.

There was little else to say, the kids were going to start the next day and would have a new teacher at the start of the year. They would have a temporary teacher, but that teacher was one who would not let the kids coast through without working hard. The three would have to endure a lot of questions but it wasn't a big deal if they kept their focus on each other and backed one another up.

The kids were walked up to their new classroom where they were introduced to their new teacher, Peggy Raymond. Valerie had to hide her grin as Peggy offered the kids a warm "hello" then was told that they were joining the class the next day and had been given a crash course in what the other classes were doing. Peggy nodded, adding "the girls are still upset Nichole and Kylie didn't take them too."

Alice held her tongue but Valerie added "less is more, they will have more time with them tomorrow." Peggy just nodded, showed them to where they would sit, then had them read the school rules. It was a quick few minutes but they left her to continue while the kids were left anxious about the next day.

Valerie shook her head and complained "I need to have a word with my husband about him keeping her getting the temporary job from me. I know it was quick but he still could have told me. You, on the other hand, are not getting away with that- expect some smelly gifts from Antonio soon."

Alice had a shocked expression but Valerie's smile showed it was all in good fun. Valerie led the kids out and added "Peggy is the grandmother of two of the girls you will meet tomorrow. I meant what I said about 'less is more.' Those kids can be a handful at times and you might not have appreciated so many of them over trying to help you especially Mia and Nancy, her granddaughters."

Valerie drove them home and had them work on some worksheets and read until it was time to leave, first dropping them off at the elementary school complex before leaving to pick up her twins. The three were scared as to what Ivan and Yvette would say but as they saw the kids they asked if they were all set for the next day. The kids nodded silently, which they let go so as to not upset them further.

At home, the kids put their school things away. Their pictures were hidden with the boys seeing Jordan shedding tears over how they looked in the pictures. It was painful to her to see their dad happy with three boys but freaking out over having to raise a girl, the happiness was conditional and if she was going to receive his love then she had to be a boy which she couldn't be no matter how hard he tried to make her into a boy.

After dinner, Ivan and Yvette asked about their day and were told about the events in both schools. It was funny to them to hear about Valerie and Alice but painful to hear about their old school. The couple let it go, but did explain to them "she chose to not accept changes. You don't act that way towards kids no matter how long you have been in the job or how powerful you are within the union. Her rights to a job stops at violating your rights as a student and human being."

In her bedroom, Yvette asked Jordan how she dealt with the woman for so long. Jordan shed a tear and told her angrily "I never wanted to be a boy but she didn't accept that I wasn't acting that way because I had to. She only saw me as a freak who should be kicked out of school and I knew that if I complained I would be expelled. I didn't want the boys to get upset and do something to hurt her and I didn't want grandma and grandpa angry at us and make us leave. I dealt with it because I had to, for them."

Yvette let her settle before explaining "you have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Bell. Edith is going to ask you a lot of personal questions so please don't get offended by them. She is trying to do her job and just wants to help you find yourself. It was supposed to be because of your possibly being a boy inside but you have acted so feminine since you changed into your new clothes that it might be possible that you just needed an outlet for it."

It was hard to argue against Yvette so Jordan did the only thing she could do, she said "OK mom, I'll go." She gasped in shock and tried to apologize but Yvette was already crying and hugging her before she could gasp. Jordan tried to apologize but Yvette kept hugging her, shedding tears on her shoulder.

When Yvette calmed down, she sniffled and mumbled a sad "I can't have kids, and Ivan can't father any so you three are the closest we will have to having children. I loved being called 'mom', you have no idea how happy you made me. I would love to be your mother, all three of you need us."

She left as more tears streamed down her face. Jordan was left to feel happy but concerned that she might have caused an issue with Yvette and Ivan. She did love living with the Kings and they were what she had hoped parents would have been, but she didn't want to break apart the couple.

Ivan understood what happened without Yvette saying, telling her affectionately "she needs her mom, you are the best person to show her how to be the girl she really is. You were a tomboy like her, only you had a mom who pressed you to be less feminine and work on your sports skills. Thankfully you chose to forgo professional sports in favor of being the molder of young minds."


The kids were up early and bundles of nerves as Yvette and Ivan entered. They ate in silence but it was clear that they were going to struggle to hold themselves together in class. Peggy was a great teacher but even she had limits and the kids were going to be rambunctious knowing she was a substitute.

The kids were dropped off with Ivan leading them inside and nearly trampled by Nichole, Kylie, and their friends. Kylie had to hide her smile as she saw Jordan, while Joshua struggled to keep his eyes off of Nichole. Their friends caught the looks and grinned, Nichole was oblivious but wouldn't be for long.

The kids led the three inside where they talked for a bit to quell their nerves. The boys caught on to the group's dynamics right away as they saw Mia Flynn and Fiona Nelson holding hands while Nancy Flynn and Margaret Douglas practically sat in their boyfriends Steven Pierce's and Dante Kelly's laps. Jacob was the only one who didn't have a crush on or dating someone else, making him feel out of place among the budding romances of the others.

At their classroom, the trio entered to the happy face of Peggy. She sat them in their assigned seats and gave them an agreement to follow the rules that all had to sign. She was adamant that they read every one of the rules, then explained "there will be some snide remarks, please don't hesitate to come to me with them. I won't let bullying happen here, I may be a substitute but I am a retired teacher and I have seen firsthand people who are gay, transgender, poor, rich, fat, skinny, ugly, or beautiful. Your foster parents will gladly tell you about my own family, not just my granddaughters that you met."

The kids didn't ask what she meant as other kids started to flood into the classroom as the bell chimed. They were immediately the center of attention as Jordan's short hair and breasts caused a lot of confusion among them. The boys were barely looked at, she was the one who piqued their interests.

Peggy began class by introducing the trio with Jordan awaiting the inevitable questions about whether she was a boy or a girl. Peggy didn't bother to mention it and just went about the day as normal. She called on the three and got them to show their brightness while letting them learn learn on their own.

At lunch, the three were stopped and asked about themselves but they didn't elaborate. The three were asked to join Nichole and Kylie at their table which only caused their classmates to get suspicious about Jordan and the boys. The kids were known to accept weirdos and freaks like themselves, if they were joining them without so much as a blink they had to be like them in some way.

Jordan was the easy target as she looked more like a boy than a girl despite her obvious breasts. There was talk about her being transgender, another boy transitioning into a girl like Kylie and Nichole. Her short hair and masculine mannerisms was a telltale sign to them, she had to have a stuffed bra on too.

The rumor mill ran for a while, but there was trouble before the day was out as Jordan used the girls bathroom instead of the disabled bathroom like Kylie had to use before losing her testicles. The girls screamed and hit her multiple times in the head before throwing her outside, with other girls yelling about one of the "tranny freaks" using their bathroom. Jordan was in tears while Alice rushed in and had the girls who hit her taken to the office for discipline.

Jordan was returned to class once she had done her business with Peggy offering her a soft "they will get what they deserve" to Jordan. Peggy didn't dwell on what happened, knowing it would only cause the kids to argue and fight. She knew there was going to be a nasty shock for the kids once they learned the truth and faced their own bigotry especially if Jordan's real story was told alongside the truth.

In her office, Alice read over both the rules as well as the punishments for assault and bullying of those based on sexuality, gender identity, and economic issues. She then dropped a bombshell about Jordan: she was a genetic female and thus the assault on her was both in ignorance and a huge rules violation. Jordan was innocent and had been attacked simply because her hair was short, she was not transgender and even if she was there was no excuse for assaulting her regardless.

The girls tried to claim she had no right to be inside there, but Alice countered with "based on what? She didn't say a word to anyone about herself all day. She is new to the school, but why she is here is because she is a resident of this city thus is allowed to attend. She has short hair, but so what? You don't assault other girls with hair as short as hers. You are in the wrong and will be facing the penalty."

Alice called their parents then explained why their daughters were suspended and what would happen after they came back. As they had shown they were willing to harm another student based on a belief that he or she is transgender, they would be moved to the alternative school until they had proven they were no longer a danger to others. The alternative was expulsion, since their class had been involved in a prior act of bullying students based on similar circumstances it was a pattern and needed action.

The kids were led out in disgrace while their parents quelled their anger. Alice then suggested that it was best for Jordan to tell her story to her class so they understood that she wasn't a typical girl and that she was trying her hardest to be normal. It was easier than letting rumors spread causing her further trouble from people trying to make an example out of kids who were different.

Jordan was told to do it the next day. It was best to sleep on it and think about what they were going to say and how they would deal with it. The kids understood why it was being done, and Jordan would rather that she face them for the truth than be hurt for what they thought was the truth.

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