What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 14

Before heading home, Sasha goes and does some Christmas shopping for the girls. She also pick-ups gifts for the band members and their children, plus gifts for her parents, siblings and Susan’s (aka: Siren) parents. As she is shopping she thinks about the guy who ordered the rape of her sister. All because he wanted to get back at her. She hopes her mother does the same thing to him, so he can experience what it is like to be raped.

She pays the extra money to have the gifts wrapped. She has a trusted moving company her aunt owns come by and pick the gifts up and delivered them to her place. She was informed by the cleaning company that the place has been straightened up and cleaned. They went ahead and refilled her emergency medical kit.

She stops and watches a young mother and her babies. Even though she has two beautiful girls. she wonders what it is like to carry a child inside of you. To feel the child, grow and develop and finally give birth. She once asked her mother what it was like, and she suggested she tries to take her bottom lip and pull it over her head.

She knew they had a Christmas performance to do next week. Susan and their manager handled most of the arrangements already for the set-up. She hopes Gracie and Rose will be up to performing on stage for the Christmas concert. The music they were playing was Christmas music they wrote a few years ago and updated it some.

Once the gifts are safely stowed away at her apartment. She heads towards Susan’s mansion to be with her and the girls. It’s late by the time she gets in. She checks on the girls and tuck them in, before laying down in bed and snuggling up against Susan.

After Winter Wonderland:
Susan and she carry their tired girls in and put them to bed. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and they were going to spend the evening with Susan’s parents first. The band members were going to drop by in the afternoon. They were going to give those that weren’t leaving or going somewhere their gifts.

Dusk and Moon were going to spend Christmas with her parents. Dusk told her that Moon was going to be spoiled rotten like he was when she first adopted him. Dusk’s parents loved Moon and enjoyed spending time with their grandson.

Sasha puts Gracie to bed and put her guitar case on the other side of her bed. She places a kiss on her forehead and tuck her favorite teddy bear next to her.

“Sweet dreams, my little angel.” Sasha places one more kiss on her forehead and head towards Roses bedroom.

When she walks in, she notices all the decorations and posters Rose put up. There were posters in the frame from when her mother performed and some with her and her mother. There were some of the band posters from when they first started off. She noticed that Rose had pictures of her birth family. She did a good job in making the room her own.

Sasha walks over and places a kiss on her forehead as well. She hopes the girls enjoyed themselves. She picks up Rose’s favorite plushy and put it back on the self.

Siren and Sasha head into their bedroom and take a shower together. While they are in the shower together, Siren becomes a little aggressive and push Sasha up against the wall of the shower. She kisses her and let her hands roam over her body. Sasha lets out a moan as Siren hits all her sensitive spots and make her legs turn to jelly.

Siren was taking and reminding her wife who she belonged to. She knew Sasha would never cheat on her. All the years they have been together, Sasha has never once cheated on her or taken any interest in another woman, but her. She misses having Sasha’s warm body next to hers. They finally make it out of the shower and to the bed. They continue for a while exploring and making love, till early morning and finally falling asleep.

The last words Sasha hears from Siren is “I love you!”

Christmas Eve Afternoon & Evening:
All the band members and their children show up at Susan’s mansion. Rose and Gracie help pass out all the gifts to everyone. They were wearing elf costumes and had elf ears to match. They had a little party for the band and after everyone said their goodbyes. The girls hurried upstairs to change into their Christmas dresses to go and see their grandparents.

Sasha glances back to look at the girls as they drove to Susan’s parents house. She could tell Gracie and Rose were excited to go and see their grandparents. Rose starts singing in time with the Christmas tunes being played on the radio. Gracie joins in, followed by Susan and finally Sasha.

Sasha and Susan watch as the girls are spoiled by their grandparents. Sasha knew the back of the SUV they came in was going to be full of the girl’s gifts. Susan’s mother and father had a staff to cook Christmas Eve dinner. The lay out was incredible and had everything they liked. It was different at Sasha’s parents house. Her mother and father loved cooking and did all of it themselves. They stay till almost mid-night, before leaving. The girls were still excited by the time they got home and were having a hard time relaxing, so they could go to bed. Susan sings them a lullaby that puts them asleep.

Sasha goes out to the moving van she requested to bring over while they were gone. Susan and she unloads all the gifts Sasha had bought and had wrapped. She made sure Susan did touch any of her gifts. Sasha knew she couldn’t resist peeking to see what was inside. By the time they get done putting the gifts out for the girls. It was three in the morning.

Sasha stands back with her arms wrapped around Susan’s waist “which of the girls do you think will be up first?”

“Gracie, will. This is her first real Christmas. Did you get everything she wanted, that I missed?” Susan looks at Sasha.

“Yep, I got everything on the list you sent me and then some. I did the same for Rose as well.” Sasha couldn’t wait to see their faces.

“Let’s go and get some sleep, before they wake-up.” Susan escorts Sasha up to their bedroom and slip on their Christmas nightgowns.
She gives Susan a kiss, just before she falls asleep.

“Merry Christmas, sweetie.”

“You too, sweetie.” Susan returns the kiss.

Christmas Day Morning:
Gracie wakes up first and peeks into her mother’s room. She finds them curled up next to each other, sound asleep. She wonders if it will be okay to go downstairs to the living room where the gifts were.

“Come on Gracie, there are gifts downstairs.” Rose grabs Gracie by the arm and drag Gracie downstairs to the Christmas gifts.

Both Rose and Gracie couldn’t believe all the gifts around the Christmas tree. Rose looks around and notice there were stacks already separated for each of them. Gracie looks at them and then at her sister.

“Do you think our mother’s will mind?” Gracie didn’t want to get in trouble.

Rose just looks at Gracie “are mothers won’t mind us opening our gifts.”

Rose grabs the gifts she got for Gracie and hands them to her.

“Merry Christmas Gracie.”

Gracie grabs the presents she got for Rose and hands them to her as well.

“Merry Christmas big sister.”

Just as they exchange gifts, both mothers take pictures of the girls.

“You did think we wouldn’t hear you two, did you?” Sasha walks over and hugs each girl. She’s followed by Susan.

They sit back and watch as the girls open their Christmas gifts. They each take turns taking pictures of the girls as they open their gifts. Rose and Gracie were happy as they got the things they had asked for, for Christmas. Rose hands her mother’s their Christmas gifts. Gracie and Rose went shopping with their grandparents and got their mother’s gifts.

“Thank you, girls.” Sasha opens the one form Gracie first and notices it was a homemade gift. It was a homemade key chain with pictures of Gracie and Rose.

Gracie stood nearby, and was nervous that her mother wouldn’t love it. Her Grandfather helped her make it. She watches her mother’s

Sasha pulls her forward and gives her a big hug.

“I love it sweetie.” She places a kiss on her cheek and hug her.

Rose hands her gift to her mothers and it was another home-made gift. Sasha could already tell who inspired the girls. It had her mother’s touch to it. Susan and Sasha hug the girls and hold them. They had always wanted children, but because Sasha never preserved any of her semen. They had thought about asking one of Sasha’s brothers, but Susan had to have surgery on her uterus. So, she couldn’t carry children. Now, they had two wonderful daughters. Which was the best Christmas gift of all.

Christmas Day (Evening):
At 5:00pm. They head towards Sasha’s mother house to have Christmas dinner with her family. The girls get to meet the rest of Sasha’s siblings. Their other Aunts and Uncles have been busy and haven’t had a chance to meet their nieces. They have dinner and after dinner everyone gathers in the den as Janet and Leland hand out the gifts to the children and grandchildren.

Sasha stands back and just watch her family and children. She remembers her first Christmas when she was adopted by Janet and Leland and meeting the family. She had been a little over whelm, but the twins made her feel at home. All her older sisters and brothers did.

“What are you thinking about sweetheart?” Janet wraps her arm around Sasha’s shoulders.

“Just my first Christmas as a girl and how you and everyone was accepted of me.” Sasha watch her father entertain Rose and Gracie.

She could tell he was proud and loved his granddaughters. Janet hugs her and place a kiss on her cheek.

“I am very proud of the woman you have become sweetie. I also know your going to make a wonderful mother as well.”

“Thanks mom.” Sasha hugs her mother and the two of them head back into the living room to spend time with the family.

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