Nora Midnight Part 3

Ginger slowly rub the sleep from her eyes. She had cried herself to sleep last night. They had come back to Nora’s house and unloaded her stuff. Nora had given her, her own bedroom. It was next to Christina’s bedroom. Nora had told her what the house rules were and that she was going to talk with her case worker. She was going to see how Ginger felt living here with her and Kelly. If she felt comfortable around herself and Kelly. Then they would talk about taking the next step of adopting Ginger as her own daughter.

It takes Ginger a few minutes to remember where she was. The nightgown she had own, was one she hid from her other foster mother. It made her look like a little girl. She had put her long hair into pigtails. She gets out of bed and head towards the kitchen. When she walks in, she notices Nora, Kelly and Christina out on the back porch in their nightgowns. She walks outside to join them.

Nora glances over at Ginger as she comes walking outside. She looked so cute dressed like she was. They had taken pictures of her body last night to show the case worker all the bruises she had on her body.

“Well good morning sleepy head.” Nora had a smile on her face when she saw Ginger.

Ginger just waves hello as she sits down in a nearby chair. She notices that the patio table had orange juice, milk, coffee and two baskets of muffins.

“Help yourself to some breakfast.” Kelly grabs a muffin and breaks it open.

“Thank you.” Ginger pours herself some milk and grabs a muffin as well.

Ginger notices it was an apple cinnamon muffin. She saw that Nora was wearing a silky full length black night gown and Kelly had a matching
cream color one on. Christina was wearing one that stopped mid-thigh and was aqua blue.

“I called your school and told them you weren’t coming in today. We’ll drop by later this afternoon to get your assignments, Ginger. We also have a meeting with your case worker this afternoon as well. So, I want you to dress as if we are going to church.” Nora figures if Ginger
looked like a church girl, that the case worker might be easier on her.

“I don’t have any dresses or shoes that would go with them. My foster mother gave all my dresses, skirts, swimsuit and such to the Good Will.” Ginger misses wearing dresses and skirts. Her mother had bought her a lot of nice ones before she died.

“We’ll go out and get you some nice dresses and skirts with matching shoes after breakfast. So, eat some breakfast and get dress.” Nora knew a couple of nice places that she thinks Ginger and Christina will like.

“You’re coming too Christina. I want to get you fitted for a couple of business suits for a couple of interviews I know are coming your way.” Nora had a talk with Cheshire this morning. She had arranged for Christina to meet with a special effects company.

Christina looks at Nora “does that mean they caught the guy?”

“Yes, they have caught him. You’re still welcome to stay here as long as you like.” Nora felt that Christina’s presence would be beneficial to Ginger.

Ginger just looks from Nora to Christina wondering who they were talking about.

Nora notices Ginger’s confused look “I’ll explain later Ginger.”

“Okay.” Ginger finishes her muffin and heads towards the bathroom to take a shower.

There was a knock at the bathroom door and it opens just a little bit “here’s a robe for you Ginger. I’m just going to hang it here on the door knob.” Kelly puts the robe on the door knob.

“Thank you.” Ginger notices it was a nice white one.

She steps into the shower and takes a nice shower. She wonders where Nora was taking her and Christina. She uses the shampoo and conditioner that is in the bathroom. She loved the smell of the body wash.

She finishes her shower and heads into the bedroom. She gets dress in a nice pair of jeans and a blouse. They were clean, and she kept them in her backpack. That way, if her clothes get damage like it seemed to do every time she went to school. She would have some clean clothes to change into for school. She hears the shower and guess Christina must be taking her shower.

After everyone has had their showers and gotten dress. Nora and Kelly take the girls shopping. Nora takes Christina to her favorite suit shop, where she bought all her suits for her job. She orders four suits and two special suits from Elaine’s suit shop. The two-specials had bullet proof lining and protected the wearer from low caliber bullets.

While Nora was having Christina fitted for her suits. Kelly was taking Ginger shopping and getting some nice dress, skirts, blouses and undergarments to go with them. She gets Gingers ears pierce and let her pick out any she wanted. Afterwards they meet up with Nora and Christina and go to the hair salon and have their hair and nails done.

Nora and Ginger meet with her case worker. Nora explain things to her about what happened. Ginger’s case worker informs her that this wasn’t the first time they had gotten complaints about the foster parents. The case worker makes Nora her temporary guardian. She will have to come by and inspect Nora’s place out and Nora herself However, with the references Nora gives and the fact that Nora is a retired DSS agent. The case worker doesn’t see any problems with Nora becoming Ginger’s full time foster parent.

Once all of that was taken care of and she had the papers she would need to have items on Ginger’s file changed. She visits Ginger’s school and meet with each of her teachers. Ginger herself was a little nervous visiting her teachers dress the way she was, but after a few minutes and with some encouraging words from Nora. She calms down and relaxes.

“Well, it sounds like you are a good student.” Nora looks down at Ginger as they walk back to the mustang.

“I try to be.” Ginger tried to carry an A average or a B average in school. She had some AP classes she took.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you. Where did you learn to defend yourself like you did?” Nora had been impressed.

“My mom was a drill instructor for the Marines and she taught me. When I told her, I should had been born a girl. She decided that I should
learn how to protect myself. So, my mother taught me how to fight, just before she died.” Ginger was a little choked up talking about her mother.

“How did your father feel about you wanting to be a girl?” Nora reaches into her purse and pull out a tissue and hands it to Ginger.

Ginger accepts it “he never knew. He was killed in a car accident, coming home from the airport. He just got back from Afghanistan and a drunk driver plowed right into him. His car went off the road and he bleed to death. The police didn’t get to him in time to stop the bleeding.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. If you want to keep on training like your mother taught you. I can continue your training.” Nora thought it might be a good idea.

“I would like that.” Ginger holds Nora’s hand as they head to the car and get in.

Nora treats everyone to a nice dinner and afterwards they go to a Dairy Queen for desert. When they get home, Nora and Kelly help put Ginger’s clothes away and help Christina as well. Nora has Christina dress up like she was going to an interview and have her come into her office and does a mock interview on Christina.

Afterwards she tells Christina what she did wrong and how to correct it. She’ll do another interview in a few days to see if Christina corrects the mistakes. She knew Cheshire was talking to a special effects company located here in Memphis that was looking for talent. She was arranging for Christina to be interviewed.

Nora calls her friends at the Memphis police department and report Officer Green. She knows if the department doesn’t do anything, she’ll handle the problem.

“Alright girls, go get ready for bed.” Nora and Kelly give each girl a hug before they head towards their bedroom.

Once the girls had left the living room.

Kelly looks towards Nora “you’re enjoying being a mother, aren’t you?”

Nora just smiles and takes Kelly’s hand and lead her to their bedroom.

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