Join the IGLWU

Transvestites of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your pants! Throw off the chains of convention and proudly wear your chains of gold and silver! Strike while your irons are hot! Join with your Sisters today in forming the International Ladies Garment Wearers Union!

Yes my Sisters, you must suffer no more in silence in your motel rooms and closets. Demand entrance to the sweater shop run by the ILGWU. Do not skirt the issue but join the thousands of your sisters who will never know the pains of labor in the birth of this noble cause. As with the unions of tradesmen before us we shall join together and triumph!

In the bad old days of yore powerful men and corporations forced weak and unorganized workers to toil at slave wages in dark factories. These poor, unorganized workers had little choice but to bear the brunt of this mistreatment. It was not until energetic and enlightened leaders started the Union Movement that these conditions were changed for the better. The American Federation of Labor, United Mineworkers, and yes, our namesake the International Ladies Garment Workers Union brought these oppressed men to the attention of a heretofore uncaring society and brought about Great Change.

In much the same way other minorities in our society, the Blacks, Hispanics, Women and Gays, have found that organization, solidarity and publicity are the key to reform. Now the time has come for all transvestites to break out of their closets, get a good close shave, and join the Union!

Membership requirements are easily fulfilled and benefits substantial. Simply foreword the price of your next dress to the ILGWU and it will be placed in our Union Strike Fund. It will remain there, to the great interest of your leaders, until our first demonstration. This demonstration will be a march on Washington to demand our rights as part time women. The Union Strike Fund will supply each sister with a pair of high heels suitable for marching and a tastefully decorated picket sign. Since we will have prepared the way with lobbying by our own PAC, the Federated Associated League Supporting Imitation Effeminate Sisters (FALSIES), we expect a rousing greeting as we strut through the hallowed halls of Congress in our finest. There are tentative plans for a sit down strike so please no Mini- Skirts.

So strike up the band, sing the praises of pantyhose and join the IGLWU today! You have nothing to lose but your sanity!

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