The Black Knight Returns

“Hey boss, Joey’s return with your special guest and something else.” Larry looks over towards his boss as she looked over the brand new TX5cab that had been delivered.

All he knew about the project, was that they were going to be making some improvements to it. A bunch of cargo boxes had arrived after the cab had. Alexa had told them not to open any of them, till an American by the name of Terry Horn arrived.

Terry had been picked-up, along with Wraith. He brought Wraith as additional back-up. Wraith was design for more heavy fighting and speed, the Taxi cab was going to be designed for surveillance and communication support. He already made plans for the construction for the cab. The windows were being replaced with the new solar panel windows that were clear, but still collected solar energy. They were bullet proof, just like Wraith’s. They would also provide additional energy the cab would need to last longer and run the additional equipment being installed.

All the electric motors were being replaced with powerful electric motors that were the next step up from the ones they used in the Tesla. He had sat down and gone over every inch of the TX5 specs and switch things out and redesign a few things. He had to design a set of mini-guns that would fit behind the headlights on the cab. They were fixed forwards, unlike the ones on Wraith that had full 180degree arc of fire.

Alexa comes walking out to the yard as the flatbed truck pulls in. She wipes her hands with the rag she had hanging out of her back pocket of the overalls she was wearing. She watches as a slender black hair man gets down from the cab of the truck. Her friend Cecil Bounty had sent her a picture of the mechanic that was coming to her shop to modify the new cab. She was asked to help if she could.

Cecil informed her that this person worked for his cousin Jack. He also informed her that she might meet two more of his operatives. She was to provide as much assistant as she could.

Terry walks up to the young lady that he was informed about.

“Hi, I’m Terry Horn. You must be Alexa Hawley.” Terry had his hand extended out.

Alexa shakes Terry’s hand.

She could tell that this person was a girl, but was pretending to be a male.

“It’s nice to met you as well. I was informed that you needed help with a special project. Are we modifying something else as well?” She was looking towards her flatbed tow truck.

“Actually, that doesn’t need any modifying. It’s here for additional support should it be needed.” Terry had a smile on his face when he said that.

“Do you mind if I have a look at it, before we unload it?” Alexa was curious at what could be under wraps.

“Not at all.” Terry starts walking back over towards the flatbed.

Alexa follows behind Terry. Her guess was right about Terry. She could see the that her hips were a little bigger and then a man’s. It was fine with her. She had a few females to male friends. She wonders if this person was seeing someone?

Terry removes the tarp that covered Wraith, so Alexa could see him. He opens the driver door, so Alexa could look inside. Terry turns on Wraith’s systems, but doesn’t start his engine.

Alexa had watched as Terry opened and stick his head inside and back out again. She walks over to look inside and couldn’t believe the design of the dash and the systems it was projecting up on the windshield.

“Oh baby! Where have you been all my life?” She was falling in love with all the stuff she was seeing.

“He’s been hiding.” Terry was proud of Wraith.

He still had a few more things she wanted to add to him, but overall, he was impressive.

“Do you mind if I sit down inside?” Alexa wanted to see if the seats were as comfortable as they looked.

“Feel free.” Terry knew she couldn’t start it without her biometrics being entered in the systems.

Alexa sits down in the driver seat. She couldn’t believe how comfortable the seat is. She just looks at everything and wonders how fast the car was.

“How fast can you go with him?” Alexa would love to know.

“Wraith can reach speeds up to 350mph and go from 0-60 in 2.0 seconds.” Terry was still working on increasing his speeds.

Alexa lets out a whistle when she hears Wraith’s speeds. “Why do you call the car Wraith?”

“Because if you are seeing Wraith, then your time has come to die.” Terry voice takes on a more serious tone.

Alexa could hear the difference in Terry’s voice when he said that. Alexa gets out of the car and is helped down off the back of the flatbed by Terry.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Terry watches as the driver lowers Wraith to the ground.

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you where you can store Wraith while you’re here.” Alexa starts heading towards a pile of junk.

Terry pulls her cellphone out and uses the special app on her phone to remote into Wraith’s systems and active the remote drive function. The engine starts up and the car starts moving forward on its own as Terry follows Alexa.

The guys watching couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The car was following the young man that had arrived.

Alexa stops in front of the pile of junk and walks over and pushes on a cracked taillight. She stands back as a section of the junk opens. Inside was a fully functional work shop.

She turns around to look at Terry “you can park Wraith inside. You don’t have to worry about turning him around. It’s on a rotating pad.”
Terry guides Wraith inside and watches as he turns around, so he is facing outwards.

“Neat. Is he going to be safe inside?” Terry shuts down Wraith’s system and put him in security mode.

“He’ll be fine in there. Only you and I have access to this storage area.” Alexa presses something along the wall and the opening starts closing.

“Now, why don’t we go over to the main work shop and talk about the improvements you want to do to the cab.” Alexa start walking towards the main garage work shop.

Terry watches Alexa as she walks in front of her. She was petite and had a cute rear end. Terry couldn’t believe he was thinking about another girl’s butt. He was wearing the artificial penis like Dakota suggested he should. He wonders how Dakota and Hatter were doing?

Terry follows Alexa into the main work area and over towards a work bench.

“Okay, so, do you have any plans drawn up on what you want done to this cab and what is the time frame?” Alexa turns around to look at Terry.

“I have plans already drawn up and we have a two-week window to get everything up and running.” Terry brings up the plans on his portable tablet and hands it to Alexa.

Alexa looks through the plans and could see there was a lot of work that will need to be done. If it had tow be done in two weeks, then it meant a lot of late hours working. Cecil said that she would be compensated for the work. Just send him the bill and he’ll take care of it.

“I think we can get it done. You’re looking at a lot of long hours and specialized equipment we’ll either have to construct or buy.” Alexa was making a mental list of things she was going to need.

“You should have most of it already here. I informed Anika and Jack what we were going to need. They were supposed to going to handle it.” Terry remembers giving Jack and Anika the list of equipment.

“You know Jack Bounty?” Alexa knew all the Bounty family members. They normally sent work her way or invited her to their place.

Especially Cecil Bounty. He treated her like his daughter and looked after her.

“Yep, I work with his little sister, Anika.” Terry was surprised to learn Anika was Jack’s adopted sister.

They walk over to one of the cargo boxes and open it. Terry pulls an item out and it was one of the components she had requested.

“Okay, let’s empty the cargo boxes and start checking off everything.” Terry brings up the list she made and sent to Mia, Shigeko’s assistant in training.

For the next few hours, everyone helps in unloading and organizing everything that had been sent. It was all laid out in groups in where it went on the car. Bullet proof tires and rims had been ordered.

“Well, everything you listed and a few things you didn’t order, but we would need is here. There are a few boxes with an electronic lock we can’t get into, to check.” One of Alexa’s workers had tried.

“That’s because those are the weapons that goes inside the cab behind the headlights. They will be the last items we will installed and test.” Terry walks over to check the weapons box to make sure it was okay.

“Does Wraith, have weapon systems in it?” Alexa was curious.

“Yes, he has two .50 caliber mini-guns and mini-missile systems.”

“Mini-missile system? What are those?” Alexa had never heard of them.

“I design them when I was at MIT. They are as powerful as the rockets from an Apache helicopter, but come in a smaller more accurate package. Each missile has a special design targeting system that can lock onto a target and hit it with pin point accuracy.” Terry had a hard time with the targeting unit because of how small it was, but she managed to figure it out.

“Boy, you’re full of surprises.” Alexa couldn’t believe Terry had design something so impressive.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” As Terry roll up his sleeves and lay the blue prints out.

For the next week and a half. Alexa and her crew help tear down the TX5 cab and start replacing and installing new items in it. Some of the items, they had to modify to make it fit properly.

They were putting in long hours each day and only stopping to eat something at times.

Other times they didn’t bother to stop and kept on working. All the surveillance gear and communication systems they tested and retested.

They tested the satellite communications equipment. Terry connected with Morgana’s computer systems, so she could update the firmware and add in specialized software.

The same self-driving capability that Wraith had installed in him, was also installed in the cab. Terry watched the download as it continued. She had decided to call the cab, The Black Knight. They were in England and The Black Knight or Knights were medieval knights of legend that concealed their lineage and loyalty from other Knights. Which fit for what the cab was being used for. Once the download was completed and the onboard computer system rebooted itself, she tries connecting to Morgana again and to the satellites in orbit. The Black Knight makes the connection without any problems. She tries connecting with Wraith and can connect with him and sees if she can activate his combat drone.
She watches as it takes off and rotates around inside the unit it is being secured in. She tries the weapon systems and watches with the drone as Wraith’s weapon system come on line.

“Dam, I think I’m in love with Wraith.” Alexa was enjoying the show Terry was putting on.

Terry just smiles as she has the drone land back inside of Wraith and shuts down his weapon systems. Once everything was secure with him.
She tries connecting with the camera systems in London using one of Morgana’s specialized programs. She knew she’ll have to contact Jack’s niece Mouse to be able to have a permanent connection.

Alexa has been watching and saw that Terry had made a connection to the camera system in London.

“You better be careful. I heard they hired a new cyber specialist that to monitor activities of hackers breaking into the system.” Alexa had heard about it, but didn’t know who it was.

“I’m not worried. I know who it is.” Terry had a smile on his face.

MI 5/6 cyber Division:
Mouse had an alert pop-up on her screen alerting her that someone had hacked into the camera system in London. She sends her Wolf program out to attack the hacker and receives an image of a Black Knight with her family’s coat of arms. She stops the pack attack and instead sends a message.

Alexa’s Warehouse:
A humanoid female mouse dressed in a business suit appears and a text message follows.

“Who is this and why are you using my family Coat of Arms?”


“This is Terry and I work for your Uncle and Aunt. I’m testing The Black Knight’s hacking software and connection.”

Saw a picture of a Knight showed up and the message.
“Alright. Let me know when we can meet, so I can do what I need to do to the systems.”
Saw the Mouse lady and the message.
“Will do.”

Terry disconnects from the system and does a complete system check of the Black Knight.

Alexa had kept quiet and when she saw the coats of arms. She knew right away who the new cyber-security person was. She also recognized the avatar as well. That was the hacker Le Mouse’s avatar.

“Well, lets take it out for its road test now.” Terry gets in the driver seat, while Alexa gets in the passenger seat.

“Where to Milady?” Terry looks back towards Alexa.

“Let’s go to downtown Landon.” Alexa wanted to see how the navigation system worked.

“Okay, Milady.” Terry programs the navigation system and light touch the acceleration pedal.

The cab pulls out of the garage where they have been doing work on it and take it for its first road test. Terry checks the systems as they headed towards downtown London. So far, so good. Everything was working like it was supposed to. Terry activates a few more system to see how much of a draw the systems add to the electric systems. So, far everything appears within the range they had figured. For the next six hours they continue to travel around England to see how much energy they would lose and with the additional solar panel windows, the roof unit. The energy lost was what they expected during a full day of operations.

Christmas Time:
Terry and Dakota get together around Christmas time and spend some time together at a flat Terry was staying at near Alexa’s yard. They spend the day exchanging gifts and later enjoying each other. Dakota uses the communication gear in The Black Knight to send Anika a report about what they have been up too since they arrived.

While the two of them are drinking coffee at Terry’s flat on Christmas day. Dakota looks over towards Terry and wonders how he was feeling now.

“How are you adjusting?” Dakota fixes her coffee like she likes it.

“I’m doing fine. I don’t have the nightmares as much as I normally do. I think you were right, when you suggested I should just give in to the male side of myself.” Terry had to admit, he felt better acting as a male.

“It is easier on you. You were already heading down that path any way. I just gave you a little suggestion.” Dakota snuggles close to Terry.

Dakota has already given over to the female side of her psyche. She accepted the fact that she enjoys being a female more, then she ever enjoyed being a male. She just needed to help Terry enjoy the joys of being a male now.

“Are you and Alexa done with the modifications to the cab?” Dakota holds Terry’s hands as she rested against him.

“It’s ready. All I have left is to get together with Le Mouse, so she can do what needs to be done on her end.” Terry had enjoyed the little talk she had with Mouse.

“How is Hatter doing?” Terry was a little concern about her. When she left, her ankle was still mending.

“You won’t believe what she did. She helped a family that was going to lose everything with her own money. The woman’s husband had up and
left her and their children for a younger woman. He cleaned out their bank account and had been paying the mortgage or any of the bills.
Hatter finds out and not only pay off everything, but puts money in the woman’s bank account so wouldn’t have to worry about anything ever again.” Dakota had been surprised when she found out everything.

Hatter had kept it a secret from even her. The only reason she found out, was the woman they were staying with that Hatter thought of as a mother. That had surprised her as well. She knew Hatter loved England and was helping established her in the gang culture here.

In the morning time, Dakota and Terry take the cab out to explore the area. Terry activates all the surveillance equipment on the cab and records and id’s owners of vehicles they pass. Terry still needed to link up with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency to register the cab.
Unless Morgana or Mouse have already handled it.

“What do you think so far about the Black Knight?” Terry looks in the rearview mirror towards Dakota.

“It’s a comfortable ride and it looks like the facial program and surveillance systems are working nicely. Did you equip this cab with the auto tinting function like Wraith has?”

“Sure did.” Terry activates the auto tinting function.

Dakota watches as the windows start darkening. The windows go completely dark and the Hud system appears on the front windshield.
“You don’t even need the windows to see where you are going.” Dakota was impressed.

“Not only don’t I need them, but all any one sees is an image of me driving and a passenger if I want them to.” Terry shows Dakota on a small screen in the back what everyone is seeing.

“Oh, I like this. Did you install drones in here as well?” Dakota loved the combat drone Wraith had.

“Yep, but these drones are smaller and not equipped to do combat. They are more suited for surveillance work.” A little panel opens in the passenger area and a small drone flies out.

It flies up to her and hovers only a few inches from her face.

“How many do you have of these types?” Dakota was still staring at it.

“There’s about ten of them in the cab. I can send five of them out at a time or all ten. I shouldn’t need to send all of them. Once they lock onto a target, they can stay with them without being noticed. I constructed their bodies out of crystal clear plastics to allow them to blend in.” The little drone lands on Dakota’s outstretched hand.

She looks at it and couldn’t believe how light and clear it was. Most of the construction of it was very clear plastic and you would have a problem looking for it or spotting it. She did notice that it had tiny lights on it, mic and a camera as well. A strong wind could move the drone, but otherwise it was small enough not to be spotted.

“Does it have a return to home function?” Dakota looks up at Terry as he watches people walking down the street the facial recognition program spot people.

“It has that and if you lightly toss it into the air, the blades will kick in.” Terry turns around to watch Dakota. He didn’t need to, because the passenger area had its own camera and mic system.

Dakota gives the drone a little flick and the drones blades kick in immediately. It hovers in front of Dakota, before heading back to its storage area.

Terry continues to drive around and takes Dakota back to where she and Hatter were staying.

“Remember, if you need me, call me.” Terry gives Dakota a kiss as he watches her walk up to the house and head inside the house.

Terry drives back to Alexa garage and store the car for the night. Terry knew Alexa and her crew were taking some time off to recover from all the work they did and for the holidays. He was going to need to pick-up Shigeko at the airport in a few days.

Terry heads towards his flat and get some rest till tomorrow.

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