Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 24

Yasmine leaned against her mother as they went for a sleigh ride. She had helped her father hitch the horses up to the sleigh. They had brought a heavy blanket and hot freshly made cocoa as well. Yasmine wasn’t too cold. She had on her cobalt blue cloak, gloves and scarf. She was sitting between her mother and her Aunt Lilly.

Arion was out running around in the snow. He was having fun as he enjoyed himself.

“It looks like our little girl is enjoying herself.” Lilly just smile as she observed Yasmine snuggled against Lydia.

Lydia just looks at her little girl as they traveled down the road. Lydia thought Yasmine would enjoy an old fashion sleigh ride. Ryder was driving the sleigh as they traveled.

“Did you enjoy Christmas Yasmine?” Lydia looks down at her little girl.

“Yes ma’am. It’s the best I have ever had.” Yasmine thinks back on all the Christmas’s he had when he uses to be a boy with his original family.

None of them had ever been like what he experience this year. Except when he was very young. After that, things changed in his original family. He doesn’t recall when it happened exactly, but things changed as he got older. The snowplow trucks couldn’t get up where they were.

Most of the farmers near her could clear the road if they wanted too.

Ryder just takes them around and visit a few neighbors of theirs. They drop off some home-made soup and muffins that Yasmine helped her Aunt and mother help bake and make. Yasmine had met some of her neighbors and they knew she was Ryder’s and Lydia’s niece that had come to live with them.

They spend most of the day out sleigh riding and when they get back to the house. Yasmine checks the stew they had left cooking. It was ready. She gets a corn muffin mix down and whips up the ingredients. she pours the mixture into the cup cake cups and put them in the oven.

While they were baking, she sets the table. She makes sweet tea and set it on the table.

“Mom, Dad, Aunt Lilly. Dinner is ready.” Yasmine scoops up the stew and put it in a serving bowl and put that on the table.

She takes her place and watch as the rest of her family join her.

“It smells good sweetie.” Ryder loved what he was smelling.

He takes his seat at the head of the table. Lilly sits across from Yasmine and Lydia takes the other end facing Ryder. Yasmine gets up quickly
to pull the muffins out and set them out on the table in a basket.

“Did you enjoy your sleigh ride, Yasmine?” Ryder looks at his daughter.

“Yes sir. I really enjoyed it.” Yasmine had never been on one before.

The one they took was enjoyable. She wouldn’t mind doing it again with her family. There is small talk at the table as they eat dinner. When Yasmine is done, she is sent to take her bath, while her mother and aunt take care of the dishes and left overs.

Yasmine heads upstairs to the bathroom and run a bath. She adds in some bubble bath as the tub fills up. She strips out of her clothes and when she is naked, she gets into the tub. The hot water felt nice against her skin. She plays for awhile and then wash her body and shampoo her hair. She drains the water and dries off. Yasmine wraps the towel around her body and heads towards her bedroom to slip her night shirt on and get her slippers. She goes downstairs to spend some time with her parents and Aunt.

She puts in Despicable Me 3 and watch it with everyone. She got the movie as a Christmas gift. Lydia covers her up with a throw blanket as she lays her head on her mother’s lap. Yasmine doesn’t even make it half-way through the movie, before she is sound asleep.

“I think we wore her out.” Lydia strokes Yasmine blood red hair.

Ryder just smiles as he walks over and picks her up off the sofa and cradle her against his chest. Lydia gets up and follows him up to
Yasmine’s bedroom and lay her down in bed. Lydia tucks her in and place a kiss on her forehead.

“Sleep well, my daughter.” Lydia puts Yasmine’s favorite teddy bear next to her.

Ryder bends down and kisses her cheek.

“Sleep tight my little fire top.” Lydia and Ryder back out of Yasmine’s bedroom.

They head towards their bedroom and change into their night clothes.

During the night, Yasmine wakes up in a cold sweat. She sits up in bed as the images of the people she saw at the holding cells haunt her
memory. She grabs her teddy bear and head towards her mother, aunt and father’s bedroom. She walks in and crawl up in between her mother and father.

Lydia wakes up when she feels Yasmine crawl between her and Ryder.

“Had a nightmare?” Lydia holds Yasmine close to her.

“Yes ma’am.” Yasmine snuggles close to her mother.

Lydia holds her as she feels Yasmine slowly drift off to asleep in her arms. During the night, Yasmine stays close to her mother. She buries her face against her mother’s chest.

Throughout the night, Lydia feels Yasmine tremble and snuggle closer to her body. Lydia just holds her and uses a little bit of magic to calm Yasmine down.

Lydia falls back asleep, once she feels her baby is asleep.

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