Sexual Tension II

Sexual Tension 2

Amy had a very beneficial roommate relationship with Tom. He kept to himself, never tried to flirt with her, never brought any girls home, and never gave her drama. Occasionally, they would cook together, watch TV, or play a board game when they were bored. It never went beyond friendship for one obvious reason: the two of them were both gay.

Amy rolled her hips hard as she rubbed against her partner’s clit. The two girls moaned as they forced themselves together, their legs intertwined. Amy was on top as usual putting her weight onto her Lesbian girlfriend Christine. Amy had known she was gay since her teenage years and never had any issues with her parents about it. The small town she lived in was very understanding and accepting. She had been dating Christine for several months but there was something Amy really desired that she was not getting.

She got off of Christine and went to her drawer to get a strap-on. “No, you know I don’t like penetration,” Christine protested.

“Come on, just one time. You’ll love it. I’ll be so gentle,” Amy promised.

“No, it’s not my thing. If I wanted to be penetrated, I’d go ahead and be straight,” she said.

“You don’t have to be straight to like penetration,” Amy told her.

“I’m not doing it, end of discussion. I’m not letting you fuck me with that thing, and I’m not going to do it to you,” Christine refused.


Needless to say, the night was ruined. Christine went home and Amy, fully clothed, sulked in the living room. Tom came in and saw Amy in the dark. “What’s up?” he asked friendly.

“Girl problems,” she muttered.

“Want to talk about it?” Tom asked as he went for a beer.

Amy felt awkward talking about it, but Tom was a good listener. “I wanted to fuck her this time, like real penetration, and she bailed on me.”

Tom gave her an understanding look. “Some aren’t into it. There are even gay men that never have anal sex,” he said.
“Really?” Amy wondered.

“Yeah, there’s many other ways,” Tom said obviously. “And most straight guys have told me they would never want to be pegged by their girlfriends.”

Amy smiled at the very idea of a woman dominating a man sexually. “Maybe, women aren’t supposed to penetrate.”

“Thousands of porn videos would say otherwise,” Tom joked.

“Those aren’t real,” Amy rejected.

“I think you need to free your mind of what men and women should do and consider what they can do,” Tom suggested.

“It’s something I want to try. Am I a bitch if I dump Christine?” Amy wondered.

“Can’t help you there,” Tom admitted.


Amy pressed the issue one last time with Christine, got rejected, got into a fight, and then parted ways. Amy felt ashamed and miserable that her sex fetish had cost her a relationship. Lesbians in town were hard to come by and now she was alone.

Tom noticed Amy’s misery and figured he would take the initiative to help her out. He went to an antique store where two young women worked at. It was no secret that the two women were “together” although they always remained professional in the store.

“What can I do for you?” Selina asked bored with her job.

“I have a roommate that is having a hard time. She’s like you,” Tom said delicately.

“Someone who really loves antiques and history?” Selina mocked.

“You know what I mean,” Tom said.

“Really? Does anyone actually come here to shop?” Selina asked herself. “What’s the problem?”

“She wants a girlfriend that will let her…,” Tom said and then whispered in Selina’s ear the rest.

“Wow, okay. Jerri and I do that all the time. We love it,” Selina gushed.

“Apparently not everyone agrees,” Tom said.

“It isn’t for everyone,” Selina allowed. “So, you want me hook her up with someone that’s into that?” Selna asked.

“Basically,” Tom nodded.

“Is she willing to receive as much as she’s willing to give?” Selina questioned.

“Absolutely,” Tom replied.

“Well, in that case, I’ll see what I can do. It may take a week though,” Selina said. “How about you? You must be a real White Knight to have a woman as your roommate.”

“I’m gay,” Tom told her.

“That makes sense. I figured as much. Unfortunately, the last gay guy I knew is already taken,” Selina said.

“I’m good, really,” Tom said embarrassed.

“Alright, I’ll keep you informed if I find anyone,” Selina promised.


Amy was oblivious to Tom’s meddling but when he came back to the apartment; she noticed something different about him. She couldn’t put a finger on it. Watching TV, she found herself aroused as she saw beautiful women in bikinis but then also found herself captivated by some of the shirtless men as well.

Feeling lonely and rejected, Amy went to a Lesbian club in another city nearby. She sat down to get a drink and then looked around. A girl came by and ordered a pitcher of beer. Amy eyed the girl as she chugged it down like a man would.

“Hey, you look familiar,” the girl said to her.

“How so?” Amy asked. The girl was attractive and she didn’t want to scare her away just yet.

“I think I saw you in one of my classes. So, you’re a Lesbian too?” she asked.

“Obviously,” Amy said awkward.

“Sweet. I’m kind of new to the whole thing myself,” the girl said. “The name’s Jerri with an ‘I’,” she said.

Amy nodded. Jerri finished the pitcher and obnoxiously burped. “Excuse me,” she said mockingly.

“Are you messing with the girls again, Jerri? I swear, I can never take you to these places,” Selina said walking up.

“You two together?” Amy wondered.

“Very together, like permanently together,” Selina said giving Jerri a kiss.

“I’m happy for you two,” Amy said politely but felt miserable knowing that two attractive women were already taken.

“You’re Amy, right?” Selina asked taking a seat on her other side.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Amy wondered.

“Your roommate stopped by. Having a gay man as a roommate is really convenient. It eliminates all sexual tension between you too,” Selina said knowingly.

“Yeah, I guess it does,” Amy said disturbed by how much Tom was saying about her.

“Look, none of the women here are good for you. They’re either too old, too fat, too butch, or too much drama. Trust me, I have been here a lot,” Selina said as she finished her drink.

“Thanks for the tip,” Amy said as her hopes were dashed.

“I’m a bit of a match maker. I got the gift,” Selina said tipsy. “No one that goes to this club, here or ever, is going to be good for you.”

“What do you suggest I do? Date online?” Amy asked.

“Fuck no unless you want to be hit on by a straight dude,” Selina said obnoxiously. “I can hook you up and give you what you want,” Selina said.

“So, wait for a phone call from you?” Amy asked incredulous.

“Exactly, here’s my card,” Selina said giving it to her.

“Don’t you need my number?” Amy asked obviously.

“Already got it,” Selina assured her. She then went over to Jerri to whisper in her ear. “Let’s grind on the dance floor.”

Jerri smiled and followed her. Amy looked around at the crowd. If Selina was right, trying to meet someone here was pointless. The conversation between them had already made her feel depressed. Sighing, she went home early.


The next morning, Amy planned to yell at Tom for revealing her personal information to a third party. He may have meant well, but it crossed the line. As she went downstairs to yell at him, she stopped herself. Tom was eating breakfast as usual in casual clothes. Amy felt jitters in her body with a man being in her kitchen. Something was telling her that having a man in the apartment could lead to more risky things.

She decided to avoid him all together and go to class. In the lecture hall, she found herself having difficulty focusing. There were some good-looking men texting on their phone, doodling on their notepad, or chatting. She then eyed the young professor who was giving the lecture. His hair was nicely combed and he had a beard. For the first time since joining the class, she felt a weird attraction to him.

With the class over, Amy tried to block out the weird thoughts. She went to the gym to work out. Normally, she would occasionally notice an attractive woman working out. Now, she was overwhelmed with a nearly all-men population. Men she had ignored before were now on her radar. She could see their muscles flex, their chest muscles squeeze, and she even stared at their crotch.

Amy wasn’t horrified by this. Being straight was the norm, but it did mean something strange was going on. She entered the showers and felt absolutely nothing for the naked women. Normally, she would intentionally avert her eyes to keep from staring. Now, their breasts were boring and meaningless. With everything that had happened that day, Amy could only come to one conclusion:

I’m now straight.


A stunned Amy came back to the apartment and tried to avoid Tom. For years, she had struggled with her sexuality. She had felt the fear of being rejected by everyone. Now, her struggle was over in one single day. She wandered to a porn website and went to the straight section. Looking through a few videos, she found herself attracted to the man’s cock as it entered the moaning woman. Oddly, she felt most aroused when a man was being sucked off.

If she were now straight, her concern over penetrating a woman was over. No man would ever let her penetrate him. Even if he let it happen once, it would never be routine. She would always be the one penetrated. Whether she was on bottom or top, it wouldn’t matter. The man’s cock would always go inside her.

Amy stared at her strap-on belt. “I don’t need you anymore,” she said to it and threw it in the trash.


After a few days had gone by, Amy confirmed for herself that she was now straight. She was looking at men differently than ever before. She felt nothing for her ex-girlfriend’s photos which she promptly deleted off her computer. Realizing it wasn’t some strange fluke, Amy decided to have a sit-down with Tom. The issue about Tom revealing her personal life was ancient history. This was the more important thing.

“Tom, I’m straight now,” she began.

“Really?” Tom doubted.

“I’m into men. I even find you good-looking,” Amy said awkwardly. “I think we should make new arrangements.”

“Why?” Tom asked.

“Well, you don’t care that I eye-ball you every so often?” Amy asked.

“It’s actually flattering,” Tom said. “It doesn’t bother me.”

“Well, what if I bring a boyfriend over,” Amy said.

“It’s fine as long as they’re not being homophobic,” he said.

Amy stared at Tom. He was being so considerate. She felt thirsty for him. Why did he have to be gay? Could he become straight all of sudden like her? How did it even happen? “Look, we made our arrangements off the idea that neither of us would be attracted to the other, because we were both gay. Obviously, there wouldn’t be any sexual tension between us. But things have changed,” Amy said.

“I doubt that. Maybe you were just Bi this whole time,” Tom suggested.

“No, a few days ago I wanted to grind and lick pussy and now I find myself disgusted by it. Something has changed within me,” Amy said.

“That’s just weird,” Tom rejected.

“Look, I’m having a hard time even talking with you right now. We either need to split up or…,” Amy said.

“Or what?” Tom interrupted.

“Or you need to start being an asshole to me,” Amy replied.

“Well, it would be very inconvenient for me to either move or for me to get a new roommate right now. So…,” Tom let it hang.

“I’m sorry,” Amy said and left the table.


Tom hated to be “that guy” but he felt he had no other choice. He became a rude jerk to Amy whether it be leaving dishes around, not cleaning the floor, or ignoring her when she tried to talk to him; nothing too serious but definitely passive aggressive. Amy got the hint but it was creating the opposite effect. The ruder he was to her, the more it turned her on. She found herself vibrating her clit and thinking of him in her bedroom.

Feeling the need to understand her feelings, she set off to do something she had never done even with a girl: a one night stand. She found an eager boy at the bar without difficulty. She talked with him a few hours so as to not look like a slut and then brought him to the apartment knowing Tom wouldn’t be home. She took him to her room and locked the door.

Phil wasn’t observant enough to notice Amy had a male roommate. He quickly got her out of her clothes and began working on her breasts. Despite his enthusiasm, she didn’t feel anything from his touch. Girls were so much better when it came to rubbing and sucking her nipples. Amy didn’t care though and worked to get his pants off. Once his erect cock was out, she immediately started sucking him.

Her heart was pumping and her Adrenalin was spiking as she sucked a man’s cock for the first time. The head of his cock was so easy to access. What would have horrified herself only a week ago, she was thoroughly enjoying. She felt him cum in her mouth and it didn’t disgust her. In fact, she wanted more of him. The two made out kissing and touching each other until Phil became hard again.

“I want you inside me,” she requested of him.

“Alright,” he smiled enjoying her enthusiasm. He placed a condom on his cock, got it good and hard, and then worked to put it inside her.

Amy tensed up as her hymen was broken. None of her girlfriends had ever wanted to penetrate her or be penetrated. As Phil progressed further, she began to realize why. Although she tried to enjoy it, she couldn’t get wet and it felt rough. Phil noticed it too.

“Wow, you’re tight,” he said.

“Keep going,” she encouraged him.

Despite the pain and discomfort, Amy kept encouraging him. Eventually, he came inside the condom and withdrew. Amy was disappointed but she couldn’t show that to Phil without ruining the moment. The two made out until they fell asleep.


Amy woke up and eyed he naked man in her bed. She groaned as she remembered having sex with a man for the first time. It hadn’t been what she had expected. Maybe Phil was lacking or maybe she just wasn’t attracted to him.
Whatever the case may be, Phil seemed to be of the same opinion. He didn’t ask for morning sex and awkwardly left.
Tom couldn’t help but notice Phil leaving the apartment. Amy looked at herself in the mirror not recognizing herself. Up until this point, she had only had sex with someone if she really liked them while in a solid relationship. Sighing, she got dressed and came down stairs.

“You saw him?” Amy asked embarrassed.

“I didn’t see anyone,” Tom said politely as he read the newspaper.

This wouldn’t do. Amy wanted to be punished and couldn’t stand Tom’s polite manner. “Tell me what you really think? Call me a slut,” she demanded.

Tom gave her an odd look and then went into acting mode. He left the table and stared her down. “You had sex with a guy you just met. You really are a piece of shit,” he told her.

“More,” Amy demanded.

“Were you even sober? Did you go to a bar, you slut?” he asked.

“No, I was piss drunk,” Amy answered.

“Very disappointing,” Tom told her.

Amy wasn’t hurt by his words. In fact, quite the opposite. She looked up and kissed him. “What the hell?” Tom said to her.

“This isn’t working. I’m going crazy,” she said.

“Look, you’re having an identity crisis. I did too when I was younger,” Tom allowed wiping his lip.

“I really am a slut,” Amy said of herself.

“No, you’re not, come on. You experimented a little. No big deal,” Tom told her. “If you feel bad about it, contact that guy and try to have a real relationship with him,” Tom suggested.

“Alright, sure,” Amy agreed.


Amy called up Phil to meet up. “Hey, you want to hang out, maybe go somewhere?” she asked lamely.

“Actually, I don’t think we should see each other,” Phil replied.

“Oh, well…,” Amy said and then hung up not knowing what else to say. She had just had sex with a man and now she had just been dumped by a man. She didn’t even know why. She had sucked his cock without even being asked to and allowed him to fuck her.

Strangely, when Amy went to the bar a second time, she saw Phil but this time he was in the arms of another man. The two were laughing and occasionally kissing. “He was gay this whole time?” she wondered.

Immediately, she felt happy. She hadn’t been rejected by a straight man at all. Of course, a gay man would break up with her. Selina eyed Amy, then the two gay college men, and then back to Amy. “No way,” Selina realized.

“Oh, hi,” Amy said politely. “Look, I don’t need you to hook me up with a girl anymore.”

“Yeah, about that,” Selina said sitting down. “Did you have sex with that guy?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Amy replied.

“Seriously, I need to know,” she said.

“Okay, I did,” Amy admitted.

“And he was straight?” Selina asked.

“I thought he was,” Amy scoffed.

Selina eyed Phil being incredibly gay by ordering a fruity drink. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. You can’t be having sex with straight men from now on,” she said.

“Why the hell not?” Amy asked. If she was completely sober, she would have torn Selina a new one.

“You’re going to turn all the men in this town gay if you do,” she warned.

“What are you talking about?” Amy asked impatiently.

“The spell was to bring you and Tom together, alright. The two of you would become straight and fuck like rabbits,” Selina revealed.

“What?” Amy asked confused.

“I’m a witch and I put a spell on you but obviously I did it wrong and this is the result,” Selina said looking at Phil and some other guy make out.

Amy eyed the two gay men. “You bitch! How dare you put a spell on me? Do you know how much drama I have been going through?”

“I can fix this,” Selina promised.

“I actually don’t mind being straight. My dating pool has opened up a lot,” Amy said deliriously.

“Yeah, but every guy you fuck is going to turn gay in the process,” Selina said.

“And, I’m okay with that, really,” Amy said drunkenly.

“You need to have sex with someone who is already gay. That will seal the deal,” Selina told her.

“Maybe, I want to be swinger. Maybe, I don’t want a committed relationship right now,” Amy said to her.

Selina’s eyes narrowed at her. “Go home, Amy,” she advised.

“Maybe, I will,” Amy said and then walked off.


Amy got into a cab and stumbled her way inside the apartment. Tom noticed her enter as he was watching television. “You okay?” he asked her.

“Yep, just going to sleep this off,” Amy said and then entered the first floor bathroom.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she took out her penis and peed standing up. Once she was finished, she gave her penis a closer look. “What the fuck?” she shouted backing up to the wall.

She furiously lowered her pants down to her ankles and examined the strange organ. She felt her penis grow harder as she touched it. Underneath were two growing testicles. “This can’t be happening,” she said as she felt underneath for a vaginal entrance.

“Oh my God,” she cried as she saw pubic hair begin to grow at the base of her penis and up to her belly button.

“Is anything wrong?” Tom asked.

Amy was too scared and drunk to be discreet. She opened the bathroom door showing him her new male sex organs.

“Whoa,” Tom said not expecting this.

“Tom, I just grew a dick,” she said freaked out.

“Okay, let’s think about this for a moment,” Tom said but was at a loss to explain it.

“That bitch, Selina, did it,” Amy accused.

“Alright, calm down, put your pants back on and I’ll give her a call,” Tom said.

Amy tried to put her jeans back on but they wouldn’t fit as her legs became bigger and more muscular. “Fuck it,” she said throwing them aside.

Tom didn’t know what to make of this development. Was it possible Amy was a shemale this entire time and declined to tell him? Even if she was, it wouldn’t have bothered him. Amy was acting as though she had never had a dick before. It didn’t make any sense.

He went to his cell phone to give Selina a call. Unfortunately, there was zero cell phone reception. “Odd,” he remarked.

Amy felt her bra rip as her back and shoulders became bigger. She painfully removed the bra and saw her B-cup breasts begin to shrink. “Oh God, no,” she said as her breasts disappeared into her chest.

Tom eyed Amy with some fascination. He couldn’t help but feel turned on by her new frame. A part of him wanted her to continue with the change and enjoy the benefits of masculinity. “Amy, I think we need to…,” he said as his resolve faded.

Amy’s height had increased a few inches so that they were at the same level. Despite the changes, she still felt attracted to Tom. It became obvious to her now. She was becoming a gay man. She kissed Tom and allowed the changes to her body to continue. Tom held onto her as her body became less curvy. Her feet expanded a few foot sizes as well as her hands.

“It’s going to be okay,” Tom told her as her facial bones and muscles began to change.

Muscles expanded all over her body giving her an athletic build. Her already short hair became parted and masculine. Her eyelashes shortened and her eyebrows became thicker. Amy looked over her body as dark body hair began to cover her legs and arms.

Tom couldn’t believe his eyes. He had just seen a woman become a man right in front of him; not only a man, but a very attractive one at that. He felt his own cock getting hard just looking at him. Amy’s mind began to change as testosterone flooded her system. She no longer saw herself as a female. He was now a man.

“Tom…,” Amy said testing his voice. It had become deeper in tone than before.

“I’ll get a hold of Selina and I’ll fix this,” Tom promised.

“I don’t think I want you to,” Amy said. He stroked his cock and felt pleasure from it. It was too easy to get sexual release now. He still felt attracted to Tom. “I think this last week has been preparing me for this moment.”

“What moment?” Tom asked.

“I want to be yours. I want to make you happy,” Amy said.

“I can’t possibly,” Tom said fighting the urge that was going through him.

“We’re not strangers, you and I,” Amy said.

“No, we’re not,” Tom agreed.

Amy then felt a painful sensation go through his body. His dick started to shorten, breasts started pushing out, and his skeleton started shrinking. It only occurred for a moment as he regained his masculine form again. “Tom, we need to fuck,” he told him.

“I think you’re right,” Tom heard himself say.

“Look, this one time,” Amy said to him.

“Okay,” Tom agreed and then took off his shirt and lowered his pants.

Amy watched him hungrily as he shed his clothes and revealed an erect penis. He immediately got on his knees and started sucking on Tom. “Wow, that feels really good,” Tom said.

Amy continued sucking truly enjoying a man for the first time. This was her kind gay roommate that had been helpful to her when she moved in, occasionally gave her rides, and was always there for her after a break up. He wanted to make him feel good.

Tom grunted as he came in Amy’s mouth. “Did it do it? Is the spell over?” Tom wondered.

Amy wasn’t sure and then found himself changing back again. His face became feminine for a brief moment and then back to before. His hands shortened and became longer again. Amy stumbled to the ground as his feet morphed back and forth.

“I don’t think that was enough, Tom. I think you have to put in me,” Amy said scaring herself with what she was proposing.

“I’m not going to be able to do it for a while,” Tom said as he stroked his flaccid penis.
Amy then considered the very thing he had wanted from the beginning. “Tom, are you okay being on the receiving end?” he asked awkwardly.

“I’ve done it before, sure,” he said.

“Oh God, you’re making me say it. Can I fuck you?” Amy asked finally.

“Alright,” Tom allowed. “Don’t go crazy though.”

“I won’t,” Amy promised.


Tom placed a generous amount of lube on Amy’s cock. “I think I have to cum inside you to complete the spell,” Amy said.

“I think so too,” Tom agreed. He got on his back and lifted his legs on his bed.

Amy cautiously placed his cock below his balls and then found the right spot. He then slowly pushed in. Tom tensed up but nodded giving Amy the go ahead. Amy pushed farther and then all the way to the hilt. “So this is penetrating,” Amy realized as his new cock was firmly inside Tom’s ass.

“Go back and forth slowly,” Tom told him.

Amy nodded and did just that. Instead of a fake cock in a woman’s vagina, he now had a real cock. He could feel the tightness and the warmth. It was beyond anything he could have had with a fake. The two of them were connected, body-to-body.

“You’re doing good,” Tom told him.

Amy increased his pace a little getting used to rolling his hips back and forth. He would occasionally glance at Tom’s beautiful body. His first time, he wanted it to be more than just fucking. Amy bent over and started kissing Tom even as he continued thrusting. He could feel Tom’s dick becoming hard and touching his belly.

“I think I feel it,” Amy said as a surge went through his cock.

“Just let it happen,” Tom told him.

Amy gasped as he felt semen shoot through his cock into Tom’s body. “Fuck!” Amy said as he felt pulse after pulse. Finally, it was all over as a tingling sensation went through Amy’s body.

“I think I did it,” Amy said.

“What should I call you?” Tom asked him.

“How about Arnie? Is that okay?” he asked uncertain.

“It sounds cute,” Tom said as he kissed him.


Arnie had no regrets about his change. As far as his parents, the school, and his friends back home he had always been a gay man. Arnie couldn’t get enough of Tom as the two slept together, showered together, and still played board games together. Arnie got his wish learning to penetrate his lover in many different positions. He enjoyed being able to run and throw the ball around shirtless in the park. He felt so liberated and happy.

Selina eyed Tom and Arnie throwing a football in the park, totally shirtless, and totally obvious to everyone that they were love birds. Here she was confined in her skirt and high heels. She felt envious as Arnie exercised his new muscles. She could see the bulge in Arnie’s shorts as the new male was still not used to controlling his sexual thoughts.

Jerri came by with a double scooped ice cream cone. Selina eyed the still very immature Jerri. It didn’t seem to matter what sex she was. “Jerri, let’s have a baby,” Selina said finally.

“Who’s baby?” Jerri said oblivious as she ate her ice cream.

“Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about a thing,” Selina said shaking her head in amusement.

Author's Note: Like Sexual Tension, I hoped to defy expectations. This is my first Lesbian-Gay Man story so far but may not be my last. In Sexual Tension, not even opposite sex-opposite sexualities are safe.

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