Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Tia's POV

I woke up lying in the corridor on the way to our suite, just like I had collapsed along with the rest of us. The maids were hovering over us anxiously.

“Are you alright Princess?”

“Err.. yes. Yes I'm fine. Is everybody OK?” I asked.

“Yes.” or a form of it came back from everyone.

“Let's get back to our suite.” The resume point had worked. We were in business.

Roni and Katie went to the suite next door, so we said goodnight and settled in our suite. The maids undressed us and washed us. Vee was very clingy and not up to our usual activities. So we settled into bed for a cuddle.

There was a knock on the door. One of the maids got out of their bedroom and answered it for us. Myra was there looking worried. She came in and sat on our bed. I was still cuddling Vee and Myra stroked Vee to try and comfort her as well.

“I think we need to talk.” Myra said. I didn't know what she wanted to talk about, so I just nodded my head.

“We know that some strange things happen and we try to ignore them and pretend they don't concern us. But you collapsing in the corridor means we can't ignore them anymore. Let me tell you what we have noticed and then hopefully you can explain what is happening. Sometimes when you go to sleep, you disappear and reappear the next morning. You asked us to keep rooms empty for humans to magically appear the next day. What is happening?”

I know she was only a character that I had created in my mind, still, she had become closer to me than my real mother. I am not a very good liar anyway so I knew I was going to tell her the truth, but at the same time, I couldn't tell her that she was not real.

“Err...Well, I suppose you could say that I travel between worlds. When I am not here with you, I am in another world. Similar in many ways to this world, but also very different.”

“And what happened in this other world that caused you to collapse and Vee to be so hurt.”

“We don't really know. We were knocked unconscious and when we awoke, I found that Vee had been hurt.”

“How was Vee hurt?” She muttered a prayer and held her hand over Vee. She was obviously shocked by what she found out as she gasped. “NO!”

“Will she heal?” I asked hopefully.

“We will do a healing together.” We held our hands over her and did the most basic spell of healing. “By Lagbit's will, I heal thee.” This time I felt the power of the spell coming through her hands and into Vee. I don't know how exactly, but I managed to add my energy to hers and after a few minutes I somehow knew that we were finished. Simultaneously, we withdrew our hands.

She did some kind of checking again and said. “Her body is healed but her mind is still traumatised.”

“Is there anything we can do for that?”

“The only thing we can do is remove her memory of it. She would forget everything from when she collapsed here.”

“Would that work?”

“Yes. Her mind would be healed, but you would still need to tell her what had happened to her and she will still find it distressing.”

“What do you think Vee?”

“Please. I feel broken.”

“What do we do?” I asked.

“It would be better if she dressed as she was and we performed this in the corridor where she fell.”

The maids came out to help and we redressed in our gowns and returned to the corridor. Vee then lay down and I cradled her in my lap and mother held Vee's head between her hands and chanted. I could feel Vee relax, like she was falling asleep. Then mother took her hands away and Vee woke up.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I will tell you later, beautiful. Everything is fine now.” Then I gave mum a big smile. “Thanks.”

“You're welcome. You need more protection when you are in this other world. I will talk to the royal mage and see what we can do. Go and get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.”

“I'm looking forward to it.” We hugged and kissed and returned to our rooms.

I explained that we had done a memory spell that she had asked for to remove a mental trauma and that I would need to tell her everything that had happened, but not tonight. We had three days before we logged off, so we had plenty of time and tomorrow was a big day.

I can't say I was particularly in the mood for any bedroom antics, but since Vee couldn't remember anything bad, she certainly was and decided to seduce me. I tried to resist, but, she is a terrible temptress and I fell to her wicked ways. A few thoughts flickered through my mind, like, if I could heal Vee, could I heal others without having to transform them into elves. Another experiment, I suppose. I drifted off to a snugly sleep with my bonded in my arms. Normally, I like her spooning me and holding me in her arms. Tonight, I felt the need to have her in my arms, so we fell asleep facing each other, legs tangled together.

Our maids woke us up to begin our normal routine. At Taigoa practice Katie joined us and wanted to try and follow our steps. I told her we would keep it up in both worlds. I told her what we had done with Vee and for her to tell Roni. We would have to fill Vee in about everything later, but definitely before we returned to the real world.

We returned to our rooms and ate a few snacks while they prepared a bath for us. The bath was filled and scented, but we weren't given too much time to enjoy it. Our hair was washed, bodies scrubbed and these beautiful scented oils rubbed into our bodies and then scraped off with this blunt wooden tool. It felt amazing.

I was then dressed in this elaborate lavender coloured dress. They did this eye makeup to really bring out the exotic colour of my eyes. Then we were taken to the front entrance of the Lagbit church. Vee, Roni and Katie were all in white dresses and sitting in the front row. Queen Mary or the high priestess, was conducting the ceremony. Her bonded, Kayla, was also dressed in white and sitting next to my three girlies. The only ones left in the church were my mother and me.

The first part was very simple, I held both of Myra's hands in mine, facing each other. Mary put a hand on each shoulder and did a short speech along the lines of 'we are gathered here to witness....' I was too nervous to concentrate too much on that. Then Queen Mary brought a tiara with a rainbow gem to go over my forehead. A necklace with another two rainbow gems, one over my throat and the other over my heart. Then she placed a chain around my waist with another gem dangling towards my groin.

“Do you accept all the privileges and responsibility that comes with being a Royal Princess?”

“I do.”

“Will you look after our people, care for them and protect them with wise and careful guidance?”

“I will.”

She turned to her daughter. “Will you look after your daugher Tia, care for her and protect her with wise and careful guidance?”

“I shall.” She replied.

“You have my and Lagbit's blessing.”

Kayla led the girls over to us for hugs of congratulations. I was a bit confused, it didn't seem like an adoption ceremony. I had to return all the rainbow jewels.

“Mother, was that an adoption ceremony or was it something else?” I asked.

“Our culture is a bit more relaxed that the human one. If you say you love someone and are bonded then you are treated that way. We celebrate it, but we don't need to get married like some humans do. The same with adoption, normally all we need is someone who says I want to adopt you and the other to agree. However, this is a case that has never occurred before. It is our belief that Lagbit changed the eyes of the first priestess who became our queen. You will find no other Elves with lavender eyes. My mother and I thought it prudent to do a ceremony under Lagbit's eyes, in his church, to confirm his approval of our relationship.”

“I know what you mean. I have felt that you have acted like my mother for some time now, a ceremony to confirm that was not really necessary. To confirm legitimacy makes more sense.”

“It was more than that. If someone disrespects you and your office, Lagbit has the power to intervene on your behalf. It has happened before, although not for a long time.”

“So what is happening for our bonding celebration?”

“Your maids will get you prepared in your dresses. There is a Royal coach that will take you through a set path through our city ending back here. The gates will be open to the public and you both with have pride of place in the audience chamber. Seated in the Heir thrones people will come and pay their respects, while food and drink will be passed around continuously. Soft music during the day and dancing music at night. It will be fun.”

And so it was. We were dressed and then arranged in the Royal coach drawn by two beautiful white horses. We had a slow progression through the capital, with cheering crowds and girls and women throwing flowers. We smiled and waved. I was glad they had fed us before we started or I would have been starving. There was a carnival attitude to it all. As we travelled we could see food sellers on the streets and everyone was dressed nicely.

When we passed through the gates to the palace the crowd followed us through. We were helped to carefully dismount and given a few more bites of food and sips of drink and set up in the Heir thrones. People would approach, bow or curtsey and move on. The music was amazing. Vee reckoned we should get some musically talented people to bring it to the human world. Since it was coming from my mind it was probably a copy from something I had heard, but we wouldn't know that unless someone with more knowledge came for a visit.

When the dancing music started the party really kicked off. Finally, we were expected to get off our bottoms. There were no formal court dances, just couples swaying to Elvish music with songs sung in Elven. I wondered if Roni and Katie at least understood the words. We occasionally worked our way to the edge of the dance area and had some nibbles or a drink and then worked our way back in.

Everyone called me Princess and was careful to treat me with respect. I tried to graciously receive it, with a smile and a nod. I don't think I disgraced anybody. Vee and I were getting a little worked up with the close dancing, so when I could I asked Myra when I could drift away unnoticed.

She laughed and told me that I could leave at any time. It would definitely be noticed, but considered a good sign of a good bonding. So we slipped back to our suite. For once the maids were elsewhere. I hoped that meant they were out enjoying themselves. We helped each other out of our dresses and slipped into bed. We went to sleep eventually.

It was a great day. Some parts were a bit boring but we could see that we were making the people happy and that made us happy.

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