Love & Supernova 5 - Unconventional People


This episode is about 3 rare sexual minorities, two transgenders and one unconventional family.

Betelgeuse. A red supergiant near the end of its lifetime. The star tries to fuse heavier and heavier elements, losing more and more heat and energy. It had devoured its inner planets long time ago. Now, all that survived are the outer planets and the Kuiper Belt. It is there that a planet, easy to terraform, was detected, transformed and inhabited by a rare community. It is this place in the galaxy, that many people, rejected from their homelands, call home. Each passenger carrier brings here 7500 people and they keep coming almost daily. The vast majority remain here and call this new place their home. To make room for everyone, the state builds new towns and gives a small metal house for each new resident. There is enough for everyone to work, so, newcomers get a new job fast and easy.

Being so far away from the Old World, interstellar trade almost does not exist, so the planet, Free State Of Betelgeuse VII, has to produce everything it needs. This is why, in many places, many towns are employed in agriculture. They might be considered villages, but still people call them towns, because they don't differ at all from other towns. Each town has parallel concrete roads, who intersect with other parallel roads, forming squares. Each square holds four house plots, each one forming a square of 50/50 meters. Each town has a central concrete square, a railway station, a dam to provide water and electricity and each town has between 1500 and 9900 inhabitants. Above that number, taxes increase, forcing people to relocate. This is important, because large cities will harm the environment.


Albert is a new town whose economy is based on agriculture. Settlers sent here have worked in this domain. One of the first to arrive here is Natalia, a girl escaped from Sirius. Her family died in strange conditions. She was sexually abused by a cop. All these events affected her beyond recovery. She is now a sfenist, a person unable to have sexual relations because of her trauma. For a few months, she was close to madness, sometimes screaming, sometimes crying. Then, slowly, she managed to reach a state of equilibrium. As she arrived, other sfenists helped her with advices and money. Now, she has a small vegetable farm close to the town. Soon after arriving here, she changed her name in Nick and decided to transform herself into a man. She both men clothes, glued herself a mustache and a beard and submitted a request for the use of surgery and hormones. She has to wait five Earth years for approval. This is the law in Betelgeuse VII, to make sure that her desire, to change gender, is really her... and to make sure that she understands that, once she makes this step, there is no turning back. She is now named Nick by everyone around.

Nearly an Earth year has passed and two newcomers settled around. One is a girl named Angela, also from Sirius. Behind her, there is another drama. She is a virtualophile. She is in love with a virtual character, an avatar made by herself to represent her dreams. When her parents realized that, they decided to burn her computer in front of her. She cried and ran away, but returned. She went to the university, where all her colleagues laughed at her when they found out her secret love. They managed to get her password and destroyed her virtual lover. The story continued until she finished school and returned home. There, her parents forced her to get married with a rich guy that she rejected. When he forced her to have sex, she hit him and ran away again... only that this time, as she was a major, she emigrated to Betelgeuse. Why here? Because she heard that sexual minorities are welcome there.

Only a few days after Angela, came a guy, from Sirius too. He is Edmond. He is a fetishophile. All what turns him on are lips and feet, nothing else. His story also is a drama. From a young age, he had a passion to watch women's feet, as well as their lips. He used to spend hours in a park doing this. His strange behavior brought him in police custody a few times. Secretly, in his house, he used to paint his toes and wear pantyhose. He loved to use lipstick and admire himself in front of a mirror. His parents found out about this and sent him to a psychiatric treatment. He was punished dearly, but never ceased having this fetish. He was not into women or into men. No. All he wanted is to watch women's feet and lips and to cross-dress in his own room, when nobody could watch him. All this lasted until he graduated the University. Then, after he earned some money, he decided to emigrate to Betelgeuse VII.

Both Angela and Edmond live close to Natalia - Nick. Thinking about how others helped her when she arrived, Nick decided to help the two with food, money and all what they needed until they gained their first money. Then, they remained close friends and spent much time together. What was forbidden on their homeland, here is allowed. Nobody will judge them here for what they are. And all around, there are many others like them, rejected by the worlds they came from.

On Betelgeuse VII, cross-dressing is common. Some people have submitted the request for body modifications with the help of implants, surgery or hormones and are waiting to pass five Earth years, to get an approval. Still, the vast majority don’t want to go that far. They only prefer cross-dressing. The use of fake breasts, make-up, fake mustaches and other add-ons is common. The identity card that each one receives once getting citizenship only contains an identity number, a DNA sample and some other biological identification coded data: finger prints, an eye scan and a bioenergy scan. Also, it has your current address. It contains no name, no data about where you come from and no details about gender. Everyone can use any name or anytime or can change its gender appearence at any moment. There is no official marriage certificate, but unofficial certificates exist and can be purchased easy.

In these conditions, sometimes it is hard to know the real gender of a person you talk with. Everyone is born with a specified gender, but any transgender will prefer to look like the opposite sex and will like to be called that way. A man should be called he, but when is dressed as a woman, will like to be addressed with she. However, for friends and relatives, this might not be easy, since they are used with him as a male. Even if the outfit represents a woman, they know him as a man. Many times, the former gender is still visible. The good thing is that the English language still has a word, it. In this general confusion, many people prefer to replace he or she with the more simple 'it'. Even if talking about a human as 'it' is impolite, this practice has become widely used.


After work, all 3 are in Nick's house, where they eat together. Nick loves to cook. She may look like a man now, except for her female voice and the breasts that can be seen through the jacket... but in many aspects, behaves like a girl. The reason it decided to dress as a man is to keep guys away. After its experiences, only being touched by a man makes her nervous. It wears men trousers, but, between its feet, one can see a small bulge. It is not an artificial, functional penis, but a small fake one, with the size of a pack of cigarettes. It wears a men jacket, with a pillow attacked to its belly. Doing this, she appears more fat and the breasts are not so visible. The hair is short and she wear a men hat. Adding the glued mustache and beard, it looks like a man. But still, if someone looks very careful, can see that the lips are too slim for a man. As it is polite to take off shoes when you enter someone’s house, Nick wears black socks.

Angela is not willing to be a transgender at all. She wears a red blouse and black trousers. Without shoes, her feet are covered with nearly opaque, shiny and skin-colored tights. Her toe nails are hardly visible, painted in red. She has a long, dark-red hair.

Edmond is dressed like a man, with a black sweater and blue trousers. There is nothing that can show his fetish. Still, hidden behind his white socks, his toe nails are painted red. He knows that on Betelgeuse VII this is not a problem. He knows that he can change clothes to those of a woman, but he never had the courage to do that.

Since they arrived here, Nick convinced both to smoke. With no smoking ban, on Betelgeuse VII almost everyone smokes. So, they all smoke a cigarette before starting to eat. Then, after eating, they do the same.

"We should plant more tomatoes", says Nick. "Some merchants asked me today for more".

"No problem", answers Angela. "Do you think Jenny has more seedlings?"

"It had when I last came to her".

"Then, this is what we have to do tomorrow", continues Angela.

"Population is increasing", observes Nick. "We should increase production too".

"Edmond is very good at planting", continues Angela. "Aren't you, Edmond?"

"No problem", he says.

Well, Edmond was not actually listening to them. He is looking at something else. He noticed Angela's feet. Her nails are hardly visible through the pantyhose fabric. Usually, he wanted to see toes uncovered by anything, but now, this is something that boosts his fetish to a new level.

"Well, then", says Nick. "I will contact Jenny right now".

The old time of cell phones is long gone. Now, there are other, very small devices. Receivers can fit well between teeth, microphones smaller then a millimeter fit well inside earrings, contact lens can produce directly a display on your retina and a keyboard is replaced by fake nails. Many people opted for implants, but science has confirmed that radiation is dangerous for health. So, most people prefer much larger devices, less harmful. More, there are devices that can be activated with the power of thinking. They are able to analyze the electromagnetic currents inside the brain and know what you think or what you say in your mind. However, these devices often have errors. You want to call your boss and... you think about getting drunk... and you tell the boss about a late night party, without thinking about it. Nick has glasses able to create an image, with a microphone and a receiver... and a glove that works as a keyboard.

As Nick talks, Edmond watches. Nick might have been a woman, but looks close to a man. Its lips offer little interest to him. Not the same can be said about Angela. Her pink, shiny lips are amazing. Edmond watches amazed how she takes the cigarette to her mouth, between her lips. She slowly inhales, then moves the cigarette away. Her white teeth are visible, with a little haze of smoke. Then she opens her mouth a bit, to take air and closes her lips. A few seconds later, she lets a trail of smoke out. As she takes the cigarette again to her mouth, Edmond can see some lipstick on the filter. He watches her taking another inhale.

"Done!" says Nick. It has tomato seedlings. "Tomorrow morning I go and pick some. We meet at the field and plant them".

As Nick takes the glove and glasses out, Edmond takes a final look at Angela and her lips. He moves his eyes down to her feet, still fascinated by those toes hidden by a layer of opaque pantyhose.

"Ok then", says Angela, letting smoke out of her mouth as she speaks. "Tomorrow we meet at the fields and wait you with the seedlings".

The two go to their homes. Watching Angela's lips and feet made Edmond's penis hard. He wants nobody to see that, so he gently moves with his back to the girls. His house is not far and he should make it unnoticed. Nick, as a sfenist, has a repulsion for men with too much testosterone. She observed Nick, even if he didn't realize this. When a guy tries to seduce a girl, Nick feels disgusted, even repulsion. But with Edmond, there is something else. It is not that he wants to be with Angela. By far, no. Edmond just wants to watch her and that's all. They all know that Nick - Natalia is a sfenist and that she decided to transform into a man because of this. Also, they know that Angela is a virtualophile and she is not attracted to a real person. But, so far, Edmond has not told anyone his orientation. He is too shy to tell.

Edmond moves fast outside Nick's house, followed by Angela.

"Can you come later and customize Wolfy?" she asks Edmond, who tries to hide his still erected penis from her view.

Wolfy is her cybernetic lover.

"Yes", answers Edmond. "I will be at your place later".


Just as promised, Edmond comes to her house. Angela likes to keep anything clean and in a good order in her house. She still has only the single room, metal house that any newcomer receives at arrival to Betelgeuse. There is not much in the room: a bed, a closet, a table with her computer on and a carpet. Everything is clean and in a good order.

In Sirius, it is polite to take off your shoes when you enter someone's house. In other places, people use to wear shoes or slippers in the house, but in Sirius, people don't. Angela keeps this tradition. For Edmond, this is something he likes, to see her feet covered with the same opaque layer of pantyhose, while her painted nails are hardly visible.

Angela invites him to the computer.

"This is Wolfy", she says, smiling. "You told me that you are good at this. I want to improve his gestures".

Wolfy is not a wolf at all. It is a man, full with muscles, tattooed and with a provocative haircut. He has a big earring. His feet and toes look like those of a wolf, but his hands are those of a man, even if much larger and stronger. He is active, listening to you and giving answers, with the vocabulary of a bad boy. And there is one more thing: Wolfy has the teeth of a vampire.

"You can make him a hologram", says Angela.

She only needs to push a button and Wolfy appears in the room, close to the computer, as a hologram, translucent and glowing.

"I prefer to keep him inside", says Edmond, a bit scared by the sudden appearance.

"No problem".

Edmond works with Wolfy, improving his movements. Now, when Wolfy is on, he will give greetings to anyone who enters, with a military salute. He also improves the program to play with a gun, in an aggressive but still pleasant way. He then updates the environment Wolfy lives in. In his virtual world, he has a palace with marble rooms, with a dungeon, a gym and a garage. In each area, he must change outfit.

As Wolfy is upgraded, Angela lights a cigarette. Edmond looks at her, from time to time. He likes to admire her lips and her smoking actions. At one point, Angela takes her hands to the keyboard, to command Wolfy to sit. Edmond can see her cigarette between her fingers, with lipstick on the filter. It is like a piece of her lips remained on the filter. He twitches. Angela notices it, but keeps it quiet. She also notices a bulge in his trousers. "What turned him on like this?" she asks herself.

"What do you think Wolfy needs now?" she asks.

"Well, I don't know. He is yours, not mine", he answers, trying to return to ground, but still fascinated by the lipstick he seen on the filter.

"Come on, you are a guy. What would you like if you were him?"

Edmond looks down, but there he sees her toes covered with opaque pantyhose. He is like on fire. Angela, thinking what to do, takes his face between her hands. But, as Edmond sees the cigarette, with lipstick on, between her fingers, he is almost without control. He moves his head and instantly takes a drag. Angela gives him the cigarette and lights another one.

"Well, I think I know what Wolfy needs", she says. "You should make him smoke".

"I can try", says Edmond.

He works hard, to make Wolfy smoke. To do this, he needs to upload getsures. The best way to do this is to go where Wolfy appears as a hologram and scan himself as he smokes, as he inhales and exhales. All this time, Angela watches him amazed, how he works very happy and fast. "There is something that turned him on like this", she says in her mind. "It seems that he has a smoking fetish. But it is not me that he wants. It is the gesture that I do".


As Edmond goes back home, he falls on bed. What a day! He feels shame that Angela might have seen him like this. He needs a few minutes to recover. Then, he looks around. On the walls, there are pictures with lips and feet, his fetishes. Knowing that nobody will come here, he takes off his trousers and exposes his painted toe nails. Then, he puts on an old, ripped pair of pantyhose that he took from Sirius, before coming here. He takes lipstick and applies on his lips, a thick layer. He lights a cigarette and watches as lipstick remains on the filter.

All he has in mind is Angela's lips as she was smoking and her toes. He tries to smoke as she did. While doing this, he feels his penis getting hard, even twitching. Then, he masturbates in a frenzy. It takes only a few seconds and he is done, filling an empty pack of cigarettes with his fluid. Then, he stays, enjoying the feel of pantyhose on his feet and the look of lipstick on his cigarette. Later in night, he masturbates for a second time.


The next day, Edmond is very quiet in the garden. Nick is more interested in planting the tomato seedlings then in what is going on. Edmond is working very good, but very quiet all the time, while Angela seems to be less active. She invites Edmond back, to further improve Wolfy. He promises that he will come later.

And this is just what happens. Edmond works with Wolfy for an hour, upgrading his palace. Angela lights a cigarette and Edmond watches her amazed. Again, she notices a bulge in his trousers. She blows a cloud of smoke in Edmond's face.

"You like to see me smoking", she says.

Edmond is quiet, caught by surprise. He tries to hide his bulge, thinking that she might have seen it.

"You do... Or, do you?" she asks again. "It looks like Wolfy likes it too".

"Sorry", he says.

They don't stay more. Angela remains alone in the house, watching Wolfy as he gets to the gym, works his muscles and smokes. She lights a cigarette too and blows smoke in the screen. She feels horny watching this.

"Smoking", she whispers. "For 1500 years, people have smoked. I never thought I will smoke one day, but here I am", she whispers, blowing again smoke in the screen.

"I like to smoke", answers Wolfy. "My lungs are happy. Can you blow smoke again in me?"

"Sure thing", she answers, blowing again a cloud of smoke in the computer.

"Well done, my nicotine princess. I love you".

"Me too".

Later, Angela turns Wolfy off. She gets to bed and lights a cigarette. She is thinking how sexy was wolfy now. A bad boy smoking. This is just what he needed. She remembers the old times, when she was in Sirius. There, instead of this large, red star, they had two small, blue stars, but much more shiny. Those stars had such a strong light that, if you look at them for long, it will burn your retina. Everything was less colorful. At dawn, the light was still whiter then what is here at noon. Betelgeuse appears so big in the sky... and so red. It is like a giant cigarette burning. Amazing.

She thinks about all people who used to smoke all these centuries. So many fought against this addiction, saying that it harms your health. She never wanted to smoke until she came here. And after only a short time, she became addicted. But what turns Edmond on so strong? He doesn't seem to be attracted by herself. He is attracted by her smoking. And there is something else: her feet, which he always watches. "You can watch me as long as you want", she whispers. "But I am not yours. I am Wolfy's".

She wakes again and opens the computer. Wolfy appears back. She feels horny and opens a control box that she didn't want Edmond to see. She lights a cigarette and watches how Wolfy takes off his pants, exposing a big, dark and hairy penis. He starts masturbating with his huge muscle arms. As watching this, Angela also starts fingering herself. Then, she takes toys from her closet and masturbates herself. She talks with Wolfy, who is also mad, as he throws his fluid out. He reaches a second orgasm and throws fire, then a third orgasm, when he blows blood. The fourth time, it is sulfuric acid.

"No guy can do this", she says for herself. "And no guy can give you an orgasm as powerful as these toys do".


Two days pass. All this time, both Angela and Edmond are quiet. But then, Angela decides to go to Edmond's house. She never entered his place, even if they are so close. She wants to say 'thank you' for the upgrades she done to Wolfy.

So, she goes. The one-room metal house that he has is just like hers, placed in the center of a parcel covered with grass. The only difference is that Edmond planted two trees in front and two in the back. It is true that she never been there, but she knows Edmond very well. There are places in the galaxy where people don't even talk to neighbors, where you must submit a request before visiting someone. Not in Sirius. There, people are used to come one to another, to eat cookies together and to talk. So, without any problem, she goes to the door, knocks and enters.

As she enters, she sees Edmond in a way she never seen him before. He has no trousers on. His hairy feet are covered with ripped pantyhose. Also, she can see a thick layer of lipstick on his face. This image shocks her, but she calms down. In Betelgeuse, there are so many transgender people, after all.

More then this, she looks on the walls. There are pictures depicting women feet and mouths. As she looks at the images, she realized that this is his fetish.

Edmond covers his genital area with a pillow, then tries to take off his lipstick with his hand.

"Don't need to", she says, as his hands and face became dirty by the excess of lipstick he tries to remove. "Why are you hiding?"

"I am sorry", answers Edmond. "I didn't expect you to come in".

"I always suspected something", continues Angela.

"You did?"

"Yes. By the way you look at me. By the way my feet turned you on and by the way you watch me smoking".

"Please, let me put some trousers on".

"Ok, I will turn my back", says Angela, moving to the window.

Edmond takes off his pantyhose fast, then puts on trousers and a sweater. As he finished and sits on his bed, she turns back. Angela looks at him again. She can see his toes are painted red, but the pantyhose is gone.

"All this time, you were hiding from the world", she says, surprised. "Why?"

"I don't know", he answers, almost whispering. "I thought... I am glad this doesn't make you angry. When I was living in Sirius, everyone who found out about this, rejected me".

Angela feels the need of a cigarette. She stops, knowing that this will stimulate his fetishes. She is still not getting the whole picture. After all, cross-dressing comes natural in here. Nobody would reject such a thing at all. So, why is he hiding?

"You know I am a virtualophile", she answers. "I am not into men or into women. Wolfy is my lover, even if he lives in a virtual world".

"I am not trying to seduce you or to be with you, Angela", he says. "All I say is that I love to watch women's feet and lips. I tried to cure myself. My parents took me to a psychological treatment, but with almost no result. It is only this".

"I understand you", she says, taking a cigarette from her pack, but not lighting it.

"I am sorry that you see me this way".

Edmond has a strong feeling of guiltiness and humiliation, but Angela feels pity. She wants to help. She sits on the bed, near him. It is not that she feels any attraction for him as a woman would feel for a man, it is just that she wants to help. She looks at his bare feet, at his painted toe nails, thinking for how long he kept this a secret. Her feet are near, with her toes also painted, but covered by her opaque pantyhose, with the same color as the skin. She gives him a cigarette, as she lights another one. They both take a deep inhale and blow the smoke in the air.

"Look", she says. "Sirius is a different place, but we are now on Betelgeuse. Here, you don't need to hide. You see how many transgender people are on the streets".

He doesn't answer anything, just looks at her.

"Now, why did you take your pantyhose off? I see they are ripped and old... and I bet they are also stinky. You need some new ones. And you need to shave your legs too".

Edmond looks so amazed and confused. "Why do you do this?" he asks.

Angela needs an answer. Why is she helping him? She realizes that, since they arrived to Betelgeuse VII, all ties with her parents, friends and brothers, are all gone. She is here completely alone, only with Nick and Edmond. This is now her family.

"Angela, why do you help me?" he asks again.

"Because you helped me with Wolfy", she answers.

This answer is the best she could find. Yes, he helped her with Wolfy. This underlines that she is a virtualophile and not interested into men. It is true, she wants to help him, but not go to bed with him. By far, no.

"For how long have you been painting your nails?" she asks him.

"Since I was much younger, I don't remember. I used to sit in a park and watch women's lips and toes for hours. At some point, police caught me. I got punished by my parents, then punished at school... and all my colleagues laughed at me. So, I decided to hide this from anyone".

"Why didn't you try to find a girlfriend? I mean, girls love make-up".

"It is not a girlfriend that I want", he continues. "It is that I have an addiction for feet and lips".

"So, you decided to paint your nails, wear ripped pantyhose and use lipstick", says Angela, with a smile. "Maybe, you want to become a transgender".

"No, not like that", he defends himself. "I mean, to have surgery and implants, this is too much for me. I am afraid even of an injection".

"But what about wearing a skirt and a female blouse?" she asks. "Isn't it better?"

"In public?"

"First, let's try in my or in your house, then in public, if you like it".

Edmond listens, amazed. Yes, there is a part of him that wants to, but another part is against, saying that it is bad for a man to be a woman. But, this is something he long wanted, only that, he never had the courage to purchase women clothes. He wanted to do this in his room, but he was never completely alone.

"Can you help me buy women's clothes?" he says.

"Not a problem. We do this tomorrow, but with one condition, that you will help me with Wolfy".

"Deal", answers Edmond, very surprised.


The next day, they go to work at the garden. They plant more tomato seedlings. Nick works in the garden dressed as a man, without any problem. It looks like the old Natalia is gone, only her voice remained. Angela watches how she it works, dressed as a man, even if her birth gender is that of a woman.

"You see?" she whispers to Edmond. "Do you find anything bad with Nick? The same will be if you dress as a woman".

"I don't know", he says. "Maybe this is too much or too far for me".

"What do you two talk about?" asks Nick.

"Nothing important", answers Edmond.

"About how you transformed yourself from Natalia to Nick", says Angela. "If someone looks at you, even in Sirius, will say you are a man".

"Well, yes", says Nick. "Still, I need to make my breasts smaller, but using a tight bra does the trick. And in an Earth year, I noticed my breasts really are smaller. But still I need to wear a pillow, to look fatter".

"Or you should just try to get fat", suggests Edmond.

"No, much of the fat goes to the breasts and this is exactly what I don't want to do. But yes, I do want to get fatter. Well, I need to wait until my request for surgery and the use of hormones is accepted".

"There is one thing that makes you look like a man", says Angela with a laugh, looking at her trousers.

"Ah, yes", answers Nick, laughing. "I know it is not too polite, but it sure is convincing. This new one has a sensor and I can make it hard or shrink as I want".

"How is that possible?" asks Angela, surprised.

"When you want to make it hard, you squeeze it and release it fast. When you want to make it shrink, just let it alone or squeeze it continuously".

"Can you stroke it?" asks Edmond, laughing.

"Guess I can", answers Nick.

"I want to see that", says Angela, very interested.

Nick accepts and sits down, while the others are watching. She zips off her trousers, revealing men underwear, hiding a bulge. She shows them.

"It looks closely like the real thing", says Edmond.

Nick takes the 'thing' in its hand and squeezes it several times. It starts growing, slowly and continuously. While growing, it also pulsates. She zips her trousers back, allowing anyone to see the large bulge.

"Can it ejaculate?" asks Angela.

"Yes, but you have to fill it with some goo. Then, you have to squeeze its balls or use its remote".

Both Angela and Edmond look at the bulge that, as Nick waits nearly a minute, starts to shrink.

"Do you want one, Angela?" asks nick.

"Me? No. I am not into this".

"Edmond, you have one, the natural thing", continues Nick. "I don't ask you".

"Maybe he wants the female organ", says Angela, with a little smile.

Edmond opens big eyes. Is she going to tell Nick?

"There is one device", answers Nick. "It is called 'tutu' and covers a man's genitals, looking like a vagina. With it, a man can piss like a woman. But still, there is not enough space inside for an intercourse. There are larger ones, suitable for that job, but being large enough, they are visible. Wearing a tutu is a good idea for a man who wants to become a woman transgender".

Edmond watches this with large, opened eyes. Is Angela going to tell Nick the whole story? What is she up to now?

"I never knew", answers Edmond. "But isn't it too much?"

"Do you want one?" asks Nick.

"No", says Angela for him. "For the moment, he would like just to try some women clothes".

"Angela?" says Edmond, surprised and frustrated.

"That's simple", answers Nick. "You can use the online panels, but some staff might be in the shops around the town center".

"Angela, what the hell?" says Edmond, again.

"Please", answers Angela, "we are just trying to help you".


After they finish work, Angela takes Edmond to the town center and choses a few clothes and accessories, then orders something from the online panels. They return to her home. She insists that Edmond must first shave his legs. Then, she personally paints his toe and finger nails in pink. Then, Edmond puts on a pair of opaque, shiny, skin colored pantyhose, the same type Angela is wearing. He puts on some knee-long trousers, exposing his pantyhosed feet. Then, as Angela insists, he takes fake breasts and glues them to his chest. And then, he adds a pink blouse. Good enough to look like a woman.

Angela also changes to knee-long trousers, letting him see her pantyhosed feet. Then, she applies him a thick layer of lipstick and she does the same to herself. And then, they both light a cigarette.

Edmond watches how his own filter gets colored by his lipstick, just as Angela's. He feels so excited to see this. His 'organ' also gets hard, as he gets horny watching this. He is also amazed to see his painted finger nails.

"I think you like this", she says.

"Yeah", he answers.

Angela looks at him and analyzes his body, from head to toes.

"One last thing you need", she says. "You need your hair painted. But before that, it must grow longer, so that you will properly look like a girl. But, I've seen many women with short hair. It's your decision. Mine, is losing color, so, I will need to paint my hair soon".

"I don't know what to say", he whispers. "Maybe it is too much for me".

"Maybe tomorrow. Now, can you help me with Wolfy?"

Edmond accepts and starts working. Only that, this time, he is too excited. He makes several errors in programming. Most then everything, he is confused by his fake breasts. Unused to them, he feels like something is stuck to his body. He wants to remove them, but, on the other hand, he likes it. He likes to be partially a woman.


The next day, Edmond comes to work dressed like this. He looks scared, thinking about what others would say about this, but nobody looks like at something unusual. Only one man looks closely at his feet, as his pantyhosed feet shine in the red rays of light that Betelgeuse radiates everywhere. Angela is walking near him, dressed just like he is.

Nick sees Edmond like this, but it does not comment anything at first. Nick is more interested in its garden then in their outfits. But, when they decide to stop and have a cigarette break, Nick looks closer and says:

"You look close to what a woman should look like. If you feel comfortable this way, there is one more step to complete: Let your hair grow, then paint it".

"You like me dressed like this?" he asks.

"For me, the only thing that matters is that you feel well. So, if you want to be a woman, it's fine for me. Only one thing you have to keep in mind: that neither Angela, nor me, are interested in a relationship with you".

"I am not", says Edmond. "I have no plan to do that".


After work, Edmond goes back to Angela's house, where he tries again to improve Wolfy. He now checks other functions, until he can see a hidden button: masturbation. Angela wanted to hide this, but Edmond managed to reach this function before she had a chance to do something. Wolfy kneels in the center of his gym and takes his pants off. Then, he starts stroking a giant 'organ' saying: "You like it? Do the same".

"This is not how guys do it", says Edmond. "First of all, the 'thing' is not as rigid as iron. You have to be more gentle".

"There is no way I could know exactly", answers Angela.

She likes watching Wolfy doing this, but on the other hand, she does not like Edmond to find out what she is doing in her intimacy. We are on Betelgeuse, but, however, there must be a limit to everything. Edmond improves the way Wolfy moves, making Angela horny. Well, Edmond makes some things that are impossible in nature. For example, now, Wolfy is able to inhale some smoke from a cigarette through his 'organ' and blow it like an ejaculation. Edmond improves his movement, speed and amplitude, creating complex gestures. More even, he makes Wolfy to also change his way of looking.

Angela looks so amazed, her eyes are wide-open and she feels more and more horny, looking at this. She lights a cigarette, as Wolfy is also smoking hard. But Edmond is also amazed, watching Angela as she holds the cigarette in her mouth and takes fast drags of smoke. Her feet are very close to his, so that, at some point, they touch. Edmond stops working on Wolfy and is looking more at himself and at Angela. Again, his 'organ' is hard and twitches.

Angela realizes this. She can see the bulge in his short trousers, but she is too impressed to see her Wolfy. She needs nothing more.

"One extra thing is needed", she says. "Can you make Wolfy have a bulge in his pants, that sometimes grows and sometimes shrinks? Like the toy Nick has?"

Edmond remains like after an electroshock. She seen his bulge? He tries to hide it, but his short trousers are skinny, girly style, elastic. There is no way to hide it. Well, he re-programs Wolfy and makes this possible. Even more, he makes Wolfy to touch himself from time to time. The truth is that Angela clearly observed the bulge, but she was too excited to see her lover like this.

She comes closer to the computer and moves Wolfy to another room of his castle, where she makes him smoke a huge, giant cigarette, so large that it hardly fits in his mouth. She also lights two cigarettes and inhales both at the same time. For Edmond, this is too much. He also tries to smoke two at a time, but at the same time, he wants to keep a hand above his 'organ' hoping that Angela will not see. The thinking that he does what a woman does, that he looks like a woman and the fact that he can see her lips and her toes, is just beyond any limit.

"I never imagined I will be so addicted to smoke", whispers Angela, keeping one cigarette in each hand.

Then, watching Edmond, how he tries to keep one hand above his things, she says:

"Stop hiding. Just make yourself comfortable!"

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"Do what Wolfy did before".

Edmond listens to her and pulls his trousers, revealing his pantyhosed crotch. Then, he starts stroking. Unable to resist, Angela does the same thing. She uses her fingers. She hasn't enough time to pick any toys. Both reach an orgasm in only a few seconds, a very powerful one, so that they need a minute to recover.


The next day, the two go each one to its own home, after work. Edmond is so fascinated by his new female outfit, that he goes directly to an online panel in the center and commands a dress and paint for his hair. He starts to get used with his fake breasts and buys a bra. But, most then everything, he is so delighted to have his toes and his lips painted and exposed in public. He wears open-toe shoes and often looks down to his own feet. About his lips, he starts to make an obsession about adding lipstick and looking in a mirror.

About Angela, her life also changes. A woman in all aspects, but a virtualophile, she is happy that she made Edmond make a happy turn in his life. Only that, she also becomes a chain smoker. Her addiction grows because of Wolfy.

As time passes, the two move together and live together. Even if in others' eyes they seem to be a family, things are far more different. They are the closest friends, but not in love one with each other. It is only a very powerful friendship. Still, after some time, they decide to have sex together... and they find out that the pleasure is less then one percent of what they feel when using their toys.


After four more Earth years, things change further. Natalia no longer exists. Nick receives an approval to its request and undergoes surgery. Its breasts are removed and its vagina closed, replaced with a penis made from skin and tissue of himself, applied over a hardened silicone structure. Nick starts using hormones and this transforms its voice into that of a man.

Edmond is now called Eda and looks like a woman. He refused to submit a request for surgery and use of hormones, so his body remains that of a man. But, with glued fake breasts and a tutu, he is a she. Edmond - Eda lives in the same house with Angela and people consider themselves a family. They even have a small child, made artificial. They are planning another one. Wolfy is still in the computer and has received many upgrades.

For people in other parts of the galaxy, the stories of Natalia - Nick, Edmond - Eda, Angela and Wolfy would look very strange and unacceptable. Well, on Betelgeuse VII, everyone has a similar story to tell, of a world that rejected them before and then of a world where they found themselves.

The only problem is that, even if nobody knows it yet, Betelgeuse is going to die. Soon, things will change. But for now, everyone is enjoying this paradise, under the red light of a supergiant.

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