S-Idol - Part 3


S-Idol - Episode 2- Getting rid of boys clothes





Standing outside S-House:

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Last week Summer was voted out with 25% of the votes. We now have 9 boys left in S-idol. 
The competition really starts today. Yet, the boys do not know what S-Idol is. They have a hint of why they were sent here, but they do not know that s stands for sissy.

Today, when they have woken up, we have asked them all to take a shower. When they were in the shower, all their boy clothes were taken and a girls wardrobe put there. We have only dresses and skirts and tops as well as panties. 

We will now let you read each boys reaction in the sissy box. This is a box where they can talk about their thoughts and experiences. None of the other boys can hear this. You will hear each boy now tell how s-Idol is for them


Welcome to S- Idol



Hi, This is a nice little box. I like the Roses in the corner. Last week I was nearly voted out of S-idol. All the boys have been talking about what "S" means. many thinks that it means survivor and some said special and even someone said sissy. I like being here, because no one is calling me names and telling me that I am doing things wrong. 
This morning, we were told to get up and take a shower. Some of the other boys were mad and said that they would decide when they were to take a shower. I suppose that they are big enough to decide themselves. I didn't argue. I just smiled to that Nanny. She is the one that takes care of us. 
The water wasn't cold. When I went out I thought it could be cold if this was survivor idol. But it was nice and warm. I Didnt really look at the other boys, I just hid because I didn't want them to see how small my peter was. Some of their is so big. I was careful that I didn't stare too much. There was also a huge bucket. I didn't know what it was and Ali told me to see what it was. I pulled this lever and the bucket tipped over. It was totally cold. I thought I was going to die. The others started laughing. I started to cry a bit but then warmed myself in the showers again

When we went back in our room, we couldn't find our clothes. All our clothes were missing. We looked in our closet, and imagine that it was dresses and things. The Matron said that we will no longer be wearing boys clothes in S-idol and had to pick out some girl clothes. We searched everywhere and we couldn't find the clothes. Some boys were mad, but I thought it was like a treasure hunt.

Then Nanny said it was true. We had to pick something to put on. I started crying. I was not going to put a dress on. I looked through the clothes and starting throwing them. Some were really girly, and some were just to short. At last I picked a dress that was black and white with a heart. That was OK, because it was a dress, but not with girl colours. I decided to put a pair of pull-ups on, because boys can wear pull-ups too. 

I was crying and I was upset. But after a while I forgot that I was wearing a dress. Once in a while, I thought the other boys looked pretty in their dresses. Chrissy looked really like a girl as well as Nicolas. While we were helping clean the house and sitting watching Bambi on TV, I forgot all about it. Then I thought that it wasn't so bad. It was actually fun. 


When I got up today, we were sent out to the showers. I noticed that Nicolas was looking at me. He must be gay, i thought. To tell you the truth, I was looking at him. A part of me wanted to rub his back, but I didn't dare. The others would really tease me. 

When we got back into our room, all our clothes were gone. There were only girl clothes. The Nanny told us that we would be wearing girl clothes while we were here in S-Idol. I wore girl clothes before, but no one has ever seen me. Dad caught me a few times and got mad and said only girls wore them. Then why did he send me here?

Deep down I was excited. There were so many pretty clothes and I could wear them all and just blame the nanny. But I didn't want the other boys to think that I liked it. So I started swearing and saying that this could not be true. The Nanny got mad at me and said that we are not allowed to curse on S-idol. I know she meant it. I bet she would wipe our mouth with perfumed soap if we did it again. Then i thought if the other boys had to do the same thing, then why shouldn't I do the same thing. 

I picked a pink top with black miniskirt. I picked some thongs because I never tried them on before. I was so excited about putting these clothes on and I thought they were very pretty.  But i Didin't want the other boys to think that I liked it, so i put on my face. You know the one, "I will do anything to win this contest"

Later we sat down watching Bambi. I nearly cry everytime I see that film. It is so sad. I think ite because my Mummy dies when I was small. I didn't realise it, but my legs were folded and I could see that Nicolas was staring at me and not the film. He could see my thongs. I didn't lower or fold my legs together. I just let him look. I also looked at him. He really looked so pretty. Just like a girl. I hope I wasnt falling in love. Then everyone who watches S-Idol will think that I am gay. 

I was now looking forward to being on S-Idol. We can spend the whole time wearing girl clothes. But How do I show the others that I did not want to?



Last time I got no votes. Some other boys after told me because its because I have long hair. I said what has long hair to do with anything? I think their jealous just because I got no votes. We don't know what this competition even is. I think its if you can survive 10 weeks without our mummy and daddy.

We had to take a shower. 9 boys taking a shower. Shame Summer went. It would have been nice in the shower with him. What am I saying? Don't include that when you make the show. I have a horrible habit in the showers. I stare at the other boys. When they see me stare, I just look away. Rose tried the cold water in the shower. So did I. It was soooo cold. I thought you would have to defrost me in an oven.

When we got back in the room, we were told our boys clothes were thrown out and we will only be wearing girls clothes. I really didn't care because everyone was and this was only a competition. Some boys went mad and nearly crazy. Others started to cry. I Didn't care. I seen what there was a dress like my sister has. So I put that on. The skirt bottom was very short, But I didn't care.

Then I went through the panties. They were silky and thongs and cotton ones. Then I seen some princess pull-ups. OK, I know that I am too old to be wearing a diaper. But I did sometimes before. They feel so comfortable on. I put them on without someone seeing. 

Later, we seen Bambi. Bambi is so cute. Without thinking Ali and Paris starting teasing. They could see that I was wearing a diaper and they said i looked like a baby girl. Then I started to cry. How embarrassing is that? I just couldn't help it. They were teasing me because I looked like a baby girl. Then they threw me a pacifier and without thinking, I put it in my mouth. It helped me to stop crying. Rose put his hand around my shoulder and said that it is OK, Its good that I looked like a girl. Many of the others looked like boys in girls clothes. What was worse? Then he raised his dress and showed me that he was wearing a diaper too. I smiled. There is nothing wrong wanting to be a baby, is there?



The elimination went fine. I was safe. more boys to beat. But the voters must really be geeks, I mean voting Summer out. He was the only normal boy here. 

This morning we were told my a nanny to take a shower. I usually decide when I want to take showers, but no, not here in S-Idol. We have Mary Poppins telling us that we should take showers. The boys in there were totally weird. I mean they were looking at each other butts. They probably are a pack of gaybos. I just took my shower and then I was happy

Until I came in the room where I found out that while we were going to be wearing girl clothes from now on. I went totally mad. I started throwing bed sheets and everything i could get my hand on. I mean who do they think they are, treating boys like this. While the other boys just accept everything Nanny said, i didn't. I started jumping up and down and then screaming at the top of my voice. 
Then Nanny Hitler came and put me over her knee and started spanking me. That even made me more mad. If she was not as big as Rambo, I would have spanked her. She told me that boys at S-House should be nice and polite at all times. OK so, Give me back my old clothes. 
Why didn't the other boys even complain. I knew that I wouldn't win this, so I went through the clothes and found some panties with Bambi on and a pink top and purple shorts. If you were colour blind. I suppose this would have to do. I looked like a boy that was just a bit confused.

Later, when we seen a babies cartoon, I started to laugh. Think I was wearing Bambi panties. I must have been so theme co-ordinated! Then I looked over at Chrissy. He looked just like a girl, and he was wearing diapers. I couldn't stop laughing. 
The boy was not just wearing a dress, he was also wearing a nappy. Th thrown him a pacifier to make him shut up because he cried. Then Rose gave him a gay hug. How weird. I wonder why that pacifier was laying around



Today we had to take a shower. I hate taking showers, but OK, we had to so I did. The water was nice and warm. But sometimes the other boys came to close and rubbed against me. I didn't care, It actually felt sorta nice. 

When I went back to my room, my boys clothes were totally gone. There were only sissy clothes there. I was about to get mad and then seen Ali get spanked, so I just said clothes are clothes. I mean in the olden days, boys didn't wear trousers. The other boys were going through different clothes. Who cares? I just took the first thing that came to me. It was a pink dress. It was OK. I looked around the other boys and noticed that they were cute. If they were cute, then so was I

After we looked like girls, we sat down and watched Bambi. Then everyone teased Chrissy because he was wearing diapers. He was lucky because they looked good on him. I quietly left the room and found some diapers. They were only pull-ups but better than nothing. Then i went into that strange room with the cribs and found a pacifier. 
I went back to the film and sat down watching the rest of the film. I was lucky, because when some others had to get up and pee, i could just pee in my pull-up. I seen Ali and some others looking at me laughing. But i didn't care. Who are they to laugh, because they were also wearing girl clothes. 



The showers were great. There was not that many showers, so we had to share. I was in the same shower as Ashley. That was strange. Every time he rubbed against me, i felt all tickly. 

Then when we came back, all our clothes were gone. There were only girl clothes left. I found one that looked like a tshirt I have at home. It had red and white stripes. I liked that so I put it on. 
Then Chrissy showed me a pull-up and said that boys also wear diapers and I should put that on. So i did. When I knelt down to find my shoes, Chrissy said I should wear a longer dress. The one that I had looked like a baby especially when i knelt down and people could see my nappy. I decided to keep it on.

When we seen the Bambi show. I didn't look at the other boys. I loved this DVD. I didn't even notice when they were teasing Chrissy about his nappies. 
I didn't even hear then see that my baby dress was up and they can see my diapers as well as sucking my thumb. 



The showers were embarrassing. It was all boys and they were so cute. I Didn't really feel like a boy in it, and I kept on staring at the other boys. I think they thought I was a girl. At one stage I could feel Taylor's fingertips touch my can. I think he wanted to wash my back. I turned around and we just stared at each other and then he said that i was pretty. My heart must have jumped a few times. I was in heaven

If i wasn't in heaven, I would have been in heaven afterwards. When we cane back to the room, it was all girl clothes. We were to wear the same as girls. All the other boys thought it was weird and asked why. I Didn't care. I rushed to get the most beautiful dress of them all. And it was so beautiful. I was in heaven once again. It was hard to put on, because there were so many layers, but Nanny helped me.

After that we were waiting for everyone to come out after finding their clothes they were going to wear. I Danced a bit with Taylor. It was just for the fun of it. But I liked the way he hugged me. We had to finish the dance, and he gave me a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a rude kiss. Just a small peck. I started to shake a bit. Was I Falling in love?
Then we seen Bambi. I started crying as usual. It was such a sad film. 



This room is very pink. There are even roses in the corner of the room. 

We all took showers that was OK. It was embarrassing for me, because my thing started to stand up to all attention. I did the best I could to hide it and no one seen it about it. At least they did not tease about it. 

Then we had to wear all these girls clothes. I am sure that the others told you why, so I will not bore you with that. Anyhow, the others were complaining and all that. I mumbled a few words to show I didn't agree with it. While I was pretending to complain, I already picked out what I should wear. It was a party dress with roses. I found some panties with roses and some tights. If this didn't make me look like a sissy, then I don't know what would. 

Of course all day, some of the other boys were mad as could be. I couldn't understand that they wouldn't just think its a bit of fun and lets see what its like. I Didn't want to look like a sissy, so, I put on a frown and acted like this was the last day on earth. 


What a bad day this was. It was OK that we started taking a shower together. But None of the others even noticed the soaps and things being used. They smelled like perfume and so sissy and gay. I figured no way was I going to use these, but I had no other choice. What was this place?

Then we only had girl clothes to wear. Ali shouted at the top of his voice and started throwing things around. At last we could have a pillow fight. But no, The stupid Nanny spanked him and when I started calling her bitch, she started spanking me. I don't know if you ever tried being spanked, it hurt so much. I was crying my head off and then she just stuck a pacifier in my mouth. I felt like a little baby. I found this stupid green summer dress and put that on. 

When we went out, we were told that we were going to watch TV. Great, lets watch the Simpson's or something interesting. That was not to be. They put Bambi on. I stood up and told the Nanny that Bambi is for little Babies. Then before I could call her a bitch for the second time that day, she stuck a pacifier in my mouth again and sat me in some oversize high chair. She told me now I could watch it because I looked like a baby. I was mad but somehow that stupid pacifier calmed me down. 


Voting Finished

Thats the 9 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you want to stay, but who you think should go home.




Thats it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say goo bye to one boy. The Boys will also wake up and find a big surprise. They will be visiting their old school. We hope to see you next week.

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