Blood Moon Part 12

Isa is woken up with Betty in her hybrid form licking her between her legs. Betty hand a massive paw on each leg to keep Isa from closing them. She hears a low growl come from Betty when she tries to move. Isa stops moving and just lets her mate have her way with her. Betty doesn’t lick long between Isa’s legs or on her breast. She just licks long enough to make those areas rough. She looks down at her mate with a
Cheshire smile on her face.

“You think it’s funny, don’t you?” Isa sits up and looks into Betty’s cat eyes.

Betty just smiles at her. She shows her nice pearly white razor teeth. She liked teasing Isa and licking her with her tongue.

Isa crawls over careful and settles between Betty’s spread legs. Isa sinks her vampire fangs into the main vein on the inside part of Betty’s
thigh and drinks some of her blood. She finds it hard to stop herself from drinking Betty’s blood. Betty’s blood is like an addiction to her, after a few minutes, she stops. She looks up at Betty. She could see a pleasant look on her mate’s face.

The areas on Isa’s body that Betty had licked raw, heals itself. Isa rest against Betty’s body, as she feels Betty’s massive arms wrap around her.

“I’m going to be working evenings till my training partner feels I have everything down. I know you’re going to hate this, but there’s no way around it.” Isa just relaxes against Betty’s hybrid form.

“I’m okay with it. It just means we have to make what time we do have together count.” Betty licks Isa’s neck as her hand reaches for her cat shape dildo strap-on she used when she first mated Isa.

She lets go of Isa and have Isa help put it on in her hybrid form. Once she has it strapped on. Betty says a magical word and it firmly attaches itself to her body. This way when she gets arousal, it will function just like a real male cat does. Betty and Isa make love for a while, before she has to be at work.

Manor House:
Sparrow was looking over the reports that Maria had left for her to go over. Something about one of them bothered her. She flips through her stack till she finds the one she was looking for. It gives details about some tracks being found on the boundary of their property. She’ll have to have the enforcers on duty tonight investigate the matter.

She would go herself, but she’ll have to take her body guards with her. She had come to some compromise with Daigh, that if she was on pack land. She would have body guards with her. If she was going somewhere else to do her grim reaper duties. She wouldn’t be required to take body guards with her. She spots a report that came in over-night about Riker and his crew being injured. That the council had to send a nearby trauma team to Cassandra Powell, High Priestess of the Coven of the Oak Spirit area.

She wonders why they had to send a trauma team to help Riker’s team out. He was normally one of the hardest vampires to beat. She sends a mental message to Daigh.

“I’m going to go and speak with High Priestess Powell. Something interesting has happened in her area.”

“Okay, be careful.”

“I will, Love you.”

Sparrow summons her working outfit and opens a portal just outside Cassandra’s resident.
Powell Resident:
Sparrow walks out of a nearby shadow. Just as she exists the shadow, she is meet by a fiery lion.

“Why are you here Grim Reaper?” Kadyn had felt the magical energies only a Grim Reaper posse.

Her charge and Amy from the Montana Pride were both asleep inside the house. The only ones currently up were Lady Cassandra and her husband. Her energies have been partially recharged. She still needed another eight hours to be back up to her fighting strength.

“I’m here investigating why a trauma team had to be sent out to help Riker’s team and to see if you still need help.” Sparrow had her hand on her sword handle.

Kadyn could feel that she was telling the truth. She also detected that the Grim reaper before was carrying four innocent lives inside her womb, which was strange for a Grim Reaper. As far as she knew, Reapers couldn’t become pregnant.

“You are an enigma Grim Reaper. How can you be carrying little ones inside of you?” Kadyn resumes her normal size.

“It was a gift from a demi-goddess.” Sparrow removes her hand from her sword.

“Follow me inside, please.” Kadyn leads the way inside the house.

Cassandra and Vince were standing up and waiting as Kadyn came in with a woman dressed in a black outfit with blood red hair walking behind her. They could see a scimitar hanging from her waist and when she turned towards them, they noticed her eyes were blood red. There was no pupil or anything in them.

Kadyn walks over and lays down on a floor pillow.

“Excuse me for intruding, my name is Sparrow and I am the wife of Alpha Daigh of the Blue Ash Pack. I came across a report that a trauma team had to be sent here. I popped in to find out why?”

Vince looks at Sparrow and could tell death cling to her.

“If you don’t mind me asking what you are first? Because your aura doesn’t show you as being a Were.” Vince could see another cord
connected to her.

“That’s because, I’m not. I’m a Grim Reaper. My mate is a WereWolf, along with our son and the children I am carrying inside of me. My oldest daughter is just like me.” Sparrow knew Hokee was going to grow up and take her place as a Grim Reaper. Hokee had seen it and death had told her.

Vince thinks about the answer Sparrow gave them. Cassandra looks over towards Kadyn and figures if Kadyn trust her, they could trust her.

“The local vampire lord has broken vampiric law by transferring the soul of one of our enemies into a body designed and taught how to fight the supernatural. He started killing innocents without causes. Our adopted daughter’s guardian and the daughter of Lady April of the Montana pack ended killing him, after he had seriously injured Riker and his team. Kadyn there, used hellfire to burn his body, so it can’t be resurrected.” Cassandra couldn’t tell what sparrow was thinking.

“Has anything been done against the vampire who broke the law?” She knew Riker normally handled that matter.

“No, not yet. I have a feeling that Riker is going to handle that matter personally for what was done to him and his team.” Cassandra knew there was going to be big trouble when Riker recovers. She was already summoning her coven members to her home, so they could strike back at the viscount’s mage.

“Well that explains everything. If you ever need me or my packs help. Just say my name out loud.” Sparrow removes a business card from a small pouch on her outfit and hands it to Cassandra.

“Thank you, Sparrow.” Cassandra accepts the card and escort Sparrow to the door.

Once Sparrow is back outside, she steps into a shadow and reappears back in her office.

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