Street Child 2 Chp. 6 (updated)

When Betty comes to pick Karen up from work. She tells Betty about the two guys that had stopped in and questioned her. As Karen was talking to Betty. She notices that Betty kept glancing in the rearview mirror.

“Are we being followed?” Karen glances back to see if she could spot who they were.

“Yes, we are. Let’s have a little fun with them.” Betty speeds up and does a little weaving in and out of traffic.

She turns down another street and put some distance between her and the car following her. She pulls into a parking lot and cast a glamour spell to make the car disappear. Karen and she watched as the car that was following them, drives right by them.

Betty uses the glamor spell to disguise her appearance and the car itself. She follows the men that had been following them. She follows them to their place. Then they follow them to into a rundown neighborhood to a house that looked plain. They watch as the two guys get out and head inside.

“Stay here Karen.” Betty had parked nearby.

She uses some of her magic to move swiftly towards the house. She gets close to the place without being seen. Inside she could see major piles of cocaine on a table and several people either watching television or counting money.

“Was it her?” A tall Latino looking gentlemen dressed in an expensive suit comes walking out of a room.

He was wiping his hands clean with a rag that had dried on it.

“It was her boss. Some how she survived the over dose and was wearing a medallion like that strange fellow was wearing around her neck.

She works as a sale clerk up at a paint store and is living with a high class executive woman.” Jose was happy she had survived. He’ll have his favorite play toy back.

The gentleman looks at the two men he sent to verify if it was Karen or not. It had taken them almost a year to find her. She was one of their most popular girls. When he thought she had died during that experiment the strange looking person had done to her. He thought for sure she was dead. She had no pulse or anything.

“Are you going to try and capture her again and add the woman she is living with into your stable?” Jose was hoping his boss would.

“Yes, she is still my property and I can always use another whore.”

Jose just smiles at that statement. He was going to have fun breaking the other woman in. Just like he had fun using and breaking Karen in.
An evil smile appears on Betty’s face as she summons her armor and reveal her true self. Her sword appears in her hands, as she surprises the men and start attacking them. She cuts one in half as she brings her sword up to kill the one that said Karen belonged to him. She didn’t like him especially. Karen wasn’t his to do as he willed. She cuts into everyone there.

By the time Betty is done, all the guys that threatened to take Karen from her are dead. As for the other women that she found and looked like they were being forced to sell their bodies or hooked on drugs. She places a call to the local police department to come and help them. She does purge their bodies of the drugs they were forced to take and any diseases that they may have been infected with. She locates the guy that looks like he had been beaten to death. she checks his pulse and her guess was right. He was dead from the punches that had been inflicted to him. She walks back out to the living room and uses the guy that seemed to be the leader to clean her sword. Not that it matters much. Her sword was elven made. It was crafted by one of the best elven swordsmith around.

She disappears and heads back towards the car were Karen was waiting on her. Karen is startled when the driver side door opens, and Betty reappears inside.

“What did you find out?” Karen was curious.

“I’ll tell you when we get home.” She leans over and gives Karen a kiss.

Karen was curious as they head home. She could tell something was up with Betty. As they pulled into the parking garage. She follows Betty up to their place and once they were inside. Betty touches the four corners of the doorway, while adding a little bit of magic to it.

“There, now no one can hear us. Do you remember who the last person you were made to perform for was?”

“Yes ma’am. His name is Domino Delgado. He enjoys hurting his girls and getting them hooked on drugs to make them more receptive to what he wants them to do. He tried to get me hooked on coke, but I’m allergic to it.”

“Well, those guys that came to speak with you, worked for him. He was inside the house as well.” Betty noticed that Karen got a scared looked on her face.

“Karen falls to the floor “I don’t want to go back into that life again.” She starts crying as she sits on the floor.

Betty walks over to her and wrap her arms around her shaking body.

“You’ll never have to go back into that life again, I promise. Besides, it doesn’t matter, because I killed that guy and all the people inside the
house.” Betty just holds Karen against her body and let her calm down.

“Come on, lets get you feed.” Betty escorts Karen into the kitchen and have her sit on a stool, while she makes them dinner.

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