Nora Midnight Part 4

“Alright Ginger, let’s see what you know.” Nora and Ginger were dressed in their exercise leotards in the practice room in the garage.

Ginger and Nora were facing off against each other, while Kelly and Christina watched from the side lines. Ginger attacks first trying to us her small size to her advantage, but Nora was expecting it. Nora counters and tosses Ginger onto the mats.

“Not bad Ginger, but your opponent might expect you to use your small size to your advantage. You need to take that into account.” Nora was watching Ginger to see what she was going to do.

Ginger tries a series of punches and kicks her mother taught her against Nora. They were quick and fast for someone her size. Ginger tries to sweep Nora’s legs out from under her, but Nora dodges at the last minute.

“Dam! Ginger is quick. I wonder who taught her how to fight. She’s giving Nora a workout.” Christina was amazed as she watched Nora and Ginger spar.

Kelly just smirks. She has seen Nora fight before. She wiped the floor with the person she fought. Ginger was good, but still reckless and undisciplined. Fighting against children and some adults, she will be able to hold her own, but against someone like Nora. She will lose all the time.

Nora and Ginger continue for a little while longer. They stop when Nora notices Ginger was getting tired. She was impress with Ginger. She had talent and she was good. With a little bit more growing up, practice and a little refinement. Ginger could give a first year DSS agent a run for their money.

Ginger sits down on the mats and watched as Nora showed Kelly and Christina a few moves. She watches Nora step back and watch as Kelly and Christina spar, like she and Nora had done. She was enjoying living with Nora and how Nora didn’t find her strange wanting to be a girl.

After about an hour, Nora puts an end to everything.

“Go take a shower people.” Nora wipes the sweat from her face.

Nora watches as the three women leave, while she cleans up and wipes down the exercise room and mats they had practiced on. She had to admit that Ginger was taught well. Which, reminded her that she needed to contact her friend about the life insurance policies that Ginger’s parents should had, had.

Once the exercise room was cleaned. She heads inside the house and grabs a bottle water form the refrigerator. She pops it opens as she heads into her bedroom and strip out of her exercise outfit and join Kelly in the shower.

The two of them just wash each other’s bodies. They do spend a few minutes on certain parts a little longer then they should. Afterwards, they exit from the shower, after drying each other off. Kelly had the day off and so did Christina. Her interviewed wasn’t till Monday around eleven o’clock.

Once Nora and Kelly were dressed. They step out into the living room and find Ginger all dressed and waiting for everyone. A few minutes later, Christina joins them.

“Grab your purses ladies. I’m treating everyone to breakfast this morning.” Nora grabs her purse and the keys to Mercedes S600.

She hasn’t driven it, since she has been back in the states. Normally, she drives her Mustang or take her motorcycle. She heads towards the car and unlocks the door.

“Wow! We’re riding around in style today.” Christina couldn’t believe Nora was taking the Mercedes today.

Ginger looks at Christina with a puzzled look on her face “what’s so special about this car?”

“Well, first it’s armored. Second, it’s a nice comfortable Mercedes’s” Christina sits behind Kelly, while Ginger sits behind Nora.

Ginger looks the rearview mirror towards Nora “is this car really armored?”

“Yep, kiddo. It is. I used to use it to transport the German ambassador and his family back and forth to where ever they needed to go.” Nora doubles checks everything before backing out of the garage.

“Is that what your job was? To protect the German ambassador?” Ginger was curious.

“When he came to the United States. Sometimes, I would investigate criminal activities overseas or chased down criminals that left the United
States. In a since I was like our US Marshals. Where the US Marshal’s track down criminals here in the United States, I chased them down in foreign countries when they left the United States. I also was the body guard to diplomats and such when they visited the United States or when Senators or Congressmen from here came to visit a foreign country.” Nora backs the car out of the drive way and heads towards the interstate.

“Could they call you back into service if they want too?” Ginger was worried about that.

“Nope, I’m too old for that and I am permanently out of the service. I gave them twenty years and spent most of my career overseas.” Nora
remembers joining the DSS days before she graduated from college. She had a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement and joined as soon as she turned twenty-one years old.

“Did you regret spending so much time overseas?” Ginger was curious.

“Yes and no. I missed the time I lost with my family and friends. However, I did learn a lot about different cultures and some of their leaders.
Would I do it all over again if I had the choice, yes I would.” Nora had enjoyed her time with the DSS.

“What made you want to become a DSS Agent?”

“I guess it had to be Agent Emily Conklin who piqued my interest in wanting to join them. She visited our school on career day and told us swhat the DSS agents did. There’s a lot of different thing we do, but mostly our job is acting as Law Enforcement in foreign countries, protecting what belong to the United States and guarding our embassy’s and ambassadors. When we are stationed here in the United States, our job is to protect ambassadors from other countries while they are here.” Nora takes the exit she was looking for.

She pulls the Mercedes into the parking lot of a plain looking building. It had Jerry’s Diner in blue and red neon. She turns the engine off and gets out.

Everyone follows Nora into the place. It was setup like an old fashion diner. One of the waitresses greet them.

“How many in your party?”

“Just four, Sara.” Nora had spotted Sara’s name on her name badge.

Sara escorts them to a booth and leaves four menus for them. Kelly sits next to Nora and Ginger sits next to Christina. They look over the
menus as Sara returns with four glasses of water.

“Would you like anything to drink, while you look over the menu?” Sara had her pad out.

“Yes, three coffees’ and one orange juice, please.” Nora had looked at Sara when she placed their drink order.

Sara writes the order down and heads off to fill their order.

Nora looks at Ginger “So, what type of work are you going to do when you graduate from High School?”

“I’m going to join the Marines like my mother and father did. I want to be a drill instructor like my mother was. Both my parents loved the military. Mom, liked being a drill instructor and dad enjoyed deactivating bombs and such. Mom said dad was good at handling explosives. There wasn’t a bomb or explosive he couldn’t deactivate or build from spare parts.” Tears start to slide form Ginger’s eyes as she thought about her father.

Nora hands Ginger a napkin from her purse to wipe the tears away.

“Thank you.” Ginger takes the napkin and wipes the tears away.

Sara comes back with their drinks. She takes their orders and the menu’s. Christina watches her as she walks behind the counter and place their order.

Kelly looks at the girls “I was thinking we might go and see a movie today. Is there a particular movie you would like to see?”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing the new Star Wars movie.” Christina wanted to see what special effects they used and the movie itself.

“I don’t mind the new Star Wars movie, either.” Ginger liked Star Wars and wouldn’t mind seeing it.

“How about you Nora?” Kelly looks at her girlfriend.

“I’m easy. Whatever movie you guys choose is fine with me. I’ll spring for the refreshments.” Nora didn’t really have a movie in mind she
wanted to see.

Their breakfast arrives. Sara refills their coffee and Ginger’s orange juice. Nora was impress with the food. A friend of hers had suggested the
diner. She had gotten a Western omelet, while Ginger got pancakes, Kelly got waffles and Christina got a Spanish omelet.

When everyone was done. Nora pays the bill and they head towards the nearest mall. They split up so the girls could go look at a few places. Nora and Kelly could check out a few places while the girls were off exploring. They agreed to meet at the movie theater in time to catch the movie they agreed on.

Kelly purchases the tickets for everyone, while Nora buys the refreshments for everyone.

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