Angel Of Justice Chapter 12 (updated)

Katlain broke every speed limit on her way to where Detective Harrison and the SWAT guys were. As she approached, she could hear gunfire going on. She had been listening to everything as she drove towards the location on the police radio she had in the Mustang. So, far none of the police had gotten hurt, but two of the guys from the white supremist group had been killed. She parks the Mustang near a bunch of police cars and put her gun belt on and take the sniping rifle with her.

She knew where a few of the guys were hiding. She finds a position where she could take them out, while being concealed. She sights in on the first guy, that had good coverage on the police. She breathes like video had suggested and eased the trigger back. The rifle fires and the bullet hit the target. The guy falls out of the tree he had been hiding in. She repositions herself to take the next guy out. She sights the guy and eased the trigger back. She feels the rifle move as she fires and hit the guy. She watches as he falls out of the hunter’s blind he had been concealed in.

Katlain moves slowly so she doesn’t get caught. She tries to locate more guys that were about to ambush the police. She knew they were hiding about. She moves quietly among the bushes and as she is moving. She hears movement to the left of her position. She stops and waits to see who it was. She spots one of the white supremist come near her. He had on a pair of night goggles. She waits till he gets closer and extends her asp baton in her hands. She waits till he gets closer, before hitting him across the knee with it. She hears a crack as she breaks his knee cap. She whacks him again on his wrist, so he couldn’t use his gun.

He drops to the ground screaming. She rushes over and takes his radio and some of his gear. She does cuff him. She hears gunfire as two more bad guys are taken out. Katlain wonders how Detective Harrison was doing.

Detective Harrison and several other police officers had managed to get closer to the compound with those snipers taken out. He wanted to thank whoever it had been that took those snipers out. As he moved closer to the compound, he hears screaming coming from the right of him. He follows the screaming and notices one of the bad guys screaming and cuffed. He thought he saw a figure move ahead of him. He moves quietly and spots the figure looking towards the compound. He sneaks up on them. He saw the sniping rifle and several other guns in a gun holster on the person. He raises his gun up.

“Turn around slowly.” He still had his gun pointed at the figure.

Katlain nearly jumps out of her skin when she heard the Detectives voice come from behind her. She turns around slowly with her hands up in plain view.

“Surprised, Detective.” Katlain was glad it was him and not one of the bad guys.

“What are you doing here?” Detective Harrison wanted to know why Katlain was here right now.

“Protecting you. Who do you think gave you all that information about this location and the group? I collected all of it and sent it to you. Now can I put my hands down, please?” Katlain didn’t need this right now.

“That was your doing? Was it also your doing on the Highway two nights ago as well?” Detective puts his gun down.

“Yes, I stopped these morons from stealing some nuclear material they needed to make a dirty bomb.” Katlain jumps when she hears gunshots go off behind her.

“Look, you’re not law enforcement. So, stay with me. Do you know a short cut to their compound?” Detective Harrison figure he could trust Katlain. He’ll have to have a talk with her later about involving herself in police business.

“Yes, follow me.” Katlain leads him towards a path she has taken several times.

Detective Harrison follows behind Katlain. She leads him towards the break in the fence she has been using to slip in and out of the compound.

“We can slip in right here. Be careful and don’t cut yourself.” Katlain goes first to make sure there weren’t any bad guys on the other side waiting for them.

“Okay, the coast is clear.” Katlain pulls her gun out just in case she needed it.

Detective Harrison wiggles through the tight opening. It took him a little longer then it took Katlain to get through. He finally makes it and stands next to her.

“Follow me.” Katlain leads him towards compound. She stops when she spots a motion detector that had been set-up outside.

“Well, that’s new.” Katlain moves back from the radius of the motion range.

“I take it, that whatever got you to stop, wasn’t there before?” Detective Harrison stops behind Katlain.

“No, it wasn’t there before.” She takes her gun and pull a silencer out of a compartment on her gun holster. She steps around and shots it.

“Where did you get a silencer?” Detective Harrison couldn’t believe Katlain had a silencer.

“I know a guy that can make them.” Katlain leads Det. Harrison to the front door of the compound.

“Do you have any flash grenades or grenades on you?” Det. Harrison didn’t have any on him.

“Here, you might want this.” Katlain hands Det. Harrison a few grenades she took off the guy.

Det. Harrison uses two of the grenades to blast the door inward and toss in three flash grenades. He jumps in first and shots two guys. He moves Justin in time as Katlain comes in and shots two more guys.

By the time the two of them are done. They had killed six people total.

“I think you better call your people Det.” Katlain starts heading towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Det. Harrison watches as Katlain heads towards the door they came in.

“It might be kind of hard to explain how I ended up here. Why don’t you come by my place sometime tomorrow and we can talk or if you want me to, I can meet you somewhere.” Katlain was ready to go. She could already hear people coming towards them.

“Get out of here. I’ll contact you later.” He watches as Katlain runs out and away from the compound.

The next thing he knows, several SWAT officers appear in the compound. He identifies himself and helps out.

Katlain makes her way back to her Mustang and hide her sniping rifle. She leaves quietly, so not to draw attention to herself. Once she was clear. She heads home for the night.

Once she was home and the garage door was closed behind her. She heads inside and strips out of her clothes and hops into the shower. Now, she’ll have to come clean with Det. Harrison. She covers up a yawn as she lets the hot water pulse against her skin under the shower head.

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