Courage Chapter 11

Susan was slowly starting to explore more around the property. Sometimes, loud noises would make her jump, but she had learned to deal with it. Between her counselor and her new family. She was adjusting and feeling comfortable to being left by herself. One of the hands had given her a puppy he had found. It was a cute little thing with black fur. He had one blue eye and one brown eye. Jake didn’t see any problems of her keeping it, but she had to walk, train and clean-up after it.

She names him Bear, because of the way he looked. She gets up early every morning to take him outside to do his business. At night, he sleeps cuddled up against her and when she has a bad dream, he licks her cheek, to let her know he was protecting her. Jake made a hand-made leather collar for him and got a dog tag in the shape of a dog bone made for him.

She was slowly learning to ride again. Jake or one of the ranch hands she trusted would help her up in her saddle on Midnight Chaos. Even though it was cold out, she still like to go out and be around her horses. She misses spending time with her horse. While Carol Ann is at school, she learns how to run the ranch. That way Jake and Rachel could enjoy the tickets she and Carol Ann gave them for Christmas.

Susan still needed to walk with a cane. She loved the handcrafted one she had been given with the horse on it. The handle was in the shape of a horse head with its mane looking like it was being blown back behind it, as if running.

Susan had gotten up early, because Bear had to go outside. She watches him as he played in the snow. It had snowed heavily during the night and it was at least two feet deep outside. That didn’t stop Jake from getting up and going out to the barn to feed the animals. Susan watches
Bear as he ran around in the snow. A smile appears on her face at his antics.

“You’re up early.” Rachel had spotted Susan outside with Bear on her way to the kitchen to make coffee.

“Morning mom. Bear woke me up early.” She felt Bear pull on his retractable leash.

Rachel saw Bear covered in snow. All his black fur was covered, and made him look like a little bear cub. Rachel pulls out her cellphone and snap a picture of him.

“Why don’t you come inside and help me with breakfast.” Rachel turns to head inside the house.

“Alright mom.” Susan follows behind her. She pulls on the leash to get Bear to follow her inside.

She stops him before he enters “shake for mommie.”

Bear shakes his body, so all the snow comes off, before he enters the house.

“That’s a good boy.” Susan hands him a treat from her robe pocket. She takes his leash off as well as she heads into the kitchen.

Susan drops little bits of food for him.

Rachel catches Susan dropping counter scraps on the floor.

“You’re spoiling him. You know that, right?” Rachel just looks at Susan.

“I know mom, but I can’t help it. He’s so cute and he has been behaving himself.” Susan kneels and scratch him at his favorite spot.

Rachel just watches as Susan scratches her puppy. She knew Susan wasn’t due any time soon, but she was getting bigger each day. The test had confirmed she was carrying twins.

Susan stands back up and help finish making breakfast and setting the table. Carol Ann and Jake finally joined them at the dining room table for breakfast. Bear darts under the table, waiting for people to drop food on the floor.

When no one is watching, Carol Ann slips Bear a few strips of bacon under the table. Not much is during breakfast, except school had been canceled due to snow. Susan doesn’t think if her Escalade could even be driven on the road as bad as they were.

After breakfast, Susan helps Rachel with the dirty dishes. She had some strength back in her left wrist, but not much. She could use it more, then she has been able to. Since, leaving the hospital the strength in her left wrist has slowly been building up in strength. She has been following her doctors exercise orders, but because of how badly damage it had been. It was taking longer to heal.

Susan has taken up a hobby of making homemade quilts. She had seen one while she was Christmas shopping and picked-up a book on how to quilt. She was currently working on one for the twins, then she was going to make one for Rachel.

She was looking forward and dreading their arrival as well. She was looking forward to being a mother, but scared as well. She knows, she’ll have Rachel’s and Jake’s support with raising them, but will she be able to be a good mother to them?

She just lets out a sigh as she works on the quilt she is making for them.

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