Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Tia's POV

I awoke in heaven, or, at least that is what it felt like, cuddled up in Vee's arms. Our maids were there urging us into the bathroom. I told Yani about our guests next door and asked for her to organize someone to look after them. I mentioned that one, in particular was pretty helpless and would need more help than usual.

We had a sensual wash, but didn't allow it to progress further. I didn't want to be late for Taigoa as I needed to talk to mum. Katie met us there. She told us that she was going to be spending time with Ash and Holly, so we didn't need to include her in our plans. She was getting better at the Taigoa form and was being taught the breathing to fit with the different movements now.

Our sparring was progressing now. Originally, they would make an attack at slow speed and we would do the correct block followed by the next part of the sequence which was usually an attack. Over time they had speeded up the different attacks. Both Vee and I were now able to block their attacks at full speed, so now after their attack, our block and attack back they would block and attack again. It was much more exciting with almost no time to think, you just had to let the body remember what it was supposed to do. If we made a mistake we had to do the correction multiple times to improve our muscle memory.

It should have been exhausting, but I think elves have more endurance, so it was just good exercise. When we finished I managed to have a chance to speak to mum on the bench again.

First I gave her a hug, just because I felt like it. I was rewarded by a huge smile.

“What was that for?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I felt like it. Anyway, I have brought more humans for transformation. One is doing very poorly and can only move her neck. The others are all originally male and would like to be female.”



“When I lost my bonded, I devoted myself to Lagbit. I needed something to focus on otherwise I think I would have just faded away. Being your mother and hopefully a grandmother at some not too distant point, gives me a new purpose. You bringing me sick or hurt humans to transform is adding to that. My life is so much better now.”

“I am really glad to hear that. My intention is to bring you lots more. However, I don't know if they can all be helped. I figured the only way to find out, is to bring them here. I don't want you to overdo it though. I won't be returning to my world for a week and there are four humans who wish for us to help them, so there is no rush.”

“I will start with one a day and have a break when I feel the need.”

“Perfect. The other thing I wanted to mention is that I am going to try and build an Elven Nation in my world. Is it possible you can add to the geas? I was thinking adding the words 'never betray the Elven Nation in word or deed'. What do you think?”

“That is wonderful. You are saving our species. Of course I will add to the oath. But why are you bringing them here if you are worried about that?”

“It's not that I think they will betray us. To be honest, I don't really know them very well. I think they will be very grateful for what we are doing, but everyone is different, so who knows. If someone behaves disrespectfully, or in some way indicated that they are unworthy of this gift, please refuse them.”

We hugged again. “I will have no hesitation in doing so.” she told me. “I will arrange for them to stay with the other priestesses, that way, if they behave badly it will be reported back to me and I can deal with it. You have other concerns, now that you have brought them, I will take responsibility for them.”

“What concerns do I have?”

“Have you forgotten? Your lessons start today. After breakfast your maids will take you to your first tutor.”

Katie had already left with Ash and Holly, Vee was waiting by going through the Taigoa form again, but stopped and joined us when she realized we had finished. We returned to our room for another wash. I requested a bath this time and received a knowing look in Vee's eyes. We had a proper chance to connect before the water started cooling and we got out and had breakfast.

For the first three days we got into a bit of a routine. We were awakened by our maids, washed and dressed ready for Taigoa, then another longer wash which the maids often joined in with, followed by breakfast. We then had lessons until lunchtime which consisted of History, Geography and Culture. The culture aspect was mainly reading a book from the library which was written in Elvish, so we first had to learn how to read and write in Elvish. I had read Lord of the Rings years ago and the writing reminded me of that. A pleasant lunch with Mary and Kayla with mum often but not always present. Mum didn't talk about our guests other than to say it was going well.

After lunch we had a music lesson. I had tried learning how to play the guitar when I was younger, but never devoted the amount of time it required and eventually stopped. We had a choice of instruments, none of them an exact match to what we knew except the guitar. Knowing that the knowledge had to be coming from my mind, I figured the guitar would be a good choice. Vee chose a trumpet equivalent. We had to learn separately and I think they used some kind of magic to keep the noise down to a minimum. The music scoring was the same as in our world, but the music itself was completely different. Or at least, I didn't recognize any of it.

Then we had druid training. Vee opted to join me and it consisted of travelling through the woods with explanations of everything that we were hearing and seeing. Trying to be more aware of everything going on around us on an almost instinctive level. Then we would find ourselves in a natural beauty spot and we would meditate. I was guided to try and talk to my familiar and Vee was led to a more general meditation.

We would relax for a while after that and then get ready for dinner with the help of our maids. I had a growing affection for our maids and mine in particular. I'm sure Vee was the same. I found it interesting that it did not diminish my love for Vee, but showed me that my heart could encompass multiple loves. Our activities for the day would end with dancing lessons with Mary and Kayla.

On the fourth day we were introduced to two new maids called Clair and Belle. They were apprentices and learning the ropes from our maids. Belle was assigned to me. Yani or Felicia would stand back and allow her to participate. This even included our love making. Initially they were shy and uncertain, but when Vee and I started arousing each other we seemed to lose our inhibitions and they learned to join in. Hesitantly at first, but with growing confidence. At the end of our seven days, both Clair and Belle told us that they would probably not be around when we next returned but would be back when they could. That seemed a little strange as I didn't think everyone knew that we travelled between worlds. Talking to us at all was unusual for them. They had tended to be silent, which we thought was just their shyness.

With my druid work I was beginning to hear some words from Andi when she was talking to me, but it was not full sentences. The gist of what she was trying to say was getting pretty clear now though.

I woke up back in the real world pretty content. It had been a wonderful week. Mum had informed us at our last dinner that all our guests had successfully been transformed. I looked around as everyone began to undo their headsets and look around themselves.

All were happy. “Would you all mind telling us about your experiences? I would like to record it as it might help others. We can blur faces and alter voices if you wish.”

Everyone agreed and while we were journeying back I went through all of our new elves to be. Karl and Larry were just full of hope and joy. They had a wonderful time and couldn't wait to join us after they had completed their transformations.

Sharon had felt that it was a more spiritual experience. She had felt much more complete after her SRS, but still had lingering doubts and anxieties. Now those doubts had gone. Her new body image was very different from her present one, so she would need another doctor to document her as she was documenting us, but she would sort that out and was very grateful for this opportunity.

Katherine had a smile that looked like it would never fade. Katie talked about what she had experienced, to give Katherine an idea of what was to come. Since her accident was less than a year ago, her muscles had not completely withered away, so Katie confidently told her to expect faster results than she had had.

Simon then told us his story. Katherine had been the first transformed and it was done within a few hours of arriving. Holding her in his arms and spending time with her as her new elf self had been wonderful. When they kissed however, he immediately knew that something was missing. The passion was gone. Over the next few days he spent a lot of time soul searching, before he came to the decision to speak to my mum. She didn't tell him what to do, but confirmed his decision. He asked her to transform him as well. He cared less about his gender than about his wife and their happiness together.

We congratulated him and then realized that we needed to speak to all the elves about the birds and bees. Accidental pregnancy would be from stupidity not ignorance. He said he owed us a double favor and wanted to join the Elven Nation. To start with he would sort out our accommodations, whilst he was transforming and then join us. I took him aside with Katherine after asking her nurse to leave temporarily. I checked with Andi that there were no electronic devices that were active and then swore Katherine and Simon to secrecy regarding Andi. I then explained about my electrical familiar and how we would communicate. Andi spoke to them directly through my phone and said she would help him. He was a billionaire with most of his money in property around the world. He had to rely on others to help him manage it all and Andi already knew that some were not being managed very well at all. With Katherine's injury his mind had not been concentrating on work and some had taken advantage of that.

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